For The Parliament Of Dreams

(16:34:52) Aline: [Sunset. In fact, it was getting to be nearly night, and Aline was out in the ocean, swimming… okay, mostly just floating about. The sun was still present, but a lot of the touristy folks, families, and the like had left. Aline wanted to talk to Sera, since it really had been a while… but she didn't want to stop swimming because damnit, she -liked- swimming. So she asked him to meet
(16:34:53) Aline: her at this part of the beach, helpfully identified by being straight out from the access stair closest to the hotel part of the resort.]
(16:43:10) Sept: And meet her he did. Sept could be found lying around in the sand, gazing at the stars. He had started out just watching the horizon, but his gaze had drifted slowly upwards. And eventually, his neck had started to hurt. This may have had a detrimental effect to anyone spotting him from the ocean (along with URBAN CAMO), as he realised when he stood up to stretch and noticed Aline… floating there. "Hello, Aline..?" he called out.
(16:52:59) * Aline waved, and quickly made her way back to shore, starting to paddle closer and closer until she got to walking depth, then finally stepped out to look over at Sera. She had been wearing her 'casual' onepiece swimsuit, which was a little dark-blue thing with wide white stripes on the sides, though interestingly with a neck strap instead of shoulder straps. "Yeah, hi Sera. Just figured
(16:53:01) * Aline that… you've been missing from a lot of the big important things me and Yan-yan've heard… Part of Project G is keeping you informed~"
(16:58:18) * Sept tried to get some of the sand off his clothes, failing with the back region. "Big important things… Ah. Thank you. Did you meet Natasha? Is she the important thing?"
(16:59:26) * Aline suddenly quirked her head to the side. "…Who's Natasha?" But she pursed her lips for just a second after. "Well, I guess that means she isn't. But I just mean the other stuff you haven't heard of."
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(17:02:33) Sept: "Oh. She’s… a more potential potential pilot. I think. She was with Ginevre and Yui. From NERV Russia." With a careful tone, he continued. "Then, what was it you wanted to say..?"
(17:04:42) * Aline tapped a finger at her hip, at that. "…So the Russian candidate… that leaves just the US, and any additional units in the other coverage areas." But then, Aline shrugged her shoulders. "A lot of things, actually. I know this might sound egotistical a little, but I know why I'm special enough to be a pilot, now. Mostly. Still some questions left unanswered."
(17:07:10) Sept: "Special enough..?" The beacon of normalcy, 'special'? The world was a cold place full of secrets and mysteries.
(17:11:51) * Aline tilted her head a bit, but continued. "Well… it's just that, not just anyone - not even someone trained for it - can pilot. So… I always felt like there was something more to it. And… sure enough there was!" She then got a weird grin. "How much do you know about psychics?"
(17:15:50) Sept: "Psychics? You don't mean phys-, no. Psychics. Uh." Sera looked like he was trying to figure out some hidden meaning to the question from Aline's face. He couldn't. "Not… a whole lot?"
(17:20:21) Aline: "Mm, didn't think so. It's always been considered junk and superstition, but… Actually, there are apparently a few genetic lines that have real psychic powers. One of them is called the 'A Gene' - And the thing is that…" Aline allowed herself a brief dramatic pause. "…It's actually having a bit more control over your AT Field. Remember? People have them too~ Anyhow… First of all,
(17:20:22) Aline: for anyone born near or after the Impact, it stopped working like it should. NERV had to do experiments to find that out, since they thought that'd make it easier to pilot Evas. I know Viviane is one of the people with the A Gene, and apparently was checked while she was with the NeoSpartan program." Aline wagged a finger, to close this step. Best to have long pauses to get his reaction.
(17:20:23) Aline: "BUT! I don't have the A Gene."
(17:25:34) Sept: The part of Sera's brain that followed the progress of the conversation was on Pause for now. "V-Viviane was in the, she was. Uh. Wow. NeoSpartan? You're sure? But."
(17:26:54) * Aline nodded. "Yui told me as much, and I trust her information. I guess she… was the one least hurt by it? Maybe? I was kinda shocked too."
(17:29:18) Sept: Deep breaths. "O…kay. Where were we. A Gene? So if you don't have it, how does that make you special?"
(17:33:44) Aline: "Because I have the other one they recognized, the 'E Gene'. Rather than making me able to manipulate my own field… it makes me sensitive to others'. That's for example why I have such a good sync ratio! And apparently they thought there might have been risks related to it, but I'm okay. I'm not sure if you'd really get all the science behind it." …But Aline then grinned. Maybe to
(17:33:46) Aline: someone other than Shinji, this might get a similar reaction to the one she had. Maybe. "It apparently took Yui making a short-lived clone based on herself with some of my genetic material to prove that it wouldn't do that! Which is good, and… I don't know, sorta weird and nifty, right? Like I have a sister and/or daughter who's also got the same relationship to Yui technically… or
(17:33:48) Aline: really since it used both of our material it's just sort of like a daughter and it makes my relationship with Shinji sound weirder but it's fun to think about weird stuff like that!"
(17:45:01) * Sept tilted his head as she went on. "No, I probably wouldn't get the science. That's one of the reasons you can't be replaced, isn't it?" In the end, he just settled for a soft laugh. "You're right, it is weird… and many others would probably react to it all weird, too? I mean… it takes a particular kind of person to pilot an Eva, so that is, at least, right. …right?"
(17:50:15) * Aline just cheerily responded back. Not being utterly creeped out by it? She'd take that! "Right! Anyway, that's like the big one, that I have weird magic genetics. But there's another one…" Aline focused her gaze inteeently on Sera. "Have you been having any really scary or weird dreams? I ask because I had one and I think it's… more than that."
(17:57:21) * Sept broke eye contact, if only by a few degrees. "…Ginevre and Yui said it was just a nerve contamination… thing. But, but they wanted to know and talk about it and. And it didn't feel right…"
(17:59:02) Aline: "…If you're okay with saying…" Aline looked very worried, now. "You can tell me what happened. I'll tell you about mine. If you want. I can tell mine first as a sorta… show of faith."
(18:00:31) Sept: "I'm not sure if I… you could just ask Yui about it..?"
(18:06:16) * Aline sighed. "…I guess you're not comfortable. That's… fine. I'm not sure if she'd want to, simply because she'd probably think that to be private." Aline did, though… become suddenly terrified, like multiple times worse paranoia than Sera might have seen before. "That and I sort of don't want /my/ dream to be heard by her or anyone other than you and Yanmei. It's more than scary,
(18:06:17) * Aline I think it means something… and Yui might think the same. And I might finally be in trouble simply because it'd be too much."
(18:17:50) * Sept looked down. And, after a few moments, sat down to examine a particularly interesting grain of sand. "You think it really could mean something… I-if it's important to you. I could tell you. It's important that we h-help each other…"
(18:20:08) * Aline nodded again, this time a few nods over again as if to make sure she really was nodding. "Yeah… sorry, again, if you're still too afraid I can back off, but… er. Me first, or you?"
(18:22:59) * Sept selected another grain to investigate. "Maybe… you? So I'll, I'll know what to tell. Okay?"
(18:38:34) * Aline shakily replied. "Yeah…" But then she took a veeery deep breath. "Okay. I've noticed that all these weird dreams start with LCL, somehow. I remember one before this that had it coming out the faucet, but… That's not the one I'm talking about. No, this one started with… with…" Aline shuddered for a second. "Everyone turned into LCL. Like… I saw people's clothes, outfits I
(18:38:35) * Aline knew they'd worn some other time on the trip, and they were all filled with the stuff instead of the people - And one of them must've had their hand on me before it happened, because it got on me too…" She was not about to get into how in fact it was because their arms were around her. "…But anyway, uh, there was that and the whole world outside the resort was filled with whirling red…
(18:38:37) * Aline something. It looked like sand, but I couldn't really tell. I explored a bit more, but then… then I saw Tsubaki out there!" Aline showed her obvious surprise. "Like, not a puddle of LCL in what Tsubaki wore last, but the real Tsubaki. I tried to ask her what was going on, but she got upset because of how scared she was… and got mad at me when I tried to guess that she was somehow special
(18:38:42) * Aline and that's why she was there whole like me." Aline shuddered even /more/ at the next part. "B-b-but we got interrupted. The… red stuff blew away, and the… ocean turned… blood red. And-and there was a bright cross that shot up… you know, like the one Gazardiel used that went straight up, you know?" Aline looked left and right, as if she /really/ wanted to make sure nobody was close.
(18:38:50) * Aline Nobody was. Hell, she even lowered her voice a little. "A… a… giant… being of light… rose from the sea. It was… it had a core, it must've been an angel, but it was… was bigger than any of them. I could hear it in my mind. It was angry, it was really angry. It… it said I was violating its world, it's a-absolute territory." Aline shook her head violently - sending a bit of
(18:38:54) * Aline seawater everywhere with her hair - before continuing. The gesture didn't seem to do anything. "I tried to argue back, I… I was sure that we had the right to live, that until it… learned to tolerate and love people it'd be stupid and alone and broken. And and while I was doing that it sent Gazardiel after me and I t-tried to protect Tsubaki and when I said some of the stuff an Eva came
(18:39:01) * Aline out to fight Gazardiel and I don't know it might've been 00 but then once I/it/whatever beat Gazardiel again everything went quiet. I thought I won. I…" Aline shivered again. "I didn't and it threw a giant spear and it it it went right through 00 and it had two points and it stuck me and Tsubaki with them and the giant was telling me that that's what it thought of what I had to say and
(18:39:07) * Aline the fire and it hurt oh g-g-g-god it /hurt/." …Aline was starting to cry.
(18:49:20) Sept: "It… really did, didn't it." A long pause. Sept continued to not make any kind of external reaction to the story. "Do you mean… Tsubaki might have one of the genes too, and that… she was actually there..?"
(18:51:22) * Aline tried to wipe her eyes… but then quickly thought better of it. Her hands were still salty. "…That or something else. But… I… think so. I mean, I-I heard Asuka. Before we saw that video. I heard her in my head. So I don't think it's impossible. I… actually think… that that that happened for real, and the angel was… real… too." Aline's eyes widened a bit at that last
(18:51:24) * Aline bit.
(18:58:15) Sept: "I believe you, Aline. I'll trust your judgment… but I don't know how much I can help, I. None of that sounds familiar. Except the LCL. Seine…" Sera's head shifted slightly, so that he could see the ocean. "Some of this water is from Paris, isn't it?"
(19:01:51) * Aline frowned rather clearly. "I didn't think so, but… I think you both need to know. I'd feel w-worse if I just kept it in like that." But she looked down at the ocean - rather, down and off behind her. "…Yeah. Uh, it flows into the ocean and this sea is pretty close to begin with but every ocean connects to the other oceans so some of this water's probably been to America and Egypt
(19:01:52) * Aline and might've been from the Antarctic ice shelves when Impact hit and so on."
(19:05:14) Sept: "Did it taste like LCL, the water? Even a bit..? Ginevre says Seine is alright and One is fine, but… but can she really tell?"
(19:07:22) * Aline raised a brow. "…No. It… tasted…" She suddenly realized what he was talking about. "It tasted like saltwater. It's… I think it's something that /happens/ when I… when we have nightmares about the Evas and Angels and stuff. That LCL starts turning up in places it shouldn't. Like my apartment's faucets. Like where people's bodies should be. Like… the Seine. It's some kind
(19:07:24) * Aline of symbol."
(19:11:28) Sept: "Right… So that part -was- just a dream…" This alone seemed to be a point of notable worth.
(19:13:15) * Aline nodded. "Yeah, if uh… the whole Seine was replaced by LCL… we'd be hearing about it everywhere we went." Aline's face twisted in slight disgust at the thought." But she shook her head. "…I guess I should uh… uh… clarify what I meant by 'was real'. I think… I think none of that happened in the real world, but like… the things I talked to, I was… you know, talking…
(19:13:16) * Aline mentally with. I'm… almost afraid that something is -giving- us these dreams for some reason."
(19:21:43) Sept: "Oh, that's why…" Another moment of thought. "Ginevre and Yui, they… they wanted to know what One said. In the dream. He, he was in my dream, except it wasn't him at first or I didn't know it was him and. Paris was wrong, it wasn't just Seine. The Bastille had ten towers and was much rounder, and Notre Dame was impossibly tall, I couldn't see the Tour d'Eiffel at all and… and…" Sera's eyes flitted from ocean to Aline to different part of ocean, desperately looking for something to continue with.
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(19:27:09) * Aline put a hand on Sera’s shoulder, and looked at him with deeply concerned eyes. Maybe also because she was still feeling bad herself. "…Sera. That's… normal. That is, for the world to not make sense, in a dream." She left it at that, not wanting to bother him too deeply about the other parts yet.
(19:44:20) Sept: "Right, right… Uh. Maybe I should… start over. I woke up, in the dream, it was… I think it was someone else's apartment, I'm not really sure where it was, but there was a figure, he said it was his Paris, and… and he made me follow him. I, I didn't want to! But I had to, and he led me to a big room with…" Sera swallowed. "One was tied up, bound to the wall. He said… there were three seeds, I think, and, and only one of them had grown so the vessel was still incomplete, and that was why One was bound." A hand grasped at the sand, staying in the fist, tightly squeezed shut. Shaking slightly. "I wanted to kill him, to get him out of the way, to get to One, but… the figure was One too, a… a smaller One. He, he was angry, angry because of the broken human seed and because of what he was and he, he…" Sept opened his mouth and closed it a few times, but said nothing. He sniffed. "I… I think he was angry at me because I didn't understand, I, I didn't understand what he was telling me after Belgium and it's happening again… I want to understand, I really do! You believe me, don't you, Aline? I. I don't want him to be angry with me!"
(19:55:09) * Aline stared… and stared. She was… pretty surprised by that. "I… I think I understand… some of it. But… not all of it. I'm a bit unsure. But…" She thought deeply on that. "I think… I think if we try to work this out he… might be… less angry. I know it's hard for you to put all this together, but that's why I'm doing this." She released her hand from his shoulder, but
(19:55:10) * Aline continued to stare, only blinking maybe once for that minute or so. "Did you want to hear my first… thoughts?"
(19:56:18) * Sept nodded, silently.
(19:59:51) Aline: "Alright, then." She thought long and hard on this, her own hands wringing against each other. "One's original self was Elisha Caine… so he knew everything there was to know about the Evangelions' creation. I can't even begin to guess what the vessel might be, but the seeds… You said human seeds, right? And… what he was… you mean… being in One instead of… a human body, right?
(19:59:52) Aline: If you confirm that I can get to the next part."
(20:01:10) Sept: "What… the great Elisha Caine has become…" A tone of deep melancholy.
(20:07:30) * Aline looked sympathetic, but continued on. "…So… that…" Aline closed her eyes. "I think the seeds are us. You, me, and Yanmei. Human seeds, growing, and three of them. I think the seeds are related to the Evas, since that'd be why One was bound." Aline briefly looked around. The sun was almost over the horizon, but the city was still well-lit. "And there are only two groups of
(20:07:31) * Aline humans most related to an Eva - the human that became its personality, and the human that pilots it. Since he mentioned what he became /after/ he mentioned the seed…" She frowned, with a look of helplessness on her face. "…then they must not be the same thing. So it can only be the pilots. And the only group of 3 pilots… are the ones in Paris-2."
(20:12:12) * Sept seemed satisfied - in his own depressed way - with the theory. "I… I hope so. It makes sense, in a way. Is that, all? For now? I-I hope I can talk to One when we get back…"
(20:20:05) * Aline raised a finger - it wasn't one of her sillier-looking fingerwags, but a more serious pause gesture. "Just try to tell him that I'm helping. That I'm trying to make up for it and he should try to give you time." She pouted slightly, upset, but starting to get her composure back. "I just want to help…"
(20:22:44) Sept: "Thank you… It's what we should do. As a family…" The last words were barely whispered. "Maybe I'll. Head out for now. Tell me if you come up with anything new?" He mumbled over his shoulder as he was already walking away, with a slow and pondering pace.

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