For The Radiance Of His Eminence

[06:24] <Dorian> [[SESSION 12: Neon Genesis Evangelion. Date: 19th August, 2015. Episode Title: For the Radiance of His Emanence-
[06:25] <Dorian> [It had been five weeks since the pilots had returned, probably tanned, from the beaches of the French Riviera- restored, relaxed, and in many cases, genuinely enriched. Some of them had found love. Others had found love of a different kind, and all of them had found a little bit of peace.-
[06:26] <Dorian> [But now, today, on the 19th, they'd been packed into a VTOL yet again and had taken to the skies- this time, to the west. Eventually the green land of France fell away, replaced by endless rolling waves and ocean.-
[06:27] <Dorian> [And now, they were reaching their destination. Below them was a UN Fleet. But not just any UN Fleet.-
[06:28] <Dorian> [A large flotilla of warships of all sizes sat in a set of concentric circles- all of them smaller than the mammoth in the middle. an Aircraft Carrier, a simply massive vessel- larger than even conventional carriers.-
[06:28] <Dorian> "We're here." Said Dorian with a grin.
[06:31] <Dorian> [There weren't just pilots on this VTOL, either. Yanmei would note, of course, the presence of Isaiah, in his NERV Uniform, staring blankly out a window. He'd been very quiet during the trip, mainly because his father was on the same VTOL- along with a team of scientists, including Dr. Riel.]
[06:32] <Dorian> [… The Bunnies were there, also.]
[06:33] * Aline was naturally a bit unsure as to /what/ the hell was going on, but… she at least was looking out the window, trying to see what there was to see. The supercarrier suggested… an oceanic operation? What the hell could possibly even be out here?
[06:33] * Yanmei looked calm, at least, as she peered out over the waters and the warships in conjunction. She snapped her phone shut, and stretched. "No ordinary battle, hm, Major?"
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[06:37] * Sept was just content studying the faces of the various people onboard for most of the trip. "-Is- this even a battle, Dorian?"
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[06:44] <Dorian> "We’re not sure." Said Dorian. "That ship out there is the UNS Enterprise. The world's very first Evangelion Carrier. No single country can afford to operate such an expensive vessel for long." Dorian grinned in enthusiasm- which quickly dimmed. "It's carrying special cargo. And we've been picking up erratic AT readings out here."
[06:50] <Yanmei> "…just out of curiosity? Are there any measures in place to recover an EVA should one end up sinking out here?"
[06:51] <Dorian> "Of course there are." Said Dorian.
[06:51] <Sept> "…other than giving us diving training?"
[06:51] * Aline turned back a little. "If mine is still operational when it sinks, that won't matter."
[06:51] <Dorian> "… Yes. Geez, what's with the lack of confidence?"
[06:54] <Dorian> ["EVA-05 is down there." Said Dr. Riel.]
[06:55] <Sept> "05..? So they finished it?" Sera bounced a little.
[06:55] * Aline raised a brow. "I was wondering when it'd come around! Who's driving?"
[06:55] * Yanmei … let her smile drop at once. "Is it, now? And… the pilot?"
[06:56] <Dorian> ["Well, well, hold on." Dr. Riel raised her hands. "It's still missing a few key components, but by and large, everything's there. All it needs now is a run-through in some Paris-2 only facilities, -then- we grab the pilot. We don't know who yet."]
[06:56] <Aline> "…So… why is it… down there… then?"
[06:56] <Dorian> ["It's being shipped over."]
[06:57] * Aline suddenly was all 'duh'. "Oh riiight."
[06:57] <Yanmei> "So if there's an Angel down there, it's targetting the untested EVA." Yanmei leaned back in her seat again. "How clever."
[06:57] <Dorian> "Sounds about right." Said Dorian, rubbing his chin.
[06:58] <Sept> "And our units..?"
[06:58] * Dorian grinned. "We had them transferred onto the Enterprise by aerial drop a few hours ago."
[06:59] * Aline nodded at that. "Righto, figured! …Must be an interesting little union of sorts."
[07:00] <Dorian> ["Ridiculous." Grumbled Dr. Gabriel. "How far we have to go to slap the IPEA's little mits away."]
[07:02] <Sept> "Eipee'eay? The Angel?"
[07:07] <Yanmei> "Nah. That's a group made up of humans, de Pteres. Like NERV and the UN."
[07:07] * Aline narrowed her eyes a little. "It really can't be much more of an issue than anything else. Honestly, NERV is very powerful, and not playing the political game will lead to the whole world hating and resenting it."
[07:09] <Dorian> "Well, well. That's not any of our issue just yet." Said Dorian cheerfully. "We're about to land!"
[07:12] <Dorian> [A few minutes later, the VTOL landed on the deck of the Enterprise. The doors opened. There was a cheerful, cool breeze flying about- and there was a woman waiting for them, wearing a -very- smart business suit and holding a container. A blonde woman with brown eyes.]
[07:14] <Dorian> "Oh no." Groaned Dorian. "Why here…?"
[07:15] <Yanmei> "Ms. Delacour!" Yanmei emerged, her hair blowing around in the salty air. It was still too short for pigtails, so she had worn it loose, as usual. "You came too!"
[07:17] * Aline walked out afterwards, and was just staring with a very '???' look on her face. Practically a goofy confused smile. "…Ah… Okay?"
[07:18] * Sept stepped out, first enjoying the salty air with closed eyes for a few moments, before moving on to investigate the stranger(s). "Hello!"
[07:20] <Dorian> ["Hello, Pilot Zhang." Said the woman pleasantly. She gave a friendly smile to everyone gathered. "I'm Ariadne Delacour. Some of you might know me-" She settled her gaze on Dorian for a moment, before looking about- "But for those who don't… I'm the UN Attache to NERV. I'm sort of an intermediary."]
[07:22] * Aline just stared a bit… then smiled lightly. Just lightly. "Ahhh, I see. Welcome aboard, then?"
[07:23] <Dorian> ["Thank you, Miss Blanc." Said Ms. Delacour cheerfully. She placed her suitcase on the ground for a moment and held out a hand.]
[07:23] * Aline gladly reached out to give it a shake~
[07:24] <Dorian> [Ms. Delacour shook it quickly, before turning to Sera. "And you must be the famous de Pteres."]
[07:24] * Aline finished, and still was smiling softly… and looked at her hand quizzically.
[07:27] <Sept> "Famous..? Uh. I'm Sera. Hello, Ariadne." Sera… shook her hand, hesitating slightly.
[07:28] <Dorian> ["Charmed." She shook it and smiled. "Now, you'd best get moving. The Captain would like us ready- I'm afraid he's a little paranoid…"]
[07:29] <Dorian> [Dr. Gabriel and some of the other scientists brushed past the group, heading off quickly. Dr. Riel headed off a little slower, and Isaiah outright stopped next to Yanmei, pausing to whisper in her ear before rushing off.]
[07:29] <Sept> "Ah, we should! But he can take it easy now, we're here~" The boy was definitely giddy.
[07:30] <Dorian> ["So confident, Sera." Said Frederic with a grin.]
[07:30] * Yanmei turned a confident smile to Isaiah in response as he left. "Take it easy? It's not like they'll let us tour the ship. …will they?"
[07:31] <Dorian> ["Well… You probably shouldn't, but you can if you want to." Said Ms. Delacour with a wink.]
[07:32] * Aline tilted her head. "Well… I really - no offence to its designers - don't care too greatly about the EVA-Carrier. Now, it's cargo…" She did smile a bit, though there remained this existing not of uncertainty.
[07:33] <Yanmei> "Well!" Yanmei clapped her hands together. "In eithet case, I'd say we now have something to do after all, until the MAGI pinpoints the Angel's location for sure."
[07:34] <Aline> "Or we do. Either-or. Maybe not the best idea to sortie, but I know 04 is pretty capable of AT Field tracking…"
[07:34] * Sept winked. "Aren't you, Frédéric? Better keep the wagers on the ship sinking to a minimum~"
[07:35] <Dorian> ["I would rather not bet on that whilst I'm on it. Let's bet on you being knocked over the side."]
[07:38] * Aline would, all said, try to make her way through to the cargo containers to take a look at 05. It was really quite fascinating, and she knew that it might help her mood a little~
[07:40] * Yanmei on the other hand, was content to wander around the deck, stopping to say hello and smile pleasantly at the crew.
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[07:43] <Dorian> [Aline would quickly be collected by Dr. Riel, and through the wonders of shared geek telepathy, would lead her below-deck. The interior of the Enterprise was cramped and somewhat dark (although well-lit enough to see by)… At least, until Dr. Riel took her out into a cavernous- a truly cavernous room. There, standing on a gantry and looking down- was that precious cargo. Evangelion Unit 05-
[07:45] <Dorian> [It was restrained and bolted in place, but even then it hung somewhat limply, sort of akin to a doll. It was dark blue with bright red highlights, and resembled EVA-02… Although it possessed a singular, cyclopean eye and a horn.]
[07:46] <Dorian> [Yanmei would find the crew to be mostly receptive, if a little cautious and hesitant. They seemed on edge, and who can really blame them! She did, however, see Dorian head off into the Enterprise command tower. Before long, she was joined by Ariadne. "So, quite the ship, mm?"]
[07:46] * Aline stared rather impressed-ly. It seemed a lot different from her own 00. The horn for one, and just one big eye instead of two large ones with 4 supporting. Weird color scheme, though. But that was just /how Evangelions rolled/. "…It surely looks different from the others…"
[07:47] <Dorian> ["It looks different, but it's quite similar to the other Production Models on the inside." Said Dr. Riel. "We're still experimenting a little, of course, so 05 has certain adaptations to it- the optic array, of course, and the horn…"]
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[07:49] <Yanmei> "It is," Yanmei agreed. "I wonder how long it's been transporting the new EVA. Everyone around here looks a little more comfortable than I would have expected?"
[07:51] * Aline nodded succinctly at that. "Not surprised. Probably very different from my own 00 there. Which is pretty heavily biologically divergent now, compared to the later models." But then she craned her head over to Dr. Riel, with a sort of amused look. "Have they installed the personality yet?" Oh poor Aline, you don't realize what you ask.
[07:51] <Dorian> ["Not yet." Said Dr. Riel. "That's being done in Paris-2, which has the best facilities… And myself." A note of pride.]
[07:53] <Dorian> [Sera would find his way, either through a guide or through his instincts… To the Evangelion Bay. Here stood, clean, replete, formidable… The three Evangelions. 01 stood in the middle.]
[07:53] <Dorian> ["They're professionals. They hide it well." Said Ariadne with a smile. "If only some people could be more professional…!"]
[07:55] <Aline> "Ahhh." Aline winked a little. "I so do want to meet whoever they choose as the donor, though. It'd be so interesting to know, just for once, what the future EVA unit is going to be like! I mean…" She then looked a little sheepish. "…I dunno. I guess I sorta respect the artificial children of humanity, you know?"
[07:56] <Yanmei> "Hehehe. Maybe he just needs a little time? To get used to it, you know."
[07:57] <Dorian> ["Maybe you will. We tend to be fairly secretive about the donor. Personal rights and all, but hey, maybe I can put a word in." Said Dr. Riel.]
[07:58] <Sept> "Hello, One… We can talk soon. It's. It's alright." The whispered voice echoed in the bay, becoming clearly audible.
[07:58] <Dorian> ["Tch." Ariadne frowned, scratching the back of her neck… Then gave Yanmei a smile. "Hopefully. Hey, let's take you onto the command bridge, shall we? Your bunnies are already inside."]
[07:59] <Dorian> [One remained inert. Of course it did.-
[07:59] <Dorian> [… Then, suddenly, no matter where they were, everyone would suddenly feel the ship lurch.]
[08:00] * Aline nodded again. "Right, right. I can get behind that." She then sort of… stared up at it. Oddly enough, once that line of questioning was over, Aline looked a lot less… rapt. Like just seeing it was not really the same. Aline did, though, react suddenly to the ship movement! "Wh-wha? Rogue wave?"
[08:01] <Dorian> [Yanmei in particular would suddenly see the ocean start to boil… Before a burning, fiery cross ripped a cruiser clean in half- causing the ship to violently explode.]
[08:01] <Yanmei> "Sure!" Keeping up a bright expression, she prepared to follow. After all, Aridene probably knew the ship better than she did. She'd barely taken a step when the deck shuddered, and tilted oddly, and the telltale cross explosion lit up over the sea "…!"
[08:02] <Dorian> ["All hands to battle stations!" The klaxons started to sound and the ship's speakers wailed.-
[08:02] <Sept> "I'm sorr-! oh… S-see you, One." Sera ran off to find someone, anyone else to tell him what was going on.
[08:02] <Dorian> "Pilots!" Came Dorian's voice. "We sortie immediately! Get to your Evangelions!"
[08:03] * Aline looked up at the ceiling - it was just a thing to do when hearing comm voices - and then at Dr. Riel. "…Gotta go! You've been on the ship a bit longer, lead the way!" …Aline already was starting to run in place, waiting only a few seconds to see if Dr. Riel would abide.
[08:04] <Yanmei> "The hangar, Miss Delacour." She was trying her best to sound professional. "Just directions should be okay."
[08:04] <Dorian> [Dr. Riel turned to Aline. "Right. Hold on!" She ran after Aline, and then past. "You go down that corridor, then turn right, take the elevator down. I need to be on the bridge."]
[08:05] <Aline> "Thanks!" …And Aline was off like a shot.
[08:05] <Dorian> [Ariadne was staring in horror as more crosses burned into the sky, ripping apart ship after ship. "… O-Of course." Ariadne sprinted for the nearest elevator- tripping once- then getting back up and throwing herself inside, hammering the Hangar button.]
[08:06] <Yanmei> "Ah…!" She was leading! Yanmei scrambled to catch up to her, springing into the elevator just narrowly before the doors shut.
[08:10] <Dorian> [It was at this point that the Angel rose out of the ocean, hovering- flying, even- on its own AT Field. It was, like all of the Angels, a massive creature- it was golden, and resembled more a collection of empty suits of armour instead of a single creature. Around it, arrayed in an odd pattern, were ten gleaming crystals.]
[08:10] <Dorian> [OBJECT: Seventh Angel. CODENAME: SEFIRAH]
[08:22] <Dorian> [The pilots would quickly find themselves changing out into their plugsuits- it'd been awhile!- then into their plugs. Beforelong, the now familiar feel of LCL would envelop them- and the kaleidoscopic effect of synchronisation would take them.]
[08:24] <Sept> "Dorian..? Are we supposed to fight this Angel while swimming?"
[08:24] <Dorian> "The Angel has surfaced and is now hovering above the water. You'll sortie and fight it from on the deck."
[08:24] * Aline gripped her control surfaces with great familiarity… and a bit of a smile. "Ah, alright, time to do this. I got a gun~"
[08:25] <Dorian> ("Damnit, it's just ripped through the first defense circle!" "Marianne, what about the strategic reserve?" "E-En route, Major.")
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[08:30] * Yanmei smirked in her entry plug. It was a very very faint gesture. Unusual, too. She gripped the controls tightly.
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[08:45] <Dorian> [The deck started to slide open. It was… Strange. They suddenly lurched upwards as the entire floor beneath them lifted like an elevator.-
[08:46] <Dorian> [The sight was… Awful. They were just in time to see the last few straggler escorts explode in a burst of flame, a rainbow corona expanding from the impact. The area around them was filled with burning ships and debris.]
[08:47] * Aline stared out from her plug's view as 00 rose… and was rather upset at the sheer damage that was caused, yet at the same time? She had the faintest glimmer of confidence in her eyes. It even came through her voice. "Stand firm. I've got something for this."
[08:52] <Sept> "No…" Desperation set in quite quickly this time… but turned to anger just as quickly. Sera's grip on the controls tightened.
[08:55] * Yanmei stepped forward. If she -was- affected by the devestation, she wasn't going to let it show instead she raised one of her guns, pulled the trigger, and promptly jammed it with a dull CLICK. "H-huh?!"
[08:56] * Aline strode forwards with just the sweetest little smug grin. Okay maybe those can't be that sweet. But… then she marched fully in front of her allies… and with a wiiide gesture of 00's hands? A massive disc-shaped AT Field coalesced in front of the Enterprise, and all three EVA units. "Either go around, or do nothing, Angel!"
[08:58] * Sept stared in awe. "Aline…"
[08:58] <Dorian> [There was a pause as the Angel… Seemed to consider.-
[08:59] <Dorian> [Then a wave of AT Force smashed against the wall of the Field- and it shattered, blowing straight through and impacting heavily against Aline's right leg!]
[09:00] * Aline immediately yelped in sympathetic pain! "H-h-hey! That's n… okay damnit that /is/ fair. Screw you, 7th!"
[09:06] * Aline did, though… seem to refocus her will. The barrier crackled to life again from nowhere, but it was far narrower. But it'd do. It'd be something.
[09:13] <Sept> If it was going to attack his friends that way, it'd have to expect payback. Sept concentrated on facing and neutralising the creature's Field… but soon realised it wasn't the only thing he was doing. He was -attacking- the field, and the Angel. Trying to tear it apart just by projecting his - and 01's - sheer hate for it at it, into it. In the depths of his plug, Sept bared his teeth.
[09:15] * Yanmei grumbles, dropping back a few paces, the air around her EVA shimmering with its own AT Field.
[09:16] <Dorian> [The Angel lets out a keening cry as Sera starts to -hurt- it through the AT Field.]
[09:18] * Aline then… levelled her rifle, aiming at the damaged little gem, focusing… "Ngh… come on… focus… line up the shot…" Energy whined, then a blue beam of positrons shot out of her weapon! Coincidentally, her barrier was growing a little stronger.
[09:21] <Dorian> [… The beam struck it straight on. But instead of taking damage… The little crystal started to spin rapidly, glowing with light. A shot was fired straight back at Aline, blasting through her field!]
[09:22] * Aline remembered some of the maneuvers she picked up while snowboarding on the Alps, and… 00 actually bent out of the way, pivoting at the hips to duck it like Aline had Matrix-style slowmo reflexes.
[09:23] <Dorian> [The beam missed Aline narrowly…]
[09:28] * Sept , meanwhile, had stashed his knife away and was busy advancing toward Aline calmly while looking down the sights of his rifle. He stopped to pull the trigger, and a beam shot out of the weapon, much like what Qaphsiel had used… serves the stupid idiots right.
[09:28] <Dorian> ("Damnit, it's absorbing their beams…" "… Yanmei, we need you to move ahead and try hitting it with your guns. It took damage from the fleet salvo earlier! Marianne, what's the status of that reserve?" "ETA 50 seconds…!")
[09:29] <Dorian> [The beam struck the Emanation- and once again was absorbed in a curtain of twinkling light.]
[09:33] <Yanmei> How did it work again? 04 fumbled with its rifle, and a massive clip thunked, steaming, against the deck of the carrier.
[09:36] * Aline nodded… "Energy weapons won't work?!" …She looked at her positron rifle, then over at the formation of crystals and the giant thing itself. "Okay. That's it. Enough games!" …the barrier folded in on itself, and wrapped back around 00 in the familiar tight, invisible flicker… So that 00 could step back as if readying a throw. Aline jammed forward on her control stick, and 00
[09:36] * Aline cast out its arm wide across the ocean… sending a coherent wave of translucent force out at the enemy formation! "Aaaaaaaa!"
[09:37] <Dorian> [The energised surface of the crystal that had so thwarted the energy beams started to crack and splinter! But it whirled forward nevertheless, sending another beam of light at Aline…]
[09:37] <Aline> […Which Aline dodged nimbly again, using the momentum of the arm strike to make a sudden crouch. Sorta like when she was building up speed on the intermediate slope….]
[09:44] <Dorian> ("Too close. They're coming in too close. Yanmei, keep them off the sides! Marianne?!" "Incoming!")
[09:46] <Sept> "I'll take them…" Sera determinedly tore through Sefirah's AT Field once more, and drew out his knife. It felt familiar, better than the rifle.
[09:46] <Dorian> [Sefirah let out another cry. It wanted Sera quite determinedly -dead-.]
[09:52] <Yanmei> "Yes, Major!" Her ammo clip replaced, Yanmei turns -both- rifles on the nearest crystal in a deafening roar of fire! She grits her teeth at the awkwardness, and a few stray off target!
[09:52] <Dorian> [The emanation's AT Field flickers, deflecting a good amount of shots… But enough firepower rips through that the crystal splinters and bursts apart like glass!]
[09:53] <Dorian> ("Well done, Yanmei!")
[09:54] * Aline on the other hand started at the annoying little crystal she had cracked earlier. And 00 nearly just… methodically walked up to it. Then with a single (ill-aimed) lunge, tried to /bite/ the damn thing out of the sky!
[09:55] <Dorian> [The crystal was able to easily dodge. However…-
[09:55] <Dorian> [A sudden crackle came over the intercoms of the three Evangelions as well as the command tower.-
[09:55] <Dorian> [A voice spoke. A familiar one.-
[09:56] <Yanmei> "Wh-what?! Langley-Soryu?"
[09:56] * Aline fist-pumped. "Sweet, we could use another set of hands out here!"
[09:57] <Dorian> ["That's right!" … And yes, you could see it in the sky, arms out, gliding on… Wings? Toward the Enterprise at a low altitude, an odd-looking gun in its hand.]
[10:17] * Aline sidestepped a bit, and cast out another wave! …This time her aim was atrocious, and she only caught one of them in it, but her weird fury-like state could not be denied! "Hiii-yaaaaaa!"
[10:19] <Dorian> [The crystal took the blow… And started to glow, the two halves spinning in opposite directions.]
[10:21] <Dorian> [Another crystal- one that Yanmei had hit- started to spin now- and let loose a solid AT bullet of force at EVA-01. Not enough to hurt. But Sera would be bodily pushed off of his feet!]
[10:21] * Aline stared. "Guh… that's a slicing plane… how can it even… Oh damnit these things react to different forms of damage!" Aline further cursed herself for not keeping better visual track of them.
[10:23] <Sept> Silence from the plug. Deep, deep silence. Then. "…oh. Hello, Asuka. When did you..?"
[10:23] <Dorian> ["Fifth Child, always look to the skies to see Asuka the Great swoop in to save the day~!"]
[10:24] * Aline did look up, though. "…Oh! The A-Type equipment. So that's what it looks like. I guess now I'm not the sole ruler of the skies, huh?"
[10:25] <Yanmei> "Talk about flying some other time, please!" Yanmei begged, peering at the still incoming crystals. And the Angel. "How much time do we have left, Major?"
[10:26] <Dorian> ("Your charge is down to 50%, Yanmei. Asuka, best to grab yourself an umbilical.")
[10:35] * Aline had noticed, while the crystals were moving, that one was starting to get away! …For a moment she considered chewing it out of the sky, but then remembered that that one absorbed shear force… so instead? 00 reared back its head, and hocked a ball of corrosive acid in it!… which promptly flew into the water and probably ruined the days of a number of fish.
[10:44] * Sept stood up from the blow, and tore himself away from the creature's(?) range, proceeding toward the centre of the ship, where his shield awaited…
[10:45] <Dorian> [The emanation seemingly ignored Aline's acid- hurling a disc of incredibly sharp metal at EVA-01. The very blade seemed to cut air around it…]
[10:49] * Aline furrowed her brow, but looked over to where Asuka was. Ah, multi-eyed EVA units unite~ "Oi, Asuka. These things absorb damage… Gotta hit them with something other than what they fire, okay? Like one that shoots blades can't be cut… or one that fires positron beams will just eat up energy. Got it?"
[10:49] * Yanmei tried firing on that same emanation, but one bullet went wide, and the other bounced off an AT Field. "Drat. Asuka! The far one on the left needs to be taken out, but my bullets won't work, and we can't reach it with melee. Only the Great Asuka can do it!"
[10:51] <Dorian> [Asuka lifted her odd gun up, and turned to Aline. "Huh… Adaptive. Well!" She started to move- although whether she moved -before- or -after- Yanmei was a mystery. "Leave it to Asuka the Great, Yanmei~ I'll take care of -this- situation.-
[10:53] <Dorian> [She moved and started to open fire- her gun had a deep, reverberating sound- a round flew towards the Emanation, exploding a sheer second after impact- sending the thing reeling, but still in the air. "… What?!"]
[10:58] * Aline turned about… "You look so smug floating there while we're preoccupied, don't you?" She closed her eyes for just a moment, and expanded a wave of her AT Field to start to erode its… and then levelled her positron rifle. "Well too bad! Looks like /I AM/ too! Yeah, deal with it!"
[10:59] * Aline then fired right at it with another actinic beam of antimatter death!
[10:59] <Dorian> [The positron beam smashed through Sefirah's AT Field, scorching its body… And then, from the impact epicentre, a rainbow ring glimmered across its surface… But nothing happened.]
[11:08] <Sept> The blade moved with impossible speed… and impacted! Not his leg, however, but an arm that had shot out in its way fractions of a second before. The disc dug into the flesh, deeply. A cry was heard in stereo as boy and machine expressed their pain. After a while, deep breathing continued, cut briefly by a gasp when Sept realised the smell and taste of blood had suddenly gotten a lot more
[11:08] <Sept> pronounced…
[11:11] <Dorian> "S-Sera!"
[11:11] <Dorian> [… Then a hammer blow would knock Sept to his feet. And for some reason, he was being pushed across the hull of the Enterprise- straight into a bright red Eva. "G-Gha?!"]
[11:13] <Sept> "I-it's alright… Ha ha. I've got its attention, the rest of you can ju— ggh-" His voice was cut short by the impact. Sera didn't try to continue his speech.
[11:14] * Aline frowned at those antics, but then looked around herself. Those emanations were… She developed a little smile again. "Just hang on… Metaphorically! Not to 02. That'd be embarassing!"
[11:14] <Dorian> ["S-Shut up, First Child! Don't encourage him! What are you doing?!"]
[11:15] <Aline> "H-hey, I'm discouraging him!… And I'm going to line up for another attack. I thought the main Angel was vulnerable, but it's doing something weird when I shoot it so I think I'll pass on that." Aline was going a mile a minute with her words, though.
[11:15] <Yanmei> "For the-" Yanmei glared at the Angel, then back to the heap of EVAs, and… found her anger breaking just a little. A small snort of laughter that she tried to hide with a followup cough.
[11:17] <Dorian> [One of the Emanations… Struck the other! The hit Emanation started to spin with power- lashing out at Aline with a long electrified energy whip.]
[11:17] * Aline gestured almost lazily with her mind, causing a small ripple in her AT Field. Denied.
[11:27] <Dorian> [… It was an action Aline might regret, for, whilst she focused on the whip… That shuriken cannon opened fire, sending massed numbers of blades at her! She deflected one, but another buried itself in her head- and with a sudden stab of pain, sliced through one of EVA-00's legs entirely.]
[11:31] * Aline lost her smug, composed demeanor in an instant, as instead… she screamed in agony, even as 00 toppled onto the deck of the Enterprise with a nasty thud. Aline kept at the scream for a good half a minute, and just /tried/ to regain her composure. It was hard. It was too hard. But she had to!
[11:31] <Dorian> "A-Aline! Damnit, damnit, damnit… This isn't working. We need to kill these things quickly…"
[11:33] * Aline gritted her teeth. And her lip. She could taste her lip… gah! Don't bite so hard, stupid Aline. "Y-y-yes. I know. I know!"
[11:35] <Yanmei> "B-Blanc!" -That- was enough to shake her. 00's leg. Oh God. "Major." A deep gulp of air - or LCL, rather, to straighten herself out. It half-worked. "More bullets. More!" A second hailstorm of fire at the two crystals closest to Aline.
[11:36] <Dorian> "Coming, Yanmei!"
[11:36] <Dorian> [One of the crystals shone, deflecting Yanmei's bullets with ease… But the other started to crack.]
[11:37] <Sept> As Sept got back on his feet from the EVA PILE, he faintly registered Aline's screams over the comm channels. Even if he didn't have enough concentration surplus to figure out what was going on, he knew it did mean his approach wasn't working. He wasn't hurting -enough-.
[11:48] * Aline slowly… stood… up? The slight translucent billowing of AT-generated force seemed to be whirling around 00's single leg like the air dispersal of a helicopter's blades - it was keeping her balanced! …But then Aline leaned in, still groaning from pain. "You… stupid thing… You should…" Then she reached out with 00's arm, and opened its palm. "…Disappear!" …a wave of
[11:48] * Aline invisible force struck the little crystal, and sent it hurdling towards one of the ones harassing Sera and Asuka!
[11:48] <Dorian> [The emanation struck the other with extreme force! The target was unharmed, but the forced one shattered into a million pieces.]
[11:57] <Dorian> [Sefirah grew larger. Or… No. It was coming closer. And Aline would feel, within a split second of each other- her AT Field draining away, and a beam of positron energy smacking into her remaining leg…]
[11:59] * Aline stared blankly, and… she… she didn't have time to dodge. She was so close and she couldn't feel it. It tore into the remaining leg, burning a gash into it… it was superficial damage, but for the pilot…? Aline belted out another terrifying scream, though mercifully for the ears of everyone else? …The pain became too much. Aline… passed out unconscious from the shock.
[11:59] <Dorian> "A-Aline! Pilot Blanc's gone unconscious! Major-" "… No…"
[12:13] <Sept> "Aline? Aline!!" Sera gripped his blade and shield tighter, looking like he's ready to charge past all of the crystals to help her. His charge was, however, stopped short.
[12:15] <Yanmei> Two more clips slam into the deck, this time, empty. As many shots as she was taking, it didn't seem like many more were being brought down. Nevertheless. "Thank you Major." The new clip went into her favorite of the two guns.
[12:31] <Dorian> [… Bam! Sudden, forceful impact tearing through Yanmei's AT Field, smashing into her arm!]
[12:33] * Yanmei choked back a yell! This… was nothing. Not compared to the damage the other two had taken! But something was wrong. Her injured leg suddenly burned, and so too did her lungs. A choking, gasping series of rattling coughs as she struggled to breath.
[12:34] <Dorian> ["Yanmei?!" Asuka's voice now. Angry. -Furious-. "You-!"]
[12:35] <Dorian> [Another blast took out Yanmei's power supply.-
[12:35] <Dorian> ("Damnit. Damnit damnit damnit! Emergency power for EVA-04! Start remote care procedures on Yanmei!")
[12:48] * Sept was stuck between two of the crystals, both constantly deflecting his attacks. Helpless to do anything but watch Aline and Yanmei on both of his sides struggle to stay alive. It was harder and harder to concentrate.
[12:51] <Yanmei> It hurts! A few strange, alien jolts ripped through her body, though, and for some reason, her lungs seemed to loosen. For a few moments, she stared blearily into the fray in front of her, wondering what happened. The pain was still there, just… bearible. She scowled, did something to the AT field of the crystal that had been hounding de Pteres-
[12:51] <Yanmei> And then fired off a weak shot.
[12:52] <Dorian> ["Aha!" Bam-bam. "Excellent marking, Yanmei!" The Crystal shattered as Asuka opened fire! … Another pod landed at her feet.]
[12:52] <Sept> A dry laugh escaped from 01's entry plug, faint and echoing.
[12:53] <Yanmei> "This…" huff huff. "Seems to work okay? Er…De Pteres?"
[12:56] <Sept> "Serves it right… My hand was getting tired bashing it. Actually… I can't feel it. But it's gone now. Hah."
[12:59] <Yanmei> "Heh." A wry grin. "You're… still okay to… bash a few others, though, right?"
[13:15] <Sept> "Of c— NO!!" The reply was cut short as the unconscious Aline's Unit 00 was once again devastated by an attack. Sera redoubled his efforts to reach her. If he could just… reach her.
[13:17] <Yanmei> There's… an explosion. Yanmei makes an odd squeaking noise at it washes over the EVA, but emerges unharmed to her own surprise, her AT field shimmering. She focuses on manipulating the AT field wrapped around the Angel then… while firing another shot at a crystal.-
[13:17] <Yanmei> Not her best aim, but she was was getting her barings back. "We can do this! It's not over yet!"
[13:17] <Dorian> [Sefirah's AT Field reacted violently to Yanmei's for a split second, before starting to crack and fail.]
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[13:36] <Dorian> ["Guh." Bolter fire! "Fifth Child! Go help Yanmei! I'll take care of these annoying idiot little satellites…!"]
[13:42] <Sept> "R-right! Keep her safe!" Sera dashed, a bit clumsily, past Asuka and used the momentum to drive his knife into the depths of Sefirah. The boy allowed himself a slight smile.
[13:48] <Yanmei> "De Pteres! It looks like you'll have to take over for a while." Her next attack is vicious, but it bounces aside off the Angel's field. The next one lands, but tears into its arm no where near the core. Yanmei sighs in the depths of her plug, now tinged with red warning lights. "I can't believe I ended up like this again?"
[13:49] <Dorian> [… Yanmei's plug goes dark, and is immediately slammed hard with a beam of energy. Yanmei… She doesn't feel it personally this time. But the Evangelion around her shudders as energy burns through its body.]
[13:52] <Sept> "Yanmei, Aline… I-I-I don't think I c— I'm sorry…"
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[13:59] * Sept assaults the core with all he has, but whenever it looks like he's going to pierce it… the Angel extends its field and parries 01's blows with ease.
[14:10] <Dorian> [Dum-dum-dum. … Sefirah screams. A scream that seems to penetrate into the very heart of every creature on the Enterprise as three bolter rounds rip its body apart. Blood washes over the sophisticated flight deck, and 00 is quickly inundated.]
[14:12] <Dorian> ["Fifth Child! Get in there! Go for it! Go go go!"]
[14:16] <Sept> "I— A-alright.." The Evangelion's movements were far more determined (if somewhat… mechanical) than what one could have assumed from Sera's voice. With a final, decisive thrust, the knife sank into the core. "I… did I..?"
[14:19] <Dorian> [Sparks fly as the knife digs deep into the core. Sefirah cries- one last, angry, mournful cry… Before it stops. Its body hangs limply for a moment… and then disintegrates.]
[14:23] * Sept stumbles forward, for a moment vertigo setting in as he suddenly finds the ocean extending below him. 01 sways for a moment… and falls backwards onto the deck. "I'm… sorry…"

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