For The Unveiling Of A New Pair

[15:18] <Luna‘Riel> [The elevator was, as usual, taking its time. Dr. Riel, Aline and the little tiger cub stood alone, waiting for it to pass…]
[15:20] * Aline was, as /seemed/ to be usual, powerfully resisting the urge to cuddle and snuggle the tiger cub into fuzzy oblivion. It’d be highly rude to Dr. Riel! So instead, she stood calmly, humming a part of Ravel's Bolero to herself.
[15:25] <Luna‘Riel> "So, er." A pause. "The contact procedures went well."
[15:26] * Aline stopped humming, at that point. "Contact… oh, so… er." She tried to sort out what that was supposed to be in her head. "Well, that’s good." She decided to leave it for the sake of conversation.
[15:28] <Luna‘Riel> "Yeah." The little cub mewled. "05 gave us some trouble at first."
[15:29] * Aline let herself smile a little at the cub, but then nodded. "Trouble?… Is it a finicky unit like 01 or 04 or something like that?"
[15:30] <Luna`Riel> "Sort of…" She furrowed her brow. "05 seems to be a very unstable personality."
[15:32] * Aline couldn’t let even a cute little tiger cub keep her from looking pretty upset at that. Unstable EVA meant damage to the pilot. That was bad! "Oh… oh my. That's… that's terrible, I hope it's… uh, just… weird, instead of violent or paranoid or delusional or something!"
[15:33] <Luna‘Riel> "It was very angry."
[15:34] * Aline could even /feel/ her expression of dismay widen. "…Aaaah, another one…"
[15:35] <Luna`Riel> "Well… Not like 04." Murmured Luna. "It’s… Hard to describe." She chuckled. "I feel so illogical saying this, but it's a different kind of anger."
[15:37] * Aline wagged her finger, unfortunately not having the charmingly-lecturing tone due to being rather 'D:' at this still. "It's not terribly illogical, you know. They're part-organic and regardless of the control systems, have complete personalities… Mostly. But that leaves openings for disorders." Aline… could only shrug. "If not illogical, though, it's certainly surreal, to have a
[15:37] * Aline giant warmachine that could use a /psychologist/, no?"
[15:38] * Luna‘Riel gave Aline a sidelong glance. "It’s illogical because I don't have any proof outside of my gut feeling."
[15:38] <Aline> "…Oh. Well, you're not a psychologist, are you? Guesswork has to fly there."
[15:40] <Luna‘Riel> "I’m not fond of guesswork."
[15:42] * Aline inclined her head against the elevator wall. "I can… imagine. It must be uncomfortable, very uncomfortable to have to resort to it."
[15:42] <Luna‘Riel> "It is." A wry smile. "Especially when the object of your guesswork is something as precarious as an AT Field, for example."-
[15:42] <Luna`Riel> [The elevator doors opened, revealing… Ikari Yui. The woman lifted her downcast eyes- and froze.]
[15:44] * Aline widened her eyes at the sight. "…Ah… hello…" Aline looked upset all over again, but… concerned too. It reflected in her voice as well.
[15:47] <Luna`Riel> ["Ah…" Dr. Ikari frowned imperceptibly for a moment, before giving a formal bow to Dr. Riel. "Everything is in order." She turned her gaze to Aline. "I brought him with me today…"]
[15:48] * Aline looked… back, not letting her emotions even remotely conceal themselves. "…Ah?… Is it a special occasion, or… just to be with me while I’m down here, or… should I not pry…?"
[15:49] <Luna‘Riel> ["I wanted him here with me." Mumbled Dr. Ikari. "Excuse me. Please, I am needed elsewhere…"]
[15:50] * Aline nodded at that, but… "Make sure he’s alright." …But then she realized, darkly. "Make sure /you're/ alright. Please."
[15:51] <Luna‘Riel> [Dr. Ikari nodded, her face impassive. "I will."-
[15:51] * Luna`Riel stepped off the elevator quietly, turning to Aline. "Let’s go."
[15:52] * Aline shook a little, just reflexively, but… headed out. "R-right."
[15:52] <Luna‘Riel> [Dr. Ikari took their place, the doors shutting- sealing the woman off from the rest of the world.-
[15:54] * Luna`Riel led Aline through the hexagonal corridor, quickly reaching a NERV blast door- it opened, revealing… A room.-
[15:56] <Luna`Riel> It was a cavernous room, hexagonal itself in shape, ringed by six walking platforms, which were connected with small, one-man elevators. In the center of the room stood six massive, clear silos, each of them 50 metres tall- but sunk into the ground, so they stood 30 metres. Four of them were empty, but two were filled with bakelite, frozen solid- one of them contained the red and blue form of EVA-05, the other contained the yellow and red form of EVA-06.
[15:59] * Aline stared out… and of course, her eyes focused on 06, since it was an unfamiliar one. She examined it critically as she moved further into the room… certainly a different experience from the old, familiar cages where 00, 01, and 04 rested. But… "…NERV… sure loves red…" 00. 02. 05. 06. That’s… that's more than half with red as part of their color scheme. Yeesh.
[16:01] <Luna‘Riel> "Red is a nice colour." Said Luna absently.-
[16:02] <Luna`Riel> [EVA-06 was tall and ’thin', but with narrow, long arms and a 'bald' head dominated by something featuring a skylight. The face itself was dominated by a four-eye array.-
[16:05] <Luna‘Riel> [As they walked deeper into the room, Aline would note that the ’platform' they were on jutted out deeper into the room than anywhere else… And she'd see two things of note. the first was the recognisable profile of Shinji Ikari, hands on a railing- and next to him was a girl, clad in form-fitting yellow and white plugsuit, her voice carrying. "I have been eating a lot recently! I have been asking Ariadne to go and take me to food courts and restaurants in Paris-2 and it is actually rather fun, I find. I have never done that before~"]
[16:07] * Aline made the mental connection pretty darn rapidly - yellow plugsuit, yellow EVA, EVA-06, the announcement earlier from the command center… This must be Natasha! But… Interrupting would be rude. Especially since she seemed to be having a decent conversation with Shinji. He could use more friends, and why not friends from other parts of the 'family'? So instead, Aline just approached
[16:07] * Aline quietly, rather quietly.
[16:15] <Luna‘Riel> ["It is nice having friends." Said Natasha happily. "Do you have friends?" "Yes…" "That is good! Do they eat with you, too?" "I guess so…" "Say, do you know how to fight? We could spar! I am good at sparring. A few weeks ago I sparred with Zhang Yanmei and -won-." She said breathlessly, with a voice full of wonder. "I-I see…"]
[16:20] * Aline yet again thought it to be deeply rude to just /interrupt/ out of hand, so instead… She’d go for the next best thing. If she doesn't feel right interjecting into the conversation… then she could interject in other ways. So, with a single smooth motion? She snuck up on Shinji and gave him a (gentle) hug. Also, because this is Aline we're talking about, she already took the
[16:20] * Aline possibility of a slip and fall accident into account, so she held on in such a way that she could shift her weight into locking him in place, should he suddenly become unstable!
[16:23] <Luna‘Riel> ["Ah-!" Shinji looked down suddenly at the arms… Then settled into it. "A-Aline…"-
[16:24] <Luna`Riel> ["A…" Natasha turned and stared at Aline, suddenly reddening. "It is -you-! You are Aline Blanc! O-O-Oh I-I-I…"]
[16:27] * Aline was still hugging Shinji, but also was /so sorely confused/ at Natasha’s reaction. "…Ah?… Yeah, it's me? Dr. Riel just asked me if I wanted to see the two new units and I was all 'yeah'. Though… to be honest I've seen 05 before, but I haven't /met/ it. Technicalities. So… you're Natasha, then?" She squeezed Shinji's shoulders a little, then released the hug.
[16:29] <Luna‘Riel> ["Y-Y-Yes…" She said, staring wide-eyed at Aline. Shinji turned to Aline, smiling wanly, before taking a step back.]
[16:31] * Aline looked at Shinji with a little bit of concern, but then… "Oh. Well, hi, then. I guess our names have preceded one anothers’? I'm… I'm not going to bite? That's 00's thing."
[16:33] <Luna‘Riel> ["A-A-A-heh." giggled Natasha nervously. "It is funny b-b-because 00 h-has an a-acid maw."]
[16:36] * Aline slowly… nodded. Real slowly… "…Do you want a glass of water or something?… You sorta don’t sound okay."
[16:37] <Luna‘Riel> ["Er…" Natasha blushed. "O-O-Oh n-no, I-I’m d-doing i-it again…" … The girl covered her face, and tensed as though she were about to run away.]
[16:39] * Aline …decided to sit on the floor of the platform, and crossed her legs. "Er?… I don't know what 'it' is, but just breathe, okay?" …Something clicked in her head. "I mean, you're just in the room with a scientist over there, a young boy from Japan, and a French schoolgirl. That's… all it is, right? Okay, and the giant cybernetic deathmachines. Their feelings'd be hurt if we
[16:39] * Aline ignored them."
[16:41] <Luna‘Riel> ["A-Aheh. R-Right." Natasha… Turned away and firmly stared at EVA-06.-
[16:41] <Luna`Riel> "So, what do you think?" Asked Dr. Riel.
[16:43] * Aline turned back to Dr. Riel, eager to /maybe/ not traumatize Natasha as much. "Interesting. Not sure what the thing on the head is for, but… four-eyed design, that was pioneered with 02 - I don’t think 00's conditions of growth'd happen again, simply because it's that… odd, biologically. But the extra eyes give it a nice edge over the more 'normally-sighted' units. Pretty lanky,
[16:43] * Aline though."
[16:46] <Luna‘Riel> "Yes. It’s built more for agility than anything." Said Dr. Riel.-
[16:46] <Luna‘Riel> [Shinji handed Dr. Riel a piece of paper. "My mother left this for you."]
[16:48] * Aline looked back and forth between Shinji and Dr. Riel, concern once again coloring her face. "…Oh dear. I hope it’s nothing… overly bad."
[16:51] * Luna‘Riel glanced at the piece of paper- before her eyes narrowed. Her gaze criss-crossed the words furiously, before promptly folding it up and tucking it away. "Nothing too bad. Just the usual trouble with 05."
[16:53] * Aline …nodded, but seemed… well. A bit dubious. She certainly didn’t /say/ anything about it though. What Aline did do, was look back at Natasha to see if the girl was still doggedly trying not to fall apart, before settling a worried look on Shinji.
[16:56] <Luna‘Riel> [Natasha was, indeed, still staring at 06. Shinji, on the other hand, was apathetically staring down at the floor far below.-
[16:56] <Luna`Riel> "I should probably go talk to my support team about this. One minute." Dr. Riel headed off.
[16:57] * Aline …stared at her as she left. /Stared./ But then… she sidled a bit closer (on the floor) to Shinji, and… got up, using the railing to help. "…Pretty high up, isn’t it?"
[16:58] <Luna‘Riel> ["Yeah…"]
[16:59] * Aline leaned over a bit further, just to get a look, but then pulled back. She… patted him on the shoulder a little. "It was probably much worse than what she said, wasn’t it?"
[17:02] <Luna‘Riel> [Shinji didn’t respond, sort of tensing up a bit and staring at the ground. "…"]
[17:03] * Aline sighed. "…You don't have to talk about it if you don't want to. I'm sorry for…" She looked at Natasha again. "…For breaking up the distraction just by being here. If nothing else, you need friends, too…"
[17:04] <Luna‘Riel> [Shinji took a rattling breath and seized Aline’s hand, pulling it close- pulling her close.]
[17:04] * Aline pulled close right away, too, her other hand holding steady on the railing.
[17:08] * Luna‘Riel starts shuddering violently.
[17:08] <Luna`Riel> [Shinji* starts shuddering violently.]
[17:09] * Aline was breathing a bit heavier, but… she held on tight! She practically clung to him, closing her eyes.
[17:21] <Luna`Riel> [Shinji… Finally pulled back, looking distraught and frightened.]
[17:22] * Aline looked him in the eye, herself looking very upset, very very much so. She again cast a gaze across the entire room… one that lingered on 05 quite a bit.
[17:24] <Luna`Riel> [EVA-05 stared back… Its head had moved.]
[17:25] * Aline almost immediately jumped back in shock! "…Um-um… we should back away from… from…" She shook a pointed finger at it.
[17:27] <Luna`Riel> [Shinji took a few faltering steps back as well, slipping and stumbling onto his backside as he did so.]
[17:29] * Aline gasped, and was about to rush to grab Shinji and keep him from falling!… But… "Nn… nngh, what…?!" A hand clasped against her forehead, and Aline’s breathing became even heavier than before.
[17:29] <Luna‘Riel> [Natasha looked over suddenly, staring at them in surprise. "… Huh? What’s wrong?"]
[17:30] * Aline shakily gestured in the direction of 05. "…Head… turned… active. Sorry, I'm… I'll be better in a little bit…" Said Aline as she clenched the hand on her head, the other reaching blindly to try to grab for Shinji's hand. Desperately.
[17:32] <Luna‘Riel> [ Shinji desperately grabbed her hand.-
[17:34] * Luna`Riel started to return now, quickly, her footsteps tapping against the hard floor.
[17:34] * Aline …stared at 05 again, but this time with her eyes nearly dinnerplate-wide. She mumbled something incoherent, and gripped Shinji’s hand /amazingly tight/.
[17:38] <Luna‘Riel> "It’s probably best if the two of you leave." Murmured Dr. Riel.
[17:39] * Aline swiftly nodded. "I know. We… Shinji. Let's go /now/." She started to reach down to help him back onto his feet, almost dragging the poor boy up if she had to!
[17:45] <Luna‘Riel> [The boy scrabbled to his feet.]
[17:46] * Aline practically dashed as best she could, in pace with him, to the elevator, up to and including hammering the button with her finger to get it open, and to close it and get to a floor… rather far away from that storage area. She didn’t even think too clearly as to /which/.
[17:52] * Ikari‘Shinji followed, blindly. The elevator doors closed. It started to move.
[17:54] * Aline looked at him pretty frantically, the second the elevator got moving. She was tense, as if she halfway-expected the elevator shaft to be torn out of the building or something. "D-did you feel that?… You probably didn’t…"
[17:55] * Ikari‘Shinji stared at Aline, pale… But honestly looking better than she did. "I-I didn’t. I-I just saw you…"
[17:59] * Aline shook, and shivered, and looked like a wreck… She gulped deeply, then… "Th-th-thank you. I… I… I'm sorry, it… it, I could feel it. I could feel its thoughts, they were really strong, it-it-it-it was mad. It was… betrayed, like… like it lost everyone it loved or… everyone it loved turned on it. And it…" Aline buried her head in Shinji's chest and let out a big sob,
[17:59] * Aline and… couldn't stop.
[18:05] * Ikari‘Shinji held Aline. Tightly, giving her every scrap of warmth and comfort he could muster. "I-I’m so sorry." He murmured. "A-Aline…"
[18:07] * Aline held on… held on for dear life… She… she got her words back, though. She felt she had to say it, out of sheer will. "It… w-w-w-wanted to kill me… Because I was… with you…"
[18:14] <Ikari‘Shinji> "W-What…?" Shinji froze. "W-Why…?"
[18:22] * Aline pushed in deeper. "I-I-I don’t know why. I stopped feeling it right after that! Each… Each EVA has a personality based on someone else's… So someone… either… f-f-felt that way or… that's how they reacted to… suddenly waking up inside of one of /those/. And I don't know who'd… who'd possibly feel that way!"
[18:23] <Ikari‘Shinji> "T-Then it’s ok." Said Shinji, cuddling Aline even tighter and quietly pressing a particular elevator button. "If we don't go near it again- if we never see it- then it won't be a problem. It'll be fine."
[18:29] <Aline> "I… hope so…" Aline's voice was full of pain and fear… and worry.
[18:29] * Ikari‘Shinji didn’t have anything to say to that. So he embraced her. And looked up at the elevator numbers.
[18:40] <Luna‘Riel> "EVA-05 has behaved as expected, Mr. Director." Said Dr. Riel into a telephone. "I still disagree with this course of action, but I think you’ll find EVA-05 to be quite within your parameters." A pause. "Yes. An experiment has shown 05 to be highly agitated by even the simplest of elements. I just conducted an experiment." A pause. "Exposure to… A romantic relationship. And as we expected, it flew into a rage." Pause. "Thank you, sir."-
[18:40] <Luna`Riel> And with that, Dr. Riel hung up.

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