For The Sight Of A God

[15:26] * Aline had drifted off to sleep, much as with any other night… though this time, as had been a few other nights… she did so with company. Resting alongside Shinji made her a bit happier about laying in bed (which is good, having too much time to think made things… awkward. Especially if it was after a stressful day.). This also meant she'd fall asleep faster~
[15:36] <Ikari‘Shinji> [Even in her heavily drowsy state… Aline would suddenly smell, overpoweringly strong- the scent of blood.]
[15:37] * Aline tried to look around… "Shinji…? Everything okay?" Her voice was slurred from the unclearness of her consciousness (Dreaming or not, she still was early into sleep), but still had a note of concern in it.
[15:38] <Ikari`Shinji> No response. … She couldn’t feel his arms around her anymore.
[15:40] * Aline sat up fully now, trying to look around. She looked in multiple directions - the door proper, the bathroom door, the other bed… Anywhere. "Please… is anybody here?…"
[15:41] <Ikari‘Shinji> She saw, next to her- Shinji’s clothes, crinkled, lying on the bed. But they were filled… Not with Aline's beloved, but rather with a liquid. An orange liquid that smelled of blood. It stained the sheets. Now that she was awake, she could see it on her arms and chest.]
[15:44] * Aline needless to say jumped out of bed and yelped in shock! "Wh-wh-whaaaaat?!" …But then something occurred to her. "…The last time LCL…" She looked left and right again, even as she near-compulsively tried to wipe it off of her on the bedsheets. "Is this…?"
[15:45] <GM> [Nothing was around to answer Aline's query. But looking around, she'd notice the windows… Thick, opaque with redness. She couldn't see a thing through them.]
[15:47] * Aline decided to, just for the sake of it… try the door first. And try the lock, too. She had this bad feeling in her gut that she knew what would happen when she did so, but… She didn't want to give in. She knew that that red… nnn. No.
[15:52] <GM> [The door opened without resistance- but she saw a different sight. The same hallway, but… There was another puddle of LCL at her feet, and on the outside of the door- a little blue dress- a dress for a little girl- soaked in the liquid.]
[15:55] * Aline stared… she knew whose dress that more than likely was supposed to be. This one was getting weirder… So with a bit of an uncertain gulp, Aline wandered further down the halls, looking for signs of life - and heading towards Yui's room… if only to attempt to confirm her theory.
[15:58] <GM> [She'd come across other puddles of LCL, too. Clothes she didn't recognise… Clothes she did. Clothes belonging to Dorian… Yanmei… Sera, even. Asuka. Strewn across the floors she crossed.-
[15:58] <GM> [Yui's room was empty. No LCL here, even.]
[16:00] * Aline shook her head more and more. Her eyes were wide and a bit… how to put. Pained, perhaps leery. "…What… happened here?" She continued to wander aimlessly… until it got into her head to get to the lobby. She had to see the outside.
[16:06] <GM> [She could see the facade of the resort, now- the veranda that went out onto the beach. Against the swirling whirlwind of red sand that surrounded the resort, she could see- a shape. A human shape standing on the veranda, framed against the sand.]
[16:08] * Aline moved closer to the veranda, out of some vain hope that she might recognize a bit more about who it was. But… she didn't say anything just yet. The fear in her eyes told volumes about why.
[16:10] <GM> [The shape turned towards her. Aline… Couldn't see the details yet, but…]
[16:11] * Aline moved closer still, slowly walking up. It already noticed her but… but… Oh to hell with it. "Who are you?!"
[16:13] <Akagi‘Tsubaki> "Aline…" The pitiful, sad cry of Tsubaki.
[16:15] * Aline stared in disbelief. "Tsubaki?… What’s… what's going on? What does this mean? I… I have so many questions."
[16:17] <Akagi‘Tsubaki> "I-I don’t know…" The girl started to sob.
[16:20] * Aline walked closer, and then… taking a deep breath, started to dash through the sand towards her. "Please… let me help you understand."
[16:23] <Akagi‘Tsubaki> [As Aline stepped onto the veranda- the same veranda that Tsubaki stood upon… The sands halted, howling to a complete stop, seemingly evaporating into the air. The beach was in view, now.-
[16:24] <Akagi`Tsubaki> [Where the water had once been crystal-clear, a pleasant and lovely blue… It was red, a deep bloody, uniform red. The moon hovered in the sky, white and massive- semi-eclipsed by a black spot sitting in its middle.-
[16:25] <Akagi`Tsubaki> [And as Aline watched… She felt a wave of force wash over her, enough to be felt, not enough to push her back- as the horizon lit up with energy. She saw a cross- a cross of power, an Angel Cross- shoot into the sky, where it hung, glowing and bright, dominating the night sky.]
[16:29] * Aline shuddered instinctively, and looked around. There were so many things that confused her. The… black spot. The ocean of blood. The… that cross. She had no idea what was happening, but… she only had one choice on how to find out. "Tsubaki… I’m going to try to understand…" Aline's voice wavered with uncertainty. "The… cross, an… Angel's power. But that's all I know.
[16:29] * Aline What… what have you been feeling before now? That might be the answer. I think you might not know consciously, but…" Aline closed her eyes, seemingly as a gesture of solemnity, but she kept them shut for a while. "…In your heart this has to be familiar somehow. You're in the center of it. That has to be it!"
[16:33] <Akagi‘Tsubaki> "N-No. I’m not. I'm not I'm not I'm not!" Tsubaki cried out in fear and horror, covering her hands as she sobbed. Her words- her claims of denial- sounded like that of a terrified child.-
[16:35] <Akagi‘Tsubaki> [A roar echoed across the water, sending a shockwave rippling like a wave. A glowing shape took form above that cross- a humanoid shape, glowing a bright, radiant white and gold. A small red dot shone in its chest. It was larger than an Eva- much, much larger. It was a giant of light.]
[16:40] * Aline stared up at it… "G…g-g-ga…" Words failed her for that briefest moment. But her eyes briefly fell back on Tsubaki. "…If it’s n-n-not you…" She shook her head. "…Is there… something about you? I… I'm not genetically a normal human. I have what they had called the E Gene. Is… is there something like that in you? Because… that might explain why you're here." She
[16:40] * Aline looked warily at the giant of light, seeming to become ever more antsy at the moment. "I… think this is, is, is a dream, but whether or not? Everyone else is… LCL. I don't know why, but you and I are still… us. So if I'm d-different, maybe you are…?" The girl was shivering, now.
[16:41] <Akagi‘Tsubaki> "I’m not…" Tsubaki was on her knees, heaving with fear and tears. "I-I'm just Tsubaki, just Tsubaki, just Tsubaki, just Tsubaki… I-I'm not special, I'm not anything, please, leave me alone!"-
[16:43] <Akagi‘Tsubaki> [Screams. A thousand thousand screams as the sky above them lit up with shapes, with other, smaller figures of light, all of them stemming from that apocalpytic giant. With an earthshaking crash, something hit the beach.-
[16:43] <Akagi`Tsubaki> [Aline would find herself staring at what could only be Gazardiel.]
[16:48] * Aline almost instantly started apologizing. "Sorry, I’m sorry Tsubaki. I…" But the screams, and the force, and the… and then her mind… and then and then… Aline backpedaled, staring toward Gazardiel - then back at the giant. Something was quivering on her lips, and just out of nowhere? "…SO AM I!"
[16:50] <Akagi‘Tsubaki> [Gazardiel shot forward like a snake. A giant scythe smashed into the ground in front of Aline, missing her by mere feet.]
[16:53] * Aline leapt backwards… looking at Tsubaki with desperate hand-flicks and waves and tilts of her head that all basically said ’go, get out of here, leave, hurry'… For her words were occupied with something else, as was her gaze. "No… No! I'm alive, I-I can think. I have a soul… I'm a person! Who do you think you are to take that away from me!? /Who?!/"
[16:55] <Akagi‘Tsubaki> [Another scream rent the air. Gazardiel pulled back, staring down straight at Aline now. It raised an arm- it aimed…]
[17:02] * Aline stared at it, and… stepped forwards? She was practically seething with anger, but at the same time… was consumed by a very clear feeling of superiority. Of poise. Of downright determined need to keep standing. "And you dare intrude into mine? You dare /destroy/ me so you can have yourself? That… that’s unacceptable! Forbidden!" …then Aline grew wide-eyed and her screams
[17:02] * Aline almost seemed… rabid. "That's not how people live! Can't you learn how to let others live too?! Because until you do I won't allow this! I WON'T LET YOU ERASE US!"
[17:05] * Akagi‘Tsubaki , still sobbing, crawled over and latched onto Aline’s arm.-
[17:07] <Akagi‘Tsubaki> [Gazardiel reeled as if struck- and, Aline would realise that it had. Materalising as if out of nowhere was a shape- a shape that was unmistakeably an Evangelion. It struck Gazardiel again and again, pushing the beast back.]
[17:15] * Aline stared… but then gained a moment of clarity. She grabbed onto Tsubaki with the hand same as the arm she was holding onto… and moved to defend, to interpose. Her words… it was like a switch flipped in her head, because a sheer, almost infectiously self-assured tone replaced all the screaming. "Is that so? Is it? I don’t care! As one of your 'Lilim' - as a /human/, I've learnt
[17:15] * Aline how to accept others. The love you think is but your leisure to extinguish…" She pushed up her glasses. "…That is my power. To /welcome/ another soul into my space in understanding, not setting out to destroy it. And you?" A wide grin, and Aline squeezed Tsubaki's arm. "You'll be alone and broken until you can learn that!"
[17:17] <Akagi‘Tsubaki> [Gazardiel collapsed into the sand. There was a moment of total silence.]
[17:18] * Aline pulled Tsubaki a bit closer, and… stared. Stared out into the distance. Was that… it?
[17:19] <Akagi`Tsubaki> [A pair of lights shone from the giant of light’s eyes. Growing brighter and brighter, filling the air- a pair of rainbow coronas engulfing the entire world.-
[17:20] <Akagi‘Tsubaki> [A sudden burning spear of light ripped through the Evangelion’s chest, splitting it apart, tearing it cleanly in two. Crushing, agonising pain followed Aline.-
[17:21] <Akagi‘Tsubaki> [The spear was long, helix-shaped, terminating in a pair of burning, flaming points. One ripped through Aline’s chest. The other pierced Tsubaki.]
[17:28] * Aline struggled against the force, against the spear, and… yet… yet she couldn't… words came only incoherently, and she was nearly biting her lip /off/ from how hard she gritted against it in pain. "Why… how… can y-" A grunt and slight gurgle. "-angr-" Then a cry of pain. "-not want t-" Aline's body writhed against the solid weapon holding her there, and speech was briefly
[17:28] * Aline impossible. "-soothe it, not w-" She was breathing heavily, and clutched the lance with the hand not holding onto Tsubaki. "-become calm? Why, wh-" …But that was all. Because the fires finally dug in, and Aline's only sound now was a violent, piercing wail of agony.
[17:28] <Akagi‘Tsubaki> [… Aline woke up.]
[17:30] * Aline basically /instantly/ looked for Shinji, tried to feel where his arms were if he was still there. She didn’t even divert herself with thinking about what just happened, save to remember. It would be hard /not/ to remember.
[17:32] * Ikari‘Shinji was… Next to Aline, where she remembered he’d be. He was thankfully fully and whole, and in his clothes; but he was awake, staring at her with worried, fearful eyes.
[17:33] * Aline looked at him… then suddenly… reflection returned, and she paused for about 2 seconds to speak. "…How much noise did I make…?"
[17:36] <Ikari‘Shinji> "Y-you were murmuring. T-Then you screamed…" Shinji reached out to touch Aline. Her skin was hot. "A-Are you alright?"
[17:39] * Aline nodded… and… Hugged him. Reeeeally hard. "I am now."
[17:41] * Ikari`Shinji hugged back! "A-aline… I was scared…"
[17:46] <Aline> "I know… I know." Aline craned her head back a bit to look him in the eyes. "It was a nightmare. I think… I almost think it might have been somehow more. I don’t know how to describe that, but… if I can feel weird psychic voices… then…" A small… change in her eyes, a sort of tender look but also the sense that she had fully comprehended what happened, came to her. "…I… can
[17:46] <Aline> tell you what I can sometime, if you want. I think it actually meant a lot, even if it was really scary…"
[17:51] * Ikari‘Shinji ran a hand through her hair shakily. "Maybe… Maybe you can, but first I think we need to do something with you."
[17:54] * Aline slowly nodded her head… "…Ah… I’m sorta… unsure as to what?" She did have this little confused frown on her face and everything.
[17:56] * Ikari‘Shinji tried to direct Aline’s attention to her arms, or at least her dress. "Aline… Your body is hot to the touch, and you're sweating…"
[17:59] * Aline seemed legitimately surprised at this! She even touched her face with a hand, too - yeah, he was right. "…But… I… Er, yeah I guess I… should get some kind of medical attention, then." She looked a little sheepish. "Funny, there was… heat and fire at the very end."
[18:02] <Ikari‘Shinji> "Maybe. A shower, at least."
[18:03] * Ikari`Shinji didn’t mention the heat and fire, but… He frowned, at least. It… That -did- worry him.
[18:04] * Aline just… paused. Then… super-sheepish look. "Oh… oh! Right, wow, yeah I'm… sorta off, sorry."
[18:08] <Ikari‘Shinji> "That’s alright. I understand." Said Shinji. "Y-You can walk though, right? Or should I…?"
[18:11] * Aline actually had no idea if she could. So she just up and stood up! Then tested her footing a little. "…Pretty sure. I mean it'd be cute for you to carry me but… I'm only /so/ light."
[18:16] <Ikari‘Shinji> "A-ah. Ok. D-Do you need any help from me…?" He blushed a little.
[18:19] * Aline tilted her head one way, then the other. "Hmmmm. Well, I might later have psychosomatic aches - er, pain caused by the mind - so you might want to stay close by if anything happens, hm?~"
[18:20] <Ikari`Shinji> "Alright. I can do that." Said Shinji, giving her a small smile.
[18:32] * Aline proceeded over to the bathroom… and started to reach for one of the straps on her nightgown. She began to pull at it… but was almost shuddering as she did so. It was probably clear why.
[18:36] * Ikari`Shinji … Followed, averting his eyes. "D-Do you want me to take your glasses?"
[18:41] * Aline had totally forgot about that… and, well, she went into a regular flurry of motions! Aline first turned around to face Shinji, then tugged at the two straps of her nightgown enough so that it loosened… twisted her body slightly to pull her arms out… and then in mid-nightgown-fall, she snagged her glasses in one hand and then presented them to him. "Sure."
[18:47] * Ikari`Shinji blushed as he reached out and quickly took the glasses. He was still for a moment- his eyes shifting slightly- before he looked away, still blushing hotly.
[18:51] * Aline smiled softly. She knew he’d be embarassed as hell, but… At least she proved she could actually do that, herself. She put her nightgown on the bathroom's counter, and went into the shower, tweaking the water temperature a bit after drawing the curtain. At first… Aline jumped from the sudden cold! But then she fiddled with it a bit, and started to calm down. It was still pretty
[18:51] * Aline chill, as no steam rose from the curtained shower. She even started to hum a pastiche of movements from various classical music - what the music club had been practicing before the trip.
[18:58] * Ikari‘Shinji sat down on the cool tiles, his back against the wall, sitting in such a way that… If Aline was facing the western wall, he was facing the east. He held the glasses in his hands… And with a little smile, matched Aline’s own humming.
[19:17] * Aline was very happy at that… She knew he was a musician, and… if nothing else, it was something they could share. It was sort of like Sera joining the music club, actually. Something impossible about music that… united people who were too afraid of something else. She finished at something from a late movement of Planets, and calmly popped a hand out to grab the nearby towel to
[19:17] * Aline wrap herself up… while using another one to actually dry off. "I feel better now~"
[19:25] * Ikari‘Shinji stood up, holding out Aline’s glasses for her. He gave her a genuine smile. "I'm glad…"
[19:28] * Aline nodded firmly, and after her hair was dryish (that. took. FOREVER.), she put those glasses back on. "Mm-hm. Now, hopefully, when we sleep I'll /actually stay asleep/." For someone who just had a literally apocalyptic nightmare, she seemed to be taking it lightly. Probably the freshness and cleanness + being right next to her boyfriend.
[19:32] <Ikari‘Shinji> "Right." Said Shinji cheerfully. "And it really did just take a shower… So much for ’medical attention', huh?" He teased gently.
[19:36] * Aline smiled goofily and shook her head. "Hey! I was confused. I mean seriously that was some really heavy stuff! Soooo heavy." Go go borrowing slang. But Aline picked up her nightgown… and this time, just slipped it on -over- the covering towel… and letting the towel just drop.
[19:37] <Ikari‘Shinji> "Heavy…" Shinji frowned a little as he left the bathroom. "Please tell me about it tomorrow. I don’t want you to be dwelling on this alone." He climbed back into the bed.
[19:44] * Aline slid in too, realizing now just how darn -sweaty- the bed actually was. Good thing she was all nice and cold from the shower. …Yeah. Cold shower after being thrown for a mental loop as -refreshing-. Weird! But… all the same, she snuggled up to Shinji, and set up her itinerary. Tell him… …and figure out what Tsubaki might know. Given the weird psychic stuff, Tsubaki might've
[19:44] * Aline actually been sharing the dream with her.
[19:51] * Ikari‘Shinji wrapped his arms around Aline. He had an inkling about what had happened. Some sort of nightmare… A -bad- one? She seemed perfectly fine now… But he remembered how she’d acted when she was asleep. The boy shuddered, but it was 1:45 AM, and he -was- tired. Sleep was starting to take him, and worried or no, within a few minutes he was dozing.
[19:54] * Aline went soon after. She was afraid, but… she felt like she was ready for anything. She'd seen it once. If it happened again… But she didn't think it would. No, that was -willful communication-. It had to be. Either way, she was determined to just… fade to sleep.

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