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[20:07] <Sept> The elevator once again. Sera was passing time by trying, somewhat futilely, to make the bandaging on his arm look more neat. It had been involved in an… episode earlier, on the receiving end of the boy's frustration, being the best physical manifestation of his worries. In the temporal pocket of this particular elevator, however, time was not an issue, and eventually the most notable
[20:07] <Sept> torn ends were tied up in knots to stop them from attracting attention.
[20:10] <Ginevre‘Fontaine> [The elevator came to. The doors… Took awhile to open this time, a digitalised "Please wait" appearing in the number display above the floor buttons.-
[20:10] <Ginevre`Fontaine> [Eventually it did open, however, revealing Ginevre sitting at her desk, hands clasped in front of her.]
[20:17] * Sept awaited patiently, back straight, completely unlike a mollusk, and hands behind his back. "Hello, Ginevre."
[20:19] * Ginevre`Fontaine looked over at Sept. She seemed fatigued, but as he appeared her face tightened into a mask of emotionlessness. "Hello, Sera. What is it?"
[20:24] * Sept took a seat wordlessly and sat there, eyes fixed on the woman. Finally, he sighed. "I don’t know what to do, Ginevre."
[20:26] <Ginevre‘Fontaine> "Come sit down and tell me what you mean."
[20:29] <Ginevre`Fontaine> "Tell me what you mean."
[20:29] <Ginevre`Fontaine> «Edit: Take out that first line»
[20:29] <Sept> "Wh-where do I start..?"
[20:31] <Ginevre`Fontaine> Ginevre peered at him over her hands. "Well. What do you feel right now?"
[20:37] <Sept> "Right now?" Sera looked down at his hands. "I feel… lost. Everyone else has a direction, and clear goals. I’m… trying to help them despite that, but I think they think I'm just trying to hurt them or take something away…"
[20:41] <Ginevre‘Fontaine> "Why do you think that?"
[20:46] <Sept> "You saw… A-Aline didn’t understand. And Yanmei and Isaiah…" He looked up. "Elis- 04. He isn't mad. He isn't broken. They just didn't want to listen, Ginevre."
[20:49] * Ginevre‘Fontaine was silent. "I did see Aline. But I am the one who does not understand, Sept." Said Ginevre quietly. "Why are you so attached to the idea of Silas, even though you didn’t know him?"
[20:55] * Sept blinked. "He was everyone's big brother in the program. We need someone like him, we can't afford to… to fight amongst ourselves in any way."
[20:59] * Ginevre‘Fontaine closes her eyes, as if contemplative. "… The pilots are generally amicable though, and to be honest I doubt Silas would do much to improve the cohesiveness of the current pilots we have."
[21:07] <Sept> "But…" An unnaturally long pause as Sera searched for words. Any words. "I don’t want to be like Atticus, Ginevre."
[21:08] <Ginevre‘Fontaine> "What do you mean? I doubt you’ll betray us…"
[21:09] <Sept> "N-no, I… it's my fault Silas died, Ginevre. I-it's how it started…"
[21:11] * Ginevre‘Fontaine frowned. "Don’t be silly, Sept. Explain what you mean in full."
[21:16] <Sept> "If I hadn't provoked him, he wouldn't have had to use the… the whatever he used. He was hesitating, but I wanted to settle it easily with a fight, so I… we could have captured him safely! I wanted to fix that but I c-couldn't do that without Aline and now she's angry at me…"
[21:17] <Ginevre‘Fontaine> "I see." Said Ginevre quietly. She leaned forward. "It’s -not- your fault. And I'm going to explain why it's not to you right now, so please listen carefully."
[21:18] <Sept> "But…" Still, he shut up and looked on with that deeply worried face.
[21:23] <Ginevre‘Fontaine> "The chemical Silas used was a simple tranquiliser, measured to the precise amount to knock himself out. In such a state, EVA-05 berserked automatically. Let me just tell you right now, Sera: it was -not- because of you that Silas perished. Simply put, Silas was always intending to knock himself out. From what we captured after the battle- plans, recordings, his officers- the battle plan would be to try to destroy as many Evangelions as possible with the Solaces, before finally berserking EVA-05. What you did had no impact on Silas’s ultimate actions. He was always going to knock himself out, and he was always going to provoke EVA-05 into berserking. Nothing could have changed that, especially considering the level of conditioning that Silas possessed."
[21:26] <Sept> "He was fighting it, wasn't he? Couldn't we have restrained him if he'd kept up just a little longer?"
[21:28] * Ginevre‘Fontaine shook her head sadly. "Silas was too weak to fight the conditioning. He was an image projected onto a totally different mind- his chances of resisting were almost zero. Any ’fighting' you saw would have lasted mere seconds, and if we had attempted to restrain him we'd only stop him from fighting it- and he'd then proceed to berserk EVA-05 anyway."
[21:31] <Sept> "…stupid. He'd bring him back, just for that?" Sera shook his head. "Stupid." He said, lamentably.
[21:33] <Ginevre‘Fontaine> "… It’s sad to say. But I doubt Azariah ever saw Shinji and the mask as his real son."
[21:37] <Sept> "…I guess. No one else seems to, either, after all." Pause. "There was something else I wanted to ask you about, Ginevre."
[21:37] <Ginevre‘Fontaine> "What is it, Sera?"
[21:41] <Sept> "About Elisha… after the 01 imprint. You talked with him. He was still… Elisha, right? You still knew him?"
[21:46] <Ginevre`Fontaine> "Mm… Yes, and perhaps, no. He had my husband’s body. And I knew that the things he said, the way he acted, they were all thoughts Elisha had possessed. The words he said were truly how he felt, but seen through a veneer of anger and disgust. So in a sense, he was not the Elisha I knew, no. The Elisha I knew was gentle to me, creative, and caring. But the Elisha I knew also had his moments of anger, and moments where he was bitterly disappointed in the world… But never so much that it blotted out the other parts."
[21:50] <Sept> "Do you think that Elisha would ever… lie, to you? To us? If it would get him what he wanted, faster?"
[21:51] * Ginevre‘Fontaine chuckled. "Elisha spent half his life lying to people to get what he wanted. I was an exception. Most of the time. But sometimes he lied to me, too. The only person he never lied to was Alexandre."
[21:58] <Sept> "Mmh." A mostly unsatisfied sound. "When he was talking to me… it felt like he was purposefully putting aside all of that, I guess hatred. Like even the way he was, he -knew- we’d put him, um. Together. Before he could do what he wanted with the world."
[22:01] <Ginevre‘Fontaine> "Like he was expecting us to try, despite knowing that he’d told us not to until the right time?"
[22:05] <Sept> "No, the time is still important… more like he wasn't taking the things he did as 04 seriously. Like they were just for show, something to pass time until it -was- time. I'm sorry, I don't think I'm doing a very good of explaining it…"
[22:06] <Ginevre‘Fontaine> "Ah… You felt as though his ’persona' as a hateful being was just an act?"
[22:11] <Sept> "He didn't seem hateful like that at all… If he could control it then, I don't know what the whole point was. Why would he want both Evas..?"
[22:14] <Ginevre‘Fontaine> "Well. I can’t be sure myself. I'd stress you to be cautious- whilst synchronised as you were, I suspect 04 could show you whatever he wanted to see." Her hands remained clasped. "But Elisha- when he was whole- posited that AT Fields can be influenced from experiences… Or that at the very least, theorised that if you were to split two AT Fields in half- a good-evil AT Field into a good field and an evil field- both fields would eventually 'regrow' the missing parts."
[22:20] <Sept> "Mmh… I thought so too. If I knew and remembered the parts he didn't have…" Sera pondered for a while. "Do you think, if I help 04… Will they call me mad, too?"
[22:21] <Ginevre‘Fontaine> "Perhaps, but then again, Elisha rarely cared what people called him." Said Ginevre.
[22:27] <Sept> "I guess…" The boy was lost in thought.
[22:28] <Ginevre`Fontaine> "Now I would like to ask you a question."
[22:31] <Sept> "What is it, Ginevre?"
[22:32] <Ginevre`Fontaine> "If Silas were standing in front of you right now, what would you do?"
[22:34] <Sept> "If… Hm."
[22:38] <Sept> "I would… say how sorry everyone was, for what happened to him. But… I’d have to ask him questions, too."
[22:39] <Ginevre‘Fontaine> "What would you ask him first?"
[22:41] * Sept looked at Ginevre intently for a few moments, and then just slightly off to the side. "…if he remembers anything."
[22:43] <Ginevre`Fontaine> "I see. And what would you do if he hugged you?"
[22:46] <Sept> "Um. Hug back? Why..?"
[22:46] <Ginevre`Fontaine> Ginevre looked away. "Because that would be when he would stab you. In the left armpit, under your arm- straight into the heart."
[22:50] <Sept> "But… why? He wouldn’t. Would he?"
[22:52] <Ginevre‘Fontaine> "He would. Silas had only one loyalty: to Azariah Caine. Outside of that he bore affection only for his Neospartan brothers and sisters. So long as you pilot EVA-01, you are Azariah’s implacable nemesis, and thus, you are his primary target. And a target of Azariah's is a target of Silas. Don't think he wouldn't kill you. He would. Silas was a ruthless young man."
[22:59] * Sept was at a loss for words. After a series of half-words and unfinished thoughts, Sera settled on one hopeless reply. "There's nothing we can do..?" It wasn't even a question, not really.
[23:01] <Ginevre‘Fontaine> "To do what?"
[23:05] <Sept> "Um. Negotiate with Azariah. Anything. Just to. Just -stop- all of it. Until we’re done with the Angels! We can deal with it then!" … "I don't want this now…"
[23:07] * Ginevre‘Fontaine finally broke her clasp, reaching out to run her fingers through Sept’s hair. "I'm afraid not. Azariah won't stop until Paris-2 is his, and EVA-01- and 04- are destroyed."
[23:18] <Sept> "I… guess you're right." He nodded slowly. "I guess I'm just tired of… all the stupid fighting."
[23:19] <Ginevre‘Fontaine> "You sound like Aline." Said Ginevre wryly. "She cares for you more than you think, you know. You’re very precious to her."
[23:22] <Sept> "Mmh. Maybe she just needs time, too…"
[23:23] <Ginevre‘Fontaine> "She’s very stressed. She needs Shinji, just like you need Freya." Ginevre smiles. "But she also needs you too. You're her big brother… Sometimes siblings squabble."
[23:28] <Sept> "Really..?" Sera got up from his chair and smiled back faintly. "Thank you, Ginevre."
[23:29] <Ginevre`Fontaine> "Anytime, Sera. Go on. Take a few days rest. You need to prepare for your trip to Tokyo-2. Tsubaki wants you to stay there for a few weeks."
[23:31] <Sept> "Ah… When would we be back, then? I… the hospital, I always lose track of the date."
[23:31] <Ginevre`Fontaine> "Early January."
[23:33] <Sept> "Mmh. Thank you, Ginevre." With a nod, Sera headed back for the elevator.
[23:33] <Ginevre`Fontaine> [And before long, Sept would find himself staring at the closing doors, the Elevator heading down.]
[23:38] <Sept> And when the doors reopened, Sept would emerge, clutching his left hand, as much to cover the torn bandages as in pain from the torn stitches.
[23:39] <Ginevre`Fontaine> "…" Ginevre stared at the doors, her smile quietly fading. Her hands reclasped, her face became cold.-
[23:40] <Ginevre`Fontaine> Five black monoliths materialised around her- each marked with a number from 01 to 05, and the words "SOUND ONLY".-
[23:40] <Ginevre`Fontaine> "Now. Where were we…?"

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