For The Telling Of Secrets

[19:15] * Yanmei was outside today, and it felt rather good. It was freezing, of course, and it took effort to plod through the snow drifts piled up around the resort's lodge. By the time that she returned from her walk, her muscles were back to aching, and she found herself leaning against the outside wall of the resort to catch her breath and peer around.
[19:23] <Atticus> [There were, of course, other people outside today. Fighting! Not with fists, but with little balls of snow. Yanmei would, by looking around- see the good captain Atticus, hidden behind a 'sandbag fort' of snow, throwing balls quickly at his opponents- a redfaced, exhiliarated Alexandre and a focused-as-hell Edgar.]
[19:26] * Yanmei stared, and folded her arms smugly. "Hmph. How immature." She turned to go. Still, a bit uneven, those teams. Her pace slowed. And she had been hoping for a chance to talk to the good captain. She stopped. -
[19:28] <Yanmei> And it would mean a chance to hit Alexandre Fontaine with snowballs. She turned quickly. And as immature as it was, it would be good practice? She hurried in the other direction, toward the intense battle, and steeled herself for a barrel roll behind Atticus' fort.
[19:29] * Atticus had been crouching down at this point, back to the wall. A cold ball of doom flew over his head- he watched, nevertheless, in amusement as Yanmei literally rolled up next to him. "Reinforcements, Pilot Zhang?" He asked.
[19:31] <Yanmei> "It seemed as if you could use some help, Captain," was her pleasant reply. She kept an ear out for the other team, trying to gauge how serious they were about attacking the fellow. There was still a lot of bad blood between the warring factions, she was sure. "How are you enjoying things here?"
[19:33] <Atticus> "Edgar hits entirely too hard." Atticus laughed at that. "Here, have a snowball. On the count of three, we pop up and pelt Edgar. Ready?"
[19:34] <Yanmei> "On three," She agreed, taking a snowball from his pile of them.
[19:35] <Atticus> "One, two, three-!" Atticus pops up and starts to throw!
[19:35] * Yanmei does the same!
[19:38] <Atticus> [They start to throw! But… Yanmei's hurl goes wide, and Atticus's ball flies unerringly right past Edgar and smacks into someone in the distance- little Ikari Rei- straight between the eyes. She releases the hand of her guardian- Aline- and tumbles backwards, her eyes wide. "U-uu…"-
[19:38] <Atticus> [Meanwhile, Yanmei receives a good smack of snowball right in the shoulder.]
[19:41] * Aline needless to say was pretty damn surprised at the direct hitmiss, and… well, balled up her fist, while rubbing Rei's head. "…Okay… okay… relax, relax… It only hurts a little…" …Aline had no idea how much if any English Rei knew but at -least- the comforting tone would work. Make sure the charge is safe before REVENGE.
[19:41] * Yanmei staggered back a little, hand over the icy splotch left on her coat. "My, my," She laughed to hide her irritation. "Your aim is better than I thought, Mr. Fontaine."
[19:42] <Atticus> ["Hmph." Alex reaches down and grabs another ball!-
[19:43] <Atticus> [Meanwhile, Rei stares up at Aline, and giggles. She gets to her feet and says something quickly- something that Aline doesn't understand, but the tone is clear: let loose the Reis of war.]
[19:43] <Atticus> "Damn." Atticus ducks down. "That was a bloody awful throw."
[19:44] * Aline nodded… Then grinned. She started to ball up her own snowball, and looked for the nearest unclaimed cover. She would even point over at it in a sort of 'hey look' way.
[19:45] <Atticus> [Rei sees- and understands! She dashes away from her guardian and slides in behind a third snowdrift.]
[19:45] <Yanmei> "Next time." Yanmei encouraged, ducking down with him. She grabbed another snowball herself, and glared down at it. "I'm a bit better at melee than I am at this stuff. You?"
[19:47] <Atticus> "I've spent too much time shooting." Said Atticus, grinning. "Not a lot of swords on a jet fighter."
[19:48] * Aline meanwhile took a position a bit further off… And took cover herself, waiting. It looked like… it came from over that way, behind that constructed fort. She hadn't really gotten a good look at -who- it was, but that's okay. They didn't get a good look at her.
[19:49] <Atticus> [Two snowballs hit Fort Atticus! "Come on out!"]
[19:49] <Atticus> [Rei is resolutely making a pile of ready-made snowballs for herself and Aline.]
[19:50] <Yanmei> "Tsk. Wasting ammo," Yanmei rolled her eyes at the shouts. "You'll have to tell me what it's like to be in the Air Force, Captain. It seems like it would be grueling?" She popped up, and took aim.
[19:50] * Aline had her strategy set. Wait for the target to reveal itself on an attack on the other fort. Strike. Take cover. Wait… then shift position back to Rei's fort for the combined assault! A bit convoluted but she didn't have time to make it simple.
[19:51] * Atticus rises as well! Opens fire!
[19:53] * Aline then suddenly rose out of goddamn nowhere, and winged a snowball at Atticus! She said nothing though~
[19:53] <Atticus> [Rei rises, too! … Although you can't expect much from her swing, surely? THe area is filled with poorly thrown snowballs and no one actually gets hit.]
[19:55] * Atticus ducks down. He turns to Yanmei. "I think we've attracted new attention."
[19:56] * Tao has joined #NERVFrance
[19:56] <Yanmei> "Drat." She crouched down as well. "Maybe we can strike some sort of deal with them. Turn the tides?"
[19:57] <Atticus> [Rei looked up at Aline with a fiercely gleeful expression. There was no mercy in that cute little face. Only death.]
[19:58] <Atticus> "You want to ask?" Atticus was grabbing -two- snowballs now.
[19:58] * Aline found that perhaps a tiny bit disturbing but hey nobody's perfect right? Still adorable~ …Though meanwhile she armed herself and considered tactical options.
[20:00] <Yanmei> "Never underestimate how far a little charm and diplomacy can go." She smiled, grabbing a snowbal for her herself. "I'll cover that side - and talk to them - and you focus on Fontaine and Edgar."
[20:00] <Atticus> "Fair enough." Atticus rises to open fire!
[20:02] * Yanmei does the same… although she holds, aiming rather than firing. "To the new arrivals of this battle! We're willing to negociate an alliance!" she called out.
[20:04] <Atticus> [Rei promptly hurls a snowball at Yanmei. She misses, and pouts.]
[20:04] * Aline fooocuses her gaze. "Oh really. What might your terms be?"
[20:06] <Atticus> [Yet more inconclusive snowthrowing between Fort Atticus and Fort Manly.]
[20:07] <Yanmei> "That depends on your demands." She flashed a smile… ignoring the snowball thrown by the child that she had protected from wolves the other day. The bitter sting of betrayal!
[20:08] * Aline tip-tapped her chin. "Mmm, give me a moment then."
[20:09] <Atticus> [Rei seemed to clue in that Yanmei and Aline were talking. That meant no snowthrowing! She picked up another snowball, just in case, and waved at Yanmei cheerfully.]
[20:10] * Yanmei waved back. D'aaww. So cute that she was trying to fight too!
[20:14] <Atticus> [Another volley this time! Yanmei would go unscathed but Aline would feel a vague 'bam' feeling, as a snowball slaps straight into her glasses. Edgar cheers.]
[20:15] * Aline fixed her glasses, and slowturned… "Eh. Screw it. Let's get him."
[20:17] <Atticus> [Rei looked up at Aline, curiously. What was happening~?]
[20:17] * Yanmei smiled~ Even if it was only for a short while… their attention was diverted!
[20:19] * Aline tried dearly to think of how to convey it… and decided to speak with actions. She focused for a moment… pushed her glasses up with one hand… then BAM. Threw a snowball right at Edgar!~
[20:20] <Atticus> [Rei follows suit! … And misses. But Edgar cops a snowball right in the chest. "G-gah! I'll get you for that!"]
[20:20] <Aline> "You already did, you know~"
[20:21] <Atticus> ["Getcha -again-!"]
[20:21] <Aline> "Ahhhh." She did seem to find then notion amusing though.
[20:22] <Yanmei> Having missed herself, Yanmei ducked back down, and winked at Atticus. "What did I tell you?"
[20:24] <Atticus> "That charm and diplomacy can go far?" Atticus winked. "It's good to see you putting those apparent skills to use. You'll have to tell me later how you convinced Edgar to attack Pilot Blanc." A teasing wink.
[20:26] <Atticus> [Meanwhile… Edgar and Alex also ducked into cover. A brief silence in this epic war.]
[20:29] <Yanmei> "Aw. Can't you be nice and let me take credit for it?" She was still grinning. Tentatively, at the lull, she peeks over the edge of the fort. "What the heck?"
[20:30] <Atticus> ["Four against two? Not fair." Cries out Alex.]
[20:31] * Aline heard, now, that little outburst, and… peered around the -side- of her little snowdrift encampment. If you do things in a weird way… "Well… let's be honest, the little kid would hardly be able to hit anything, and I don't speak Japanese yet to tell her about whatever little truce we have."
[20:32] <Yanmei> "Don't expect mercy when it was a two-on-one battle before!" Yanmei called out.
[20:33] <Atticus> [Silence from the snowdrift. "Alright, good point." Mutters Alex.]
[20:34] * Atticus raises a hand over the barricade. He waves over at Aline.
[20:36] <Yanmei> Satisfaction. She felt like a dashing hero somehow… but that was secondary to the urge to hit and massacre the other team. She beamed at Atticus, blinking when he seemed to try to attract Aline's attention instead.
[20:36] * Aline nodded, knowing what they meant… and then she smiled over at Rei. "Come on, Rei, this way I can keep an eye on you still." …And assuming that worked, she'd head on over to FORT ATTICUS
[20:36] <Atticus> [Rei follows Aline happily~ Before long, all four of them are safe in Fort Atticus. Yanmei would find herself being cheerfully Reicuddled.]
[20:37] <Atticus> "Alright. When they pop out again, we hit them with everything, ok?" Said Atticus.
[20:37] * Yanmei hugged the little girl back, patting her on the head. "Got it!"
[20:39] * Aline nodded. "Right, right!" Ah, roles.
[20:39] <Atticus> ["Aaaaaagh!" A battlecry as the other two start pelting Fort Atticus with snowballs!]
[20:41] <Yanmei> "Here we go~" Yanmei stood to retaliate
[20:42] * Aline didn't actually stand, but sort of peeeered over the edge, and started readying for an arcing shot instead! Like a grenadier or something.
[20:42] * Atticus stood, and opened fire- as did Rei!
[20:44] <Atticus> [Aline's arcing ball would thwack Edgar nice and solidly in the arm, whilst Atticus scored a hit on Alex. Yanmei would soon find herself hit however squarely in the chest, whilst yet another snowball collected poor Rei in the face, bowling her over. "U-uu!"]
[20:46] <Yanmei> "You!" Yanmei's face flushed angrily for a moment, glaring at Alexandre before slipping back behind cover.
[20:48] <Atticus> ["Gahaha. That was almost too good." Alex cackled.]
[20:48] * Aline stared from her trench-style pose. "Can you at least, like, aim for the center of her body rather than her face?" …and then she lowered back down again, like she was on an elevator or something.
[20:48] <Atticus> ["Man, I didn't mean to! There's only so much of her I can hit over that drift!"]
[20:49] <Aline> "Ah." …somehow, in spite of the flat tone, Aline let the word carry.
[20:49] <Atticus> [Rei gets to her feet again, and she's frowning. She picks up two snowballs, and a determined look is on her face. She makes throwing-miming motions at Aline angrily.]
[20:51] * Aline peeered back. "Keep focusing, okay?" …Idle thought. What was that word… "Uh… Gan… Ganbatte? Is that it?" No, stupid, why are you asking if you got the word right in /your/ language?!"
[20:52] <Atticus> [Rei stared back. She blinks for a moment, then giggles slightly.]
[20:53] <Atticus> "My aim is off today." Grumbles Atticus to Yanmei. "Did he get you?"
[20:54] <Yanmei> "Yes. Again," she sounded annoyed. "And you're more on target than I am. I haven't scored a hit against them yet…"
[20:55] <Atticus> "You really -are- better at melee." He teases.
[20:55] <Atticus> [Another volley of balls smack the fortress. Rei frowns, and she heads over to the right edge of it…]
[20:57] * Aline tried to see what Rei was doing…
[20:57] <Atticus> [… She seemed ready to run. Was she going to charge the enemy fortress?!]
[21:00] * Aline was sorta not sure if this was a good idea, but… what could she do? …wait, that's it. Aline sidled over to that side, and gripped her own snowballs. We who are about to die, salute you, etc etc. She grinned a little.
[21:02] <Yanmei> "This time for sure, I'll get a hit," she grumbled, and then popped up for another round of throwing.
[21:02] * Atticus pops up! He fires as well!
[21:03] <Atticus> [Rei… Bolts! She fully charges across the field as fast as she can go. "DaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" "W-what-"]
[21:04] * Aline then burst out right after her, wielding her own arsenal! She doesn't go nearly as far, but she -is- firing!
[21:07] <Atticus> [Yanmei -finally- hits Alex, catching him in the mouth- sending his throws at Aline off. Edgar is at this point too guilty to throw at Rei, so he throws at Aline- and fails. Rei, however, -jumps- onto the Fort Manly drift and smacks one right into Edgar's face. "Daaaaa!" "Gah!"]
[21:08] * Aline is giggling rather loudly during her advance. This was just too precious.
[21:17] * Yanmei …is gaping. Even finaly hitting Fontaine couldn't match that!
[21:18] <Atticus> "Pilot Zhang. We charge." Atticus stands now, snowballs in hand.
[21:19] <Yanmei> "Are you serious?" She tossed a spare snowball into the air, and caught it. Well, since everyone else is, that suppose that's fine? Ready?"
[21:19] <Atticus> "Ready." Atticus grabbed his snowballs and jumped over the drift- and charged!
[21:20] * Yanmei followed his cue, splitting off once they were in the open so that they'd come in at different angles.
[21:20] * Aline of course was still going ahead, but she had used her only snowball. Oh well~
[21:21] <Atticus> [Rei, meanwhile, threw herself at Edgar in what could only be called a tackle. On the other hand, this was Edgar- he grabbed her before she could land and- "Gahaha. Gotcha now-" "Ieeeee!" Wild giggles split the air- horrible tortures the source, no doubt!]
[21:23] <Yanmei> Well, hitting Edgar was out of the question so long as he had a hostage! She fired at Alexandre again.
[21:23] <Atticus> [Wild volleys are unleashed, and Alex is hit - twice! He stumbles back, and with a "Whoa-" slips and falls!]
[21:25] * Aline for her part was basically rushing the fort, and… …actually… cleared it. Aline hopped up onto the fort, vaulted (if you can call pushing off of collapsing snow a 'vault') off of it, and whirled about to face THE ENEMY
[21:25] <Atticus> [Alex is on the ground- meanwhile, Edgar is tickling Rei, who is wildly batting at his hands in between breathless giggles. Geddim, Aline!]
[21:29] * Aline would VALIANTLY RESCUE!… By which we mean she'd take a moment to grab a big 'ol wad of snow, and with a sudden lunge, splat it straight into Edgar's face! "Yaaaaa!"
[21:31] <Atticus> ["Gaaaaah!" Edgar was snowed! He had to release Rei just to scrabble at his face.]
[21:32] * Aline naturally took that exact moment to grab Rei and triumphantly lift away her charge! Victory~
[21:33] <Yanmei> "Surrender!" Yanmei cried. "You can't win."
[21:33] <Atticus> ["Alright, alright! We surrender! Ow." Alex rubbed his face.]
[21:33] <Atticus> [Rei giggled cheerily, waving her hands in the air as she was saved~]
[21:35] <Yanmei> Triumph! Yanmei beamed.
[21:35] <Atticus> "Nicely done." Said Atticus appreciatively, coming up behind them. He patted Yanmei on the shoulder.
[21:37] <Yanmei> "Yup!" She folded her arms now trying to adopt a more sophisticate pose while still slightly breathless and damp from the snow. "It was a little immature and all, but it was still fun."
[21:38] * Aline looked at Yanmei critically. "We're still all 14-15 or thereabouts. You shouldn't be so worried about that…"
[21:38] <Atticus> "See, Zhang?" Said Atticus cheerfully. "Blanc couldn't have said it better myself. I'm 17, and I feel that being immature every so often is the way to a healthy lifestyle. After all, aren't you supposed to have fun as a child?"
[21:41] <Yanmei> "I admitted that it was fun, didn't I?" Yanmei pointed out with a slight frown. "Well, whatever."
[21:41] <Atticus> [Alex gets to his feet now, wiping snow off of his clothes. "I wouldn't bother, Nelson. Zhang here tries to act like a 20 year old and thinks like a 10."]
[21:43] * Aline looked between Alex and Yanmei, and… well, just awkwardly stood there (setting Rei down just out of principle). She was frowning rather visibly at both of them, though.
[21:48] <Yanmei> "Better than acting like a 10 year old." Yanmei looked at Alexandre pointedly, and then shrugged. "Really. Are the silly insults necessary, Mr. Fontaine?"
[21:48] <Atticus> [Alex opens his mouth to retaliate.-
[21:49] <Atticus> "Alright, alright." Atticus steps in between them. "That's quite enough. Listen. This was a wonderful little game, Alex, Edgar-" The latter frowned back, a sight made comedic by the snow in his hair- "But let's not take it too far, alright? Zhang- Blanc- why don't we find something to eat?"
[21:50] * Aline nodded. "Ah, yes, some food would be nice…"
[21:52] <Yanmei> "Marvelous idea," Yanmei agreed. She offered Alexandre and Edgar parting nods. "No hard feelings, of course."
[21:52] <Atticus> ["Mmm." Alex dusts himself off one more time. "Come on, Edgar." He turns promptly and practically marches away- a disorientated Edgar after him.]
[22:00] <Atticus> [And so do the others travel, too- Atticus, Aline, Yanmei and little Rei. Before long they're at the restaurant, seated, and given their drink and whatever food they desire~-
[22:01] <Atticus> [Rei has a plate of chicken nuggets, hot fries and a bowl of gravy! She's cheerfully chewing away.-
[22:02] * Atticus has a bowl of delicious-smelling beef stew and dumplings.
[22:03] * Yanmei had her own bowl of vegetable soup and a cup of cold milk.
[22:04] * Aline herself had… well, a chicken sandwich. Death to the poultry! DEATH.
[22:06] <Atticus> "So." Atticus took a mouthful of stew, 'mm'd his appreciation. "How are we enjoying the vacation?"
[22:07] <Yanmei> "So far so good! It's a big resort, with plenty to do and see. And of course, with a big group like this, there are plenty of people to talk to?"
[22:09] <Aline> "Yeah. It's pretty nice, and I've learnt all sorts of interesting things~"
[22:09] <Atticus> "Mmm. It's a rare breed of resort." Said Atticus. "Shame I'm only here for another two days… And oh?"
[22:13] * Aline tilted her head back and forth, blushing slightly. "Oh. Uh. Things, is all." Atticus felt… different, somehow. Not as safe as the 'actual' pilots.
[22:17] * Yanmei glanced between the two, and grinned. "Hey. No fair intentionally learning things. We're supposed to be on break, remember?"
[22:18] * Aline sort of… looked at Yanmei like the base sensors just read her as pattern blue (no, not with abject terror! Normal alien reaction!) "…That /is/ what I do on break."
[22:19] * Atticus laughed. "Don't worry, Blanc. I've learned a few things myself~"
[22:22] * Aline nodded, taking a sorta tentative bite from her sandwich. "…Ah. Sorry, just… still a bit uneasy."
[22:25] * Yanmei tended to her soup as well, hanging back a moment.
[22:26] <Atticus> "Uneasy?" Atticus chuckled. "I doubt the wolves are after your secrets, dear Blanc~"
[22:27] * Aline looked left and right. "Wolves would be less threatening." …Oh crap, serious mode. "I guess some of them aren't that dangerous, but… Others…"
[22:28] * Aline did set down her sandwich to make a quick correction. "The secrets, not the people."
[22:28] * Atticus is still genial. "Dangerous secrets, Blanc? What -have- you been up to?"
[22:30] * Aline sweated slightly. "What I feel like I have to!… Though the dangerous ones weren't learned here anyway. It's not that big a deal. They were still -interesting-, though." But, she sighed, taking yet another bite. Nervousness apparently made her hungrier? "I'm the one pilot of the current 5 who wants to put all the pieces together the most. So it's what I'll do."
[22:31] * Atticus flicks his gaze toward Yanmei for a moment, before back to Aline. "So they're NERV secrets, then."
[22:32] * Yanmei seems unperturbed. "That's surprising? NERV is full of secrets. You should know that too, right?"
[22:32] <Aline> "What else?" Aline had a sort of upset but critical look. "None of my friends have that many secret things to even find."
[22:33] * Atticus chuckles at them both. "Of course NERV secrets. Indeed, what else? Digging into NERV's dirty little past is hardly a unique pastime of our good First Child here."
[22:36] <Yanmei> "So you've been at it too, have you?" Yanmei looked amused. "Everyone seems to be 'learning' things while they're here. How interesting."
[22:36] * Aline nodded slowly. "Yeah. And it's less about that it has them, but knowing what they are. It's something I take really seriously, because I still can't shake the problem of not being told things that yet are very powerful facts anyway. And then there's the questions, both my own and those raised by my research." Aline gestured a little with her sandwich hand. "Like, I got a tiny little
[22:36] * Aline tidbit of why I was the candidate I was."
[22:38] <Atticus> "The E Gene, right?" In a smooth gesture, he turns toward Yanmei. "Ah-ah. Some of us learn our secrets elsewhere. I've just been learning -fun- little facts about certain people here~"
[22:39] * Aline furrowed her brow a little, disappointed that she missed her chance to exposit that one! "Er, yeah, that one. Hey, got any more on me, or Yan-yan?… Or even Sera? I mean there's certainly mysteries up with him and his delicious eyes."
[22:41] <Yanmei> "Yeah! Just what have they been spreading around about us?" She peeked down, discreetly. "And what's an E Gene? Evangelion Gene?"
[22:45] <Atticus> "Ahahahaha." Atticus seems to be enjoying himself. "Nothing much else on you, Zhang, or de Pteres. All I know is that 01 remotely activated when de Pteres approached it, and that your mother works for NERV China, Zhang." He nods to her, then folds his hands together. "Blanc is no doubt dying to tell you what the E Gene is, Zhang. Best to let her explain~"
[22:49] <Yanmei> "All right!" She seemed to be catching a bit of that mirth, though she was more low-key about it. "Enlighten me, please?"
[22:51] * Aline blushed -more-, but decided to carry onwards all the same! "Okay… uh. Well, apparently…" Sounded like Aline just didn't have the same steam. "Psychics back in the day were actually possessors of the A Gene which allowed for low-grade AT Field control - yeah, for a person. The E Gene, I -guess- named for how it was useful for working with Evangelions, is sorta like that, but
[22:51] * Aline instead of granting ~powers~-" She totally gave this weird mock-spooky tone for that - "-it makes someone very sensitive to those kinds of influences instead. Of course, it's a moot point because apparently the A Gene doesn't /do/ anything for people born post-Impact, even though they tried to push it to the forefront with Viviane and other people." …Aline had to take a giant breath after
[22:51] * Aline that! "Buuuut anyway that explains my sync ratio and why I probably shouldn't try to use a unit other than 00 and also why for some weird-as-hell reason I heard Asuka from inside the ballroom." The rush apparently made all those little extra details entirely casual in tone.
[22:54] <Yanmei> "Oh." …silence as she processed it. A long enough pause to presume that she would leave it at that, but, "You -heard- Asuka? Before looking at the Berlin-2 battle recording?"
[22:55] * Aline nodded firmly. "Yeah. The cry of agony, I mean." She frowned. "…It kinda scared the hell out of me, but what could I say?" She then looked sheepish. "…Before I saw the video, for some reason I thought it was actually the angel? Loud piercing scream from nowhere kinda messes with the ability to recognize voices I guess?"
[22:57] * Atticus frowned slightly, his hands still folded together. "Hm… No."
[22:58] * Aline now looked at Atticus, sort of… well even /more/ awkward. "…'hm no', what? I'm telling the truth, that's what happened!"
[23:01] * Yanmei leaned back a little, thinking. Psychics were made up, weren't they? That's what she had always thought…
[23:05] <Atticus> "Your facts are off, Aline. The E-Gene doesn't make you -sensitive- to AT Fields, it makes you -weak- to them. The difference lies in the details. An E-Gene bearer who synchs with an Eva remains synched. Even if you're not plugged in, you're still synched with it on a low 1-10% scale. Each full synch, however, means it starts to replace your AT Field with its own… So after eventually, you don't even have an AT Field."
[23:07] * Aline …stared. "…What." The tone was impossibly flat, but remained that way for only a second. "What even… happens, when that… happens? Isn't it the… thing that… gives you definition…?"
[23:08] <Atticus> "Well, Yui told me that the person sort of… Stops existing." He seemed to realise what he was saying, and looked sober about it.
[23:09] <Yanmei> "…" Yanmei looked more than a little worried at that. Also, a little… angry? She pressed her lips together slightly.
[23:10] * Aline flat… stared. "…E… eh… Ahh… er… wh…" Oh dear. Words failed.
[23:11] * Atticus looks over at Yanmei again, then back to Aline. "… But I wouldn't worry yourself too much. Yui said that by the time the fighting was over, she'd have some way to fix it! … Hopefully."
[23:14] <Yanmei> "Regardless, that's a pretty big thing to overlook telling someone about." Her usual pleasant lilt had left her voice. It explained the earthquake incident back then, at least, but that seemed comparatively small when up against the bigger issue of Aline not EXISTING. Unseen, beneath the table, her free hand clenched into a fist.
[23:14] * Aline was more or less not that comforted at all. "Nnn…" But she did, at any rate, get a little bit of coherence back. By which we mean, enough to sort of disjointedly string together words with a very, very, very odd tone. Not sarcastic, but overall very dubious. "I guess that's… a thing… yeah. So much for… trying to keep me happy and… unaware…"
[23:15] * Yanmei stared at her for a moment, and then glanced down, briefly.
[23:15] <Atticus> "Delving into NERV secrets is never going to make you happy." He turned to look at Yanmei. "NERV has a vested interest in keeping things secret."
[23:16] * Aline shook her head. "Meant Yui. Don't care about NERV."
[23:16] <Yanmei> "Obviously. I understand what they're doing. Everything for the sake of defeating the Angels, correct?"
[23:17] * Yanmei looked up again, intently, at Atticus.
[23:18] <Atticus> "The two are, in many ways, one and the same, Blanc. Dear Yui has a lot of skeletons in her closet…" He turns back to Yanmei, and, unseen by Aline… Locks eyes with her, then very quickly- without moving his head- directs his eyes toward Aline, then right back at Yanmei.
[23:19] * Aline did totally miss that, and just… sort of stared down at her sandwich.
[23:24] <Yanmei> Oh god. What did he want her to say? The girl had just practically recieved a death sentence, and he… Yanmei steeled herself, and resolved to do the best she could, placing a hand on Aline shoulder comfortingly. Even if she didn't have the right words, she could still do this. -
[23:26] <Yanmei> "Listen. This AT-field thing is something that happens gradually, right? And we've only had a few battles so far, none of them exactly in rapid succession. You're not in the danger zone yet, and if you were, I doubt the heads would send you out anyway?"-
[23:29] <Yanmei> "Their own sentiments aside, it's in their best interest to keep the three of us - the five of us - alive as long as possible. Which is why I believe they really are working as hard as they can to stop this thing, as the Captain here suggested. Even if they did pull a stupid move to endanger you… I would fight them on it. Relentlessly! We're friends, and comrades, so…"
[23:33] * Aline slowly nodded. "…I… guess. But… …er…" She stared at the sandwich again, and prodded it with a finger. "It better not be too much. We've only faced 4. I don't even know how many there are." Aline was just sort of mumbling the words within audible range, at this point. Also seemed to be thinking of something.
[23:35] <Atticus> "Maybe it's something you need to think about. Take your time and digest it."
[23:37] * Aline looked at Atticus, and straight in the eye at that. "Maybe." Oddly, the tone wasn't completely broken like it was before, but tinged with something else. As the slight 'edge' in Aline's otherwise-numb expression attested? That tinge was hostility.
[23:38] * Atticus returns her gaze straight back. After a moment his eyes flick up towards Yanmei, slightly helplessly.
[23:41] * Yanmei glanced between the two. "Blanc? If there's something you want to say too, let it out."
[23:44] * Aline put her hands on the table. "It's not the kind of thing someone says to the face of the one concerned. It never works." The sheer sense of -grit-, that is to say coherent willpower trying to latch onto something other than soulcrushing despair, was clear even through the strained, flat-but-highly-unamused tone.
[23:45] * Atticus seemed… Puzzled. "I'm… Not following what's going on here."
[23:46] <Yanmei> "You would have preferred to remain unaware." She looked down again. "I can't say I blame you?"
[23:49] * Aline glared at Yanmei, apparently annoyed enough to not be able to hold it back even on someone sort of outside the issue. "I would have preferred to have been made aware differently than this. By someone not coloring the explanation. And in saying that much…" She peered again at Atticus, but it was a lot less direct. She was quickly moving from seething rage to 'you do not exist to
[23:49] * Aline me' disdain. "…I've already gone against what I said just a moment ago."
[23:50] <Atticus> "'Coloring the explanation'?"
[23:53] * Aline twitched. "If I /tell/ you straight up, you'll either deny it, or it won't matter because it's on a subconscious level! But… GAH. Fine! I know you have your biases, even if you've grown to control the pain they stem from better than before!"
[23:55] * Atticus stared at Aline flatly. Then, finally, as if in sudden comprehension, he sighed. In one single move he stood up, and gave the only retort he could- he simply ignored Aline. He turned to Yanmei. "Make sure she gets plenty of rest. For now she seems to be taking the news poorly, so you'll have to keep an eye on her. I'll… Be with my assistant or something." He muttered, a note of bitterness entering his voice at the end.-
[23:55] <Atticus> He looked Yanmei in the eye, then, with a note of finality, turned and promptly left the restaurant.
[00:02] <Yanmei> "…" Yanmei watched him leave before swiveling to stare at Aline, holding something back on her part with a careful effort.
[00:04] * Aline could almost feel the tension, but she didn't care. She just sulkily finished eating her sandwich. Surprisingly fast for sulking, really. But she was clearly in a 'will kill at the slightest provocation' sort of mood.
[00:05] <Atticus> [Poor little Rei sat in her chair, trying her -very best- to be totally forgotten. She knew something bad had happened- so she pulled her plate into her lap, lowered her head and nibbled away.]
[00:06] <Yanmei> "Shall I take Rei back to her room? It's pretty obvious that you want to be alone right now." Yanmei stood, leaving the rest of her meal untouched.
[00:08] * Aline sloooooowly looked at Yanmei. She was now just… pained-looking, rather than full of outright rage. "I was going to ask you that anyway." Aline did stare a little bit longer, questioningly.
[00:14] * Yanmei nodded. The look in her eye… retained a lot of the anger from before, when Atticus had broke the news, but there was sadness too. "He didn't mean anything malicious, you know. It's hard to get across to you now, but…" She dropped her napkin onto the table, and the gestured for Rei to take her hand. "I meant what I said before, too. But that aside, if you need anything at all, please call me or drop by."
[00:15] <Atticus> [Rei puts her plate back on the table, and tentatively takes Yanmei's hand. She seemed almost as if she was afraid she'd be yelled at.]
[00:16] <Aline> "…Right. Not about telling me about it, anyway." She then looked off into the distance. "I was probably going to go to the roof or somewhere like that. If you want to finish your food, don't let me stop you." Aline stood up, but didn't walk off yet.
[00:23] <Yanmei> "…I'm not hungry, Blanc," she said simply. Then, a pause. "Any messages you want me to deliver?"
[00:25] * Aline stood for a moment… "…Tell her I'll want to talk to her again soon. That's all I can think of." A loooooong sigh, and then… she headed off.
[00:26] * Yanmei went her seperate way too, holding Rei's hand. It felt as if she had failed something in a terrible and fundamental way. Still, she tried to comfort the younger girl with a pat or two on the head as they walked together.
[00:29] <Atticus> [Rei followed on. She held onto Yanmei's hand tightly, staring up at her. "Zaizai?"]
[00:31] * Yanmei offered a gentle smile down at her. She didn't know what that meant, but… "It's A-okay!" she lied in English.

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