For Viviane S Night Out

[19:47] <Viviane> [The 5th of September! Sept had been asked by Viviane to dress in his best and prepare for her to pick him up. She had a -surprise- for him. A special surprise she promised he'd enjoy.]
[19:55] * Sept still had the suit from the ball. It didn't feel any better on him this time. He kept tugging at the ends, as if he could just sliiightly stretch it to make it more comfortable. "This is silly…" He muttered to himself as he stood around, waiting for Viviane. He had turned the heads of quite a few passers-by.
[20:01] <Viviane> [A car pulled up onto the street. It was black and shiny, and -new-, and furthermore, it had a window down- revealing the young lady of the evening, Viviane Fournier, dressed in a lovely black dress with a shawl- and a jacket, because it was cold. "Sera~"
[20:03] <Sept> "Hello, Viviane. Should I get in? Are we heading out right away?"
[20:04] <Viviane> "We are! And you look so handsome~"
[20:05] <Sept> "O-oh… Thank you. You, you look good too?" Sera quickly faced away and walked around to the other side of the car to hide his blushing, if only for a moment. He got in.
[20:11] <Viviane> "Hehehe." The car was -smooth- on the inside. Soft leathers and the smell of class. "A special treat for you tonight, Sera."
[20:19] <Sept> "…you don't hav-" He thought again. "Thank you, Viviane." Viviane was offered a smile.
[20:21] * Viviane giggled. "Trust me. I -did-. You wouldn't forgive me if I spent this ticket on anyone else." Viviane hands Sera a special brochure…
[20:25] <Sept> "Ticket..?" Sera extends a hand -his right- and takes the brochure, looking first at Viviane, and then reading through it.
[20:27] <Viviane> [The brochure details the exclusive and celebrated performance of the European Union Symphony Orchestra here in Paris-2, TONIGHT! A world-class orchestra drawn from all across Europe. One of Mr. Bourgeois's favourites.]
[20:29] <Sept> The terror probably radiated from the car to the other side of the street. "What have you..?"
[20:30] <Viviane> "Don't you want to see the EU Symphony Orchestra?" Asked Viviane disappointedly.
[20:36] <Sept> "I… but. The audience! They, I've seen where they play!"
[20:37] <Viviane> "Don't worry." She said placatingly, putting a hand on his own. "I'll take care of it."
[20:41] <Sept> Sera's breathing stabilised slightly. "O-okay. I'd like that. Thank you."
[20:45] <Viviane> "They're doing your favourites." Said Viviane hopefully.
[20:51] <Sept> "They are? That's… wonderful, Viviane. I'm sorry I doubted you, I should know you wouldn't do anything like that…"
[20:55] <Viviane> "Hehehe." A smile. She was enjoying herself- and that was lovely.-
[21:02] <Viviane> [It was about half an hour to the Paris-2 Opera House- no one else in the city had the acoustics of this wondrous, baroque-style building (that sat on the edge of the city). A small crowd was gathering outside, whilst other cars- as sleek and shiny as their own, or in many cases far shinier, gathered in carparks.]
[21:08] <Sept> "We could… use the side entrance? I think there's one… Somewhere."
[21:09] <Viviane> "That was the idea." Said Viviane, winking. "In fact, I managed to get us -special- seats…"-
[21:10] <Viviane> [The car pulls to a stop a little away from the crowd. The nearest people are- perhaps 2 or 3 people, all told, quite separated from the rest.-
[21:10] <Viviane> "Let's go join them. They'll show us the way."
[21:13] <Sept> "Sure. Let's go, Viviane." Sept got out. He was still… fairly relaxed, given the circumstances.
[21:29] <Viviane> [The grass beneath their feet was healthy, green and springy. The hubbub of noise from the pelaton of people was filling the air, but this smaller, more exclusive group was quiet and hushed.-
[21:30] <Viviane> [Finally, one of the individuals- a tall man with a very well-kept beard and goatee looked up, over at them. He smiled. "Ah, Mr. de Pteres!"]
[21:30] <Viviane> [… Sera would recognise the President.]
[21:36] * Sept jolted a little at the sound. "Mm? Hello, -" Sera weighed his response for a while. "Hello." He repeated, more confidently.
[21:39] <Viviane> ["I'm glad you and your dear companion accepted my invitation. I've been looking forward to meeting you."-
[21:39] <Viviane> [Meanwhile, a man of Arabian countenance was staring at Sera, standing slightly behind the president. He was -disappointed-.]
[21:43] <Sept> "..? Ah, yeah, I." He looked at Viviane. "Thank you… for the invitation?" The boy offered the President his right hand. "Sera."
[21:43] * Viviane looked a little guilty. What was she supposed to say?-
[21:44] <Viviane> ["Mortimer." The President shook Sera's hand firmly. "This is my -personal- guest for the evening- Anwar Abd'Majid- Ambassador of Algeria."]
[22:05] <Viviane> [21:43] * Viviane looked a little guilty. What was she supposed to say?-
[22:13] <Sept> "A-ah. You. Hello."
[22:17] <Viviane> ["Me." Abd'Majid rubs his chin. "I was wondering when I might see you again, Sera de Pteres." The voice was calm and neutral.-
[22:17] <Viviane> ["Ah, the two of you know each other. Can't imagine what you discussed." Said the President cheerfully. "Do you play, Sera?"]
[22:21] <Sept> It took Sera a while to take his eyes off the Ambassador. "I do. Flute. And you?"
[22:22] <Viviane> ["I do. Politics."]
[22:23] <Sept> "I guess someone has to."
[22:26] <Viviane> ["That's how I see it." Said Mortimer with a hint of agreeable distaste. "I much prefer music.-
[22:26] <Viviane> Viviane held onto Sept's arm with a ladylike grace, as was expected of at least one of the pair. "He's very good."
[22:30] <Sept> "Thank you, Viviane." Sera smiled sincerely to his companion. "Should we go take our seats?"
[22:31] <Viviane> "Let's." Said Viviane. "Follow me, alright?"
[22:33] <Sept> "Alright. Mortimer, Anwar." He nodded to the politicians and was off on his way.
[22:34] * Viviane led on!-
[22:38] <Viviane> [The interior of the Opera House… It was a grand, wide building. Built with the same fundamental acoustic structure used by odeons and ampitheatres since antiquity, combined with modern technology to provide the greatest aural experience. Here, musical technology was at its -peak-.-
[22:39] <Viviane> [There were few places in Paris-2 where one could really bask in class (and having more class than others), but the Opera House was one of them. Viviane shephered Sept into a particular balcony section of the House- a small, ornate section of about eight seats, grouped around two tables. The President's Box.]
[22:45] <Sept> "Ah… It's. It's good, Viviane. This is good." Were the seats named? If not, Sera would just select the one that seemed most out of the way.
[22:47] <Viviane> [The seats weren't named- but there were four to a table.]
[22:52] * Sept chose a seat on the side of one of the tables. He didn't want to turn his back to the Crowds, but didn't want to have too many people between him and the music either.
[22:53] <Viviane> [There was very little chance of that- he was still next to a balcony, staring out over the heads of five hundred or more.-
[22:53] <Viviane> "It goes for about three hours, with a break in the middle for refreshment. How're you feeling?"
[22:56] <Sept> "I guess… excited? I don't really know what to expect. Uh. We'll see? There's always the door there, if…" He looked down abashedly.
[22:59] * Viviane squeezed his hand. "Try to be strong. For me, please?"
[23:02] * Sept didn't notably raise his head. "I'll try. I'll try not to be weak…" He fiddled with his left arm. He had chosen to keep the bandages on for now, though the damage he could possibly incur at this point was mostly cosmetic. Outwardly, they were entirely covered by the suit.
[23:15] <Viviane> "I trust you. I know you will." A lovely smile.-
[23:16] <Viviane> [The other guests started to settle in now. Sept would find to his dismay the table shared by Abd'Majid, who stared at him a lot- and of course the President. But they weren't crowded.-
[23:16] <Viviane> [The orchestra filed in, all of them taking their positions with applause. The night was starting.]
[23:19] * Sept fidgeted in his seat, watching the orchestra nervously. The Ambassador was not bothering him quite as much. He was no match for the prying eyes of Ritsuko Akagi.
[20:20] <Viviane> [The orchestra started off strong, playing a song Sept and Viviane had recently become acquainted with in music class- Chopin's Concerto #1. They played well. In fact… The orchestra were sublime. -These- were the guys you spoke to when you wanted it done right.]
[20:25] * Sept followed the movements of the players in awe. There was a slight accompanying motion in his hands as he recalled the times they had played the piece - the same piece this other group was playing right there. A group entirely unrelated to the music club, brought together by these notes.
[20:30] <Viviane> Sept'd feel, gently, arms around his midsection as the music played- Viviane gently hugging him. To her, this all seemed like such a wonderful dream.
[20:35] <Sept> And there was another person connected by that same passion, that same… addiction for the intertwining timbres of countless independently meaningless notes, coming together in a narrative deeper than any other; With its themes and participants, twists of hope and despair. A purely cognitive narrative. Sept returned the embrace gently and closed his eyes.
[20:39] <Viviane> [Time passed. And Sept (and Viviane) would suddenly be stirred from their moment of quiet togetherness by the ending of the playing and the scraping of chairs. They'd hit an interval.]
[20:44] <Sept> "Ah. A break. Did you… did you like it, Viviane?"
[20:46] <Viviane> "Uh…" Viviane stirred in surprise. It was as if she'd been sleeping. "U-Uh-huh."
[20:52] <Sept> "Should we… or do you want to just stay here..?"
[20:54] <Viviane> "Um…" She shook her head a little dazedly- her hair was slightly mussed. "Why don't we get something to eat and drink first?"-
[20:54] <Viviane> [The President was leaning back in his chair, looking -very- contented. The Ambassador was glaring at the back of his head.]
[21:00] <Sept> "Uh, s-sure." Sera got up, slowly, and helped Viviane up. He indicated the way out for her. "Y-you first?"
[21:00] <Viviane> "Alright." She said, giving him a beautiful smile, because truly, tonight was her chance to shine. But she headed out~
[21:02] * Sept followed, carefully peeking around the corner and sliding out.
[21:06] <Viviane> [The opera house had a restaurant, of course, with elite chefs and waiters who knew to get quality meals out in before the interval ended. (Either way the interval would run for about 45 minutes.) It was starting to become busy, but even then, there would be plenty of room for Sept and his people issues, which would probably need 6 seats at an 8 seat table.]
[21:15] * Sept kept close to Viviane, managing to look otherwise natural, if not for the glances he kept casting to nearby doorways and corridors as they brought echoed sounds to him.
[21:17] * Viviane made sure to hold Sera's hand tightly as she guided him to a seat- a half-secluded seat, yet somehow a waiter was at the table within 2 minutes.-
[21:17] <Viviane> ["Ah! A young couple, how delightful~" cried the waiter cheerfully, giving away his nature as a goddamned Etoile Waiter. "What will it be~?"]
[21:21] <Sept> "Ah, maybe you could s-suggest something? What might we most enjoy at a time like this?"
[21:26] <Viviane> ["Ah, well, I think a pair of the canard a l'orange would go down nicely for such a pretty pair! Maybe a bottle of red wine or, er, a… Pitcher of soft drink." Said the Etoile Waiter, faltering for a moment. "T-Then we finish with a pair of chocolate mousses, yes yes~!"]
[21:30] <Sept> "That would be lovely. I'm sure we can trust his taste, can't we, Viviane?"
[21:31] <Viviane> "O-Of course we can!"-
[21:31] <Viviane> ["Very well~" The waiter vanished, only to reappear with a large pitcher of cola, next to a bottle of wine, because -why not have both-. Food later.]
[21:37] * Sept poured them both a glass of… both. The waiter's taste was trusted. He began with the wine, taking a sip and proceeding to stare at the glass awkwardly. "V-Viviane… Could I ask you something..?"
[21:38] * Viviane went for the cola. She was a good girl. "Mmmhm? What is it?" She asked.
[21:46] <Sept> The swirling continued. "Is it… alright for us, for me to be here, enjoying myself..? Everyone wants me to be searching for truths and solving problems because, just because I'm a pilot and. I don't even understand some of their problems it's like they, they think I'm someone else. Is it alright if… I make them wait so I can be here?"
[21:48] <Viviane> "Uh…" Viviane stared at Sept. What a strange question… How was she supposed to answer that? But… She thought to herself. Frowning slightly, she considered it. Sera was a pilot. It was something he had to deal with… There are problems and challenges he faced because of that that she didn't understand. She leaned forward, patting his hand. "Sera, the only thing anyone expects of you is to fight in your robot, ok? Anything else is something -you- should decide to do if you want to or not and nothing else. Which means it's perfectly fine to be here, with me…"
[21:55] <Sept> "R-right… Thank you, Viviane." Sept seemed to cheer up a little, offering her a somewhat weak smile. "Sorry for bringing up something like that." More sips from his wine.
[21:56] <Viviane> "It's ok. Something seems to be bothering you, though… I mean, who keeps asking you to solve these problems?"
[22:06] <Sept> "Yanmei and Aline both have different ideas about how we should be planning for the future, we were talking about it some time ago… We. I, I think I may have said something wrong, like I hurt them… but I, I don't want to complicate things if I'm still lost as is. And, and the Ambassador… but I won't let him spoil tonight, okay?"
[22:08] <Viviane> "A-ah. I saw him staring at you." Viviane beamed in an attempt to cheer Sept up. "I just figured you were just so handsome that he couldn't stop looking~"
[22:10] <Sept> "H-haha. No, I don't think that was it, Viviane. Let's just enjoy the rest of the night, shall we?"
[22:12] * Viviane tickled Sera under the collar slightly. "Are you suuure~? And ok~"
[22:15] <Sept> "Yeah, it's alright. And I don't think anything could stop me from enjoying -that-…" Sera glanced longingly back toward the way they came.
[22:17] <Viviane> "That's why I brought you along! Or, er, rather, the President asked me if you wanted to come. I'm not sure how he knew my number…" A shake of the head.-
[22:17] <Viviane> [Dinner was served at this point! The two plates of canard a l'orange and two glasses of chocolate mousse.]
[22:23] <Sept> "Oh, it's alright, I'm… glad you br— Ah! Thank you!" Sera dug right into his portion, abandoning the previous line of thought.
[22:25] <Viviane> "T-Thank you." Said Viviane, smiling at the Etoile Waiter, before Sept's famous food override kicked in and she, too, started to eat.
[22:32] <Sept> A delicious meal was shared with some level of idle chat, and soon enough, the two were back to their box. This time, Sera entered first. Carefully, he surveilled the status of the audience and orchestra below before returning to his seat.
[22:34] <Viviane> [The audience was gathering, once again! And the orchestra were about to begin. The president was chatting cheerfully to the ambassador, who was responding in calm, neutral tones.-
[22:34] * Viviane sat down next to Sept once more.-
[22:35] <Viviane> [They began, starting with a lively, cheerful piece that seemed to fit the crowd- having just ate- all too easily.-
[22:36] <Viviane> [The acoustics of the place were built around this entire, central place- the orchestra. They were the idols that sat upon the altar, the object of worship; and the audience were the flock to whom they preached. No where else would you hear the music like -this-. It was refined, elegant- and embodied the pure, spiritual side of humanity.-
[22:36] <Viviane> [Eventually, of course, the show had to come to an end… And ended on a classic set- Vivaldi's Four Seasons- pieces that were special to Viviane and Sera both.]
[22:45] <Sept> "Viviane… Thank you." The embrace had returned, just as naturally as last time. The applause hurt his ears, but it wasn't enough to pull him from that moment of serenity.
[22:47] * Viviane loved that embrace. Just as she loved whom she embraced. For her, it really was a perfect moment. "Thank you, too." She mumbled, nestling into him.
[22:50] * Sept was content just staying there. Even after everyone else had left, they could still just watch the empty theater and remember the moments they had here.
[22:53] <Viviane> [They weren't alone, of course. The Ambassador had just shaken the hand of the President, then made his escape. So now it was just Viviane, Sera, and Mortimer, who pulled up a chair next to them. "Quite the show."]
[22:53] <Sept> "Mmhm. You liked it?"
[22:54] <Viviane> ["I did." A twinkle in the President's eye. "The two of you seemed to have enjoyed it, too. So snug and comfortable."]
[22:59] <Sept> "Mmh. So you… you made this possible, right? I should thank you, Mortimer. For both of us."
[23:01] <Viviane> ["That is not a problem, my dear Sera. Not a problem at all." Said Mortimer with a twinkle in his eye. "It was my pleasure. I owe you many debts, and I am, haha, fully aware of how dangerous that is…"]
[23:04] <Sept> This made Sept stir a little from the amorphous snuggle pile. "You owe me? I, I don't quite understand…"
[23:06] <Viviane> ["For saving my city, my country, and for adding a good 15% to France's GDP."]
[23:10] <Sept> "GD- oh. That's… that's the first time anyone's said that to me… Thank you."
[23:11] <Viviane> ["My pleasure." Said Mortimer cheerfully, offering Sera a hand. "In fact, I consider you to be a friend, now. I invite you to visit me in the Palace l'Etoile at some point. You may come too, of course, Mademoiselle Fournier."-
[23:11] <Viviane> "O-Oh. Um, T-thank you."
[23:28] <Sept> "I'll make sure to remember that, Mortimer." Sera appreciated the sentiment, but the moment was now gone. "Viviane, do you want to..?"
[23:29] <Viviane> "Er, yes. T-thank you again, Mr. President." She rose!
[23:30] <Sept> "Yes. Goodbye, Mortimer." Sera led his companion out. It had been a succesful night.
[23:31] <Viviane> [WHEN SUDDENLY-
[23:32] <Viviane> ["Mr. de Pteres." A clipped, cool voice as Sera and his lovely companion emerged from the Opera House, beneath the starry, cool night.]
[23:40] <Sept> "…" Sept stopped, playing back the voice in his head, tasting it. "Viviane, could you wait for me at the car?"
[23:40] <Viviane> "S-Sure, Sera. Is everything ok…?"
[23:43] <Sept> "Yeah, we'll just talk a little. Only what I want to do, right? I'll be right with you."
[23:44] <Viviane> "A-Alright." She hugged him quickly -kissed him on the cheek- and headed off to the car.
[23:46] <Sept> And, slowly, Sept turned. "Yes?"
[23:47] <Viviane> ["I am disappointed in you, Mr. de Pteres." Said Abd'Majid sadly.]
[23:48] * Sept approached, a step every few seconds. "And why is that, Anwar?"
[23:49] <Viviane> ["Because today, my country was bought by your tyrant of a President, and you sup with him and take his gifts and blind yourself to the good you could -do-."]
[23:54] <Sept> "The good I could do? Who do you think I am? What is it you think I do?"
[23:57] <Viviane> ["You are a pilot." Said Abd'Majid. "A person with the power to change the world if you wanted. Nothing could truly stop you in your harbinger of death." The Ambassador shuddered. "And you use your power to protect the world… You are someone people listen to. You are someone who could appeal to the people of France to -not ignore- this…"]
[00:38] <Sept> "I am a pilot. That much you are correct about. But a weak one, of even weaker flesh. -Incapable- of protecting a fleet, or a city, let alone the world. Do you think every day without an Angel descending is a gift for me, free time to use as I please? Do you think you can -afford- to distract me by having me do your job for you? DO YOU?!"
[00:40] <Viviane> ["Do you think every day that was not a battle for Napoleon, or Saladin, or any of those great men, was free? But they still did things outside of the battle! They still gave their time, even if they did not have it, to helping others, to the right cause! Does it matter if you can or not, so long as you do it for the right reasons?!"]
[00:59] <Sept> "If I make one mistake, you won't have a country left to beg freedom for! Don't you see how unbelievably -selfish and petty- that request is? And 'great men'? Is that who you think are hired to pilot these things? You naive -IDIOT-!"
[01:01] <Viviane> ["D-Don't you understand?!" Screamed Abd'Majid. "I don't care if you're strong or weak! This is the only chance I have left! This is the only way, no matter how small…!"]
[02:21] <Sept> There was a twinge of pity, but it was clearly overshadowed by his hatred for the man's sheer impudence. Sera advanced. By now he was definitely invading Anwar's personal space. "The only way to what? To help me and my fellow pilots at least -try- and 'protect the world', as you put it? To ease that path for us? How dare you even ask me for something that can only harm me for something as
[02:21] <Sept> fleeting as your childish ideals of freedom! Any one of us or the Evangelion has suffered more than your entire people. Suffered through things you can not even begin to imagine. You will find help nowhere before you can show us that you can see! That you feel what happened to us! That you understand why we're bound!" Sera leapt at the Ambassador, pushing him with the weight of his whole
[02:21] <Sept> body while looking for a grip on his collar.
[02:24] <Viviane> [A grip was easy to find! "W-What are you doing!?" Shrieked Abd'Majid, who stumbled backwards, but not before landing a -solid- blow straight on Sept's nose. He fell!]
[02:34] * Sept shook the man with all his strength, ignoring the pain radiating from his face. "See what happened to us!" He began retaliation, going for wild blows at the Ambassador's head. "You will never know our suffering! See what has become of SERA DE PTERES!"
[02:36] <Viviane> [The Ambassador kept his face covered, moving and writhing- and perhaps out of some old soldiering instinct, managed to stay mostly safe. "-Y-You- have no idea!" Shouted the Ambassador, bringing his knees up to his chin and tucking into a ball.]
[02:45] <Sept> Sera got up. "SEE WHAT HAS BECOME OF THE GREAT ELISHA CAINE!" …and aimed a strong, final kick at his quarry's side. For some moments, he stood there, breathing heavily, seeming… not at all calmed down - if anything, angrier than before. For some reason, though, he kept his distance. "A faraway country's freedom is a bargain for our and the world's survival. Stupid idiot." Sera started
[02:45] <Sept> to walk away.
[02:47] <Viviane> ["IT'S ALL WE HAVE!" Screamed Abd'Majid, now in tears. "IT'S ALL WE HAVE EVER KNOWN! ALL WE HAVE EVER WANTED IS THE RIGHT TO LIVE FREE OF OTHERS! TO LIVE WITHOUT BEING CAUGHT IN THE CROWD, WITHOUT BEING INFLUENCED OR CONTROLLED…" Abd'Majid started to sob as he scrabbled to his knees. "T-There is no greater desire…"]
[02:53] * Sept stopped again and turned around. "OF COURSE THERE ISN'T! BUT HELPING YOU ISN'T GOING TO BRING THAT LIFE TO -ME-, IS IT?!"
[02:56] <Viviane> [Abd'Majid stood. There was fury in his eyes- a real, genuine hatred. His tears had stopped. "You will burn for this." He spat. "I swear it. I will see you burn, along with those twisted monstrosities. What devastation is behind you will be -nothing- to what lies before you. You abandon us, and you find that the world will abandon -you-."]
[03:14] * Sept laughed and grinned. Wider than should've been natural. "I've burned. And I will a thousand times over before this is over. There is -nothing- you can do that can hurt me any more than what I will take on myself of my free will. And when the Angels come to Algeria. We'll see what will burn. Because there is nothing to stop me and -my- harbinger of death."
[03:16] <Viviane> ["You are not as unstoppable as you think." Spat Abd'Majid, turning around and starting to walk away. "Neither was Elisha Caine. Come to Algeria one day. And we will see how truly unstoppable you are."-
[03:19] <Viviane> [The man walked away. As he walked, he put a hand into his coat, pulled out a small jewellry box. Inside the box sat a necklace and a pendant- the pendant was in the shape of a four-pointed star and a corona around it, linking the four points. He stared at it for a second, then hurried on.-
[03:21] <Viviane> The debacle did not pass unobserved. Mortimer was nearby- properly hidden, having ducked into an alcove for a cigarette- a cigarette that now sat at his feet, forgotten. He clasped his hands together, frowning deeply. "Ginevre… Whatever have you done…" He whispered to himself.]

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