For Visiting A Brother

[16:16] <Dorian> [The salvage operations in the aftermath of the battle with the Super-Armoured Division would take awhile. Four Evangelions lay in pieces; the Prototype T-RIDEN-T was little more than scrap, its pilot's body never found; the burned out shells of the Solaces littered the desert.-
[16:19] <Dorian> [The pilots were infinitely easier to salvage, of course, all of them taken back to the Geofront to heal. Four pilots were in the hospital- Aline in intensive care, Shinji- or at least, Shinji in body- in another ward- Tsubaki alone, catatonic in a gentle white room- and Sept… Now in a depressingly familiar room, bandages covering his arms.]
[16:27] <Sept> "Mnnhhgghh." Sept rolled around in the uncomfortable bed, hoping deeply to be asleep. The questions and thoughts had kept up their assault where the real fight had ended.
[16:29] <Dorian> [The sound of a door opening.]
[16:32] * Sept made a rather horrible attempt at getting up and looking like he hadn't thrown half his pillows and blankets to the floor in his continuous tossing and turning.
[16:33] <Dorian> ["Oh, good. I was hoping you'd be awake." Said… Freya, smiling a little, but her face clearly wrought with worry.]
[16:34] <Sept> "Um. Hello, Freya." Said Sera, smiling a little, but his face clearly wrought with shame.
[16:35] <Dorian> ["…" Freya entered the room fully now, walking across the floor and sitting on the bed tentatively. "Hey…"]
[16:37] * Sept kept his face slightly turned away from her, following her movements in an exact angle. "..mmh?"
[16:40] <Dorian> ["… I was worried." Said Freya quietly.]
[16:42] <Sept> "I'm sure. But you see I'm fine, now, don't you?"
[16:44] <Dorian> ["… Are you fine, Sept?"]
[16:46] <Sept> "I'm fine, Freya." A moment of thought. "It's everyone else."
[16:47] <Dorian> ["Everyone else, Sept?"]
[16:48] <Sept> "Are they fine? They aren't fine, are they? That's why no one's told me."
[16:51] <Dorian> ["Actually…" Freya paused. "We sort of got off better than expected. Tsubaki's really shaken up, and Aline looks like she's sick, but we managed to get Shinji back! And the others were retrieved safely too."]
[16:53] <Sept> "S-S-Shinji…" Sera swallowed, miserable. "You mean..?"
[16:54] <Dorian> ["Well… Silas. Shinji. We don't know. He's still unconscious, but that mask he wore- the one Aline said kept Silas 'in' his head- was totally ruined…"]
[16:56] <Sept> "No…" He curled up a bit more. "Not like this."
[16:56] <Dorian> ["Sept…?"]
[16:59] <Sept> "He didn't want this, it wasn't his fault… we need him, Freya!"
[17:01] <Dorian> ["I know it wasn't his fault." Said Freya sadly. "But… What else could be done, Sept?"]
[17:06] <Sept> "I could've… if we hadn't… Atticus. Dorian. And I shouldn't have provoked him… He should've fought me properly."
[17:12] <Dorian> ["He should have." Agreed Freya. "This… This isn't fair for anyone, Sept. Good people shouldn't have to fight each other."]
[17:18] <Sept> "Aline's awake, isn't she? If we get her and Luna and Ginevre I'm sure there's still time. We can get Brother back."
[17:19] <Dorian> ["… Do you think Aline would want that, Sept?"]
[17:21] <Sept> "I-it's not about her. We need him."
[17:24] <Dorian> [Freya gazed at Sept sadly. "Sept… Silas died a long time ago. Maybe he should rest in peace."]
[17:27] <Sept> "That's just it… he overcame that once already. He's stronger than any of us, he really is. He should be the one with us."
[17:30] <Dorian> ["… Sept, he… He didn't. The Silas you knew wasn't real. He was just an image projected onto Shinji by a deranged father."]
[17:35] <Sept> "Not… real." Sera looked up at Freya, confused. "How can you say that? Wh-what would make him real? A body he was born with? Is Elisha not real? Is he?"
[17:37] <Dorian> ["That's different, Sept." Said Freya quietly. "You can feel Elisha. When you go into 01, you can feel Elisha's soul all around you. If you were to take the boy you fought, and put him into an Evangelion… You'd feel Shinji, Sept. That's who you'd feel. That's what makes people real."]
[17:46] <Sept> "But…" … "I see. Another thing I've… lost. I understand." The boy sighed deeply. "Do you think I could… see him?"
[17:46] <Dorian> [Freya put a gentle arm around Sept's shoulders. "Shinji?"]
[17:50] * Sept thought for a moment. "…yes. I'd like to see Shinji, Freya."
[17:53] <Dorian> ["Sure. You can walk ok, yeah?"]
[17:54] <Sept> "Yeah, I can walk. Thank you, Freya."
[17:55] <Dorian> ["It's fine, Sept." She ran a hand through his hair, then stood up. "Come on. Let's go."]
[17:58] * Sept supported himself on the side of the bed a bit awkwardly and hoisted himself off. With a nod, he followed the girl.
[17:59] <Dorian> [And so he was led through the corridors of the hospital. They were… Busy, to say the least. Which was hardly surprising, considering the cataclysmic battle that had happened just a day ago.-
[18:00] <Dorian> [Eventually, Sept was led to a different ward… And to a special room. There was an armed guard outside, but he nodded to them and gave them permission to pass.-
[18:00] <Dorian> [Within the room lay a boy… Shinji, gauze wrapped around his chest, arms and parts of his face. His eyes were open, and he was staring at the wall dully.]
[18:02] * Sept stayed standing close to the door. "H-hello? Shinji..?"
[18:03] <Dorian> ["…" The boy blinked, and slowly turned his head to stare at Sept. He looked pale, tired, and exhausted. "S… Era?"]
[18:05] * Sept nodded. "Sera." He approached a few steps. "How are you? Do you… remember anything?"
[18:06] <Dorian> ["I'm tired." Said Shinji, in French. Certainly not the voice Sept could remember from 05… Yet… "… I. I remember… I'm sorry… I hurt you. And the others…"]
[18:11] <Sept> "D-don't worry, Shinji. It wasn't your fault. We, we'd give anything to have you back. You know that. A-Aline will be so happy."
[18:13] <Dorian> ["…" Shinji nodded. A simple, short nod. Like he wasn't sure if what Sept was saying was real. "Is… Is Aline ok?"]
[18:15] <Sept> "Um." Sera glanced at Freya. "She's recovering, Shinji. She'll be alright."
[18:15] <Dorian> [Freya nodded firmly.-
[18:15] <Dorian> ["… That's good. I don't know what I…" Shinji shuddered. "I feel like I've been in a nightmare for awhile."]
[18:25] <Sept> "I'm… sure she's felt that way without you. She'll be really happy." He repeated. "I'm sorry, Shinji, but… I'd like to talk to you about… some of what happened. It might be a bit difficult. Do you think you could do that?" A look toward Freya. "Could you, um. Leave us for a moment?"
[18:50] <Dorian> ["… Sure, I can do that." Said Freya hesitantly. She stepped outside.-
[18:50] <Dorian> ["… What do you want to talk about?"]
[18:56] * Sept approached some more and pulled up a chair for himself. "About, after they took you. Do you remember anything about… Viviane?"
[18:56] <Dorian> ["Viviane… Fournier…?"]
[18:57] * Sept nodded, looking on with cautious hope.
[18:58] <Dorian> ["…" Shinji tried to concentrate. He closed his eyes.-
[18:58] <Dorian> ["She's alive…"]
[19:02] * Sept nodded again. "But now that you're here, there's no one there for her. She's lost her big brother too… again."
[19:02] <Dorian> [Shinji… Kept concentrating. "… She… Escaped…?"]
[19:04] <Sept> "..!" Sept leaned in. "You're sure? Where?!"
[19:07] <Dorian> ["I… Nngh…" Shinji frowned in pain. "She was supposed to go to Kenya, to the Synfront, but she killed her guards… And… And broke free…"]
[19:10] <Sept> "She's free." He repeated to himself. "What about… Azariah? Do you remember anything about him? It's important."
[19:10] <Dorian> ["He…" Shinji trembled. "He… he put… Those things into me…"]
[19:51] <Sept> "We know he did, Shinji. But did he tell you anything that could help us? Anything at all? What was he like?"
[19:53] <Dorian> ["He was…" Shinji shook his head. "He hardly bothered with me, but he loved… Silas…" Shinji lowered his head. "He didn't tell me everything, but… He's trying to change humanity."]
[20:02] <Sept> "They must be so alike after all… They all just want to change things for the better."
[20:04] <Dorian> ["B-but what Azariah wants… Is… Is wrong… E-Even if the cause… What he's trying to do…"]
[20:07] * Sept looked surprised, and a bit flustered. It seemed like he hadn't realised he'd just said that out loud. "O-oh, I mean. Yeah. He is. Sorry."
[20:07] <Dorian> [Shinji looked up and stared at Sept. "…" He blinked. "He wants to turn us into Angels."]
[20:08] * Sept frowned. How much of what the exhausted boy said could be trusted? "…what do you mean? Is that possible?"
[20:11] <Dorian> ["I don't know, I'm… I'm not a scientist, but he said that… He could create a human with some Angel powers, and one day he'd… Finish the rest."]
[20:15] <Sept> "Hmmh. I… don't think you should worry, though. You're here with us now. And together, we should be able to stop him before he does anything… worse. Okay?"
[20:15] <Dorian> ["…" Shinji nodded.]
[20:20] <Sept> "I… think that's all. If you want to talk about anything else, you can… talk to me, or Aline, anytime."
[20:20] <Dorian> [Shinji nodded. "Thank you." … "Sera…?"]
[20:21] * Sept got up, but kept his eyes on the heavily bandaged kid. "Yes?"
[20:21] <Dorian> ["I'm a pilot, so… That makes us brothers now, huh?"]
[20:22] * Sept stared. "Y-yeah. We're family."
[20:22] <Dorian> [Shinji nodded, and smiled weakly. "… Good."]
[20:26] * Sept nodded, walked to the door, and stopped there. He spoke quietly, just barely audible in the otherwise silent room. "Oh, and. Big brother?"
[20:26] <Dorian> ["…?"]
[20:28] <Sept> "I think you were wrong. I don't think Father wanted you to take the drug. But you'll do better next time, by your own hands. With us." And he was out the door, taking Freya's hand and leading the both of them back to his room.
[20:29] <Dorian> ["…" Shinji stared at Sept as he left. As the door closed, the boy lowered his head, lifting his hand to his neck, where… Somewhere… He would find a needle puncture.-
[20:30] <Dorian> ["…" The boy slowly sank backwards onto the bed. "Why…?"]

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