For The Love Of Life 1 5e

(17:52:36) @Minaplo: ["Oh, my poor baby." Murmured Yui Ikari. "Oh, my poor little angel…"-
(17:52:37) @Minaplo: [Roku sat awkwardly in the chair as Yui fussed over her, pausing constantly to brush Roku's hair to the side, or stroked her cheek. It was… Uncomfortable, a little, coming from someone Roku didn't know all -that- well.-
(17:52:37) @Minaplo: [Yet it wasn't entirely unpleasant, either. In fact, awkward as it was, there really was something comforting about being -fussed- over, having this sort of motherly -nurturing- going on… It was a nice change from abuse and violence.-
(17:52:37) @Minaplo: ["What are our chances of this succeeding, doctor?" Asked Sarasvati, standing to one side.-
(17:52:37) @Minaplo: [This was Yui's lab, hidden inside Asgard Base. well-equipped, large, sparsely populated- they basically had the run of the place.-
(17:52:39) @Minaplo: [It had only been a few hours since they'd returned home. But in that time, Sarasvati had been told of the Dorian's mission, the Egg on the Moon…-
(17:52:41) @Minaplo: [And Sarasvati knew instantly that whatever knowledge Roku contained, it would be vital now.-
(17:52:45) @Minaplo: [Roku had dragged her feet, wanting nothing more than to visit Aksel right away- but even this had to wait. Not when lives were at stake.-
(17:52:46) @Minaplo: [And so they had come here.-
(17:52:47) @Minaplo: [Yui Ikari had burst into tears when she saw Roku, and had hugged her and showered her with kisses, much to Roku's discomfort…-
(17:52:49) @Minaplo: [But now Roku was sitting in a steel chair, a strange mechanical apparatus attached to her head, covering her eyes and temples and the base of the skull, little electrodes attached to her hands and chest.-
(17:52:52) @Minaplo: ["This process usually takes an hour, correct?" Asked Sarasvati.-
(17:52:53) @Minaplo: ["That's right." Said Yui. "Half an hour to scan for damage or conditioning, and half an hour to attempt preliminary correction."-
(17:52:56) @Minaplo: [Sarasvati nodded once. "Very well, doctor. You may begin." She turned to Roku and gave her a small smile.-
(17:52:56) @Minaplo: [Roku didn't look very relieved.-
(17:52:58) @Minaplo: [It didn't take long, however, for Yui to discover signs of tampering.-
(17:53:01) @Minaplo: ["Oh my." Muttered Yui.-
(17:53:01) @Minaplo: ["What is it?" Asked Sarasvati.-
(17:53:01) @Minaplo: ["This is- very poor." Said Yui, staring into her computer console. "Slapdash- it looks like it's nothing more than amnesiac conditioning."-
(17:54:10) @Minaplo: ["Do we know what it's trying to hide?" Asked Sarasvati.-
(17:54:10) @Minaplo: ["It'd be difficult to tell." Said Yui. "But from what I can see, this sort of conditioning is the sort you might use not only force people to forget something, but also to 'disable' some sort of conditioning as well. Actually-"-
(17:54:10) @Minaplo: ["Yes." Said Yui. "It looks like they've used it to disable some of the Ayanami-conditioning standard in my girls."-
(17:54:10) @Minaplo: [Roku shifted uneasily in the seat.-
(17:54:10) @Minaplo: ["Don't fuss so, sweetheart." Admonished Yui gently.-
(17:54:10) @Minaplo: ["Ayanami conditioning. What elements?" Asked Sarasvati.-
(17:54:10) @Minaplo: ["I think… Obedience and self-hypnosis conditioning." Said Yui.-
(17:54:10) @Minaplo: ["Self-hypnosis." Sarasvati turned to Roku. "They wanted to keep you emotional. And in pain. And tired."-
(17:54:12) @Minaplo: ["So it seems." Muttered Roku.-
(17:54:13) @Minaplo: ["I can correct it." Said Yui.-
(17:54:14) @Minaplo: ["D-Do you have to…?" Said Roku suddenly.-
(17:54:15) @Minaplo: ["Hm? What do you mean, my little Angel?" Asked Yui.-
(17:54:16) @Minaplo: ["I mean- well." Roku mumbled. "I don't- like having all of that obedience stuff in my head." She said, her voice timid. "It's scary. It makes me feel like- I don't like it, ok? I'm done with feeling like a puppet."-
(17:54:20) @Minaplo: ["But sweetie, don't you like some of it? Like being able to just fall asleep like -that-, or not needing an alarm clock, or…" Yui began.-
(17:54:22) @Minaplo: ["That doesn't matter." Snapped Roku. "What matters is that- that if you wanted to, you could just -tell- me to do something, and I'd be forced to obey. That's- that sucks. I -hate- it! It's like having the Synfront in my head again!"-
(17:54:25) @Minaplo: ["But-"-
(17:54:26) @Minaplo: ["Roku." Said Sarasvati levelly, walking over to her side. "Don't forget why we're doing this. We're doing this because they tried to hide information from you, from us- information that could spell disaster for us if we don't know what it is. Information we could use to save lives."-
(17:54:30) @Minaplo: [Roku didn't respond, simply staring at Sarasvati.-
(17:54:30) @Minaplo: ["Roku?" Said Sarasvati.-
(17:54:31) @Minaplo: ["… Ngh. Whatever. Hurry up." Said Roku. "The faster we do this, the faster I can go visit Aksel."-
(17:54:33) @Minaplo: [Sarasvati smiled, reaching out to place a hand on Roku's own. "Thank you."-
(17:56:01) @Minaplo: [And with that, Yui went to work, putting Roku in a languid, hypnotic state before continuing.-
(17:56:01) @Minaplo: [The damage, in the end, had been simply to attempt to 'block' some of Roku's thoughts and prior conditioning. Yui's work involved repairing those connections.-
(17:56:01) @Minaplo: [In the end, the total work took somewhat longer than Yui had hoped- an hour and more had passed before Yui finally let out a sigh, stepped back and went- "I think I'm done."-
(17:56:01) @Minaplo: [Yui reached over, and began pulling the accountrements and monitors off of Roku. Sarasvati watched as Yui tore off the head-strap last.-
(17:56:02) @Minaplo: ["Roku? How do you feel?" Asked Sarasvati.-
(17:56:03) @Minaplo: [Roku let out a small groan, shaking her head groggily. She placed a hand over her face.-
(17:56:05) @Minaplo: ["Sorry, sweetie." Said Yui timidly.-
(17:56:06) @Minaplo: ["Mmmgh."-
(17:56:07) @Minaplo: [Sarasvati watched as Roku slowly leaned forward- then languidly rose to her feet.-
(17:56:09) @Minaplo: ["Roku?"-
(17:56:10) @Minaplo: [Roku shook her head once more, turning towards Sarasvati, frowning slightly. "Huh?"-
(17:56:12) @Minaplo: ["Roku. Please, focus." Said Sarasvati, holding up a hand. "Do you remember anything? A plan, a scheme by the New World…"-
(17:56:14) @Minaplo: [Roku stared at Sarasvati blankly for a good fifteen seconds… Before her eyes widened.-
(17:56:16) @Minaplo: ["Roku? What-"-
(17:57:43) @Minaplo: [Roku pivoted towards Yui and, twisting her entire body as she did so, launched a single solid punch straight into Yui's stomach.-
(17:57:43) @Minaplo: [Yui doubled over, a strangled cry of agony bursting from her lips. She slumped to her knees, her eyes wide in shock, terror and pain…-
(17:57:43) @Minaplo: ["Roku?! Why-?!" Sarasvati started forward-
(17:57:43) @Minaplo: [… And Roku threw up a hand, a wide, powerful AT Field barrier spreading into existence, Sarasvati bouncing off the surface as surely as though it were a wall of stone.-
(17:57:43) @Minaplo: [Without hesitation, Sarasvati threw up her hands, energy crackling between her fingers and palms. A half dozen bolts of concussive force smashed into the Field- to absolutely no effect.-
(17:57:45) @Minaplo: [Roku turned towards the primary console of the science lab- and leapt for it. Sarasvati was quick to follow as closely as she could. "Roku! Stop!"-
(17:57:47) @Minaplo: [But Roku didn't stop. She ran over to the console and stared down at it. Banks of computers, all directly fed into the MAGI…-
(17:57:49) @Minaplo: ["Roku, there's no way you can use that." Said Sarasvati. "If you don't stop, I will return with heavier weaponry and stop you myself."-
(17:57:51) @Minaplo: [Roku didn't turn, didn't even seem to acknowledge Sarasvati's words.-
(17:57:53) @Minaplo: [Yet the AT Field barrier suddenly vanished, the energy unspreading into Roku.-
(17:57:54) @Minaplo: [Sarasvati stared for a moment, then nodded, taking a step forward-
(17:57:55) @Minaplo: [Roku raised a hand over the console. A rainbow shimmer burst into the air around her arm as AT energy sparked around her fingertips-
(17:57:58) @Minaplo: [Before several small black shadowy tendrils leapt from her fingers and into the digital surfaces of the computers, feeding into it, threading into it like string into a hole. It was all over within a second.-
(17:58:01) @Minaplo: [Roku stared down at the console.-
(17:58:02) @Minaplo: [… Then she fell to her knees and slumped backwards.-
(17:58:02) @Minaplo: [-
(17:59:23) @Minaplo: [Director Orlov let out a quiet sigh.-
(18:00:12) @Minaplo: [The Operations Centre of Asgard was quiet and mostly deserted. At present there were only three people on duty. Himself, of course.-
(18:00:28) @Minaplo: [And two crewmembers crewing their consoles- or theoretically crewing their consoles.-
(18:01:32) @Minaplo: [One of them, tall, good-looking, wearing spectacles- Niles Windsor-Yamato, staring coolly at the other: short, blonde-haired Wilhelm Harken, the grandson of Director Harken himself.-
(18:01:55) @Minaplo: [The conversation had turned towards a topic that young Harken found irresistable, and Orlov found extremely discomforting: girls.-
(18:02:32) @Minaplo: ["Y'know, grandpa tried to set me up on a date with Langley once." Said Wilhelm.-
(18:02:36) @Minaplo: ["Really." Said Niles.-
(18:03:05) @Minaplo: ["It didn't really work out, though."-
(18:03:37) @Minaplo: ["Really." Said Niles, spinning in his chair. "And pray tell me, was it the presence of Alexandre Fontaine, or your own that sabotaged this little soiree?"-
(18:03:57) @Minaplo: ["… You don't need to be a dick all the time."-
(18:04:06) @Minaplo: ["I absolutely do." Said Niles. "Because I don't care."-
(18:04:46) @Minaplo: ["Uh-huh." Said Wilhelm. "Must be pretty cruisy, having your wife picked from birth…"-
(18:04:48) @Minaplo: ["… Hm?"-
(18:04:54) @Minaplo: ["You know, you and the princess."-
(18:05:24) @Minaplo: ["Despite what rumours you may have heard," Said Niles, his voice raising an octave, "The Princess and I are not betrothed. We are too closely related."-
(18:05:45) @Minaplo: ["… Aren't you a Windsor?"-
(18:06:05) @Minaplo: ["We are not betrothed. Besides, Lexie is not my type."-
(18:06:17) @Minaplo: ["Whoa whoa whoa." Came a new voice. "What's this? Talking about girls with out me?"-
(18:06:29) @Minaplo: [Orlov looked over at the doorway. "Oh, it's you, Kaji."-
(18:07:28) @Minaplo: [Ryouji Kaji stood in the - no, didn't stand, he slouched in the doorway, leaning against the threshold carelessly. "Yo."-
(18:09:16) @Minaplo: ["Oh hey, Ryouji." Said Wilhelm. "What's up?"-
(18:09:58) @Minaplo: ["Not a lot." Said Kaji with a grin, not moving from his slouch. "Just figured I'd check in. Any word from our astronauts?"-
(18:10:02) @Minaplo: ["Nothing." Said Niles.-
(18:10:33) @Minaplo: ["Figures. This is what happens when you give women like those too much power, boys." Said Kaji sagely. "They always feel like they can keep a man waiting…"-
(18:10:44) @Minaplo: [Niles groaned.-
(18:13:23) @Minaplo: ["So what girl was it today, Wilhelm?" Asked Kaji with a grin.-
(18:13:30) @Minaplo: ["We were talking about Asuka."-
(18:13:52) @Minaplo: ["-You- were talking about Asuka." Said Niles. "I was trying to ignore you."-
(18:14:23) @Minaplo: ["Yeah, I always pegged you as a bit of a redhead man, Wilhelm." Said Kaji. "Ah, well. There's always the Simonides twins if you've got the courage…"-
(18:14:32) @Minaplo: ["Yeah, that much is true…"-
(18:14:56) @Minaplo: ["What about you, Orlov?" Asked Kaji. "What's -your- taste in girls?"-
(18:15:21) @Minaplo: [Orlov's hands gripped the armrests of his chair. Japanese cunt.-
(18:15:28) @Minaplo: ["None of your business." Said Orlov coolly.-
(18:15:45) @Minaplo: ["Yeah? No need to be a stick in the mud." Said Kaji. "We won't judge."-
(18:16:26) @Minaplo: ["That will be enough." Said Orlov.-
(18:18:00) @Minaplo: ["Have it your way." Said Kaji, shrugging.-
(18:18:17) @Minaplo: [Niles and Wilhelm stared at them both, before looking at each other in bewilderment.-
(18:18:58) @Minaplo: [It was at this moment that Niles's console went -berserk-.-
(18:19:10) @Minaplo: [They all spun around to look at it, Niles leaning over- staring at the readings- and gasping.-
(18:19:15) @Minaplo: ["What is it? Report!" Shouted Orlov.-
(18:19:56) @Minaplo: ["Director, the Sphere of Silence just shut down." Said Niles. "And we've just started broadcasting our precise co-ordinates in every single direction."-
(18:20:13) @Minaplo: [The room went deathly quiet. Even the machines seemed to be subdued.-
(18:22:20) @Minaplo: ["We need to evacuate." Said Orlov.-
(18:22:23) @Minaplo: ["How?" Asked Niles.-
(18:22:28) @Minaplo: ["I-"-
(18:22:37) @Minaplo: [Wilhelm's console began to flash.-
(18:22:50) @Minaplo: ["Sir! Proximity alert on the AT Interception Grid!" Shouted Wilhelm.-
(18:22:53) @Minaplo: ["What?! Where-"-
(18:23:18) @Minaplo: [He didn't have time before the Dysangelion burst through.-
(18:25:44) @Minaplo: [It didn't burst through the command centre- instead, it smashed into the 'Rainbow Bridge'- the special, massive cubical room where Evas jaunted into when making deliveries or shipping people in and out of Asgard. It was the exact same room Yanmei had entered after the coastal battle with Joan.-
(18:27:40) @Minaplo: [When the smoke cleared, all the people in Ops would see was a giant featureless face- two wide gaping empty eyes…-
(18:28:33) @Minaplo: [They all stared at it, eyes popping, too stunned to move-
(18:29:37) @Minaplo: [Two dozen or so flashes of light amongst them.-
(18:31:36) @Minaplo: [Twenty or so figures stood amongst them, all dressed in non-reflective bone-white armour that didn't catch the light, wearing tall crested narrow helmets with glowing red glass eyes. They wielded long, thin rifles- and were led by a robed and armoured figure, one in purple.-
(18:32:06) @Minaplo: <red*>
(18:32:59) @Minaplo: [Its helmet was ornate, two wide wing-like crests rising from the sides of its helmet, giving it an eldritch, fearsome appearance. Its helmet was shimmery-golden, and in its hand was not a rifle but a long scythe-weapon, the edge shining with positron energy.-
(18:33:11) @Minaplo: [None of them knew.-
(18:33:14) @Minaplo: [None except Kaji.-
(18:33:18) @Minaplo: [He recognised them.-
(18:33:46) @Minaplo: [The graceful, impossibly slender and elegant murderers, appearing out of nowhere, ambushing Iron Guard, stalking him through the wastes…-
(18:33:57) @Minaplo: [Phantoms.-
(18:34:47) @Minaplo: [The Phantoms opened fire, thousands of tiny shards bursting from their weapons. They tore through Orlov within an instant, piercing his body from groin to neck.-
(18:35:38) @Minaplo: [Wilhelm barely had time to scream, raising his arms- but they just sliced right through. He died, shuriken shards buried into his face and eyes, his arm hanging loosely from where the tendons and muscles had been severed.-
(18:35:59) @Minaplo: [Niles had been shot in the back, and now slumped over his console, trying desperately to breathe. He wasn't dead yet.-
(18:36:34) @Minaplo: [But the shards, if they didn't overpenetrate, would dissolve within seconds. On contact with the bloodstream, they acted as an anticoagulant. He was beyond saving.-
(18:36:39) @Minaplo: [But Kaji was gone.-
(18:37:20) @Minaplo: [Relying on skills and talents he'd been honing for years, he had turned and -ran- the moment he saw the flashes. A spray of shurikens went his way, but he managed to dive out of the way, leaping through the open door, slamming into the wall opposite.-
(18:37:27) @Minaplo: [It hurt. But it wasn't -lethal-, the wall.-
(18:38:56) @Minaplo: [Kaji was already getting to his feet, sprinting down the hall. There was a red alarm box on one of the walls- he slammed it as he ran by. The entire base began to sound with alarms and flashing red lights.-
(18:39:19) @Minaplo: [Where to now? He couldn't out run them. He would have to put something between him and them-
(18:39:25) @Minaplo: [Elevator.-
(18:39:56) @Minaplo: [A squad of Phantoms were already rushing out of Ops.-
(18:40:45) @Minaplo: [They were faster than he was. Their aim on the move was about as good as anyone's- which is to say not great- and he was… Used to running away from people who wanted to kill him. He was slower, but he had one advantage: he knew this place better than any of them.-
(18:42:27) @Minaplo: [He heard the low, menacing hum as the shuriken rifles began to fire again. He instantly dropped into a slide, avoiding the barrage- costing him precious distance- he scrambled madly to his feet and turned the nearest corner.-
(18:43:39) @Minaplo: [The path he was on now would turn right in ten metres. From there, it went for another fifty, turned right again- and fed back into the corridor he'd just been travelling down. A giant loop.-
(18:43:55) @Minaplo: [Against the wall he was currently facing were three elevators.-
(18:43:59) @Minaplo: [I must be fucking insane.-
(18:44:39) @Minaplo: [He -sprinted- for the elevator, turning on his heel to the right the instant he reached it, jamming his hand into the 'call elevator' button.-
(18:45:07) @Minaplo: [A hail of shurikens cut towards him, one slashing against the back of his hand. He barely felt the wound until the air began to sting at it.-
(18:45:13) @Minaplo: [Shallow, light. Not lethal yet.-
(18:45:53) @Minaplo: [Kaji was already off, running past the second elevator. The Phantoms turned to follow, firing wildly. He wove and ducked, each time only narrowing the distance between them-
(18:46:09) @Minaplo: [Third elevator. Kaji turned as sharply as he could to the right. Back to the original corridor.-
(18:47:10) @Minaplo: [He paused just in time as a hail of shuriken shards ripped right past where he'd been going. If he hadn't paused, he would've been Kaji cheese.-
(18:47:13) @Minaplo: [Heh. Kaji cheese.-
(18:47:23) @Minaplo: [Need to tell Misato about that one.-
(18:47:46) @Minaplo: [He leapt, diving and landing into a roll, emerging onto his feet. -Sprint-. Back onto the main corridor. Turn right.-
(18:48:15) @Minaplo: [He was running back towards Ops now. The Phantoms had just turned the corner…-
(18:48:39) @Minaplo: [To his right stood the original corridor he'd turned towards. The one heading to the elevator. The elevator he'd summoned.-
(18:48:48) @Minaplo: [Kaji turned.-
(18:48:53) @Minaplo: [The elevator was here, its doors were closing-
(18:48:57) @Minaplo: [Yesnoyesnoyesno-
(18:49:27) @Minaplo: [He ran. He ran as though his life depended on it, mainly because it absolutely did and he really did not want to die bleeding in a corridor as opposed to dying in a garden or perhaps motorboating a fine lady or-
(18:49:33) @Minaplo: [Long strides. Doors closing.-
(18:49:40) @Minaplo: [He heard the hum of the shurikens.-
(18:49:50) @Minaplo: [Kaji -dove-.-
(18:50:05) @Minaplo: [The elevator doors slammed shut not even half a second before he landed on its floor.-
(18:50:18) @Minaplo: [The shurikens whizzed right through the metal doors, slamming into the wall above his head.-
(18:50:48) @Minaplo: [Kaji began -kicking- the button console, calling whatever floor he hit. Whatever. Get me outta here.-
(18:50:53) @Minaplo: [The elevator began to move.-
(18:51:03) @Minaplo: [Kaji collapsed properly now.-
(18:51:26) @Minaplo: [He was -fucked-. Knees shaking, body and hands trembling, utterly dying exhausted- he'd just sprinted over 300 metres or so.-
(18:56:28) @Minaplo: [The elevator stopped.-
(18:56:44) @Minaplo: [The doors went -ding-. He'd arrived at the next floor.-
(18:56:48) @Minaplo: [The doors opened.-
(18:57:26) @Minaplo: [Standing in the doorway was the red-clad Solomon, still holding her scythe. The roof above her had had a large circle of metal cut out of it.-
(18:57:42) @Minaplo: [Kaji stared at her.-
(18:57:46) @Minaplo: [She stared back.-
(18:58:03) @Minaplo: [There was only one thing Kaji could do.-
(18:58:10) @Minaplo: [He smirked, raised his head, and wiped away the sweat.-
(18:58:13) @Minaplo: ["Going down?"-
(18:58:20) @Minaplo: [A single slash of the scythe.-
(18:58:51) @Minaplo: [She hadn't even given him the decency of a quick death. A slash right across his stomach.-
(18:58:57) @Minaplo: [So he could watch himself bleed out.-
(18:59:21) @Minaplo: [Kaji let out a single sigh, slumped forward, and closed his eyes.-
(18:59:27) @Minaplo: [-
(19:02:01) @Minaplo: [The party was starting to wind down, now.-
(19:03:03) @Minaplo: [Indeed, most of the kids had left, either to go do something else, or had been coaxed away by one friend or another.-
(19:05:31) @Minaplo: [Julien was still here, of course, as was Suzie, Rosalie, Henriette and Eevi. Isha had just returned from escorting a sleepy kid back to bed, and was doing that most hated of adult things- packing things away.-
(19:06:12) @Minaplo: ["So." declared Henriette. "Pretty sure I won."-
(19:07:02) @Minaplo: ["You so did not -win-." Snapped Eevi. "The Vimeses were here because of me, and so was that funny Anselme kid, who really hates you, by the way."-
(19:07:23) @Minaplo: ["Hmph."-
(19:07:49) @Minaplo: ["You know, if you kids need an adjudicator…" Began Isha. "Someone to judge the winner for you, well. I am known for my impartiality."-
(19:07:57) @Minaplo: [Suzie squinted at Isha suspiciously.-
(19:08:24) @Minaplo: [As, in fact, did Henriette. "Nice try, Mr. Isha." Said Henriette. "You're just going to declare us -both- winners, aren't you?"-
(19:08:29) @Minaplo: ["I-"-
(19:08:58) @Minaplo: ["You're going to have to try better than -that-." Said Henriette, folding her arms and turning on her heel. "I win. If anyone wants to argue, then it's pistols at dawn!"-
(19:09:35) @Minaplo: ["Why, because you know how to use a pistol?" Said Rosalie.-
(19:09:43) @Minaplo: ["Exactly." Said Henriette. "I'll win, because I'm better."-
(19:10:00) @Minaplo: ["Y'know, I do too." Said Suzie.-
(19:10:23) @Minaplo: ["And I'm an invincible killing machine with super-powered cybernetic implants who can fly and shoot lasers." Said Eevi smugly. "So -there-."-
(19:10:34) @Minaplo: ["Mmmgh."-
(19:14:03) @Minaplo: ["Regardless." Said Isha. "No duelling. This may be a military base, but it's a terrible idea to allow guns around ch-"-
(19:14:17) @Minaplo: [The entire base -shuddered-.-
(19:14:57) @Minaplo: ["What the-?" Isha looked up.-
(19:15:10) @Minaplo: [There was a shriek from a nearby hall, followed by the sudden screaming of a baby.-
(19:15:31) @Minaplo: [Isha was already in motion, running through the doorway-
(19:15:38) @Minaplo: [Isabelle.-
(19:16:22) @Minaplo: [She'd suddenly broken out into a run, carrying Lizzie along with her as she did so. Isabelle had tripped and sprawled during the shaking, and Lizzie had spilled out of her arms hit her head- giving her nothing but a slight bruise, but still causing her to scream.-
(19:16:33) @Minaplo: ["Isabelle?" Murmured Isha. "What happened? Let me help-"-
(19:16:48) @Minaplo: [Isabelle reached up and grabbed his wrist as he tried to reach for her. "Isha. Isha. Get them out."-
(19:16:50) @Minaplo: ["What?"-
(19:16:54) @Minaplo: ["Get the children out!"-
(19:17:00) @Minaplo: ["Out where? What's going on?"-
(19:17:06) @Minaplo: ["Isha, they're -here-."-
(19:17:15) @Minaplo: ["They-" Isha stopped. "No. How? This place-"-
(19:17:51) @Minaplo: ["They're on the bridge." Murmured Isabelle. "Caine's soldiers. Her secret warriors- the bridge crew are all dead. Isha, they are coming. We need to get out."-
(19:18:04) @Minaplo: [Isha had paled at her words.-
(19:18:15) @Minaplo: ["I-Isha? Isha, we need to- did you hear me? We need to get out."-
(19:18:38) @Minaplo: [Isha shook his hand free of Isabelle's grip. He walked over to Lizzie, picked her up, and began to whisper to her.-
(19:18:45) @Minaplo: ["-Isha-. Listen to me."-
(19:19:01) @Minaplo: ["I -am-, Isabelle." He said quietly. "Isabelle, there is no way out."-
(19:19:08) @Minaplo: ["What? Preposterous-"-
(19:19:41) @Minaplo: ["No. They'll be watching the exits." Said Isha. "Caine would have done this in force. Dysangelions, E-Destroyers, watching the exits, suppressing anything that gets out."-
(19:19:46) @Minaplo: ["…"-
(19:20:17) @Minaplo: ["The only thing we can do is hold out."-
(19:20:21) @Minaplo: ["Hold out?"-
(19:20:33) @Minaplo: ["Hold out, save as many as we can, and wait for help to come." Said Isha.-
(19:21:09) @Minaplo: ["That- I don't-"-
(19:21:52) @Minaplo: ["It probably won't work." Said Isha, his voice cool and calm. "But it's the best we have. Isabelle, take Elizabeth. Find Angeline Monette, have her gather the children and take them down to the lower depths."-
(19:22:13) @Minaplo: ["I… I will do that." Said Isabelle quietly. She got to her feet slowly, and took Lizzie's hand.-
(19:22:36) @Minaplo: ["I need to organise the defense." Said Isha. "I'll be back soon."-
(19:22:43) @Minaplo: [-
(19:23:06) @Minaplo: ["A-Attack?" Squealed Rosalie. Instinctively she reached for Suzie's hand, who obligingly squeezed it.-
(19:23:35) @Minaplo: ["Yes, but Isha is going to make sure we are safe." Said Isabelle. "We need to find Mrs. Monette. Henriette."-
(19:23:46) @Minaplo: ["Yes?" Said Henriette, managing to hide most of the fear in her voice.-
(19:23:55) @Minaplo: ["Where would Mrs. Monette be?"-
(19:24:24) @Minaplo: ["I think she went to escort the Sullivans back to their quarters." Said Henriette. "I can direct you."-
(19:25:04) @Minaplo: ["I'll come too." Said Julien. "I'm not much good in a fight, but…"-
(19:25:12) @Minaplo: ["Are any of us?" Muttered Isabelle.-
(19:25:15) @Minaplo: ["I am!" Said Eevi.-
(19:25:30) @Minaplo: ["I- yes." Admitted Isabelle. "Come on, we have to go."-
(19:27:38) @Minaplo: [And so they went. As they moved, Isabelle would direct one of the girls to various rooms, seemingly at random, to rouse the occupants and bring them along. In one of the first rooms they passed, they found all four of the Vimes children. Henriette briefed them quickly ("There's an attack, but I've got it under control, come!") and they set off.-
(19:30:21) @Minaplo: [It wouldn't be long before they ran into Mrs. Monette, who already had managed to find several dozen civilian children and their parents and was alredy directing them towards the lower depths. They met up, and began to go together.-
(19:32:07) @Minaplo: [It was an at an intersection when the chaos began. Ten shadowy figures appeared out of the air- and began firing into the group wildly.-
(19:35:57) @Minaplo: [Eight or nine children went down immediately, splatters of blood lashing the others. The panic was instantaneous.-
(19:36:23) @Minaplo: [The children began shrieking, running in every direction- some were trampled or crushed, whilst others were cut down by more waves of shurikens.-
(19:37:52) @Minaplo: [In the chaos, they were separated- Suzie and Rosalie found themselves being pulled in one direction by Julien. The chair was too slow and bulky, so Julien ripped Suzie from it, wrapped her around his shoulders, and -bolted-, Rosalie sprinting- quite quickly, thanks to lessons from a certain someone.-
(19:46:09) @Minaplo: [Henriette, Eevi and the Vimeses were torn in a different direction, along with Mrs. Monette, who was dragging and half-carrying Isabelle, who was frantically trying to shush a screaming Lizzie.-
(19:48:02) @Minaplo: [Mrs. Monette ushered them through a corridor, and turned, trying to slam shut the blast door. It began to slowly grind closed. "Nearly-"-
(19:48:38) @Minaplo: [Three dozen shurikens tore through her arm and the left side of her chest, sprays of blood splashing against the opposite wall. She staggered backwards and folded in on herself.-
(19:51:02) @Minaplo: ["No!" Shouted Jules Vimes. His sisters began to scream.-
(19:51:30) @Minaplo: [Henriette stumbled backwards, clapped a hand over her mouth- she felt her breathing go out of control, the panic blossoming in her chest-
(19:51:33) @Minaplo: [No-
(19:53:04) @Minaplo: ["We h-have to go." Said Eevi. She grabbed Henriette and began pushing her onwards. "Come on!"-
(19:53:19) @Minaplo: [Through their panic, they started to move- just in time.-
(19:53:40) @Minaplo: [A beam of light burned right through the blast door as though it were nothing. The door -melted- outwards.-
(19:54:10) @Minaplo: ["Go! HURRY!" Shouted Eevi, and they all burst into a -run-.-
(19:54:24) @Minaplo: [They turned the corner.-
(19:54:29) @Minaplo: [Standing in front of them was…-
(19:54:30) @Minaplo: [-
(19:54:57) @Minaplo: [The Phantoms rushed through the melted blast door, ten of them. They knew their targets. Which to capture, which to kill.-
(19:55:11) @Minaplo: [And there was only one in their current quarry that did not have to die.-
(19:56:10) @Minaplo: [They rushed around the corner, led on by their Adept, who could sense the prey. Another corner. They turned…-
(19:56:58) @Minaplo: [There was a little girl here. She was pale, and had short red hair. In her hand was a sword, perfectly proportioned for her body. Her dress flowed around her mostly, yet clung to her body, arms and thighs where armoured plates sat.-
(19:57:21) @Minaplo: [She was not alone. She was mounted on a massive, fully-grown, snarling tiger.-
(19:57:34) @Minaplo: [She lashed her sword against the ground.-
(19:57:40) @Minaplo: [The Phantoms levelled their rifles.-
(19:57:49) @Minaplo: [The tiger and the little girl -leapt-.-
(19:58:08) @Minaplo: [The field was filled with shuriken shards, but still they came on, the little girl and her tiger.-
(19:58:33) @Minaplo: [She began to scream- not in pain but in anger and fury, her sword erupting into flames as she came ever closer.-
(19:58:48) @Minaplo: [The shurikens found their mark, tearing through the tiger's knees, throat and stomach. It buckled.-
(19:59:15) @Minaplo: [The girl was thrown off- and didn't even bother to land, hurtling across the rest of the distance, cutting through the air.-
(20:00:07) @Minaplo: [She slammed into their ranks, her sword exploding outwards into a cone of flame.-
(20:00:13) @Minaplo: [-
(20:01:26) @Minaplo: [Ariadne slammed the door behind her and kept on running.-
(20:02:32) @Minaplo: [She already bore multiple wounds. Across her arm, her legs. In fact, running was a rather generous word for at this point was more of a hurried shuffle.-
(20:02:52) @Minaplo: [She was terrified. But she hadn't panicked. They were two different things.-
(20:03:04) @Minaplo: [She was, however, almost certainly fucked.-
(20:04:24) @Minaplo: [The deadly hum filled the air, and she felt the shurikens slice through the back of her right knee. She let out an arched cry of agony and collapsed- but not before pulling herself around the nearest left corner.-
(20:04:42) @Minaplo: [It was an intersection- she'd turned left, and now pulled herself along, the blood leaving a trail behind her.-
(20:05:42) @Minaplo: [She barely got more than two metres before the Phantoms appeared.-
(20:06:10) @Minaplo: [They, too, turned to the left. They saw her there- one of them raised its rifle.-
(20:06:54) @Minaplo: [At that exact moment, there was a loud chemical roar, and its chest exploded outwards, showering Ariadne with blood.-
(20:07:00) @Minaplo: [The Phantoms turned on their heel-
(20:07:20) @Minaplo: [Another roar, and a bolt shell slammed into another's head, exploding it apart like a melon.-
(20:08:27) @Minaplo: [Three figures were walking down the path opposite Ariadne. One very short, one very tall, one more average.-
(20:09:31) @Minaplo: [The Phantoms opened fire- hundreds of shuriken shards hurtled down the corridor and promptly smashed into an AT Field barrier.-
(20:09:45) @Minaplo: [Two more roars. The Phantoms were quicker this time, dodging away-
(20:10:50) @Minaplo: [And then they were running, back the way they came, their fellows' bodies disintegrating with their weapons.-
(20:12:05) @Minaplo: [Ariadne lifted herself just high enough to see her saviors.-
(20:12:32) @Minaplo: [A tall, dark-skinned man with curly white hair, a pale, silver-haired girl, and a tiny Angelspawn generating an AT Field…-
(20:13:33) @Minaplo: [The enemy gone, Matthias broke into a run, skidding to his mother's side. "Mama-"-
(20:13:49) @Minaplo: ["Shh-hh." Coughed Ariadne. "It looks worse than it… Is."-
(20:14:00) @Minaplo: ["A-Are you sure?" He muttered. "Because it looks like you're bleeding a lot."-
(20:14:40) @Minaplo: ["I'll walk it off. Haha, get it…?" She broke out into delirious giggles.-
(20:15:33) @Minaplo: ["Lexie." Murmured Matthias. Alexandrina nodded, running over- she broke open a medikit, grabbing a bag full of orange biogel.-
(20:16:13) @Minaplo: ["It's alright." Murmured Matthias. He placed his stalker bolter down and cradled his mother in his arms. "Lexie knows what she's doing. You'll be fine."-
(20:18:00) @Minaplo: ["I know." She murmured, closing her eyes. "I know…"-
(20:18:03) @Minaplo: [-
(20:18:51) @Minaplo: [They'd come out of nowhere. For a few seconds, the air was full of that hideous humming.-
(20:19:15) @Minaplo: [Rosalie's blood splashed across Suzie's face, her clothes.-
(20:19:22) @Minaplo: [The little girl was dead before she hit the ground.-
(20:22:32) @Minaplo: [It felt warm.-
(20:23:42) @Minaplo: [Suzanne remembered how Rosalie had been in the tunnels beneath Paris. The day she'd met Raffy.-
(20:24:48) @Minaplo: [Terrified. The banshees had hunted them, had torn through Rosalie's hand, entered her head. She hadn't slept after that. She hated being in tight spaces.-
(20:24:58) @Minaplo: [And now Rosalie was dead. Killed in a few seconds.-
(20:30:25) @Minaplo: [Julien rushed into the room beyond, smashing the blast door button behind him.-
(20:30:46) @Minaplo: ["They killed Rosalie." Said Suzie, her voice monotone.-
(20:32:18) @Minaplo: ["Yeah." Said Julien. "Yeah…"-
(20:32:27) @Minaplo: [They weren't just anywhere.-
(20:32:43) @Minaplo: [They were in a hangar bay. Dominating the room above them was the Peacecraft.-
(20:35:56) @Minaplo: [Julien carried her into the main command room- which wasn't empty.-
(20:36:08) @Minaplo: ["Julien!" Shouted Robert Langley. "The fuck you been?"-
(20:36:33) @Minaplo: [Julien jerked his thumb back at Suzanne.-
(20:38:03) @Minaplo: ["What's this brat got to do with anything?"-
(20:38:15) @Minaplo: ["Putting her in the Peacecraft." Said Julien shortly.-
(20:38:23) @Minaplo: ["Waaaiit a minute, you're what?"-
(20:39:40) @Minaplo: ["She's the only one keyed to use it."-
(20:39:47) @Minaplo: ["You're sending her up. In that."-
(20:40:17) @Minaplo: ["The Peacecraft's the strongest weapon we've got." Said Julien, walking into the changing rooms. He placed Suzie down gently. "Suzie, can you dress yourself?"-
(20:40:23) @Minaplo: [Suzie stared at the wall blankly.-
(20:40:26) @Minaplo: ["Suzie!"-
(20:40:39) @Minaplo: [Suzie trembled for a minute, letting out a quiet gasp, before looking up. "Huh?"-
(20:41:56) @Minaplo: ["I need you to put this on." Said Julien, grabbing the flight suit. "Alright?"-
(20:42:13) @Minaplo: [She stared at it. There was no need for questions. She was already starting to unbutton her shirt. "Alright."-
(20:42:59) @Minaplo: [Julien stared at her for a moment- then bent down, wrapping his arms around her. He squeezed her tightly, her head against his shoulder. "You're a good girl. A brave, brave girl. Be strong for me, ok? Don't ding my baby up too much."-
(20:43:13) @Minaplo: ["Okay." She stared up at him. "Julien? Ju- where are you going?"-
(20:43:20) @Minaplo: ["I need to start everything up. I won't be long."-
(20:43:41) @Minaplo: [Julien left Suzie there and ran back out to the control panels. He began to punch everything in.-
(20:44:07) @Minaplo: ["Great. Fucking great." Said Langley. "So the brat gets the Peacecraft, you've got the key to the survival pod, and I just get fucked."-
(20:44:13) @Minaplo: [Julien ignored him.-
(20:44:17) @Minaplo: ["I got -kids-, Julien!"-
(20:44:34) @Minaplo: ["You do?" Said Julien. He turned on his heel.-
(20:44:38) @Minaplo: ["Yeah, you know-"-
(20:45:07) @Minaplo: ["Of course I fucking know." Said Julien. "You're Robert Langley. You're the father of Asuka Langley-Soryu."-
(20:45:11) @Minaplo: ["I-"-
(20:46:04) @Minaplo: ["That's all you fucking are." Said Julien. "You're a good scientist, Robert. Not great, but good. But more importantly, you're the dad of a girl who is out there fighting for our entire fucking race."-
(20:46:13) @Minaplo: ["What?! The fuck do you mean-"-
(20:46:31) @Minaplo: [Julien threw something at Robert, who caught it- a card.-
(20:46:44) @Minaplo: ["That's the card to the survival pod." Said Julien. "Go while you can."-
(20:46:54) @Minaplo: [Robert didn't move.-
(20:47:32) @Minaplo: ["Robert, I'm not joking around." Said Julien. "If there is any chance, even a little, of you somehow making Langley-Soryu that little bit stronger, then you get to live. -Go-."-
(20:47:35) @Minaplo: ["…"-
(20:47:45) @Minaplo: [Robert didn't argue. The last Julien heard was the sound of a door opening and shutting.-
(20:48:01) @Minaplo: ["Julien?"-
(20:48:13) @Minaplo: [Suzie, standing in the doorway- barely, her knees buckling under her own weight.-
(20:48:19) @Minaplo: [But she'd dressed herself in the flightsuit.-
(20:49:10) @Minaplo: ["Good girl." Said Julien. "The Peaceknight will be up in a sec-"-
(20:49:29) @Minaplo: [And indeed, literally, a second later, it burst through the front window, landing in a crouch. Its front opened, revealing the cockpit.-
(20:50:10) @Minaplo: [At the same time, a shining beam of light tore through the first blast door protecting the hangar. Twenty Phantoms rushed in, one of them riding a hovering platform bearing a swivelling cannon.-
(20:50:18) @Minaplo: ["… Suzie, get in the Peaceknight, ok?"-
(20:50:33) @Minaplo: ["You're not coming." Said Suzie. "You're gonna stay here. You're gonna -die-."-
(20:50:56) @Minaplo: ["All gotta die sometime, kiddo." Said Julien.-
(20:50:59) @Minaplo: ["But… But-"-
(20:51:14) @Minaplo: ["Suzie, move."-
(20:51:36) @Minaplo: [And so she did- the Peaceknight mostly coming to her, Suzie climbing in and pulling herself up. The cockpit sealed around her, and it took off.-
(20:52:19) @Minaplo: [Within a minute, the Peaceknight was implanted inside the Peacecraft- and it was ready to go.-
(20:52:35) @Minaplo: ["Hey. Suzie. You wanna hear a story?"-
(20:52:38) @Minaplo: ["W-What's that?"-
(20:52:49) @Minaplo: ["You wanna know what I called the G-Defiant in the testing stages?"-
(20:52:51) @Minaplo: ["What?"-
(20:53:15) @Minaplo: ["Prometheus." Said Julien. The blast door to the command room began to sag as the light cannon struck it.-
(20:53:19) @Minaplo: ["Why?"-
(20:54:47) @Minaplo: ["Why Prometheus? In Greek myth, Prometheus- he challenged the gods. He tricked them, stole fire from them, all for the benefit of humanity. He wasn't a god. He was something different. He was more like -us-."-
(20:55:14) @Minaplo: ["That's what I wanted the Peacecraft to be." Said Julien. "My own prometheus. Something to prove that we can challenge the gods on our own terms."-
(20:55:25) @Minaplo: ["Peacecraft launch sequence initiated."-
(20:55:33) @Minaplo: [("Julien- Julien! Julien! Stop! Wait!")-
(20:56:04) @Minaplo: ["I'll see you, Suzie. Sooner or later, I will. Give 'em hell for me. Please."-
(20:56:12) @Minaplo: [The Peacecraft's elevator began to rise. The hatch opened.-
(20:56:29) @Minaplo: [A second later, the blast door buckled. Six dozen shurikens ripped through the breach.-
(20:56:37) @Minaplo: [They tore Julien to ribbons.-
(20:56:50) @Minaplo: [He landed, bleeding from the many, many wounds.-
(20:57:04) @Minaplo: [He looked up at the roof, barely alive- and let out one last laugh.-
(20:57:39) @Minaplo: [Ten seconds later, the hangar testing centre self-destructed, killing every single one of Julien's killers.-
(20:58:14) @Minaplo: [-
(20:59:51) @Minaplo: ["W-Where's Eevi?!"-
(21:00:04) @Minaplo: [They'd left Eevi behind ten minutes ago. She promised she'd return.-
(21:00:07) @Minaplo: [She hadn't.-
(21:00:56) @Minaplo: ["Don't worry for now!" Said Isabelle. In one arm she held Lizzie, in the other she clung to Jules's hand, relying on him to guide her. He had done so very well.-
(21:01:09) @Minaplo: [But now- now they were lost.-
(21:01:30) @Minaplo: [Eevi had been their best- only- fighter, but she'd also been their best guide, having memorised the layout of the base out of pure habit.-
(21:03:01) @Minaplo: ["We can go to my dad." Said Henriette.-
(21:03:09) @Minaplo: ["Do you know the way?" Asked Jules.-
(21:03:13) @Minaplo: ["I think so. From here… Yes."-
(21:03:46) @Minaplo: [They'd barely managed to get moving before the air before them shimmered.-
(21:04:30) @Minaplo: [Five phantoms appeared, rifles at the ready. The children halted in their tracks, turned, and ran the other way-
(21:04:36) @Minaplo: [Five more phantoms.-
(21:04:41) @Minaplo: [Trapped.-
(21:05:20) @Minaplo: [The situation persisted for maybe half a minute before Jules spoke up. "Wh-why aren't they doing anything?"-
(21:05:47) @Minaplo: [One of their enemies stepped forward- this one was different, robed in white.-
(21:06:08) @Minaplo: ["You must be the leader." Muttered Isabelle. "Not a Prime, but- yes. A nexus…"-
(21:06:20) @Minaplo: ["The child." Said the Adept. "Hand us the child of Zhang Yanmei."-
(21:06:29) @Minaplo: [Isabelle stiffened.-
(21:06:36) @Minaplo: ["Now."-
(21:07:28) @Minaplo: ["There is no child of Zhang Yanmei here." Said Isabelle. "Sorry, but you're a few years early for that. I think. I haven't really bothered to check." Isabelle cocked her head, her fear replaced with cold anger.-
(21:07:34) @Minaplo: ["You are holding the child now."-
(21:08:39) @Minaplo: ["This? This is -my- child." Said Isabelle. "I bore her in my womb for nine months, I pushed her out of my belly after twenty-two hours of labor in a shitty UN refugee camp in Townsville. I needed twenty stitches. I suffered haemorrhaging and nearly died. She is my child."-
(21:09:29) @Minaplo: ["This will be your last warning."-
(21:10:08) @Minaplo: ["…"-
(21:10:22) @Minaplo: [The Adept took a step forward and held out his arms.-
(21:11:06) @Minaplo: ["… Fuckers. I can't- I can't see." Swore Isabelle, taking a step forward. She tripped on her long dress and fell, clutching onto the Adept's robe.-
(21:11:19) @Minaplo: [The Adept started, bent down, gently clutching her arms, allowing her purchase-
(21:11:46) @Minaplo: [Isabelle's hands reached up- and fell on something interesting.-
(21:11:54) @Minaplo: [This is a sword sheath.-
(21:12:02) @Minaplo: [Isabelle went very still. She rose slowly…-
(21:12:11) @Minaplo: [They want Lizzie. They won't be too hasty.-
(21:12:52) @Minaplo: [Memories of Melbourne. Evading a group of gangers, only to be cornered by the meanest.-
(21:14:13) @Minaplo: [She had remembered being forced against a wall. Stumbling. Tried to pull herself to her feet- and unsuspectingly having her land on a little dagger he kept on his thigh.-
(21:14:27) @Minaplo: [Isabelle rose.-
(21:14:39) @Minaplo: [The quickest way to a man's heart is through the armpit.-
(21:14:51) @Minaplo: [She crouched, then sprung upwards.-
(21:15:10) @Minaplo: [The top of her head smashed into the Adept's chin, stunning him for a split second. Isabelle's hand grabbed his sword, pulled-
(21:15:23) @Minaplo: [The shurikens tore through her shoulder and arm a second too late.-
(21:16:06) @Minaplo: [The Adept stumbled backwards, sword buried to the hilt in his armpit, where the armour was thinnest.-
(21:16:19) @Minaplo: [The adept collapsed at the same time Isabelle did.-
(21:16:27) @Minaplo: [Blood. Hurts.-
(21:16:34) @Minaplo: [The Phantoms stared.-
(21:16:41) @Minaplo: [Then- one of them screamed.-
(21:16:47) @Minaplo: [Another began to shake their head-
(21:16:56) @Minaplo: [A third grabbed its own sword and plunged it into its own chest-
(21:17:04) @Minaplo: ["What the fuck." Swore Jules.-
(21:17:15) @Minaplo: ["S-Spirit feedback." Mumbled Isabelle. "-Hurry-!"-
(21:18:48) @Minaplo: [Jules pulled her to her feet, and together they ran- following Henriette's lead.-
(21:18:52) @Minaplo: [-
(21:19:40) @Minaplo: [Mingzhu hit the ground.-
(21:21:03) @Minaplo: [Mazarin had, at the last second, pushed her out of the way, landing on top of her, the shuriken shards buried into his back.-
(21:21:57) @Minaplo: ["M-Mortimer-" Started Mingzhu.-
(21:23:00) @Minaplo: ["Shhh." Whispered Mazarin. "It's-" He coughed. "Not that bad."-
(21:23:47) @Minaplo: [She stared at his face- he nodded to her slightly, and she gestured at his collar. Beneath the surface of his shirt she saw the outline of a Federation ablative vest.-
(21:24:19) @Minaplo: ["A man in my position doesn't get to stay in his position without investing in body armor." Muttered Mazarin. "Push me aside."-
(21:29:17) @Minaplo: [And so Mingzhu did, trying to treat him as she would a corpse- which was hopefully the idea. He hit the ground fairly hard…-
(21:29:36) @Minaplo: [The Phantoms approached her, now, rifles raised- one of them jerked its head at her.-
(21:29:54) @Minaplo: [Mingzhu hesitated- she slowly rose to her feet.-
(21:30:16) @Minaplo: [One of the phantoms grabbed her arms and pinned them to her side. They all marched away, leaving Mazarin in the hallway.-
(21:31:14) @Minaplo: [Five minutes later, Henriette and her group arrived. The first thing they saw was the wounded Mazarin.-
(21:31:21) @Minaplo: [They broke into a run. "Fath- Father-"-
(21:31:42) @Minaplo: [The second they were within five metres, two Phantoms decloaked out of the air, raised their rifles, and fired.-
(21:31:55) @Minaplo: [Mazarin had made excellent bait, apparently.-
(21:34:01) @Minaplo: [Shurikens tore through Isabelle's thigh and stomach, a spray of blood gushing out behind her. She collapsed instantly, barely gasping as the air was pushed out of her. The other shurikens fell against the group, slashing at Henriette's hand (slicing away two fingers), and perforating Elina- Jules's youngest sister. She dropped soundlessly.-
(21:34:19) @Minaplo: [They trained their rifles on Jules, now.-
(21:34:21) @Minaplo: [-
(21:35:37) @Minaplo: [The bolter round was deflected in mid-air, not by an AT Field, but by the Solomon Prime's scythe.-
(21:36:14) @Minaplo: ["Fuck." Swore Matthias.-
(21:36:53) @Minaplo: ["Neat trick with the Angelspawn?" Said the Prime. "Which one of you fuckers does it call 'mother'?"-
(21:37:04) @Minaplo: ["It doesn't actually speak," Began Matthias-
(21:37:41) @Minaplo: ["I'm it's mother." Said Alexandrina coldly.-
(21:37:47) @Minaplo: ["Cute. Does it have a name?"-
(21:37:51) @Minaplo: ["Anita-Margaret."-
(21:37:54) @Minaplo: ["That's a shitty name."-
(21:38:00) @Minaplo: ["It was my mother's name." Said Alexandrina.-
(21:38:08) @Minaplo: ["Your mother had a shitty name, then." Said the Prime.-
(21:38:37) @Minaplo: [Alexandrina raised her bolter to her shoulder, aimed, and fired all in one motion.-
(21:39:04) @Minaplo: [The Prime easily sidestepped. "So angry. Y'know, you don't look much like a mother."-
(21:39:28) @Minaplo: ["You would know what a mother looks like?" Said Alexandrina.-
(21:40:54) @Minaplo: ["I know what a mother -doesn't- look like." Said the Prime. "She doesn't look like she weighs 50 kilograms wet. You take care of her?"-
(21:40:58) @Minaplo: ["Yes."-
(21:41:00) @Minaplo: ["Good care?"-
(21:41:04) @Minaplo: ["I assure you."-
(21:41:19) @Minaplo: ["Right." Said the Prime. "Congratulations. You get to live."-
(21:41:23) @Minaplo: ["… What?"-
(21:42:52) @Minaplo: ["Yeah, see, I've decided that now you're mine." Said the Prime. "I'm going to kill this guy here, and the limpy woman behind, and then I'm going to beat the shit out of you, and then drag you home. Then, because you're a fucking Lilim who -dares- to claim motherhood of an Angel, I'm going to claim -you-. Sound good?"-
(21:43:05) @Minaplo: ["Oh, you're Joan." Said Matthias all of a sudden.-
(21:43:19) @Minaplo: ["I refuse." Said Alexandrina.-
(21:43:38) @Minaplo: ["That's really not your choice to make." Said Joan, slashing the scythe across the ground. She crouched, prepared to leap…-
(21:43:39) @Minaplo: [-
(21:45:03) @Minaplo: [("Gold Leader, this is Gold Five. Perimeter is secure, over.")-
(21:45:26) @Minaplo: ["(Gold Leader, this is Gold Two. Unidentified object sighted.")-
(21:45:59) @Minaplo: [The E-Destroyers, as a unit, turned towards Gold Two's position.-
(21:46:15) @Minaplo: [About 500 metres away from it, rising out of the ground, was- some sort of Superheavy.-
(21:46:37) @Minaplo: [It was large, larger than their units by far, and had greater mass, yet- its lines were sleek and dangerous. It was predominantly red.-
(21:46:54) @Minaplo: [("Uhhh, that doesn't look like anything we've ever seen before, Gold Two.")-
(21:47:07) @Minaplo: [("Permission to engage, Gold Leader?")-
(21:47:19) @Minaplo: [("Permission granted. Gold Team, move to engage unidentified target!")-
(21:47:46) @Minaplo: [The E-Destroyers swarmed forward, pulse carbines raised- and fired.-
(21:47:56) @Minaplo: [The shots simply bounced off of its armour.-
(21:48:04) @Minaplo: [("What the- son of a-")-
(21:48:10) @Minaplo: [-
(21:48:33) @Minaplo: [("G-Defiant Peacecraft, activating Peaceknight AI piloting system.")-
(21:49:01) @Minaplo: [The right wing dock of the Peacecraft opened, launching a long battle rifle into the air. The Peacecraft caught it one-handed, levelled the rifle- and fired.-
(21:50:08) @Minaplo: [The intensely-focused beam punched straight through the heart of one of the E-Destroyers, ripping through it and striking the one directly behind. A second later, both of the hapless units staggered backwards- then erupted in a bluish cloud of positron annihilation.-
(21:50:24) @Minaplo: [Suzie's heart raced.-
(21:50:28) @Minaplo: ["Th-That…"-
(21:50:35) @Minaplo: ["That killed them both." Whispered Suzie.-
(21:51:10) @Minaplo: [The E-Destroyers were reforming now. Pulse carbines away, prog sabres emerging. Together they charged…-
(21:52:10) @Minaplo: ["I-I don't want to kill them." Whispered Suzie. "But- but they have to stop attacking!"-
(21:52:18) @Minaplo: [The E-Destroyers were getting closer…-
(21:52:36) @Minaplo: ["No more gun, Peaceknight! Disable them, no more killing!"-
(21:53:02) @Minaplo: [The rifle vanished back into its wing dock. The Peacecraft's legs widened- then it leaned forward and burst through the air.-
(21:53:49) @Minaplo: [The first E-Destroyer was fifteen metres away when the Peacecraft's right hand lashed out. Held within the hand was a small cylindrical emitter…-
(21:54:39) @Minaplo: [A bright blue beam of positron energy burst forth, tearing through the E-Destroyer's head immediately. the Peacecraft didn't even slow down.-
(21:54:48) @Minaplo: [The second E-Destroyer was getting close, prog sword levelled-
(21:55:32) @Minaplo: [Right-hand slash, from right to left. It disemboweled the E-Destroyer, slicing it cleanly into torso and lower half. The Peacecraft didn't stop- it pirouetted in midair and -threw- the positron beam sabre.-
(21:55:46) @Minaplo: [It caught the third E-Destroyer right between the eyes.-
(21:57:19) @Minaplo: [The E-Destroyer tumbled, smashing into the ground, the beam sabre being caught up in the fall, slicing its way through the E-Destroyer's torso- missing the cockpit AC Suit by a scant metre.-
(21:57:27) @Minaplo: ["T-Too close, Peaceknight! Too close!"-
(21:57:47) @Minaplo: [The Peacecraft hurled itself over to the now ruined E-Destroyer and grabbed the sabre up.-
(21:58:49) @Minaplo: [Five E-Destroyers lay around it, or at least, the ruined pieces of five E-Destroyers did.-
(21:58:56) @Minaplo: [Two dead pilots.-
(21:59:02) @Minaplo: [Three almost certainly traumatised.-
(21:59:16) @Minaplo: [("Hostile AT Field detected.")-
(21:59:24) @Minaplo: [Suzie- and the Peacecraft- turned.-
(21:59:51) @Minaplo: [It leapt out of the hole burned into Asgard- the Dysangelion, two massive Lances held in its hands.-
(22:00:16) @Minaplo: ["S… S… Shit." Whispered Suzie. "Shit shit shit-"-
(22:00:33) @Minaplo: [The Peacecraft raised its hands into a fighting stance.-
(22:00:41) @Minaplo: ["No no no what are you -doing-?! You can't- that's a Dysangelion!"-
(22:01:17) @Minaplo: [The Dysangelion lifted the two Lances-
(22:01:30) @Minaplo: [("Hostile AT Field within target parameters. Activating Prometheus Mode.")-
(22:01:33) @Minaplo: ["What the-?"-
(22:01:36) @Minaplo: [The Lances flew.-
(22:03:53) @Minaplo: [Jets opened around the Peacecraft, pumping sensor-blind smoke into the air.-
(22:04:02) @Minaplo: [The Lances vanished into it…-
(22:04:04) @Minaplo: […-
(22:04:27) @Minaplo: [The Dysangelion paused, tilting its head to one side, then to the other, like a predatory bird ready to pounce on a grasshopper.-
(22:04:40) @Minaplo: [It raised a hand, preparing to summon the Lances back-
(22:05:13) @Minaplo: [It was at this precise moment that the G-Defiant Peacecraft hurled itself out of the smoke cloud foot first and caught the Dysangelion square in the chest.-
(22:07:00) @Minaplo: [The Dysangelion caught itself in midair, landing on its feet. The Lances hurled their way back out of the blind smoke, straight towards the G-Defiant's back-
(22:07:22) @Minaplo: [It turned, smacking one out of the way with its sabre, and grabbing the other with its free left hand.-
(22:07:27) @Minaplo: ["…"-
(22:07:31) @Minaplo: ["…"-
(22:07:35) @Minaplo: [The Dysangelion -stared-.-
(22:07:53) @Minaplo: [It seemed to almost take this as a personal insult. Its wings sprouted out of its back, and it -lunged-, claws first-
(22:08:53) @Minaplo: [The G-Defiant threw the Lance. The Dysangelion knocked it out of the air-
(22:10:33) @Minaplo: [The G-Defiant's lone horn- flowered. There was no other word for it. It split open, ten sharp thin little 'petals' surrounding a central iris, out of which a narrow needle sprouted. The ten points charged, channelled energy into the needlepoint- and fired.-
(22:11:26) @Minaplo: [It created an expanding wave of energy that caught the Dysangelion in it, taking the strength out of its wings. Its AT Field disintegrated immediately, and it fell well short of its target. The G-Defiant lunged-
(22:12:40) @Minaplo: [The Dysangelion caught the sword-arm with its own, the claws digging- slowly- into the thick armored arm.-
(22:13:03) @Minaplo: [The G-Defiant couldn't angle its blade correctly to hit the Dysangelion, no matter how hard it tried-
(22:13:07) @Minaplo: ["…"-
(22:13:28) @Minaplo: [Suzie lunged for the controls. "Manual arm control!"-
(22:13:36) @Minaplo: [("Manual arm control granted.")-
(22:14:01) @Minaplo: [Suzie didn't really know what the hell she was doing, except that… There was one thing she could do.-
(22:14:10) @Minaplo: [She didn't know how. It may even have been a stupid idea.-
(22:14:39) @Minaplo: [But she grabbed the control for the left arm, slapped it against her own chest like a gorilla, then threw a jab right at the Dysangelion's chest.-
(22:14:54) @Minaplo: [The Dysangelion caught the arm. Both of her arms were pinned.-
(22:15:00) @Minaplo: [Suzie stared.-
(22:15:07) @Minaplo: [Three deep breaths. Then-
(22:15:21) @Minaplo: ["Activate left arm beam sabre!"-
(22:15:36) @Minaplo: [The emitter in the left arm fired its blue beam- straight into the Dysangelion's chest.-
(22:16:09) @Minaplo: [The armour burned away almost immediately, and cut into the flesh- the Dysangelion reeled, and Suzie pulled both arms away, tearing up through the Dysangelion's shoulder in the process.-
(22:16:14) @Minaplo: [It reeled, stumbling backwards-
(22:16:41) @Minaplo: [Euphoria rushed through Suzie's system. She was nearly giddy with elation and adrenaline. It worked. It had worked. She could save everyone-
(22:16:48) @Minaplo: [She prepared for the knockdown blow.-
(22:17:08) @Minaplo: [("Power levels critical. Activating mandatory cooldown period.")-
(22:17:27) @Minaplo: [The G-Defiant suddenly slowed, becoming as sluggish and as slow as an old Thruster Solace.-
(22:17:37) @Minaplo: ["W-What!? What!? No no no no no! What the-?!"-
(22:18:11) @Minaplo: [The Dysangelion stared warily at its red prey, which had suddenly become… Practically harmless.-
(22:18:25) @Minaplo: [It focused for a moment, the wounded flesh starting to bubble and heal.-
(22:18:42) @Minaplo: [It prepared its claws and lunged.-
(22:18:51) @Minaplo: [("PATTERN BLUE AT FIELD DETECTED")-
(22:18:56) @Minaplo: ["What does that mean-"-
(22:19:03) @Minaplo: [-
(22:21:18) @Minaplo: [Jules held the body of his little sister. She had died- quickly, her blood on his hands, face, shirt- everywhere. It had gone everywhere. Such a tiny little body…-
(22:22:35) @Minaplo: [The Phantoms took a step further. Their rifles were ready, trained on Jules, his other sister, Nina- and Henriette.-
(22:22:42) @Minaplo: ["No…"-
(22:22:47) @Minaplo: [They fired.-
(22:23:04) @Minaplo: [Jules threw his hands up over his face, letting out a scream-
(22:23:09) @Minaplo: [… But none of them hit him.-
(22:23:14) @Minaplo: [Standing in front of him was a woman.-
(22:23:42) @Minaplo: [She was tall, with red curly hair, the brightest green eyes he'd ever seen- she was wearing a sort of body armour he'd never seen before.-
(22:23:53) @Minaplo: [He'd never seen anything so beautiful.-
(22:24:29) @Minaplo: [She levelled her hands at the Phantoms. Her fingertips crackled with energy, forming into spheres on her palms. Six concussive blasts struck forth, caving in their skulls and chests.-
(22:24:35) @Minaplo: [-
(22:25:21) @Minaplo: [Eevi clutched her wounds.-
(22:25:34) @Minaplo: [Her left arm was gone. She'd left her left leg around somewhere…-
(22:25:47) @Minaplo: [Feebly, she covered her chest with her remaining arm. Trying to protect her core.-
(22:26:06) @Minaplo: [The last three Phantoms surrounded her, an Adept hovering over her. It knocked her feeble arm aside.-
(22:26:08) @Minaplo: [It aimed-
(22:26:09) @Minaplo: [Struck-
(22:26:25) @Minaplo: [A wave of flame engulfed the corridor, immolating the Phantoms immediately.-
(22:26:47) @Minaplo: [The Adept turned, raising its sword to parry another blade- a blade of fire.-
(22:27:08) @Minaplo: [It wasn't fast enough for the second blow. The sword caught it in the gut, and the flames- they did the rest.-
(22:27:41) @Minaplo: ["Long time no see, little tiger." Said her saviour. Standing above her was an Iron Guard, his armour black, covered in a flame decal. Indeed, the very air around him seemed to shimmer with flames…-
(22:27:47) @Minaplo: [-
(22:28:28) @Minaplo: [The AC Suits had hit Joan a second before she'd sprung.-
(22:28:42) @Minaplo: [Or at least, they'd tried. There were two of them, both of them from Fox Squadron.-
(22:28:59) @Minaplo: [One of them fired heavy bolters at her, which she simply dodged. The second tried to run her down-
(22:29:16) @Minaplo: [She slid under it, caught her scythe on its back, and swung -up-.-
(22:29:44) @Minaplo: [The satisfying sound of metal coming apart, followed by the sudden agonised scream, told her she'd done her job. She'd almost certainly maimed the pilot inside, maybe even killed.-
(22:29:53) @Minaplo: [The AC Suit careened to one side, before smashing into a wall.-
(22:30:49) @Minaplo: ["How annoying." She turned back towards the princess-bitch and her bodyguard-
(22:31:02) @Minaplo: [A new figure stood in front of them.-
(22:31:55) @Minaplo: [Eight feet tall, maybe more, clad in unpainted steel Iron Guard power armour. Clutched tightly in her hands was a massive warhammer, its head crackling with energy.-
(22:32:09) @Minaplo: ["What the fuck is this?" Muttered Joan.-
(22:32:30) @Minaplo: ["'This' is an Iron Guard Stormhammer." Said the stranger.-
(22:32:42) @Minaplo: ["Good for you. Whoever the fuck you are."-
(22:32:59) @Minaplo: ["-I- am Euphemia One." Said Euphemia.-
(22:33:17) @Minaplo: ["That supposed to mean something?"-
(22:33:55) @Minaplo: ["It will very soon." Said Euphemia One. "Back before you were no more than a gleam in Mary Caine's eye, I was created by Azariah Caine. I am one of his greatest creation."-
(22:34:17) @Minaplo: [She swung the Stormhammer around her head once, bringing it into the ground with such force, several Phantoms on the other side of the room suddenly stumbled.-
(22:34:25) @Minaplo: ["Let me show you what a real Prime can do."-
(22:34:27) @Minaplo: [-
(22:35:46) @Minaplo: [There was no way for Mingzhu to escape.-
(22:36:13) @Minaplo: [The five Phantoms were watchful, and besides, she was no fighter.-
(22:36:30) @Minaplo: [They marched her… Somewhere. She wasn't entirely sure- this place was strange. The command centre, perhaps?-
(22:36:49) @Minaplo: [Every so often, they'd come across dead people. Staff. The odd soldier. Mostly civilians and children.-
(22:37:23) @Minaplo: [Some times, when she saw this, Mingzhu fought back the urge to sink her teath into the nearest Phantom, bite, bite, and bite until they killed her or she killed one of them.-
(22:37:31) @Minaplo: [But most of the times, she simply fought the urge to throw up.-
(22:38:42) @Minaplo: [They approached an elevator, hitting the button.-
(22:38:46) @Minaplo: [They waited.-
(22:39:28) @Minaplo: [A black gas cloud appeared all of a sudden out of nowhere. The Phantoms turned, aimed-
(22:39:59) @Minaplo: [A massive fist shot out of the cloud, grabbed one Phantom by the head- lifted it- and slammed it down into an armoured knee. It exploded on impact.-
(22:40:20) @Minaplo: [The first crackled with energy. The gas cloud faded to reveal ornate, dark red armour, a terrifying mask, and a large black cloak…-
(22:40:54) @Minaplo: [Their shurikens simply bounced off an AT Field, one of immense power.-
(22:41:00) @Minaplo: [Within a minute, they'd all been killed.-
(22:41:13) @Minaplo: [The figure turned towards Mingzhu. Tall, and imposing…-
(22:41:26) @Minaplo: ["O-Oh man. Thank God you're ok, Miss Zhang." Said Vercingetorix.-
(22:41:36) @Minaplo: [-
(22:41:49) @Minaplo: [Zeruel had slammed into the Dysangelion a second before impact.-
(22:43:46) @Minaplo: [The sheer momentum saw the Angel and Dysangelion alike fly clear off the ground, before landing with an intense impact.-
(22:44:26) @Minaplo: [Zeruel didn't give up his advantage. Reforming his body to tie the Dysangelion down, two unbelievably sharp ribbons split off from the main torso, rose into the air- and came down sharply, severing both arms instantly.-
(22:44:56) @Minaplo: [The ribbons whipped about, aimed towards the chest-
(22:45:18) @Minaplo: [The Dysangelion's eyes shone, and a powerful AT Beam struck Zeruel clear in the face. It wasn't enough to kill, but it was enough to knock it free.-
(22:46:14) @Minaplo: [The Dysangelion got to its feet, its arm injuries already starting to heel- but it didn't bother trying to even out this fight. It leapt away, and a second later- vanished.-
(22:46:48) @Minaplo: ["A… Angel…" Whispered Suzie. She stared at Zeruel as it flew back towards Asgard.-
(22:47:08) @Minaplo: [All of a sudden- she couldn't explain it- she clapped her hands over her face, covering her eyes and mouth also.-
(22:47:41) @Minaplo: [Perhaps in all the chaos, something had gone -weird-, or whatever, but…-
(22:48:25) @Minaplo: [A weird thought crossed her head as she peeked over her hands, staring at Zeruel- who stared back, tilting its head curiously.-
(22:48:48) @Minaplo: [It gently unfurled a ribbon towards her- and patted the Peacecraft on the head.-
(22:49:08) @Minaplo: [A massive red blush spread across Suzie's face. Why was this Angel so cool…?-
(22:50:12) @Minaplo: [It took a lot less time than expected to evacuate the survivors to the Liberty Bell.-
(22:50:27) @Minaplo: [Which was a depressing thought.-
(22:50:55) @Minaplo: [It was only after the evacuation was complete that the true picture began to unfold.-
(22:51:17) @Minaplo: [The Blanc room was completely empty- and their bodies had not been found.-
(22:51:52) @Minaplo: [Sarasvati stared at the empty cell.-
(22:51:59) @Minaplo: [The cell that had once contained Aksel Heiden.-
(22:52:07) @Minaplo: [They'd retrieved him and his entire squad…-
(22:52:34) @Minaplo: [Roku's romance, it seemed, would be the very definition of star-crossed.-
(22:52:53) @Minaplo: [-
(22:53:34) @Minaplo: [They found Pen-Pen, Daji and Lupe buried in an armory of all places.-
(22:54:07) @Minaplo: [Lupe had been shot several times in one of his legs, and had nearly bled out; Daji was fine; Pen-Pen had lost one of his eyes.-
(22:54:52) @Minaplo: [Yet… The most baffling thing had been the dozen Phantom corpses that had lined the corridor outside, accompanied every few metres by an olive canister bearing the words "FRONT TOWARD ENEMY".-
(22:55:19) @Minaplo: [Whoever had set the concentric trap of claymore mines definitely hadn't remained in the armory…-
(22:55:23) @Minaplo: [-
(22:57:22) @Minaplo: [During the battle, several Phantoms had burst into one of the dormitories that had been set aside for a certain Lucas Guillory and his wife.-
(22:57:32) @Minaplo: [Yet, the room was abanonded…-
(22:57:49) @Minaplo: [Lucas had never arrived at Asgard.-
(22:58:28) @Minaplo: [No. The status of Lucas and his family were- special. Someone had once made Vercingetorix promise their safety.-
(22:58:34) @Minaplo: [And Vercingetorix had seen to that personally.-
(22:58:49) @Minaplo: [Even if the man had died, the armor- and the icon- remained.-
(22:58:52) @Minaplo: [-
(22:59:45) @Minaplo: [NAPLES, ITALY-
(23:01:04) @Minaplo: [The Phantoms had burst through the door of the Amatore Safehouse in Naples roughly an hour after the Dorian had left.-
(23:01:57) @Minaplo: [The lovely, warm family Yanmei had spent time with during that one blessed christmas- Mama Amatore, Papa Amatore, little Giuseppe and Pietro and all the others…-
(23:02:07) @Minaplo: [They hadn't stood the slightest chance against shuriken rifles and elite hunters.-
(23:02:43) @Minaplo: [They'd been cut down where they'd stood or sat, the blood pooling into the little cracks between the tiles of their dining room. They'd been about to eat dinner.-
(23:05:42) @Minaplo: [CORINTH, GREECE-
(23:07:14) @Minaplo: [Only a single Phantom had been sent to take care of the mother of the Simonides twins.-
(23:07:29) @Minaplo: [It had not been hard. Through the safehouse window. She'd been taking a nap.-
(23:07:46) @Minaplo: [The Phantom had paused, staring down at the sleeping woman with long, straight red hair.-
(23:07:59) @Minaplo: [Perhaps it had mixed feelings. If indeed Phantoms had feelings.-
(23:08:11) @Minaplo: [A single slash from its sword and killed the woman quietly and peacefully.-
(23:08:17) @Minaplo: [-
(23:08:38) @Minaplo: [BEIJING-2, CHINA-
(23:09:37) @Minaplo: [Two Phantom teams had struck two different places at once.-
(23:10:19) @Minaplo: [One was the safe house for two young Chinese teenage girls- Ju and Lanfen, Zhang Yanmei's childhood friends.-
(23:11:16) @Minaplo: [The other was a vanguard into the Beijing Minifront- to put an end to the paper tiger of Jinan.-
(23:11:29) @Minaplo: [The safe house was empty.-
(23:11:36) @Minaplo: [And so in fact was Liu Lin's office.-
(23:11:44) @Minaplo: [… Not entirely empty, it must be said.-
(23:11:51) @Minaplo: [Both locations contained a single low-yield positron bomb.-
(23:12:03) @Minaplo: [It seemed Liu Lin wasn't such a paper tiger after all.-
(23:12:06) @Minaplo: [-
(23:14:52) @Minaplo: [PARIS-2, FRANCE-
(23:15:46) @Minaplo: [A single Phantom with a syringe of bane venom.-
(23:16:17) @Minaplo: [It walked through the hospital, to the one room put aside for a comatose patient- Emma Rousseau.-
(23:16:26) @Minaplo: [A single injection into her neck.-
(23:16:35) @Minaplo: [She died within minutes.-
(23:18:13) @Minaplo: [-
(23:18:38) @Minaplo: [Emile Olivier and Lillian Durand had, for their own reasons, elected to share a safehouse together. It was picturesque, on the edge of the city, surrounded by a pleasant garden… It was warm, pleasant. Romantic, even, for two young head-over-heels teenagers.-
(23:19:42) @Minaplo: [A single Phantom team caught them alone, separate. Emile working on his miniatures, Lillian reading out in the garden.-
(23:20:07) @Minaplo: [They slew Emile first- his body hit the floor. They cloaked, waited for Lillian to enter due to the noise-
(23:20:12) @Minaplo: [And cut her down as well.-
(23:20:35) @Minaplo: [-
(23:21:41) @Minaplo: [Malachi Ansel… wasn't to be found in his safehouse. In fact, despite every piece of information that stubbonly insisted that he should've been, he stubbornly insisted on not being there. The Phantom squad- straight off the deaths of Emile and Lillian- were forced to abandon that target.-
(23:21:42) @Minaplo: [-
(23:25:51) @Minaplo: [The Geofront had been mostly abandoned by the time they arrived.-
(23:26:04) @Minaplo: [Yanmei had been anticipating an attack on the Geofront of all places.-
(23:26:13) @Minaplo: [Asking Vercingetorix to protect it? A big ask.-
(23:27:15) @Minaplo: [Mary Caine stepped onto the platform upon which the chair of the Commander of NERV sat.-
(23:27:33) @Minaplo: [She placed a hand on it.-
(23:28:08) @Minaplo: [Returned to its rightful owner.-
(23:28:10) @Minaplo: [-
(23:30:16) @Minaplo: [These were just a few of the killings Mary Caine perpetrated on that evening.-
(23:31:24) @Minaplo: [The ultimate death toll ran into the low ten thousands, and targeted some people seemingly at random. She'd wiped out the families of hundreds of Federation soldiers and marines, yet left some alive despite the little real difference between them.-
(23:31:47) @Minaplo: [Every time, however, the killings were brutal, bloody… And targeted.-
(23:32:10) @Minaplo: [Mary Caine had gone out of her to personally, personally, wound and injure as many Federation members as she could.-
(23:32:18) @Minaplo: [And she had done very well at that.-
(23:32:37) @Minaplo: [there were two more targets who had slipped her grasp, however.-
(23:33:25) @Minaplo: [Shardlake was nowhere to be found. And neither was Romanov. The last two survivors of Old Seele had vanished, gone to ground… And were beyond her reach, at least for now.-
(23:33:29) @Minaplo: [Nevermind.-
(23:33:48) @Minaplo: [She'd deal with them all in good time. They couldn't hide from her forever.-
(23:33:54) @Minaplo: [No one could. Not anymore.]

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