For The Remembrance Of Dreams

[21:43] * Sept yawned. He had -thought- he'd slept well enough after the night's… incident, but somehow he was still tired. Not necessarily sleepy, but exhausted on some indescribable level. Still, he had been asked to get himself to the restaurant at the agreed-upon time. And he really couldn't think of anything better to do. So he made his way, alone, having left the sleeping Viviane in their
[21:43] * Sept room. Poor girl probably hadn't been able to sleep at first.
[21:52] <Ginevre‘Fontaine> It was a sunny morning! Ginevre Fontaine was sitting, facing towards the ocean and the horizon- her back to newcomers. She was wearing a long, figure-hugging blue dress- and she wasn’t alone. The good Dr. Ikari sat with her, as did a brown-haired girl in a blue sundress.
[21:59] * Sept spotted the party and approached. "Hello, Ginevre. Doctor… Yui. And wh—" He faltered for the faintest moment, a keen eye might've even recognised a wince. "Nevermind. Hello."
[22:07] <Ginevre‘Fontaine> "Ah. Sera. Please sit down." Said Ginevre pleasantly.-
[22:08] <Ginevre`Fontaine> ["Hello, Sera-kun." Said Dr. Ikari with a cheerful smile. The girl’s gaze shoot up immediately, toward Sera- where it remained fixed. She was watching him like a hawk, an expression of wonder on her face.]
[22:12] <Sept> Another Akagi..? Regardless, Sept did take a seat. And stayed there, looking at all three expectantly. Well, maybe they were more nervous/scared glances toward the new girl more than any kind of actual eye contact. Still.
[22:14] <Ginevre‘Fontaine> [The girl stared. Like, almost unblinkingly. Every glance Sept threw at her was returned with an extremely nervous smile in return.-
[22:14] <Ginevre`Fontaine> "This is Natasha Volkova, Sera." Said Ginevre, gesturing towards the girl. "She’s with NERV Russia. A potential pilot."
[22:22] <Sept> "Natasha." (Russia… normal name order? Probably.) "Hello, Natasha." Sera offered a small nod to her, before turning back to Ginevre. "A potential pilot? I was under the impression there were several of them. So why is she here..? Uh. Not that I mean. That she couldn't have a vacation. Sorry."
[22:23] <Ginevre‘Fontaine> [Natasha reddened suddenly, and deeply. She now looked down at her plate.-
[22:24] <Ginevre`Fontaine> "Natasha is… Somewhat more potential than others." Said Ginevre sweetly. "Would you like to order something, Sera?"
[22:26] <Sept> "Uh. No, thank you, Ginevre. I’m fine. I don't… I'm fine."
[22:30] <Ginevre‘Fontaine> "Very well." Ginevre smiled. "Have you had a good day, Sera? Sleep well?"
[22:34] * Sept looked away, uncomfortably, suppressing a particularly well-timed yawn. "A nightmare. I guess. Apparently. I don’t… really remember well. But I'm alright. It happens with dreams."
[22:43] <Ginevre‘Fontaine> "Ah. That’s a shame." Said Ginevre quietly, sympathetically.-
[22:43] <Ginevre‘Fontaine> ["So, Sera. Did you enjoy the mountains?" Asked Dr. Ikari cheerfully.]
[22:48] <Sept> "…yeah. I did. It was… new. And since we can all be together like this, it’s a rare opportunity. But I'm still worried about Paris. I mean, the Angels can't know we're on vacation, can they?" A moment of silence. "And what if they -do- know!"
[22:52] <Ginevre‘Fontaine> "We will have ample time to prepare." Said Ginevre. "Trust me- I would not allow this vacation unless I knew that the city would be protected, one way or another."
[22:56] * Sept weighed carefully. "Alright. How is One?"
[22:59] <Ginevre`Fontaine> "EVA-01 is fine." Said Ginevre. "Actually, the doctor here was hoping you might be able to tell us a little about your last piloting experience."
[23:04] <Sept> "You mean… against Qaphsiel? Is something the matter?"
[23:05] <Ginevre`Fontaine> ["I just wanted to ask a few questions." Said Dr. Ikari gently.]
[23:06] * Sept leaned forward. His tone was hasty. "About what?"
[23:07] <Ginevre`Fontaine> ["Mainly about what you felt in the Entry Plug." Said Dr. Ikari. "Records show that you achieved a record high Synch Ratio- and furthermore took significant damage at the same time. I was hoping to gain a little insight into you and the Evangelion during that period."]
[23:14] <Sept> "Oh… I just remember that the movements felt more natural, like, like how Ginevre said they would, with time. I think it was just that this time," The volume of Sera’s voice dropped suddenly, as if someone had sat on the remote. "everyone *mumble mumble*" He looked down and blushed slightly.
[23:21] <Ginevre‘Fontaine> ["Please speak up, Sera-kun."]
[23:27] <Sept> The boy’s cheeks blushed further. "This time… everyone. Let me protect them. They had to. I didn't have a chance to do that before, not properly. I-it's probably just silly, but. That's why I, and I think One. Enjoyed it."
[23:31] <Ginevre‘Fontaine> "You enjoy protecting people, Sera?"
[23:35] <Sept> They might as well have been discussing his sexual preferences. "I, no, I mean, maybe, but. Everyone counted on me… Aline and Yanmei, and, I guess, Paris. And I just. S-somehow knew I wouldn’t let them down. Whatever happened."
[23:38] <Ginevre‘Fontaine> ["What about EVA-01? Did it have any doubts?"]
[23:39] * Sept shook his head, and answered without hesitation. "No. We both knew it."
[23:41] <Ginevre`Fontaine> ["Do you and 01 often feel such a strong shared connection, even at lower ratios?"]
[23:45] <Sept> "Connection? I’m not sure what exactly you mean..? I mean, I feel the thoughts whenever we're synched, but..?"
[23:46] <Ginevre‘Fontaine> ["Well, for the both of you to decide that you -would- save the city despite anything that happened… It’s a strong, unified feeling. Do you often experience that?"]
[23:53] * Sept fell silent. "Maybe… after Belgium? Not in the other battles, though… like I said, I didn't have the chance to show that the other times."
[23:53] <Ginevre‘Fontaine> ["Hm…" Dr. Ikari tapped her chin. "I see. And what is 01 like?"]
[00:06] <Sept> "He… he likes Paris. Always annoyed, angry at the Angels… trespassing. And after Belgium, he, he wanted me to know. It was important for him that I know who… who he…" The words visibly caught in Sera’s throat, and he covered his mouth with both hands. His eyes were suddenly misty, and he began sobbing, slowly, though some of it sounded more like hiccups. In the midst of all this,
[00:06] <Sept> Sera looked… bewildered?
[00:07] <Ginevre‘Fontaine> [There was a stunned silence at the table.-
[00:07] <Ginevre`Fontaine> "… Sera? What’s wrong?" Asked Ginevre softly.
[00:22] <Sept> Slowly, the boy managed to bring himself back under control. Though he still just stared forwards at a lower angle, neglecting to wipe the tears from his face. "Th-… The dream. One was… What was it? Vessel… Three seeds… He… it was him he, h-he -hurt- me. And I, oh god I stabbed him I'm so sorryyyy…"
[00:28] <Ginevre‘Fontaine> [A shadow crossed Dr. Ikari’s face. She and Ginevre exchanged a glance filled with significance, whilst poor Natasha looked on in horror.-
[00:29] <Ginevre‘Fontaine> [In fact, the look on Natasha’s face wasn't horror. It was as if she had been given a beautiful, cherished teddy bear the day she was born- a teddy bear that she had treasured for her entire life. Then one day someone sets the teddy bear on fire. -That- is what she looks like. She might even burst into tears herself.-
[00:29] <Ginevre‘Fontaine> "W-Was this the battle?" Asked Ginevre. Then, a pause. "… No, this was something else. What is it, Sera?"
[00:39] <Sept> "It was P-Paris. But it was wrong, and… the hangar? Was it larger or smaller..? One was bound, and… and at the same time not? He was angry, I… After that, I don’t…"
[00:41] <Ginevre‘Fontaine> "The dream." Murmured Ginevre, with a sudden tone of voice that suggested she had just connected a few dots. She stood up, walking around the table until she was at Sept’s side. She bent down, put a hand on his cheek and peered into his eyes. "Sera. What did he say?"
[00:49] <Sept> "Th-the plan… the sacred plan, the vessel isn't complete until two more seeds… but one of the seeds was broken, I. I. Ginevre what is, is that s-something?"
[00:50] * Ginevre‘Fontaine stared back at Dr. Ikari.-
[00:51] <Ginevre`Fontaine> ["…" Dr. Ikari shook her head. "Probably nerve contamination affecting the brain during sleep."-
[00:52] <Ginevre`Fontaine> "Did you hear that, Sera?" Said Ginevre quietly. "That means it doesn’t mean anything. It was just a dream. Just a dream about 01, because you're so close to him, that's all. It was just a silly nightmare."
[00:54] <Sept> "R-really..? H-he was so angry… he wanted to show everyone what had happened to him…"
[00:58] * Ginevre‘Fontaine hugged Sera. It was a close, affectionate hug. "Trust me, Sera. It wasn’t anything. It was just… You're probably scared. You're probably afraid he'll be angry at you for leaving him alone in Paris so long, so you're having nightmares. It's alright. It's alright…"
[01:03] * Sept returned the hug. "It wasn't… anything. R-right… Yeah. It's alright. Th-thank you…" Hug status: Not going anywhere for a while.
[01:04] * Ginevre‘Fontaine probably wasn’t going anywhere soon either.-
[01:05] <Ginevre`Fontaine> ["W-We should probably speak about this later." Murmured Dr. Ikari, standing up -followed by the distraught Natasha, who indeed did have tears rolling down her cheeks.]
[01:11] * Sept clung. The embrace took his mind off the pain and the secrets for the time being and, coupled with the rhythmically slow crashing of the waves, even washed some of his worries away. But Sera was a long way from home… and something was missing.

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