For The Searching Of The Heart

[20:57] <Dorian> [[SESSION 10: Neon Genesis Evangelion. Date: 15th of June, 2015. Episote Title: For the Searching of the Heart.-
[20:59] <Dorian> [It's a bright morning over the Ouverture Resort. The snowfall had stopped, leading to a beautiful blue sky over white Alpine lands. The holiday crew had been… 'Summoned', one could say, to the restaurant.-
[21:00] <Dorian> [Upon arrival, they'd notice that everyone was, indeed, there, and wearing their thickest, warmest of clothes. All except for Edgar Chevalier, who was, in fact, wearing nothing but a pair of undershorts.]
[21:05] * Sept arrived, slightly covered in snow. He had taken an early start to the day to get some Special Alpine Exploration done. "Hello, everyone. Hello, Edgar. Judo outfit?"
[21:05] * Yanmei broke off her socializing long enough to stare at Edgar. "…have you ever heard of hypothermia, Chevalier?" She herself was dressed in grays and pinks and purples, her pink knit cap making a reappearence along with a matching scarf and gloves.
[21:07] <Dorian> ["No, de Pteres. This is my -Alpine exploration outfit-. It's immune to hypothermia." He shoots Yanmei a dirty look.]
[21:07] <Dorian> [Alex is sitting nearby, staring off into space with a look that suggests that he wants nothing to do with this.]
[21:07] * Aline had at least an inkling of the sort of weather she was getting herself into (maybe), if only by osmosis or guesswork if nothing else. So, she came ready for arctic hellhole conditions - long black pants, high boots, and perhaps most importantly, a (considering her size, compact) navy blue parka, well, navy-blue except for the somewhat-cute white fur lining around the hood. …Maybe
[21:07] * Aline she was overdressed for the weather comparatively?
[21:09] <Dorian> [Shinji could be seen next to Aline, wearing himself a relatively similar outfit, colour-coded into blue and red. Isaiah and Viviane were nearby as well- the former well-dressed and eyeing the outside, the latter giggling to herself uncontrollably.-
[21:09] <Dorian> "I'm glad you're all here. I've got a special surprise for you all today." Said Dorian, grinning.
[21:12] <Yanmei> "Surprise? That sounds exciting, Major~" Inwardly, she was frowning, wondering if this would lead to no good.
[21:13] * Aline was unversed in PR-fu, so instead she just tilted her head. "…Ah?" …Also, for that matter, slowly angling her vision to look towards Viviane. While the giggling was curious… well, she just couldn't drop her initial reaction to what Yui told her.
[21:14] <Sept> "Ooooh." Sera bounced slightly in anticipation.
[21:17] <Dorian> "That's right. When we first arrived here, there was worry that we wouldn't be able to enjoy one of the mountain's most prized treasures." Dorian turned to look out at the area. "A whole side of the mountain looked like it'd be blocked off… But the management has told me it's open, and it's safe, and it's full of interesting sights. Animals have started to return to the area." Dorian grinned-
[21:17] <Dorian> And pointed towards a table of cameras. "This might be your only chance to take memories of such a place."
[21:21] <Yanmei> "Hm, interesting." Her hopes were starting to raise a bit. "So we each take a camera and head off and find animals to shoot. This really -is- kind of exciting."
[21:23] <Sept> "Yes!" The boy actually jumped at the news. "This is -perfect- thank you Dorian." He eyed the others excitedly.
[21:23] <Dorian> "Well, you'll be going together, with your partner- in teams of 4-6 people. It's best that way."
[21:24] * Aline nodded slowly, thinking… "Other than the animals, is there anything else… special, or treasured about this side of the mountain?" She looked a bit confused at -some- of the buildup. But only some.
[21:25] <Dorian> ["It's home to the Whistling Valley." Said Viviane, emerging from her giggles.]
[21:27] * Aline blinkblink. "Ohhh…" She had no real idea. Oops totally missed that part of geography lessons.
[21:27] <Dorian> ["Do you… Know what that is?"
[21:27] <Sept> "The Whistling Valley..?"
[21:28] <Dorian> [Viviane turned to look at Sept now, too. "It's a narrow valley, filled with stone that's been worn away over time. The wind blows through the valley, and because of how the stones have formed, produces a musical, whistling tone."]
[21:33] <Sept> "…oh? Strange. I'd definitely like to see it! But… we can't capture that with the cameras, can we?"
[21:33] <Dorian> ["We can't. Which is why we have to carry the memories in our hearts~"]
[21:33] * Aline shrugged her shoulders a little. "But we'll still experience it." She looked left and right. "Or that."
[21:34] * Yanmei stretched. As -fascinating- as talking about wind and rock formations sounded… "Let's get started and experience it, then!"
[21:35] <Dorian> "Yes, let's. Start getting into your teams!"
[21:37] <Dorian> [It wouldn't be surprising to see the Bunnies and Patrice get together- although without Dorian, or Asuka. Asuka and Alex teamed up, along with Tsubaki and Dr. Akagi. Edgar was going alone, mostly naked, because he had made a bet with Frederic to do -exactly that-.]
[21:44] <Sept> "Ah… I'm fine with going alone, if you want to…"
[21:46] <Dorian> [Viviane stared at Sept. Stared.]
[21:46] * Aline tilted her head, thinking of the options. Shinji was a given. She wouldn't mind being with Sera and Yanmei, but she wanted them to decide for themselves… hmm hmm hmm. "Well… I don't -think- you should, but if you'd rather…" Aline sighed, not out of a negative emotion per se, but just from concentration. "I'm going with Shinji either way, but I don't want to force you or Yan-yan
[21:46] * Aline to do it one way or another.
[21:47] * Sept crumpled. "Or we can go together, if you'd like."
[21:48] <Dorian> ["I think it'd be better if we did." Said Viviane, smiling sweetly.]
[21:50] <Yanmei> "It's not that hard," Yanmei sighed. "I'll be coming along too, Blanc. You're okay with that, right?" She glanced to Isaiah.
[21:51] <Dorian> [Isaiah nodded graciously. "That's not a problem with me." He looked over toward Shinji, who stared back. Somewhere in their shy boy minds triggered the shy boy herding instinct.]
[21:52] * Aline did nod~ "Yeah, a Yanmei is fine, as is bringing Isaiah along~"
[21:53] * Dorian clapped his hands. "So… You four are together…?" Dorian gestured at Aline, Yanmei and their respective partners… Then over towards Sept. "And the two of you…?"
[21:54] * Aline smiled at Sera, deciding to twist his ignorant intentions. "Look, if you two want to be alone, I'll understand! But we do have 2 slots left over if you don't. If not, I think I know who I'd bring along~"
[21:55] <Dorian> [Yanmei would feel something tugging on her leg.]
[21:56] * Yanmei would glance down at said tugging a little reluctantly. She recalled a bet made with a certain brotherly duo that might go down the toilet if those two went off alone…
[21:57] <Dorian> [Yanmei would be staring into the eyes of tiny little Ikari Rei, who was staring up at her.]
[22:01] <Yanmei> "… well hello there, sweetie." She flashed a brilliant smile. Inside the heart of even novice politicians was something that instinctively knew that being nice to cute little kids was a good idea. "What can I do for you?"
[22:03] <Dorian> ["Aheh." Dr. Ikari glided over now, patting Rei on the head. "She wants us to come with you."]
[22:03] * Sept smiled back at Aline, nodding toward Rei. "It looks like you have someone else who'd want to come along."
[22:05] <Dorian> [Viviane collected a camera, giggling as she stepped over to Sept. "We should get going!"]
[22:05] * Aline nodded to Sera. "Seems so. Well…" Aline looked over at him more closely. "…If you're going to experience this alone…" Then a gaze to Viviane. "…Make the best of it, okay?~" She winked.
[22:05] <Dorian> [Viviane winked back. Poor, poor Sept.]
[22:07] <Yanmei> "Well~" She glanced back at Aline and Sept, who were already parting, godblast it. Well. It was de Pteres. Chances were nothing would actually happen; the cloak of cluenessness around him was too thick. "I think we can manage that! Welcome aboard."
[22:09] <Sept> "Right! Have fun, Yanmei, Aline!"
[22:09] <Dorian> ["Thank you." Said Dr. Ikari, patting Rei on the head again. The little girl smiled lovingly up at Yanmei… Then turned toward Shinji and gave him a look that could only be matched by sadistic mountain lions.]
[22:09] * Tao is now known as Oat
[22:10] <Dorian> "Be safe, you two! Make sure you keep your walkie-talkies handy."
[22:11] <Yanmei> "…" Poor Shinji. But my, wouldn't this be entertaining~? Yanmei waved a pleasant goodbye to Sept before he left with Viviane. "So long~"
[22:11] * Aline sensed something was Amiss, but… by the time she looked around, Rei's expression vanish. So instead, she just ruffled Shinji's… parka hood. "Okay then, let's get ready for ~adventure~"
[22:12] <Dorian> [Shinji reddened. "R-right! Let's get going. Oh…" He grabbed the camera.]
[22:13] * Yanmei checked her own gear. Cell phone for emergencies. Medkit. "I'm good to go too!"
[22:17] * Aline was far more… touristy. She pulled out her small video camera, and her pair of binoculars. "Ready!"
[22:19] <Dorian> [Dr. Ikari had a camera, too! As did Isaiah. "Let's get going!"-
[22:19] <Dorian> [Slowly, the teams started to filter out and disperse.]
[22:25] * Yanmei took the lead! There was a bounce in her step, as she reached the door and pushed it open. "Well, then! Let's get started! It's a shame we didn't bring some sort of bait, right? That would make this easier!"
[22:25] * Aline walkekd out a lot more calmly. "Bait for the bears and mountain lions, too. We'll just have to be quiet and careful, right?"
[22:26] <Dorian> ["Erm… Bears?" Shinji looked at Aline. "I… Didn't know there were bears here."]
[22:27] * Aline shrugged her shoulders openly. "I'll be honest, I don't know if they're here either! But they -might- be." She paused. "Okay, they're more likely than other dangerous wildlife. Like the 7th Angel."
[22:28] <Dorian> [Isaiah's eyes widened at that. "Um. Hm."]
[22:29] <Yanmei> "Do Angels count as wildlife now?" Yanmei seemed amused by that. At Isaiah's expression, she chuckled. "Don't worry. I'm sure at least one of us is armed in case we do run into something dangerous?" Probably not the Ikaris, or Isaiah himself. She gave Aline a questioning glance.
[22:30] <Dorian> ["I brought a knife. Wouldn't be very good against a bear…" Murmured Isaiah.]
[22:30] <Dorian> ["You can't expect me to bring a weapon." Said Dr. Ikari sweetly. "I'm a harmless scientist!"]
[22:31] * Aline frowned. "…The only weapons I requisitioned are too big to be discreet so I left them at home… I mean…" She sighed. "/You/ try walking around with an authentic German Zweihander from the late Renaissance and see if you don't get in trouble with the resort staff!"
[22:31] <Dorian> ["A Zwwhat?" Asked Shinji curiously.]
[22:32] * Aline stretched her arms out. "German for 'two-hander'. Real big straight western-style sword."
[22:33] <Dorian> ["Ohhhh."]
[22:34] <Yanmei> "Well, I didn't think about bringing my revolver along. It's just for practice, anyway?" Yanmei almost frowned. "I guess if we run into trouble, we could always throw rocks or something? How crude, though…"
[22:34] * Aline nodded, then raised a finger helpfully. "Or run for our lives!"
[22:36] <Dorian> ["Better crude then…" Isaiah received a tug on his leg, and looked down to find Rei staring up at him. "Um. Hello." He smiled cautiously, looked up at Yui, who asked Rei something… Then giggled. "She wants to…" She picked Rei up.-
[22:37] <Dorian> [Isaiah would now have a giggling Rei on his shoulders.]
[22:37] * Aline decided that this was a -perfect- moment to be all "Awwwww~"
[22:43] <Yanmei> "Hey, hey, picture!" Yanmei nudged Aline
[22:43] <Dorian> [Isaiah blinked, then blushed. "U-uh? W-wait!" If he was having a semi-embarrassing picture taken, then there's no way he was having it without Yanmei. He lunged, grabbing her in a sudden hug, with Rei's hands on both of their heads.]
[22:44] * Aline quickly pulled out the camera, aimed it… did a quick dash around the scene -while- tapping out the buttons to switch it to still mode (digital yo), then "Smile, even though you already are~" *snap!*
[22:44] <Aline> "…" Another snap. "Righto, blur lines. Thanks~"
[22:46] <Yanmei> "Wh-whoa, hey!" Yanmei's smile would probably look a little more -surprised- than usual in the final picture, not having much time to prepare for it. Still, she did her best! "That was a sneaky thing to do."
[22:47] <Dorian> ["You deserved it." Said Isaiah with a grin, before disengaging and making sure little Rei was in place.]
[22:47] * Aline just giggled excessively. "It was fun, though, wasn't it?" …She by now had formed up back in 'rank'. And by rank, we mean 'gently grabbing one of Shinji's hands'. Of course this time she wasn't being -quite- as squishy-huggy, mostly because she didn't want to melt the poor kid's mind.
[22:47] <Dorian> ["Very cute." Said Dr. Ikari with a smile. "But come on! I want to see these animals~"-
[22:48] <Dorian> [Shinji had a hand grabbed. And even though he was blushing… Aw, hell. He decided to squeeze back a little more tightly, and maybe even snuggle in just a little.]
[22:51] <Yanmei> "Where would animals hang out, anyway? By water? If there are some streams around, maybe we could walk along them?"
[22:52] * Aline started to go into instructor mode. "That's likely, though given the temperature that might not be as good a call. I think at this point they'll be foraging! Things like goats and deer're probably around where the low brush grows, so I guess where the forest's denser?"
[22:53] <Yanmei> "Sounds like a plan!" Yanmei beamed, turning to Aline, and after a beat or two brought up her own camera to capture her holding hands with her new boyfriend~
[22:54] * Aline was surprisingly calm about it - well, she did smile - but was otherwise pretty chill. Literally chill too.
[22:55] <Dorian> ["A-ah!" Shinji was not Aline, and you could tell because how easily his reactive smile turned to blushes and shy eyes. Rei giggled endlessly.]
[22:57] * Yanmei could not help but giggle as well. God, this was fun.
[22:58] * Aline did squeeze back reassuringly! "Now now, just relax, everyone gets their turn at this~"
[23:01] <Dorian> [Dr Ikari giggled. Both of her children in cute photos~ What more could a mother ask for? The father to be there, of course, but Gendo was busy. She kept her smile up as she shepherded her herd of cats onward toward the trees.]
[23:04] * Aline proceeded forwards with gusto~ Yaaay family trip-of-sorts!"
[23:09] <Dorian> [The group would make their way into their own part of the forest… And find themselves, before long, at a running water stream. To touch it would reveal that it was extremely cold (of course) and that it was running down the mountain.]
[23:12] * Yanmei peered into the stream, trying to spot any fish. The rocks at the edge looked kinda slippery, so she was trying to be very careful in addition to being quiet.
[23:15] * Aline on the other hand was ranging up and down it (within eyeshot of the group!) to try to see if anything was getting a drink! And trying to be steeealthy at the same time.
[23:17] <Dorian> [No animals… That walked. In the tree above them, however, they'd see a tiny little bird the size of a robin, flitting about from branch to branch. Eventually it took off, flying downstream.]
[23:20] * Aline made a little pout… and readied her camera to go chase it! "Come baaaack~"
[23:24] * Yanmei glanced up long enough to blink at Aline, and then to try to spot what she was after. "Huh?" After a moment, though, she returned her attention to the stream. Anything? Even a couple of snails? Some moss?
[23:27] <Dorian> [There were snails… Now that Yanmei was looking, she could see… A lizard of some kind, slithering across some of the rocks. It was glossy and black.]
[23:29] <Dorian> [Aline, however, would come to a brief break in the trees, where she could see the stream emerge- into what was clearly a lake. Parts of it seemed frozen, but Aline could certainly see animals nearby…!]
[23:30] <Yanmei> Ewwww! Yanmei shuddered, but she raised her camera and focused on the lizard, and pressed the button to take the shot so she wouldn't have to stare at it anymore. She would attempt the same treatment with the equally gross snails.
[23:33] * Aline …ran right back! She had considered yelling, but that'd probably scare them off. So… once she arrived back at the -scene-… "Heyyyy I found the lake this thing empties out to and there's all sorts of things there!"
[23:33] <Dorian> ["Oh?" Shinji looked up now, from where he'd been studying… What was it he was looking at? Some sort of bug. This was quite the wildlife.]
[23:35] <Yanmei> "Ha! I knew it." Yanmei beamed. "What's there? Bears? Squirrels? Um… bears?" Her knowledge of wildlife was apparently a little lacking.
[23:36] * Aline blushed a bit! "Uh… I… didn't check? Biggish! And fuzzy!"
[23:39] * Yanmei nodded. That sounded interesting! "Let's investigate, then."
[23:40] * Aline nodded and thumbs-upped. "Right!" She peeeered over at Shinji. "Come on, maybe we'll get an alpaca or - oh wait that's in the Andes. We'll get something!"
[23:41] <Dorian> [Returning to the lake. They'd see, now that they were really looking- a collection of deer! Or, they assumed they were deer; they had no antlers at all. On the far side of the lake were other animals- a pair of rabbits, cautiously dabbing their mouths into the chilly water. Rei pointed and started shouting (albeit relatively quietly)]
[23:41] * Aline on the other hand drew her camera like a gun, used the viewfinder, and took in a single deep breath. Set up the shot…
[23:43] * Yanmei for her part, did her best to hush Rei. "Shh, shh! Here. Let me show you how to use my camera so you can take pictures too. (Of Shinji)."
[23:43] <Dorian> [Shinji was crouching next to Aline. He pointed down at the deer. "T-Those are deer! But… No stag?"-
[23:44] <Dorian> [Rei didn't know what Yanmei was saying, but she heard 'Shinji' and the rest of it was sort of picked up. She giggled quietly, smothering her mouth with one hand and idly toying with Isaiah's hair with the other.]
[23:46] * Aline pondered that. "…Curious… Probably should be on the lookout for one then." Scan scan scan. Acquire the target… Snap! She traced a line across the lake… Snap. Then?… She lowered the camera and fiddled with it a bit. Video mode go! "Mmm, live footage~"
[23:47] <Dorian> [There was the sound of a flight of birds taking to the sky. At some unknown natural trigger… The animals bolted.-
[23:48] * Yanmei demonstrated as well as she could given the language barrier. She pointed at the viewfinder and peered through it and tapped at the button obviously, and then shifted, letting Rei do the same.-
[23:48] <Dorian> [The deer ran, the rabbits panicked- and an elegant, dark brown shape- a large bird!- glided over the lake- swooping over the rabbits and grabbing one, before vanishing.]
[23:49] * Aline desperately panned to catch it in the shot, but the most she got was a lot of crazy blurry movement, then the large bird flying off with a rabbit! "…Poor bunny."
[23:49] <Yanmei> But that phenomenon made her jaw drop, and she stared wide-eyed. "Wh- wait. What on earth was that?!"
[23:49] <Dorian> [Rei reached out and watched intently… And paid attention. She looked over at her mother- who nodded, but was mostly watching the scene- as she took the camera, using Isaiah's head as a tripod. "B-bunny!" She gasped.-
[23:50] <Dorian> ["I-It must've been some kind of bird. An… Eagle, maybe." Said Isaiah, eyes wide and breathless.]
[23:53] * Aline nodded. "…Yeah. Something like that…" She did sort of peer at Yanmei a bit… but then took another breath, and for now cut the video feed. …This did imply that the videologue would mostly be quick nature clips.
[23:53] <Dorian> ["D-Do we wanna go down there…?"]
[23:54] <Dorian> [… Said Shinji.]
[23:54] * Aline folded her arms… but then turned aroudn to Shinji. She wasn't /grinning/ per se, but she did have a slight smile. "Are you a rabbit?"
[23:55] <Dorian> ["U-U-Uh, um, n- That is, do y-you want me to be?"]
[23:57] * Aline giggled. "Come on, Shin-chan~ The eagle -caught- the rabbit. You're too big to be a rabbit! Soooo you have nothing to worry about!" She then wagged her finger. "It'd be like you just suddenly running down an elephant and trying to carry it off whole to eat! Eagles do that to stuff!" But, a shrug. "Now maybe if we were in a desert or savannah, the vultures might be more inclined to
[23:57] * Aline do that, bu~t only if you're already almost dead." Theeeen Aline beeped him on the nose. "And you're not dying right now, so A-okay even then!"
[23:57] <Dorian> [Yanmei's eye would suddenly be caught by a dashing red shape flitting through trees- the visage of a red fox.-
[23:58] <Dorian> [Shinji reddened. "… Um. Th-that's… Er."]
[00:01] * Yanmei gasped suddenly. She borrowed her camera from Rei with an apologetic expressing, and then took off running! Just like firing a battle rifle with a scope. Focus on the red shape through the trees up ahead - god, it was fast - she pulled the trigger!
[00:02] <Dorian> [Isaiah swivelled, holding Rei steady. "What? What did you see?"]
[00:03] * Aline patted Shinji on the shoulder. "Ah? What is it?"
[00:04] <Dorian> [Shinji looked up. "Er, Yanmei-san caught something!"]
[00:04] <Yanmei> "Hmm." She took a moment to catch her breath before turning and starting to pad back to the others, the camera clutched in both hands. "A red thing. Fox, I think?" She prepared to surrender the camera over to Rei again with great care.
[00:05] * Aline suddenly nodded. "Ohhhh. Nice catch there! Foxes are elusive in even the best conditions~"
[00:06] <Dorian> [Rei stared at the picture, singing a word over and over.]
[00:06] <Yanmei> "I don't think it was the greatest shot, but I tried. Hm?" she glanced at that little girl curiously.
[00:07] <Dorian> ["She's saying 'fox'." Said Dr. Ikari, smiling. "But come on. We should go down there and see what we find!"]
[00:08] * Aline smiled~ "Yes! We should. And it's okay, I'll fend off any eagles with my -super combat skills-." She did a mock-martial-arts-stance.
[00:09] <Yanmei> "I'd like to see that," Yanmei giggled, starting off. "And capture it on film, too~"
[00:10] <Dorian> [The lake area was quiet and had a sense of pristine feel about it. It was a place where humans couldn't sustain themselves for long without great care, and in that sense it remained… Pure. There was something about the area that seemed to create a feeling of natural peace, despite what they'd just seen.-
[00:10] <Dorian> ["Should've done Judo, Aline." Said Isaiah, snickering.]
[00:11] * Aline shudddddered. "Not with that club leader!" Though… she sighed. "Admittedly, none of my combat training actually means a thing out here. Oh well!"
[00:13] <Yanmei> "Now, now. He's not so bad. He -is- going to get himself killed out here, though," Yanmei said thoughtfully.
[00:14] <Dorian> ["Um." Isaiah grabbed Yanmei's arm. "Y-Y-Yanmei."]
[00:14] * Aline frowned. "…He's… weird, though. Er… Not that I have room to talk." But… Aline shrugged openly, instead just taking in the views… and making a few shots.
[00:15] <Yanmei> "Yes?" She turned to Isaiah at his grab. Was that a fearful 'Y-Y-Yanmei' or an excited one?
[00:16] <Dorian> [Yanmei would soon find out, because he was pointing at the tree line… The tree line they'd just come from.-
[00:17] <Dorian> [A wolf emerged from the line. It paused, staring up at them- as if it'd just realised they were there.]
[00:17] * Aline …continued to take shots. She totally had no clue. She'd need to be warned, because… well. Oblivious Aline is oblivious.
[00:18] * Yanmei instantly reached out to grab cameraman Aline's arm, forming sort of a human-chain
[00:18] <Dorian> ["A-Aline."]
[00:18] <Dorian> [… Shinji, again.]
[00:20] * Aline blinked, and - still looking through the camera's viewfinder - she pivoted completely. "Yes, Shin-cha-a-a-a… uh…" Realization. It just sank in. Aline suddenly developed a rather pronounced sweat.
[00:21] <Dorian> ["Y-Yanmei. T-Take Rei." Murmured Isaiah, staring at it. The wolf stared back.-
[00:21] <Dorian> [A sound from Aline's left. Another animal. Another wolf, this one looking bloodied.]
[00:23] <Yanmei> "The picture, Blanc," Yanmei said. "I've never seen one up close-! Oh." This was suddenly not looking good. Carefully, she pulled Rei from Isaiah, but not trusting her to be safe on her own two feet, just held her awkwardly.
[00:24] * Aline lowered her camera… "Ohhh dear…" …and actually put it away in some mysterious netherpocket of the parka. She looked left and right. "…Do you… happen to know… how to act around wolves…?"
[00:24] <Dorian> [Rei was scared. She was shaking!-
[00:24] <Dorian> ["U-Um, A-Aline, I…" Shinji was looking at her, pale. Dr. Ikari was reaching for her phone quickly, whilst Isaiah'd withdrawn a short cutting knife from a sheath. "W-What do we do?"]
[00:27] <Yanmei> "Don't worry." Yanmei filled her voice with confidence, hopefully something that would reach through that darn language barrier again. "I've heard that they're more scared of people than we are of them. Let's try not to act scared, and just move off slowly."
[00:28] * Aline bit her lip, and bit it hard. "…Right… Right! Don't be too threatening. Just… move away slowly. If that doesn't work… I'll be ready." She looked at Isaiah. "You be ready too, okay?" …Aline started to backpedal.
[00:29] <Dorian> ["R-Right." Isaiah started to step back…-
[00:29] <Dorian> [A third wolf appeared, now. It too was bloodied, but… No. It was injured. It was limping, and as it emerged, it… Collapsed forward into the snow.]
[00:30] * Aline shook her head. "…They're weakened. I don't think they'll want to attack us…" She did have a worried look. "What happened to their pack?…"
[00:31] * Yanmei eyed the knife in Isaiah's hands, wishing that they could trade off. She didn't like the idea of him trying to -fight- those things. "Wait. What could do that to a group of wolves? Human hunters, maybe?"
[00:31] <Dorian> ["We… Should we check the wound?" Asked Dr. Ikari, stepping forward.]
[00:32] <Dorian> [Rei was trembling still, little beads of tears gathering in her scared eyes.]
[00:32] * Aline pondered… "Maybe, but…" She stared further out. "We should. I… I'll try the first contact. I'm the least injured of the combat-trained ones of us, I should do it." …So, she quietly approached the bloodied-but-standing wolf. With a very soft tone of voice… "Stay… still…"
[00:33] <Dorian> [The other, bloodied wolf growled, but the unharmed one crouched, watching. The prone wolf didn't move.]
[00:33] <Yanmei> "Blanc…" They were still wild animals! Yanmei tried to calm Rei, rubbing her back gently.
[00:35] * Aline crouched down… paused… and then tilted her head, staring at the bloodied wolf quietly. "If it doesn't tear apart buildings or vaporize cities, it can't be that bad." She had a neeervous smile, suggesting she wasn't actually -impervious- to fear. "Right?" For now, though, she remained crouched, even blinking a few times while looking at the wolf she marked. A staredown would be
[00:35] * Aline seen as a sign of aggression…
[00:36] <Dorian> [The wolf was in no way able to really stare back. Its eyes were closing. The bloodied wolf started circling now, coming closer to Shinji, who stared back in horror.]
[00:36] * Yanmei relaxed a little herself, a wry smile building. She had a point, but…
[00:38] * Aline looked at Shinji… and had a thought. She extended her hand to him. "…Shinji. Take my hand. Just… do it. If… if thinking about you was enough to let me rise up to stand against the 6th Angel without falling to my depression…" She reached out a bit further. "…Can you let me help you stand with these wolves?"
[00:40] <Dorian> [Shinji stared at her for a moment. He reached out and grabbed her hand, gripping it tightly. He nodded- his face changing slightly. More set.-
[00:41] <Dorian> [The healthy wolf had had enough. It bolted now, charging at Isaiah- snapping at his legs and body violently. The boy stumbled back, knife up. "Y-Yan…!"]
[00:43] * Aline suddenly turned in shock! Stupid stupid wolf! "H-huh?! No, why…?" She moved forward, squeezing Shinji's hand… while balling up her other one. Things started to flow in heartbeats for her now.
[00:44] <Yanmei> "Isaiah!" She couldn't move forward to shield him, but she could glare balefully at the wolf.
[00:46] <Dorian> [The wolf moved to attack again… But there was something in Yanmei's stance, her expression. Ancient instincts triggered- the basic urge to fight or flight switched. Already mad with fear, the wolf bolted into the woods.]
[00:46] * Yanmei -glared-. She channeled the spirit of EVA-04, throwing every bit of rage and malice that she could muster behind that look.
[00:47] <Dorian> [The wolf harassing Aline and Shinji looked around frantically, now… Before it too, ran. Leaving only the injured wolf alone. It tried to get to its feet. It collapsed pathetically into the snow, mewling.]
[00:48] * Aline sighed… "Well… we can't very well… leave this one, even if its friend was stupid…" She decided now to go ahead and examine its wounds!
[00:49] <Dorian> [The wolf had injured its rear leg… And there were gashes across its body. Wide injuries… Serious wounds that were bleeding.-
[00:49] <Dorian> [Rei clung to Yanmei! Even though the wolves were gone, the feeling of safety…]
[00:49] <Dorian> [Shinji breathed a sigh of relief. He followed Aline over nevertheless, keeping close.]
[00:50] * Yanmei … was relaxing again now. The threatening ones were gone, and her rage was starting to drain away. "Everyone okay? Isaiah?"
[00:51] <Dorian> [Isaiah was instilled with adrenaline, and he looked over at Yanmei, his eyes wide… He nodded shakily. "I'm fine."]
[00:53] * Aline eyed the gashes critically. "…I'm no forensics expert, but… human hunters prefer rifles…" She rummaged around in a pocket, taking out a small scarf she had ended up not wearing… and starting to wrap it around some of the gashes. It was a reeeal long white scarf, so it was more than long enough to tie off around some of the wounds. "The… least I can do."
[00:54] <Dorian> ["W-Wait." Isaiah sheathed his knife. "Yanmei, you have a medkit, right?"]
[00:54] <Yanmei> "Yes! That's right." She had almost forgotten about it. She shuffled around, so that Isaiah could grab it out of her pack and help.
[00:55] * Aline …stopped. Riiight before she pressed it against actual blood. "Oh. Right. Right! We have an emergency medicine practicioner and a medkit. Silly me!" …Instead, she put on the scarf!
[00:56] <Dorian> [Isaiah quickly ruffled about in Yanmei's bag… Pulling out the medkit. "I-I don't know animals, but the principles…" He headed over to the wolf, kneeling down next to it.-
[00:56] <Dorian> [Shinji hugged Aline. It was a very tight hug, and he didn't care if his mother was looking on. "S-So brave…"]
[00:57] * Aline was a bit surprised, and hugged back! …Leaving stray scarf-ends all over Shinji. It really was a damn big scarf. "Aw… Th… thanks, Shinji…"
[00:58] <Dorian> [Yanmei would find Rei taken from her hands now, by a pale Yui. "I sh-should've responded… Better…"]
[01:00] * Yanmei smiled at her quietly. "It was a scary situation. None of us exactly knew what we were doing…"
[01:00] <Dorian> [Isaiah worked. His brow knotting as the wolf bled… And bled. Eventually he looked up, pale and even a little frailer than usual. "… I saved the wolf."]
[01:02] * Aline clapped her hands!… or… tried! She sorta flailed in the middle of the hug. "Er… right. Can't… do the cute happy… handclap thing like this." Then she squeezed harder and leaned into Shinji. "But this'll do~"
[01:02] <Dorian> [Shinji hugged! Emotional euphoria after surviving wolf attacks meant he was more than willing to snuggle close.]
[01:03] <Yanmei> "That's great, Isaiah!" Her dark eyes were wide. "Wow. You're one hell of a doctor."
[01:03] <Dorian> ["I-I don't… I dunno if-" Isaiah blushed. "It won't last for long, though. This is a stopgap. First aid… Um. Are we gonna carry it with us?"]
[01:04] <Yanmei> "Should we?" She looked to Yui at that, actually uncertain.
[01:04] <Dorian> ["… Without dedicated medical assistance, the wolf will die here anyway…"]
[01:06] * Aline frowned… "…As… weird as it must feel… every wild animal is probably endangered, all things considered. We'd be doing the right thing."
[01:08] <Yanmei> "I suppose? Well." She edged forward to help with that if needed. Wolves were heavy, right? "We'd have to go back to the resort, wouldn't we? Get it fixed up properly?"
[01:09] <Dorian> ["Yeah…" Murmured Isaiah. "I wish I had a stretcher or something." With Yanmei's help, though, he'd soon be holding the wolf in his arms. Isaiah might've looked weak, but not so long ago he'd carried someone else out of danger, too, hadn't he?]
[01:10] * Aline squeezed Shinji again. He was a nice stress-squish-boyfriend… but then disengaged, muttering lowly. "Can't really move around like this though…" But… "Mmmm, anyway… Yeah. I don't have much muscle but I can help if you'd like… or I can be the Rei-mobile or… I don't know." Aline looked around, pushing opposing fingers together in that little gesture of uncertainy. "I wanna
[01:10] * Aline be able to help."
[01:11] <Dorian> ["Aline… Keep an eye out for other wolves." Said Dr. Ikari, who was holding her daughter and super-unwilling to let her go.]
[01:12] * Aline nodded. "Right… Right! I'll do that." …And she did, shifting her eyes around with near-paranoid check frequency. Oh, this was nothing new for her. This was just coming home at night.
[01:13] * Yanmei backed off a little once she was sure Isaiah had a good grip on the wolf. "Now which way did we come from? Let's retrace our footsteps."
[01:15] <Dorian> [Footsteps in the snow!]
[01:15] <Dorian> [… Their own.]
[01:16] * Aline found this highly convenient and obvious. Though she wasn't even paying attention to that part of the operation. No, she was still being hyperparanoid lookout, sometimes eyeing Shinji with a 'you alright?' look.
[01:16] * Yanmei led the way, then, with frequent glances back to make sure that they were coming along. She alternated between slow and fast, worried about losing them, but equally worried about being attacked again.
[01:17] <Dorian> [Shinji would be alright. He stuck close to Aline.-
[01:17] <Dorian> [As they progressed up the way they came… They'd see occasional shapes flitting to their left and right. Low grey ones.]
[01:19] <Yanmei> "Drat," she hissed under her breath. She wanted to move faster, but… "Isaiah? May I borrow your knife?"
[01:19] * Aline kept up her scan, peering back and forth at the slight shapes. Probably the rest of the pack. They were watching. Watching. "As long as we keep going, we'll be fine. As long as."
[01:19] <Dorian> ["Go ahead. It's on my belt."]
[01:21] * Yanmei fell back a little, in order to snag it and unsheath it. It was balanced differently than a kitchen knife. More like a prog knife, without the prog. "Thank you. I'll return it when we get back. And… you're probably right, Blanc. Let's keep going."
[01:22] <Dorian> [They moved. And the wolves followed, but never attacked. By the time they were in sight of the resort, the wolves tapered off, running back down into their dark forests.]
[01:24] * Aline by now was walking with less obvious fear and uncertainty… and indeed even tried to lead up front! -Someone- had to explain what happened, right?
[01:25] * Yanmei breathed a sigh of relief, adopting a more sunny disposition herself. "Well! That could have turned out much worse!"
[01:30] <Dorian> ["N-No kidding. We should go in." Said Isaiah, shifting the wolf's weight.]
[01:31] <Yanmei> "Of course!" She hurried along toward the door so that she could open and hold it for Isaiah and Yui, who both had their arms full.
[01:32] * Aline helped with door stuff as well, usually for heavy or double or other odd doors. Though after that… she'd try to accost the first member of resort staff she could find!
[01:34] <Dorian> [There was always Dorian. But either way, the group would enter… And yes, a resort staffer would be nearby. "I-Is that a wolf?" Cried Etoile Waiter. This wasn't romantic at all…]
[01:36] * Aline nodded! "Yes, it's a wolf! There is a long story but it is /injured/ and /needs medical attention/! Is there a veternarian on grounds?" Aline looked frantic, but also a little DRAMATIC, too. What with the big hand gestures and the tone of urgency in her voice.
[01:37] <Dorian> ["E-Er… Right. Right! There's an animal clinic attached to the resort. T-That way!"]
[01:38] <Yanmei> "This place really does have everything," said Yanmei in amazement. "Shall we?"
[01:39] * Aline pointed her arm out like she was a very very over-the-top defense attorney. "Let's SHALL!"
[01:39] <Dorian> [They'd move… But before that, as the door behind them closed, they'd hear the unmistakeable sound of a VTOL Jet engine in the distance.-
[01:41] <Dorian> [The clinic itself was well-maintained and rarely used. There wasn't a receptionist; just an office with a plaque titled "Animal Clinic, Dr. J. Murat" written on the front. An older looking man dwelt inside.]
[01:43] * Aline made it a point to just open the door and dash right in. "Doctor, you've just gained a patient, stand at ready!" …She held out the door… but not before holding her arm wide to the side like she was introducing someone about to go on stage.
[01:44] * Yanmei tried not to giggle. Aline was damn precious when she was worked up like this.
[01:45] <Dorian> ["Hum? What?" The doctor looked up at the… Well, Aline was in a very vaudevillian mood. He stood up. "What's the meaning of this?"-
[01:45] <Dorian> [Isaiah walked past.-
[01:45] <Dorian> ["… What is a wolf…?!"]
[01:46] <Aline> "It's clearly injured. I'm sure someone in our party will pay you accordingly… and it's the right thing to do, ethical preservation of an endaaaangered-maybe speciiiies. Don't you want to do your part for the environment? And still get paid?"
[01:48] <Yanmei> "We found it hurt, in the forest, in the naturey part of the resort," Yanmei added, giving a bit of context. No need to mention that its friends had attacked them. "Will you help? Please?"
[01:51] <Dorian> ["W-Well, all right, all right. Gosh, a grey wolf…" The Doctor took off his glasses and ushered them into a room. "Alright. I'll grab one of the nurses- leave it here and I'll get back to you. Leave your names and room numbers on the sheet out front…"]
[01:56] * Aline bowed deeply. Wait that's not your culture, Aline. OH WELL. "Thank you~"
[01:58] <Yanmei> "Yes! Thank you very much!" Yanmei bowed too! Although that was slightly more in line with her own culture. "Let's go Isaiah. Hm. I wonder where the Major went off to. Shouldn't we report what happened?"
[01:59] <Dorian> [Shinji does bow, and unlike Aline, that actually -is- his culture. Yui finally puts Rei down- the girl clings to her mother's hand- and bows as well.-
[01:59] <Dorian> [Isaiah… Puts the wolf down, then… He bows too, because everyone else is doing it. Finally he exits the little room. "It might be an idea…"]
[02:03] <Aline> "Yes, we probably should… danger to the pilots is probably something he has to… ah, check off on his list." Aline shrugged. "Or… something like that."
[02:05] * Yanmei chuckled. "Well. We should all probably unwind and settle down too, while we're at it. I think we may have come back a little early? So it's like we have the place to ourselves, almost."
[02:07] <Dorian> ["Rei and I… Will certainly be relaxing." Said Dr. Ikari, patting the girl on the head. "It's a shame those wolves were so agitated. I was looking forward to exploring."]
[02:07] * Aline nodded as well… "Yeah, I hope Sera didn't run into anything mean, either…"
[02:09] <Yanmei> "Oh god." The poor clueless guy would get snacked on for sure." She peeked around for the sheet that they were supposed to sign, and then scribbled down her and Isaiah's name and room number. Since he was the wolf's savior, he could get notified about it, right?
[02:13] <Dorian> [Isaiah seemed downcast. "I… I'm a little worried for the wolf now."]
[02:14] * Aline leaned about a little… "I'm sure Dr. Murat is qualified… and has more resources. It'll all work out."
[02:16] <Yanmei> "I'm more worried about why the wolf was hurt that badly in the first place? Aren't they supposed to be pretty tough guys?"
[02:16] <Dorian> ["S-So there's something -worse- than wolves out there?" Asked Shinji quietly.]
[02:20] <Yanmei> "Seems like it. Don't worry, though." She winked. "I bet Blanc will protect you~"
[02:20] <Dorian> [Shinji reddened.]
[02:21] <Dorian> ["I-I would protect her, too." He then added, even if he couldn't meet Yanmei's eyes.]
[02:23] <Yanmei> "Ooo, so romantic~" She reached out and patted him on the head once or twice, and then stepped past him.
[02:23] * Aline smiled warmly. "Let's protect each other~"
[02:24] <Dorian> [Isaiah watched the interplay with a curiously wistful look, before quietly heading towards the door. "Let's go."]
[02:26] <Dorian> [Shinji smiled at Aline, even though his cheeks burned incredibly red from Yanmei's taunts. "R-Right…!"]
[02:28] <Aline> "Yes, let's~…" And she smiled again at Shinji, with a sort of 'it'll be alright' tone to it. Softer, less 'pull'.
[02:28] <Dorian> [They moved off, as a group, leaving the wolf to the capable hands of Dr. Murat. Before long, they'd find the good Major- in the bar, with someone else.-
[02:29] <Dorian> [A handsome-looking young man, with long dark brown hair and spectacles. He was wearing a thick overcoat, white gloves and a scarf. Aline would recognise him…-
[02:29] <Dorian> [As Captain Atticus Nelson.]
[02:33] * Aline raaaaised a brow. What was -he- doing here? For now, for now at least, she'd keep quiet. Let other people more accustomed to talking, do the talking.
[02:39] * Yanmei cleared her throat a bit, stepping forward with a smile. "Hello. We're sorry for interrupting, but we got back a little early and thought we would let you know. Hello, sir." She nodded to the newcommer as well. An odd way to address him though, considering his youth.
[02:41] * Aline briefly nodded in semi-greeting to Atticus. "Ah, Interesting to see you here too, Captain Nelson."
[02:41] * Dorian looked up, quirking an eyebrow. "Eh? You guys weren't supposed to be back for awhile…"-
[02:42] <Dorian> [Atticus stood up, his eyes dancing in delight at the newcomers. Yanmei would realise that he was somewhat taller than she was. "Ah. Pilot Blanc! Good to see you again… And Pilot Zhang. A pleasure." He gave her an elegant, gentlemanly bow. "I don't think we've met! Captain Atticus Nelson of the British Air Force.-
[02:43] <Dorian> ["And, ah…" His eyes raked the group, falling on Dr. Ikari. "Dr. Ikari? It's been awhile. How've you been?"-
[02:44] <Dorian> [Dr. Ikari quickly averted her eyes, frowning slightly. "Fine, Captain Nelson. Ah, Shinji. Rei and I are going to go find something to eat, alright? See you soon." "A-ah, see you-" … His mother made her exit.]
[02:46] <Yanmei> That was a bit of an odd response. Yanmei tried not to make it obvious that she was staring after the woman as she herded her two children away. She did turn a pleasant smile to Captain Nelson, however. "The British Air Force, you say? A bit far from home. Welcome. Will you be staying a while?"
[02:47] <Dorian> ["I will be." The Captain smiled. "Only for a few days."-
[02:48] <Dorian> "Nelson here's a NeoSpartan." Said Dorian, nodding towards Yanmei. "One of the best. He'll be the pilot of Britain's first Evangelion."
[02:49] * Aline …peered… back… and forth. "That was… …uh. Right." She decided to focus on Dorian, though. "And before we all completely forget… There was an incident. None of us were hurt, but… we encountered a wounded wolf pack, and managed to… okay, /Yanmei/ managed to scare off the two that could still move. The third… well, the resort's veternarian is now busy." She said this
[02:49] * Aline quite sheepishly, knitting her hands this way and that.
[02:49] * Dorian quirked an eyebrow. "… Good God in Heaven, never a boring moment with you kids, is it?"
[02:50] * Aline chuckled nervously. "Aheheh, not at all… no. It's not like we -sought them out-, though!"
[02:52] <Dorian> "I should hope not. Was the trip ok otherwise?"
[02:52] <Dorian> [Nelson was listening pleasantly, however. "Scared away some wolves…? Impressive."]
[02:53] * Aline nodded in the affirmative to Dorian. "That it was. Some nice photos, cute little moments, that sort of thing."
[02:54] <Yanmei> "I didn't… uhm…" she was momentarily flustered. Saying it like -that- made her sound like some horrifying ogress. She cleared her throat, however, and pulled her composure back together. "That was nothing. Isaiah here actually treated and saved the injured wolf." She gestured to the boy. "His training with our medical staff really paid off!"
[02:55] * Aline decided to let Yanmei handle this, and remained quiet until further directly questioned.
[02:56] * Dorian smiled. "Well, I'm glad that you guys had fun. The other groups probably won't be back for awhile…"-
[02:57] <Dorian> [Isaiah looked at Yanmei a little nervously. Then back to Nelson, who beamed. "Impressive. On NERV's training staff? Ah… Yes. Isaiah. The name does ring a bell. You were the one who broke into the Geofront!"-
[02:57] <Dorian> "E-er…"]
[02:57] <Dorian> [At this point, two new figures would be seen approaching the resort- Sera and Viviane.]
[02:58] * Aline headtilted. "…I don't recall /that/ little tidbit about his hiring…"
[02:58] <Yanmei> "It's… unrelated." Yanmei kept up her smile. "And I'm curious to know how you know about it, Captain."
[02:59] <Dorian> [Isaiah shifted. Yanmei would sense his urge to retreat here.-
[03:00] <Dorian> ["Oh, it's simple. It was mentioned during Commander Fontaine's hearing." Said the Captain. "The President wanted to know why Isaiah hadn't been shot yet."-
[03:00] <Dorian> [… Isaiah certainly wanted to retreat now.]
[03:00] * Aline tilted her head the /other/ way. "But I thought they said the hearing was… Er… Nevermind. Suffice it to say I think the President is fond of games."
[03:01] <Dorian> "He decided to throw the security breach in there. I think someone in the cabinet wanted it." Said Dorian diffidently.
[03:02] * Yanmei maintained her smile. "-Did- he, now? The President of France, you say?" Committing this to memory. Not that it was hard. She shifted in front of Isaiah a bit, vey discreetly.
[03:03] <Aline> "Right. Something like that. I remember it all sounding very intentionally farcical, so don't worry." She did pause, though. "…Executing the friends of a pilot is a surefire way to get said pilot to decide to try their new EVA tapdancing routine on Central Dogma, anyway." …Ooh, was that a veiled threat? But… she looked at Yanmei. "No, really, I'm pretty sure it was a front to manipulate
[03:03] <Aline> the international community."
[03:06] * Sept came in behind Viviane, lacking the spring he had had in his step when they'd departed. Almost looking like he'd head straight past to his rooms, Sept noticed the crowd at the last moment as he passed by the bar. Still carrying his luggage, he approached. "Hello, Aline, Dorian, Y— Hello, everyone."
[03:07] * Yanmei chuckled. "I'm sure. In any case, since Section-2 isn't knocking down the front door to the resort, I'll assume the Commander defended her position successfully? Hello de Pteres."
[03:09] <Dorian> ["Quite." Said Atticus. "She extoled the virtues of the young little mischiefmaker here-" He pinched Isaiah's cheeks- causing the boy to step back in alarm- "And stormed out in anger. Quite the show…-
[03:09] <Dorian> ["Ah! Pilot de Pteres!" Atticus made his way over, beaming. "Pleased to meet you! Atticus Nelson." He extended a hand. "Potential EVA pilot, whenever Britain gets an EVA, that is."]
[03:10] * Aline let her words stick, and even tried to angle her face so she'd catch a light glint. It… It wasn't working. So Aline instead looked like she was staring at something on the ceiling that was moving up and down. Or something.
[03:12] * Dorian simply stared at Aline and Yanmei. Something screwy going on here. "I hope you aren't intending to dance on my office, Aline. That would make me very sad."
[03:13] * Sept shook, examining the pilot-to-be's face in a… bored? manner. "Hello, Atticus. Sera."
[03:14] * Aline waved her hand a little dismissively. "Well, I doubt you'd be executing my friends, so I won't be sad enough to do that either~"
[03:17] <Dorian> ["I've heard good things about you. Good things." The Captain smiled- ignored Viviane, mostly- and sat down once again. "Did you hear, de Pteres? Your friends here were attacked by wolves."]
[03:19] <Sept> "Wolves?" Sera seemed to cheer up for a moment, before the rest of the words sank in. "…oh, attacked? I'm sorry."
[03:19] <Aline> "We weren't hurt. The wolves were in worse shape than we were, even before we met."
[03:20] * Aline seemed a bit preoccupied, oddly. Like she was thinking about Serious Things.
[03:20] * Yanmei looked fairly relaxed and calm, as if suggest that she was enjoying the conversation now. Sept did draw something of a bewildered stare. "It all ended well, yes. Hopefully you had a nice adventure yourself?"
[03:22] <Sept> "Yeah…" He looked at Viviane, as if she was the only one who could truly tell. "I guess?"
[03:23] <Dorian> [Viviane gave a little sigh, looking up at Yanmei. A quaint little shrug.]
[03:24] <Yanmei> "Well, that's wonderful. You two did come back a bit early, though. The other teams haven't returned yet. Ah, that's right."-
[03:25] <Yanmei> "You'll be happy to know that the other pilots are here as well, Captain, as well as the Commander's son. I'm sure you all have catching up to do."
[03:26] * Aline was almost /absorbed/ in what she was thinking of, though she did briefly glance sympathetically at Viviane.
[03:29] <Dorian> ["Ahah." Captain Nelson stood up. "Is that so?" His eyes flashed toward Viviane for a moment, before he turned to the pilots. "Say. I should introduce you all to my assistant~"]
[03:31] <Sept> "Assistant?" Sera pondered what that meant. Like Patrice? Or more like Freya?
[03:32] * Aline looked up, passingly curiously. "You need an assistant?"
[03:34] * Yanmei said nothing, merely looking on politely with a slight shift and incline of her head
[03:34] <Dorian> ["Naturally. Someone in my line of work needs a secretary to keep everything straight. I'm very busy." He took out a phone. "Does anyone want drinks? I'll have him fetch something on the way."]
[03:35] <Yanmei> "Nothing for me, thank you?" He was really making a show of this, wasn't he?
[03:35] * Aline got this weird… sort of… not quite flatly unamused look, but a 'what is this crap' face scrunch of rank confusion. "…I think I can get my own drinks when I'm thirsty."
[03:36] <Dorian> ["What about you, de Pteres?"]
[03:36] <Sept> "Yes… why not?"
[03:40] <Dorian> ["Excellent." Nelson quickly made a call- the words he spoke were brief and quick. "Yes, hello! A bottle of wine? Make it a red. And do come quickly."-
[03:42] <Dorian> [Before long, a pair of doors opened- the ones to the greater resort hub. A young man came out, easily as young as the pilots were. He was thin, wearing a long cream coat with white gloves. He had very pale skin, light grey hair, and bright red eyes. He held in his hand a bottle of wine, and he smiled. He was humming a tune.-
[03:43] <Dorian> ["My assistant. His name is Nagisa Kaworu, but you can call him Kaworu. I'm sure he won't mind." The Captain seemed very proud of his ability to ignore protocol.]
[03:44] <Yanmei> "Mr. Nagisa. It's a pleasure to meet you. Allow me to welcome you to France and to the resort as well." Yanmei smiled at him.
[03:45] * Aline stared… And then palmed one of her own locks of hair, eyeing it curiously. But she noticed the other traits. Albino? Maybe? Certainly different! "Ah, hello. I don't know if the Captain told you, but I'm Aline Blanc, pilot of unit-00."
[03:49] <Dorian> ["Don't mind me." Said Nagisa cheerfully. He gave a nod to Yanmei- a nod to Aline. He… Seemed to focus for a while on something behind Aline for a surprisingly long time, before putting the bottle of wine down.]
[03:49] <Dorian> [Behind Aline, Shinji shifted uncomfortably.]
[03:50] * Aline tuuuurned behind herself, and looked at Shinji with a sort of uncertain 'are you okay' concerned look.
[03:51] <Dorian> [Shinji did a shifty-eyes look. He wasn't sure how to respond!]
[03:52] * Aline smiled, and did that little dismissive handwave… and muttered a word to him. "Later."
[03:56] <Dorian> [Time… Passes. The little group disband as Nelson and his friend head off to enjoy the sights; over time, the sun starts to go down and people start filing back in, other groups eager to share tales of wonder and mystery.-
[03:57] <Dorian> [Eventually, the sun is burning low in the western sky and it's getting dark.-
[03:57] <Dorian> "Hm." Dorian frowns. "Yanmei? Sept? Aline?" He calls across the room, beckoning them over.
[03:58] * Aline seems curious about this development… and walks on over. Though she does shoot glances at her fellow-pilots.
[03:59] * Yanmei crossed over with calm obedience, leaving Isaiah momentarily behind. "Yes, Major?"
[04:02] * Sept followed by Yanmei. "Dorian?"
[04:02] * Dorian taps his hands together. "This isn't good. Edgar hasn't returned yet."
[04:04] <Yanmei> "…" Yanmei closed her eyes briefly. Alone. With wolves out there. And practically naked. She would have been more surprised if hed made it back safe and sound."Should we organize a search party?"
[04:05] * Aline sighed. "…Why, oh why, did he even -do- that."
[04:05] <Sept> "Oh, no. We should go search for him! What could be holding him..?" The cold? No, he was immune to hypothermia. Wolves? No, he's -so mad- at judo.
[04:06] <Dorian> "He's an idiot." Growled Dorian. "Listen. I'm going to go search for him, alright? If anyone asks…"
[04:06] <Yanmei> "Alone?" Yanmei frowned at that. "With all due respect, sir, with more people you can split up and cover more ground quickly."
[04:08] <Dorian> "You want to come with me?"
[04:08] * Aline nodded, chiming in. "If we can rescue a wolf, we can rescue an Edgar, right? Same difference."
[04:09] * Dorian nodded. Fair enough. "You in, Sept?"
[04:09] <Sept> "Yeah! We can't let him get hurt out here! (or anywhere else. of course.)"
[04:10] <Dorian> "Right!"-
[04:10] <Dorian> [… The doors, at that very moment, crashed open. A figure stood framed against the darkness outside.-
[04:11] <Dorian> [Edgar emerged. His body… Was a mess. He bore cuts and scars all across it, from his neck right down to his legs. In some cases it looked as though he'd been actually bleeding.-
[04:11] <Dorian> ["I'm back. Sorry. Got attacked." He walked into the room- limping- and… Dropped something on the floor.-
[04:11] <Dorian> [… It was a dismembered wolf's head.]
[04:12] * Aline …stared at Edgar. Then at Dorian. Then at the other two pilots. Then… in a somewhat harsh tone… "I think someone still needs rescuing."
[04:16] * Yanmei eyed the fallen Edgar, and the wolf's head with a blank expression, as if she didn't really understand what the hell she was seeing. "Did he… just behead one of those things?"
[04:17] <Dorian> ["Four of 'em. Killed one. Got the other in the chest." Said Edgar. "I am going to go bathe now." He turned and… Walked away. Leaving everyone there. In a room with a severed head.]
[04:18] <Sept> "Edgar! We-" The words caught in his throat. A few indistinct sounds later, he found words. "What did you do?!!" But too late. He was gone.
[04:18] <Yanmei> "What… what -is- he?"
[04:18] <Dorian> "A NeoSpartan."
[04:19] * Aline twitched. Gaped. "…Okay. Checklist… complete… then. Wait, no. Not quite."
[04:20] <Dorian> [… There was a heavy sound. It coincidentally sounded exactly like what would happen if someone were to collapse onto the ground.]
[04:21] <Sept> "NeoSpartan? Checklist? What is going on? And what—" Sera spun around looking for the source of the sound.
[04:22] <Dorian> [Edgar had collapsed before reaching his destination. Was it any surprise?]
[04:22] * Aline sighed. "…Call the local medevac team."
[04:22] <Yanmei> "Um?" Yanmei spun too… and sighed, moving toward it. "Isaiah? Could you help me out for a moment?"-
[04:22] <Yanmei> "I have an extra medkit, so…"
[04:24] <Dorian> [Isaiah was staring at the head. It took him for a minute to register Yanmei. "U-Uh? Er, right."]
[04:26] * Yanmei left the gorey head without losing composure. It was really really gross, and she had some sense that something more should have registered beyond disgust, but the horror she felt for it was oddly faint.

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