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(13:11:51) * Sept made a noise like a drowning man reaching the surface, opening his eyes wide and making a frantic attempt at crawling back up, to sit up on the bed against a wall and find something solid. After a few seconds of this, he froze, scanning his surroundings carefully, his rasping breath echoing through the room.
(13:27:30) Minaplo: ["You're awake." Came an unfamiliar voice. "Do you remember your name?"]
(13:33:25) Sept: "Whothefuck-" Sera's head jerked towards the voice. A man that he… couldn't quite make sense of. Where were his glasses? "S-Sera? That what you're looking for?" He eyed the room again, looking for something. "Where's Ginevre?"
(13:36:02) Minaplo: ["Meeting. What about your last name?"]
(13:47:44) Sept: "de Pteres. Why was there a change? Who-" A coughing fit brought the taste of LCL - or blood - back to his mouth. "Who… are you?"
(13:48:23) Minaplo: ["A friend. Where do you think you are?"]
(13:56:36) * Sept looked around again, fixating on a window to the left of his bed. "Paris..? What happened to the battleship? Did we screw something up?"
(13:59:07) Minaplo: [There was a pause.-
(13:59:27) Minaplo: ["Do you know what day it is?"]
(14:03:16) Sept: Another pause. "…no. We started on Friday. The… 4th."
(14:06:28) Minaplo: ["When did Unit 01 get its current blue-white-red colour scheme?"]
(14:10:04) Sept: "…" Sera's face took on a menacing glare quite a few moments too late to be effective.
(14:15:32) Minaplo: ["Yes?"]
(14:18:53) Sept: "Never happened, you dick. Might… look better, though."
(14:21:05) Minaplo: ["Probably. Your memory and awareness seem to check out. Let's test your body."-
(14:23:10) Minaplo: ["Do you feel pain anywhere?"]
(14:26:26) Sept: "No. I'm fine." He straightened his sitting posture slightly, as if to prove it.
(14:27:41) Minaplo: ["Stretch your arms up into the air, then down towards your toes."]
(14:39:04) * Sept scoffed and began to climb out of bed on his left side. "I'll save you the time and show you-" But that attempt was very much stopped as Sera's face collided with what sounded like a sturdy surovite-reinforced wall in the thin air separating Sera and the window. He fell back awkwardly on the bed.
(14:42:42) Minaplo: ["Do you feel pain anywhere now?"]
(14:44:50) Sept: Sera's eyes were shut tight as he held his nose. "Ugghh… you fucker, what is this?"
(14:45:39) Minaplo: ["Just the normal test I was told to give you. How many fingers am I holding up?"]
(14:54:07) * Sept took a few moments to himself before complying, opening his eyes again and… looking left and right, finding nothing. "I think… there's a problem here. Shut up, please." He found the offending wall again with his hand, and looked at it intensely. Then he took both of his hands, held them out in front of his face. "I think my brain is lying to me."
(14:55:01) Minaplo: ["Yep. What's the problem? Can't see?"]
(15:00:26) Sept: "…no, I don't think so. We have to solve this."
(15:01:30) Minaplo: ["Time to see a specialist?"-
(15:01:35) Minaplo: ["Sorry, time to meet a specialist?"]
(15:04:35) Sept: "Yeah, alright. I don't have much… I have a meeting, don't I? How long since we got back?"
(15:12:42) Minaplo: ["Hour and a half."]
(15:17:40) Sept: "Fine. Can you call them here?"
(15:32:00) Minaplo: ["Them who? The specialist or the meeting?"]
(15:39:41) * Sept gave his general direction a brief scowl. "The specialist. I don't know, is Clement still on? We don't even know where the damage is."
(15:42:38) Minaplo: ["Two specialists. Doctor Tenma for the physical angle, and Doctor Surov for the metaphyiscal. Good?"]
(15:46:22) Sept: "Good. Mm." Sera looked around, trying to think his way out of this. "Ask if we should just go there instead. If it's faster."
(15:50:09) Minaplo: ["Right. I'll be back."-
(15:50:45) Minaplo: [The sound of a door swivelling on its hinges, followed by footsteps, then the sound of the same door hitting the frame.]
(15:54:03) * Sept paused for a moment, then started feeling around the bed for a table or chair that'd hopefully have some proper clothes ready for him.
(16:05:55) Minaplo: [He felt a hard wooden edge on the right hand side, just within reach…]
(16:09:19) * Sept made to get off the bed again, feet first this time to avoid imaginary wall collisions. Then to follow that edge.
(16:18:25) Minaplo: [Edge was square, slightly curved on top, flat under the bottom, had a wooden back, and there were cloth things in the middle.]
(16:24:04) Sept: "Should've asked first…" He felt the cloth things. Were they clothes or just some spare linens?
(16:30:10) Minaplo: [What felt like… Yes, a tube of cloth, starting with a little hole and ending in a big hole, with two other tubes off the top. A shirt. And also a pair of pants. Could Blind Sera conquer pants?]
(16:31:44) Sept: The great challenge of his life. Surely worst case scenario was he'd get the shirt on the wrong way. Surely.
(16:44:13) Minaplo: [It was harder. Perhaps not impossible, yet…-
(16:44:24) Minaplo: [Before long, he'd get a knock at the door.]
(16:46:56) Sept: "Yeah?" He'd managed the pants on by then, and was taking a breather before taking on the shirt.
(17:01:07) Minaplo: [Sound of a door swinging open, footsteps.-
(17:01:38) Minaplo: ["Good to go there."]
(17:03:42) Sept: "Alright. Lemme get this shirt on, and we'll go."
(17:05:31) Minaplo: ["Let me help."]
(17:07:34) Sept: "Mm." He held it out to the voice.
(17:11:55) Minaplo: [Strong, yet gentle hands took the shirt. He felt it fall onto his shoulders, pulled over his head; then he was guided to where the sleeves were.]
(17:13:32) Sept: "Thanks. Are my glasses here?"
(17:18:09) Minaplo: ["Here you go." Placed into his right hand.]
(17:21:14) * Sept put them on. "Right. Lead on, I guess. God damnit."
(17:35:32) Minaplo: ["Let me carry you."]
(17:36:48) Sept: "I can walk."
(17:41:11) Minaplo: ["Right." Sound of the door opening again.]
(17:43:18) * Sept took a few careful steps that way. "Right. Gimme your hand."
(17:47:03) Minaplo: [A warm, strong hand wrapped powerful fingers around Sera's right palm.]
(17:50:51) * Sept tapped the fingers of his left hand on his side, reconsidering this plan of action. "Fine, then. Let's go."
(17:57:41) Minaplo: [The hand began to tug. Footsteps leading away, with Sera following, obviously.-
(17:58:33) Minaplo: ["We agreed on a single place. Easier to do that. Left."]
(18:01:29) Sept: "Good." Sera turned with him. "If it's 01's fault, it may not be a simple case of either physical or psychological deterioration…"
(18:10:22) Minaplo: ["Thus Surov."-
(18:10:40) Minaplo: [More footsteps. And another set, along with a bit of murmuring, directly ahead.-
(18:11:11) Minaplo: ["Three people ahead. Keep to the right."]
(18:15:24) * Sept did, taking his guide's hand with his left and following the wall with his right.
(18:17:54) Minaplo: [The footsteps passed, and curiously, so did that of the guide's.]
(18:19:41) * Sept looked around again, pointlessly. "Hm?"
(18:19:49) Minaplo: ["One's a girl. Cute."]
(18:24:30) Sept: "I'd heard they have some on the ship," Sera said. "Probably not anyone I know."
(18:35:36) Minaplo: ["One-fifty-six centimetres, long brown hair, slender, light skin, pert. For your benefit."-
(18:35:46) Minaplo: [Onwards they went. Another five minutes of travelling-
(18:35:50) Minaplo: ["Stop. Here we are."]
(18:36:39) * Sept took his word and came to a stop, raising his head expectantly.
(18:38:59) Minaplo: [The -shnnt- of automatic doors opening.-
(18:40:36) Minaplo: [The air in here felt cooler, and the footsteps sounded harder.-
(18:40:46) Minaplo: ["Bed to your left. Within arm's reach, just stretch out."-
(18:41:11) Minaplo: [Another voice. A more familiar one. Tenma. "Ah. Always good to see you again, Pilot de Pteres."]
(18:46:17) * Sept let go and went for the bed, hopping up to sit on it. "Thank you. Now, can you help me?"
(18:49:15) Minaplo: ["I'll try. Thank you, Mr. Ansgar, for your help."-
(18:49:19) Minaplo: ["Happy to."-
(18:49:27) Minaplo: ["Now, de Pteres, what are your symptoms?"]
(18:51:41) * Sept took a breath, tilting his head a bit. "Can't see. Thought I could when I woke up, turns out I couldn't."
(18:55:01) Minaplo: ["Thought you could?"]
(19:00:50) * Sept thought for a while. "Wrong kind of hospital room. No… hallucinations beyond that. I guess it was more of a, I don't know, I think I thought it was a Geofront room?"
(19:12:49) Minaplo: ["Hmm. I'm going to have a look at your eyes, alright?"]
(19:18:11) Sept: "Go ahead." Sept shifted and put his hands at his sides on the edge of the bed.
(19:19:05) Minaplo: [He felt his eyelids being opened wider, and felt the painful heat on his eyeballs.-
(19:19:33) Minaplo: [It quickly passed. "Your eyes seem fine from a quick lookover. Doctor Surov, is it possible that the reincorporisation process suffered a malfunction."-
(19:20:23) Minaplo: ["The readings during the process were well within acceptable margins." Said Surov gruffly. "Could be psychosomatic."]
(19:23:41) Sept: "Sure, but 01 was -definitely- not alright! The damage could've been done before the process."
(19:24:08) Minaplo: ["Elaborate." Said Surov.]
(19:32:34) Sept: "The operation wasn't a clean success. Something terrified 01 that I haven't figured out yet, but he definitely nearly lost it at some point. Maybe it's nothing."
(19:33:07) Minaplo: ["Terrified?" Surov's voice sounded surprised.-
(19:33:43) Minaplo: ["That's unexpected. It's possible that it had an effect. If that is the reason, then there is little we can do besides hope it cycles out during your next synchronisation."]
(19:48:53) * Sept nodded, looking straight forward. "Yeah. Anything you can do if it's just me? Scans or something? Wire some crap up to my brain? I mean, it'd have to be Dreamer-compatible."
(19:54:55) Minaplo: ["That could be highly dangerous," Began Tenma, just as Surov was saying "Possible."-
(19:54:58) Minaplo: [There was a tense pause.]
(19:55:34) Sept: "That's what the 'de' stands for?" Sera attempted to joke.
(19:59:35) Minaplo: [There was a moment of stony silence at this.-
(19:59:48) Minaplo: [Broken a second later by Armin's laughter. "Oh, I get it."-
(20:00:50) Minaplo: [There was a huff from Surov. "Possible, but dangerous as the Doctor says. Proper scans of your brain and nervous system should be done before any implants."]
(20:04:21) Sept: "Fine. Anything we can do in the short term?"
(20:06:38) Minaplo: ["Give you a cane and a pair of sunglasses."]
(20:07:19) Sept: "Mm. Terrific."
(20:07:46) Minaplo: ["That might not be enough." Said Tenma.-
(20:07:59) Minaplo: ["I've seen your hat and coat, de Pteres, they might just think it's how you 'roll'."]
(20:15:53) * Sept seemed to resent that somewhat. "Ugh. Asgard, who do you work for? How much to have you hang around until we figure out a better solution for this?"
(20:19:50) Minaplo: ["Ansgar. You're my wielder, if that's what you mean. And I hang around until you tell me to go away."]
(20:21:22) Sept: "…"-
(20:21:49) Sept: "I see," he said, turning subtly away from Surov and Tenma.
(20:22:27) Minaplo: ["No you don't." Said Ansgar. "That's why we're here."]
(20:24:46) Sept: "…that is correct."


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