For Uniting The Lost Lovers

01[16:19] <Ginevre> [When Aline awoke… Whenever that was…-
01[16:20] <Ginevre> [She would find herself barely able to open her eyes, at first. But when she did, she'd find herself staring at an unfamiliar ceiling. A drip in her arm… The beeping of a heart monitor.]
06[16:21] * Aline stared up, indeed… then looked around, noticing that. She remained silent, but her eyes focused on the drip. It was something stable she could focus on. Something to regain mental strength from.
01[16:25] <Ginevre> [Time passed.-
01[16:25] <Ginevre> [Aline really didn't know how long… Whether five hours, five minutes. Her sense of time, it seemed, was off.-
01[16:25] <Ginevre> [There were no real markers to pass the time, either. No windows. No clock. Just a beep. A beep. The drip.]
06[16:28] * Aline was actually somewhat bothered by that fact. She rolled her head over to instead look at the monitor. Heart rate… that was predictable. Audible. She could measure it. The equipment stated beats per minute. She could calibrate based on that. A part of Aline felt silly, or maybe even crazy, for bothering to do this, but the more dominant part insisted that she was grounding herself
06[16:28] * Aline in reality. Math. Certainty. Time.
01[16:31] <Ginevre> [The sound of a door opening.]
06[16:35] * Aline instantly snapped her head to face the source of the sound. She had failed to keep proper track of the beats. The equations were hard to set. The BPM changed too often. It got /boring/. But since she didn't know who or what to expect… The girl, again, remained silent, merely staring vaguely into the distance.
01[16:37] <Ginevre> [… Silence. No one there, just an open door, that eventually closed shut again.]
06[16:38] * Aline narrowed her eyes in frustration, and proceeded to spend another good long forever deathstaring at the direction she heard the sound from. How dare they disrupt her monotony then fail to deliver anything of substance.
01[16:41] <Ginevre> [Time continued to pass. The monotony continued. Nothing changing…]
06[16:43] * Aline continued to sulk, eventually looking at her IV. What the hell was it? Or was it just unlabeled clear junk that was probably saline but /might/ be something else? She'd probably be left unsatisfied again. Though she /did/ also check to see if it was on a wheeled stand or not.
01[16:44] <Ginevre> [It was on a wheeled stand, but the label of the IV used a 5-integer code instead of a name.]
06[16:47] * Aline sighed, becoming less angry and more just… how to put. Empty? She leaned back in the bed and folded her arms, drumming fingers against those same arms every now and then.
01[16:49] <Ginevre> [Time passed… Eventually, of course, the door opened once again.]
06[16:50] * Aline leaned around, to see if she could see /anything/ going on. Anything at all. Even though her mind /roiled/ with complex, but shackling, thoughts.
06[16:50] * Ginevre was now standing in the doorway. "Aline?"
06[16:51] * Aline tilted her head further. "…Ginevre? Commander? Mom?… Whatever's appropriate in the situation?"
01[16:53] <Ginevre> "Yes, it's me." Said Ginevre quietly. She approached, and sat down on the edge of the bed. "You're awake."
06[17:00] * Aline nodded, seeming intensely relieved. "…Yeah, so I am." She sighed, eyeing the IV. "Other than mystery maybe-saline, this seems surprisingly un-invasive, considering. I half expected to be hooked up to every single piece of medical equipment that went 'ping' they could think of." Aline redirected her gaze back on Ginevre. "Er, not to be that sarcastic. It's just… that must have
06[17:00] * Aline freaked everyone out. Enough to drop twenty-six 1000-kiloton… wait, wouldn't that be a megaton?… Er, but that many warheads on the two units. Not that 05 /didn't/ need that much to take down."
01[17:05] <Ginevre> "Operations Directors have long since decided that the only appropriate response to an Angel or an Eva is a disproportionate one." Said Ginevre with a wry smile, smoothing Aline's sheets back. "How are you feeling?"
06[17:11] * Aline waved the not-plugged-in hand around tentatively. "…Very strange. I'm trying to regain full… attention. I /think/ I'm more or less 'present' again." Her tone was… dulled. Not emotionless, but more wearied. "But things feel out of place mentally. Moods slightly different in some places, especially. It's still me, but it's sort of knocked out of alignment somehow." Weariness
06[17:11] * Aline gave way to glum uncertainty, as she intentionally let the waving hand go limp. "I feel… weaker, too. I mean in body. It feels like there's somehow less of me…" Aline trailed off on that, and looked even /less/ cheery. "…Which goes hand in hand with the final department. I literally feel like there's less of 'me' present. On the spiritual level. That's… almost indescribable. And
06[17:11] * Aline disturbing."
01[17:16] <Ginevre> "Well. I think maybe we should talk about what happened…"
[17:21] <Aline> "Like…" Aline swallowed air. A whole lot of it. "Like what about it?"
01[17:25] <Ginevre> "What was the last thing you remember?"
06[17:31] * Aline closed her eyes, and took an incredibly deep breath. She looked… serene, or perhaps more like an imitation of serenity. It was clear this was troubling her on some level. That she was nervous. "Being informed of the incoming bombardment, and… The… the serenity of having faith I'd survive. That was my last memory."
01[17:33] <Ginevre> "And when was this? Before or after 00 berserked?"
[17:35] <Aline> "After. If it was before, I would've just known the bombs were coming rather than having 'been informed' - if they had been ordered before the berserk incident." Aline shook her head, almost remorsefully. "They weren't, of course."
01[17:36] <Ginevre> "So you were awake when EVA-00 berserked?"
06[17:37] * Aline tilted her head, a look of confusion coloring her features. "No, no, that's what I was trying to point out. I was… was in a dreamlike state. Able to think and have some kind of internal feeling of time, but unconscious and oblivious to my surroundings."
01[17:39] <Ginevre> "I see. But nevertheless you weren't completely unconscious. You were still synchronised with EVA-00, then, I assume, since you mentioned being informed, and if you were unaware of your surroundings…"
06[17:42] * Aline slowly nodded. "…Sorry, my specialty isn't medicine. I sorta mixed it up with sleep, then? But… that I think sounds like it, anyway." Obviously, she sounded uncertain about that, but still… very nervous.
01[17:42] <Ginevre> "I see…" Ginevre pondered for a moment.-
01[17:42] <Ginevre> "Aline, why did EVA-00's AT Field read pattern blue?"
06[17:45] * Aline suddenly gaped with her mouth, and her eyes widened. The dilation of them in fear was /visible/. You could see the damn iris shift if you looked, it was even in agonizing slow motion. "Nn… Ah… Er…" She needed to buy time. She didn't have enough time to think of how to handle this - or to gather the courage to tell the truth.
01[17:46] <Ginevre> "I trust you, Aline." Said Ginevre softly. "I want you to be able to trust me, too, because you -know-, don't you?"
06[17:55] * Aline shuddered, and… stared out at Ginevre. She couldn't bring herself to make direct eye contact. "It's… I don't know how anyone would react. It's strange and what people might do to me if they knew… that thought filled me with more terror than the very thing that would be the cause of it." A long sigh, and a clasping-together of her hands, which tensed up with her whole body in
06[17:55] * Aline counterpoint to the 'releasing' nature of the sigh. "Even if my knowledge is incomplete, or vague, or even just a cover for some true reality… I know I'm different. My soul's different. It's more open. It's vast, despite being no more or less glorious than any other human's. Things get… lost in it." Aline's shuddering resumed out of her tension, "One came, but died afterwards. Another…
06[17:55] * Aline another is still there. Still 'lost' in there. I… I… it… I…" The girl swallowed yet more air. "The Tenth Angel is within me. Maybe now, at this point, more like a part of me." All the finality of a terrible revelation was there.
01[18:01] <Ginevre> "…" Ginevre was very still. "I understand your reasons for keeping this to yourself. But you should have told me earlier."
06[18:03] * Aline frowned. "I-I-I know. I'm sorry. I… I'm still just scared in the end. It didn't end like the first time did. I didn't know what to do. It's become a… strange coexistence."
06[18:07] * Ginevre was quiet, but she took Aline's hand and gently folded it. "You are a victim here, not a perpetrator. I already know what to do."
06[18:09] * Aline stared, again, breathing erratically. "What… is that?"
01[18:10] <Ginevre> "I'm hesitant to tamper with your AT Field, but I'll order an overhaul of EVA-00's feedback buffers and suppressors. With any luck, we'll avoid a repeat of what happened."
02[18:19] * Yanmei (~ten.nozirev.soif.apalhp.871-301-2-801-loop|3tmretrac#ten.nozirev.soif.apalhp.871-301-2-801-loop|3tmretrac) Quit (Quit: Rawr! :E)
06[18:22] * Aline nodded with clear relief in her expression. "That's… probably for the best. Pragmatically, I know that he's currently the only being alive in this world that's qualified to make changes like that. Emotionally… It's extremely complicated. He's neither good nor evil. While his prolonged existence is a risk to my /own/ field stability, my mind is… I don't even know. What once
06[18:22] * Aline started with suspicion became something else. He's intensely curious, it's almost the only thing he feels on the same level we do. It might produce extremely awkward moments when I have to explain embarassing concepts, but yet I know he's just interested - the very social conventions that embarass me in the first place are literally alien to him. And in a weird sense, it's good conversation,
06[18:22] * Aline to actually do things like explain the idea of love to someone that… has not truly conceived of it before." Aline actually managed a smile, then. "He even reassured me when I was beating myself up for falling for one of the Silas-ghost's tricks." She finally completely relaxed, looking at the heart monitor briefly. "My conviction to protect humanity has never changed. Even meeting
06[18:22] * Aline Samandiriel, who was honestly kind. We're just stuck in this. One or the other. Adam and Lilith force us to play this game with our species. Azariah forced my friends to play it with Silas and Shinji - though… that was never Silas. But that's a rant for another time. Even the Liberated Nations /exempt/ from Azariah's influence… that's still a one or the other dilemma. A wretched one
06[18:22] * Aline constantly forced on us, but just because both have some redeeming traits, some damning traits… won't ever mean that I sacrifice me and mine out of sympathy. Not that you, likely, were ever concerned about my loyalty."
06[18:35] * Ginevre smiled, leaned over and kissed Aline gently on the forehead. "No, I wasn't." She sat up straight again. "Angels are utterly alien beings, but are nevertheless related to humanity."
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06[18:41] * Aline pondered that sentence, and… well, it only got her so far. "On… some level, anyway. I think." She had, though, blushed at the overt sign of affection, and… for once, her sigh was wistful. "Mmm… And here I am, the closest link between them that isn't armored and given a unit designation."
01[18:42] <Ginevre> "… I know." Said Ginevre sadly. "It does seem incredibly unfair that Angel and human are divided, doesn't it?"
02[18:43] * SyntaxTerror (if.atsiakajaal-asile.381-231-311-88a|rreTxatnyS#if.atsiakajaal-asile.381-231-311-88a|rreTxatnyS) Quit (Ping timeout)
03[18:43] * Sept is now known as SyntaxTerror
[18:45] <Aline> "Or even, divided in a way in which they must /fight/. It makes it feel… pointless, more than anything else."
01[18:48] <Ginevre> "Everything feels pointless from a far enough lens."
06[18:57] * Aline leaned back a bit. "Yeah, but… it's not like we're fighting to stop a madman. Or even for some half-baked honor. It's just fighting for survival, it feels… too cold."
06[19:02] * Ginevre smiled a little. "Fighting for survival is the purest, most worthwhile reason to fight, in my opinion."
[19:18] <Aline> "…Yeah, though it still feels like there might be hope for another world to let one side live in peace." Aline looked off into the distance. "I'm not sure what else to say about this, anyway."
01[19:20] <Ginevre> "Well. It's a weighty subject. Perhaps we should discuss something else?"
[19:25] <Aline> "We should. I just don't know what." She shifted back and forth on the bed, the tiredness still in her tone, shifting. "I already know Shinji's fine. Not that I was told, but that… it was never a question to me, once I learned more about it. So I'll just meet him and find out how he's been feeling and that'll be alright." Aline sighed deeper. "…Really, I don't think anything about that
[19:25] <Aline> battle is really a worthwhile subject now."
01[19:26] <Ginevre> "Ah, but…" Ginevre frowned slightly. "Are you going to tell him about your… Surprise?"
06[19:29] * Aline nodded. "Eventually. I know he would keep it in strict enough confidence to satisfy security, naturally, but I also know that… it's a form of kinship. No matter how 'false' the conditioning was, that Shinji had a foreign personality in him like that at all, is something we have that nobody in the world can truly share. Not even the so-called 'shadow men' the very same Angel created
06[19:29] * Aline had a truly foreign presence remain lingering. Sympathy leads to healing, I think."
06[19:30] * Ginevre nodded approvingly. "I'm glad you intend to inform him about Voriel, but that wasn't the surprise I meant…"
06[19:31] * Aline blinked. "…I don't think my mom's pregnancy is enough to be considered a surprise, I don't quite recall anything with his family that's that unusual, I…" Aline frowned, yet it seemed goofy. "Yet again, there's something I should know, yet don't."
01[19:32] <Ginevre> "…" Ginevre blinked. "Never mind your mother's pregnancy, Aline. I would've thought you'd know about your own by now."
06[19:33] * Aline for the briefest of moments, didn't even react. Then she… looked down at herself, and back at Ginevre. "…It… hasn't… been long enough for it to… to be obvious. I thought I… maybe it didn't completely… or we forgot and I forgot we forgot to…" She looked bewildered, now.
01[19:34] <Ginevre> "…" Ginevre started to laugh. "I'm sorry. I'm only joking. It just seemed -right-, you set it up so well…"
06[19:38] * Aline twitched, and then… well was /extremely/ embarassed. "G-g-good. Being a mother at this age, with my very soul tugged between so many things… God, you really scared me there!" She did eventually giggle, slightly. "The whole cloning thing makes this a little funnier, now that I stop and think about it."
06[19:40] * Ginevre patted Aline's stomach, still chuckling to herself. "Oh?"
06[19:46] * Aline nigh-instinctively recoiled - not in horror or revulsion, but just reflex - at the pat, before nodding. "Well! I was told that there was, once, a cloned child that carried genes from me and Yui, so… in a roundabout way, I've already 'produced' a child with the Ikari family. In a similar stretch of sane family relationships, I could be simultaneously Shinji's illegitimate aunt-in-law
06[19:46] * Aline /and/ his girlfriend. It's just… amusing. And amazing." Aline was on a roll, and kept going long enough to drop one last little gem. "If Asuka or Tsubaki or Natasha or one of the future pilots turns out to be a lesbian, I should totally recommend that kind of thing to them."
06[19:48] * Ginevre chuckles. "Creating offspring through genetic combination? Well. Yui always was quite the genius." Ginevre stood up now. "… It would be unethical to create a clone of Langley-Soryu and Akagi just to see what it'd look like, wouldn't it? Ah, no matter…" Ginevre peered down at Aline with an amused look in her eye. "Can you walk?"
06[19:53] * Aline thought about that. "…I haven't tried." So, matter-of-factly, Aline clutched the IV stand, took a deep breath, and, stood up! Almost immediately, her legs wobbled and buckled, but… The girl gritted her teeth and made a fast 'snap' motion with her hips. "They're not as strong as I remember, but…" Aline paced around the IV stand, just to prove it. "That's just the initial
06[19:53] * Aline surprise. It… I don't know. Must have been low-level atrophy or something. I think, somehow, being… taken over like that, must have actively protected me from the breach."
06[19:56] * Ginevre put an arm around Aline's shoulders to support her. "You didn't suffer any injuries, no, but you did suffer a peculiar muscle atrophy, as you said." She started to head towards the door.
06[19:59] * Aline tugged along her IV stand for now, and while she certainly could walk normally, there were a few points of 'wavering'. Be it simple quivers, or a sudden jaunt off to the side, her footing wasn't perfectly stable. But she'd make do quite well enough.
01[20:00] <Ginevre> "Let's go see Shinji."
06[20:01] * Aline immediately brightened, and even became surprised! "Ah!… Ah, sure! I'd love to~"
01[20:02] <Ginevre> And thus, they progressed through the halls.-
01[20:04] <Ginevre> The halls were busy and bustling, and indeed many people seemed surprised to see Ginevre in the halls. Of course, you'd find all sorts of people here…
03[20:04] * Sept (if.atsiakajaal-asile.381-231-311-88a|rreTxatnyS#if.atsiakajaal-asile.381-231-311-88a|rreTxatnyS) has joined #nervfrance
[20:07] <Sept> For example, the familiar pairing of Freya Solheim and Sera de Pteres, the former trailing just a bit behind the latter, who seemed upset - as he always seemed in this particular setting. The boy stopped in his tracks when he recognised the two other figures in the hallway, and his feet betrayed an urge to flee before contact was made… but he stayed. "H-hello, Aline. Ginevre."""
01[20:07] <Ginevre> ["Leenie~!"]
06[20:08] * Aline looked openly surprised. "…Oh! You're up and walking by now? I'd have thought you would still be, you know, torn open somewhere." …She looked left and right. "Though I guess I have no idea how long I was out. Even a few days would be enough."
06[20:11] * SyntaxTerror shook his head quickly. "It's nothing, really. They, they just make me stay here every time… but I'm always fine. It's a bit dumb, really. But… I'm glad you're okay, too. I'm sorry."
06[20:11] * Sept *
03[20:12] * SyntaxTerror (if.atsiakajaal-asile.381-231-311-88a|rreTxatnyS#if.atsiakajaal-asile.381-231-311-88a|rreTxatnyS) has left #nervfrance
06[20:13] * Aline frowned. "Proper wound care is important! The protector of Paris-2 should, if he had to die, die in fire and light and things harder to comprehend than that, not from nasty infections gained because you didn't take a hospital stay for parts of you torn apart!" She said it so seriously! Though so much so that it looped back around to semi-silly.
[20:15] <Sept> "Um." Sera glanced at the girl at his side with a look of hurt. "You've been talking to her, too, Freya?"
01[20:17] <Ginevre> ["Who, me? No…"]
06[20:21] * Sept looked down. "Oh. Y-yes, Aline. I'm sorry."
06[20:22] * Ginevre reached out and ruffled Sept's hair. "I understand your eagerness, though. I never liked hospitals when I was your age either."
06[20:22] * Aline blinked. "Sera, you…" She then proceeded to facepalm. Or rather, try to with the IV-stand arm. Then switch them at the last moment to prevent a highly embrassing mess-up. "Sera, you lived on the streets all your life, so you never read about biology. There's germs that get into you through wounds. And then they chew into your cells to force them to make more germs which often
06[20:22] * Aline makes them explode and so on." …Aline had been so distracted by the medical science lecture that she missed everyone else talking. "I mean, you don't have to like it, but you gotta remember that it /does/ have a reason."
06[20:25] * Sept nodded slowly at the explanation, taking Ginevre's comfort wordlessly with a light smile. "Um. So you're… going to see him?"
06[20:27] * Aline nodded. "Yeah. I take it you just did?" …Her expression seemed cautiously optimistic.
[20:29] <Sept> "How did- yes. He's awake." Sera looked away, fiddling with the bandages on his left arm. He breathed in deep, as if preparing to say some kind of horrible news. "A-Aline…"
06[20:30] * Aline tilted her head, still effectively a mildly-cheerful neutral.
06[20:33] * Sept paused for a while longer, searching for the proper words. "You… deserve to h-have him back. I'm really happy f-for you both. You and Shinji." He was biting his lip and making an effort to look Aline in the eyes, but not doing a particularly great job about it..
06[20:38] * Aline suddenly upgraded her optimism-turned-vaguely-neutral into a full-blown Unamused face. Though in truth it was almost unreadably neutral. "You… You're meaning what I think you are, aren't you. That's not the tone of teary-eyed happiness." Defcon 1 now attained: Accusatory stare. "That's the tone of grief. Grief for the dead."
[20:42] <Sept> It was no use. The superior intellect of Aline Blanc saw through the cleverest of ruses. "Dead…" Sera repeated hopelessly. "A brother I could have known is dead. Would you like me to stop grieving? Am I getting in the way of your happiness?"
06[20:48] * Aline softened her expression. "…Mourn, but… You should mourn for the Silas that died in the Neospartan program. It wasn't his soul in there. It was just his memories, his personality, slapped into Shinji's body like he was some kind of meat computer that could run a program based on a dead son." Aline shook her head. "Does the real Silas a disservice, in my opinion. Worse, because
06[20:49] * Aline Azariah didn't even let his little simulated son be himself - he had to use his conditioning junk to /make/ him fight for his father's mission. To make him hurt the people even he didn't want to. To make him take advantage of the one person who /broke the conditioning/ by using his guilt about the real Silas. Forcing Yanmei to kill him - and he was her friend! So no, I… I want you to go
06[20:49] * Aline find the kid's grave and mourn for the real person once known as Silas Caine. I want you to remember that his soul is somewhere else, living a new life, and by now is already a few years old." She… capped the whole rant with a grimly-final tone. "The thing we fought, was all a trick and illusion. Not even as real as some of the illusions we've faced before."
[20:53] <Sept> "…" Time passed, but Sera showed no reaction. Then, he took Freya's hand. "Come on. We're delaying a reunion." He dragged the girl off, casting Ginevre a Look in the process.
01[20:53] <Ginevre> ["Ah…-"-
06[20:53] * Ginevre was carefully considerate in her expression, as though she were trying to comprehend a most weighty philosophical problem.
06[20:54] * Aline just… stewed in a standing position, no longer looking towards Sera.
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01[20:58] <Ginevre> "Poor Sept." Mumbled Ginevre. "Let's keep going."
06[21:01] * Aline hesitantly resumed moving. "I guess it /was/ a rant for another time." But… nothing further. She had someone who actually understood her feelings to talk to.
01[21:02] <Ginevre> [They continued on.-
01[21:03] <Ginevre> [It wouldn't be long before they arrived… At a room. It was a simple white room, with a white bed, white walls…-
01[21:03] <Ginevre> [And on the bed lay Shinji, staring at the far wall once again.]
06[21:05] * Aline walked into the room, slowly. Very slowly, and then took a deep breath. "Hi. It's… it's me."
03[21:08] * Ginevre is now known as Ikari‘Shinji
06[21:08] * Ikari`Shinji turned slowly, his eyes, at first half-closed, suddenly widening. "…" He stared at her. "Aline…"
06[21:11] * Aline fast-walked closer to him, and then… immediately hugged him. Softly. Tenderly. "Shinji…" She almost instantly let herself go - emotionally. Her glasses - which she either must have put back on at some point, or had been even wearing while unconscious - were stained with dropping tears.
01[21:15] <Ikari`Shinji> "Aline…!" Shinji gripped her, pulled her close, ignoring the pain in his wounded arms and scarred chest. Tears were in his eyes, too. "Aline, I… I’m so sorry…"
[21:19] <Aline> "Shh… shhh… It's okay." She held him tighter, but not crushingly-so. "You didn't do any of that. And hardly anyone could actually resist it, so you're… you're not responsible for that either. You were just used, and hurt, and now you're safe. That's all it is."
01[21:21] <Ikari‘Shinji> "I should have… Been stronger, I… I let you down…"
06[21:30] * Aline shook her head. "N… no. That isn’t how it works. It takes a lot of time to be so strong you can do the impossible. Time or… doing things you really shouldn't. It's how it went. It's how it happened. Please…" She let herself slump onto an empty part of the bed. "Please understand that."
06[21:38] * Ikari‘Shinji clung to her. "I… I’m trying, but I feel so shameful, so… Helpless…"
06[21:43] * Aline began to pet him on the head, comfortingly. "But you're /my/ helpless Shinji. You're stronger now than you used to be, but even the you that wasn't as strong… I still cherish that."
01[21:45] <Ikari‘Shinji> It should be noted that Shinji has, so far, been doing something he’s never done before- speak French, flawlessly, without even thinking about it. How strange. "I…" He reached up, gently shifted her face down closer to his, and kissed her.
06[21:50] * Aline had, bizarrely enough, not even /thought/ of that. A rare form of cognitive dissonance just made that seem normal. A more common form of mental disruption made her not care. After all, a kiss after all they've been through, one she just /had/ to return? That was so intensely distracting.
01[22:00] <Ikari‘Shinji> [Ginevre was… Still there, but she tactfully stepped outside for a second as Shinji deepened the kiss.-
01[22:00] <Ikari`Shinji> "I missed you. It was like a nightmare…"
[22:09] <Aline> "I can… guess that it was." She… had an odd tone, there. Unsure of how to put something - and maybe a bit winded after the kiss. "You know. While it didn’t feel the same in some ways… that's actually something we share. A way that we're together in that."
01[22:11] <Ikari‘Shinji> "W-well, y-you seem to have missed me as well…" Said Shinji obliviously.
06[22:20] * Aline managed to combine shifting between a playful grin and a more serious expression, actually a few times in succession. "I mean the other part, actually! Now I /did/ miss you, in fact a lot of the day seemed… empty without even the possibility of talking to you, but… I…" No more shift. All serious. "I went through something similar. Shinji, as… as the person I trust above all
06[22:20] * Aline else, you too should know this." She clutched one of her hands to her heart. "The Tenth Angel, who attacked while you were still abducted… Is with me. It shares my soul."
01[22:23] <Ikari`Shinji> "…" Shinji blinked, a puzzled frown crossing his face as he tried to process this. "How…?"
06[22:34] * Aline sidled a bit closer across the bed, and gathered her breath to tell the answer. "Apparently, when Angels communicate with me for a relatively long period of time, they… somehow leave impressions that last even after their body dies. The Eighth left one too. But it was far less of one, and he died while still in there. This one… had more time. And was a master at that sort of
06[22:34] * Aline thing - messing with minds and perceptions. So it stayed. That’s why I ended up in the hospital - it wasn't 00 that berserked. It was the Tenth, it was Voriel who took control of the Evangelion. And yet…" She shook her head. "Like I said earlier to the Commander, he's not really all evil, or necessarily good either. If he hadn't done that…" Aline's heart skipped a beat, her words breaking
06[22:34] * Aline up similarly. "I. I'd be dead. Whatever he did protected me from one of Rei's attacks. It breached the plug, it cut a lot of it apart. But the only injuries I sustained were the… the side-effects of him doing that. Confused emotions and a bit of weakness in my muscles. But uh…" She sighed. "That was a long digression, but it means that I've had to deal with that too. Before we came to
06[22:34] * Aline an… understanding, I was terrified, and angry. Either way, we're… possibly the only people in the world who've had foreign personalities actually take us over. We can understand how it works because we both went through forms of it, and… that means I can know how you hurt. I can help you feel better, easier."
[21:37] <Ikari‘Shinji> "…" Shinji looked down at his lap, his hand curling into a fist. "… It isn’t fair that this happens to us."
[21:41] * Aline sighed. "I know. I… know." She looked down, herself, her hands wrung together. "It's what we have to deal with. My only hope is that, in the end, we come out alive and well and ourselves. After all of this is over. I mean…" Aline looked back up, realization sneaking into her voice. "We seem to have learned things from this."
[21:42] <Ikari‘Shinji> "… Yeah. I guess we have." He wrapped an arm around Aline and pulled her closer, tucking her head under his own. "Just going to have to bear through it all, huh."
[21:44] * Aline let that happen, and even pushed in a little deeper of her own volition. "So it seems. It’s not really good, but it… it's better than us just being dead. Us just no longer being ourselves. There's still…" She tucked her hands in so she could bury her head even further. "…Some hope."
[21:45] <Ikari‘Shinji> "Some hope." Repeated Shinji. He stroked Aline’s hair.-
[21:46] <Ikari‘Shinji> [It’s at this point that Ginevre returned, a light smile on her face. Perhaps she also secretly regretted telling Aline that the pregnancy was a joke so early. But she took a seat and sat down quietly. "Excuse me."]
[21:48] * Aline actually hadn't moved away just yet, instead just shifting her head a little. "Ah, yes?"
[21:49] <Ikari‘Shinji> ["I would like to ask a few questions. Of you both."]
[21:50] * Aline /now/ pulled her head out, slowly. Talking at length would be hard to do with her head staring at either Shinji’s hip or the hospital bed. "Alright." A brief look at Shinji. "Alright? Alright."
[21:51] <Ikari‘Shinji> "I can do that."-
[21:52] <Ikari`Shinji> ["Do you know what Azariah Caine’s goals are?"-
[21:53] <Ikari‘Shinji> "… Not in detail." Said Shinji. "But I know that he intends to change humanity. All of humanity- sort of turning us all into… Well, Angel-like hybrids."
[21:54] * Aline bit her lip at that, thinking. "…Probably awakening our AT Field powers… maybe even giving us… the… strangeness of form that Angels have. That’s just a guess, as you know."
[21:55] * Ikari‘Shinji nods slowly. "Y-Yeah…"-
[21:55] <Ikari`Shinji> [Ginevre frowned. "I see. Your unique condition hasn’t resulted in any personal AT Field ability, has it, Aline?"]
[21:58] * Aline shook her head. "I… honestly don't know. Before… that day, I hadn't even known he could assert that kind of control - probably because I hadn't been knocked unconscious and then almost killed. But simply because of how impossible my survival seems… That may have already happened, and I just already lost awareness of my surroundings by then."
[22:00] <Ikari‘Shinji> ["Hm. I suspect- hope- it might have more to do with EVA-00… But…" She frowned. "Shinji. Do you know where Azariah is?"-
[22:00] <Ikari`Shinji> "Yes." Said Shinji. "He’s in Kenya."
[22:03] * Aline half-smiled. "…Well. At least… at least we have some idea where he is. He might consider running or setting up better defenses now, though."
[22:04] <Ikari‘Shinji> "He doesn’t need any more defenses. He has the Synfront."-
[22:05] <Ikari‘Shinji> ["… The Synfront?" Ginevre scowled.]
[22:06] * Aline blinked confusedly. "I can guess it’s underground but that's it."
[22:08] <Ikari‘Shinji> ["Mmm." Ginevre frowned. "The Synfront can be described as an extravagant apocalypse shelter. What do you think that might mean, Aline?"]
[22:10] * Aline pondered that, for a while. "…Essentially, the name made me think ’synthetic Geofront'. And I guess that isn't that far off from…" A sudden pause. "…Mm. But, anyway, that probably means it's armored enough that direct N2 hits would fail to penetrate it. It may have defensive weapons, too."
[22:12] <Ikari‘Shinji> ["Indeed, but moreso. The Synfront- as you said, Synthetic Geofront- was designed to act as a cradle of humanity in the event of a complete collapse of global civilization. To that end it was designed to contain… Farms. Factories, sophisticated automated factories… Cryogenic facilities… Cutting edge laboratories, and heavy shielding."-
[22:12] <Ikari`Shinji> "The factories is where he made the Solaces…"
[22:14] * Aline frowned heavily. "So he basically has hijacked sufficient resources to sustain what you expected to remain of humanity. And probably that being ’a whole country's worth'. Frustrating, very frustrating."
[22:16] <Ikari‘Shinji> ["Mmm. The problem is, the Synfront project was abandoned some time ago… Then again, the UN’s control over Kenya has been tepid at best."]
[22:18] <Aline> "And with the resources of the Liberated Nations… as well as the knowledge he doubtless has just by being related to the other Caines… Taking it over and making it useful is probably easy." Aline did briefly eye Shinji, as a sort of 'sorry for overriding your role in the conversation' look.
[22:20] * Ikari‘Shinji hardly seemed to mind.-
[22:22] <Ikari`Shinji> ["Agreed." A mirthless smile. "For years, the UN poured resources into Africa. It was pragmatic, of course, they merely hoped to seek some kind of return on their investment. But now, someone else is profiting, and in a big way." She shook her head.-
[22:23] <Ikari`Shinji> ["Shinji, did Azariah ever seem to be planning his own Evangelion development?"-
[22:23] <Ikari`Shinji> "I… Um." Shinji frowned. "I… I think…"
[22:24] <Aline> "You can…" Aline tried to smile helpfully. It came out more worriedly. "Try to take your time and think. The only other use for the technology, that I can think of, is to… further his own plan. With the genetic material from 05…"
[22:26] * Ikari`Shinji nodded slowly. "R-Right. Um… I-I think he was. I remember a scientist who was happy that they had a completed Eva to work on instead of something else, so… But I don’t know any details. Sorry."
[22:29] * Aline nodded, patting him on the shoulder. "Right, right. Any little bit helps. Hmmm…" Aline thought further, yet again. "That probably means it may, yes, lead to a real Eva. Or something like that. I just hope it's not like one of those 'fleshbeast' poorly-controlled units I theorized. He'd probably still want a pilot for those, and…" She /shuddered/, almost enough to make it look
[22:29] * Aline like she was visibly sickened.
[22:33] <Ikari‘Shinji> "Fleshbeast…?"
[22:38] <Aline> "Oh, uh… when I first heard you were captured, the possibility of him trying to build his own Evas was brought up. I had thought that… maybe he might end up creating things that were more… uh…" Aline blushed, perhaps embarassed at explaining such an incomplete idea. "Incoherent than a real Eva. Like, malformed, or maybe bestial, but either way not even as vaguely humanlike as the
[22:38] <Aline> ones we’ve built. And probably just… thrown into the battlefield and made to berserk, with all that a deformed and probably insane creature would end up doing to everything around it, and whoever might be… inside it."
[22:41] <Ikari‘Shinji> "I… I see." Said Shinji, looking pale and weak. "That’s insane…"
[22:42] * Aline frowned. "…I know. I just thought… I just thought that someone who'd willingly do something like that to you, wouldn't do something 'right'."
[22:44] * Ikari‘Shinji nodded quietly to himself.-
[22:45] <Ikari`Shinji> ["Shinji. Please pardon me, but, are you still up to the task of piloting EVA-05?"-
[22:45] <Ikari`Shinji> "…" Shinji stared at his lap. Then finally he looked up at Ginevre and nodded. "Y-Yes."
[22:47] * Aline gripped a bit with the hand she had left on his shoulder. "I can help all I can. Like I said I would. Helping you to deal with the things only pilots have to deal with. Training with weapons. Emotional support… Even if I have to just write emails and make videophone calls eventually, that’s what I'll do, okay?"
[22:49] * Ikari‘Shinji nodded quietly. "Thank you." He murmured. He tightened his grip on Aline a little more.
[22:52] * Aline did so, too, smiling and closing her eyes. She figured this’d be another part of the answer for Ginevre.
[22:55] <Ikari‘Shinji> ["Thank you, Shinji." Said Ginevre, standing up quietly. "Would the two of you like to be alone for awhile?"]
[22:56] * Aline opened her eyes, and looked between the two of them. "Mmm, for a little bit, anyway. Thanks for offering…"
[22:56] <Ikari`Shinji> [Ginevre smiled quietly, before leaving the room.]
[23:02] * Aline took a deep breath after she knew she had left. "…Ah… So that’s… er, that. Sorry to talk about such weird and scary things."
[23:06] <Ikari‘Shinji> "It’s alright." Said Shinji quietly. "These were things we'd have to talk about eventually." He glanced aside at Aline. "Um. Why don't you stay with me for a little while?"
[23:08] * Aline glanced back, smiling again. "I'd love to." She practically said that breathlessly, how eager it was.
[23:12] * Ikari‘Shinji smiled, a light blush cresting his face as he tugged lightly at the sheets, settling back into the bed and covering them both. The sheets were surprisingly thick, but considering how chilly Paris-2 could get… He tucked her back under his once more. "I was afraid I’d never see you again. I'm really glad…"
[23:18] * Aline pushed a little closer to him, actually enjoying being under the covers like that. "I know… I, for some reason I… almost felt like it was destined that I'd get you back. I was still afraid, but yet… it still felt like it was going to happen, all I had to do was make sure of it when the time came."
[23:19] <Ikari‘Shinji> "Really…?" Shinji smiled a little. "You’re a very hopeful person, aren't you?"
[23:22] <Aline> "Y… yeah. I guess I am." Aline's expression was… harder to read, now. She was still smiling, but she had at least something odd about it too. "I hear things like that a lot. Hopeful, idealistic… is that really so?"
[23:26] <Ikari‘Shinji> "You are." Said Shinji, a dreamy look on his face. "But they aren’t bad things. I think they're really cute… And I think they're healthy." He kissed the top of her head. "It'd be hard to love you if you were pessimistic and sour, I think."
[23:29] * Aline blushed softly. "Aww… thanks. It almost makes me wonder why some people call me those things and then make it sound like it's bad…"
[23:30] <Ikari‘Shinji> "Because they think it’s childish, but they're wrong." Said Shinji lovingly.
[23:35] * Aline smiled even broader, and then pushed herself into a nice big hug! "Ehehe, thank you for all that. For being so nice~"
[23:37] <Ikari‘Shinji> "W-Well…" Shinji blushed, and snuggled down with her. "You’re very precious to me. I-I love you, and… You'd best get used to it if we're going to get married and have those children…"
[23:43] <Aline> "Ri~ight! I'll try my best to~" …Aline squeezed tighter, and buried her head into him. Again.
[23:45] <Ikari`Shinji> "…" Shinji squeezed her tightly as well, and… Just remained there. He savoured the moment.-
[23:45] <Ikari`Shinji> The joy of being back.

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