For Within A Single Shard Of A Moment All Is Seen

[05:19] <Dorian> [[Session 14: NEON GENESIS EVANGELION. Date: 1st October, 2015. Episode Title: For Within a Single Shard of a Moment, All Is Seen.-
[05:20] <Dorian> [Four hours ago.-
[05:21] <Dorian> [The command centre of NERV Operations was lit by the glow of the viewscreen, lit up bright and clear by a still image shot of… An object, stalking through the waves. A map sat in the top right hand corner, showing that the image was centred on the English Channel.-
[05:22] <Dorian> [The object was… Barely humanoid, in that it had arms, and it had legs. It was a crystalline blue, with massive sharpened arms and hands, with a hardened, barbed carapace. Its long, slender legs tapered to a point, and along its arms were spines.-
[05:23] <Dorian> [Object: Eighth Angel, Codename: SAMANDIRIEL.]
[05:30] * Aline stared up at it from where she stood… almost folding her arms. "…It certainly is getting across the 'out to wreck stuff' idea straight this time. Even if it looks pretty. Just… all those spikes. So many spikes." …She looked left, then right. And then quietly muttered under her breath… "This is the Eighth Angel. It is made of… something. All craftsangelship is of the
[05:30] * Aline highest quality. It menaces with spikes of angelstuff."
[05:31] * Yanmei kept up a calm front at she stared at the image, arms crossed, eyes veiled by ridiculous sunglasses. Back to the routine. She had just finished wiping off the pleasant smile that she had donned on the way to the Command Center. "So! What do we know about it."
[05:31] <Dorian> "Motherfucker's a teleporter." Spat Dorian.
[05:31] * Aline almost immediately drooped. "Ugh, another one of those?"
[05:32] <Dorian> "Yep. We're gonna intercept it this time." Dorian cracks his knuckles.
[05:33] <Yanmei> "How?" Yanmei eyed its watery surroundings warily.
[05:34] <Dorian> "Because it's predictable. We've managed to plot out its course and we should be able to catch it in… Four hours, when it hits the coast of central Normandie."
[05:34] <Aline> "…Amusing location." Pretty much said it, and Aline's tone was semi-flat.
[05:37] <Dorian> "Heh." Dorian clapped his hands together. "Either way. We scramble the Evangelions in five minutes. Get to it!"
[05:41] <Yanmei> "Yes, sir." She sounded obedient enough, but her pace when she turned to go certainly wasn't very enthusiastic.
[05:50] <Dorian> [Time passes.-
[05:51] <Dorian> [Three Evangelion carriers fly above the skies of France, carrying with them their precious cargo- the world's most powerful war machines.-
[05:51] <Dorian> "How're we going, pilots?" Comes Dorian's voice.
[05:52] <Sept> "Ready, Dorian. Can we be sure it won't just teleport away as soon as we get close?"
[05:52] * Aline on the other hand had gone to the changing area for her plugsuit… not neededly with gusto, but with a sense that it felt right. A certainty that made her /finally/ put the damn thing on right the first time and fast, too! [And, indeed, time passed…] She was now rather calm, if… bored-sounding. "Ah. Alright." Not dejected, though
[05:55] <Yanmei> "…" Quiet from Yanmei's plug. She was bracing herself for the moment when 04 would wake up. The Angel seemed almost secondary to the -gloating- she would face.
[05:59] <Dorian> "It won't matter, Sera. We'll be able to move faster than it can teleport. Especially you."
[06:01] <Sept> "Got it! Thank you, Dorian."
[06:04] <Dorian> [The coast started to come in sight now… As did the Angel, emerging slowly from the waves, rainbow patterns and brilliant light gleaming as sunlight hit the waterdrops -and- the crystalline hide, making it almost painful to look at.
[06:04] <Dorian> ]
[06:07] <Dorian> "We're disengaging locks in T-minus 40 seconds. Brace yourselves, pilots."
[06:08] * Aline tightened her grip on the control sticks. "Acknowledged!"
[06:17] <Dorian> [Flashes of light, brilliant and gleaming as a stream of shards fly into the UN ranks, splitting tanks and VTOLs with ease- ripping through the machines, which hang for a moment before finally igniting and exploding.]
[06:18] <Dorian> ("Major, we've lost units 3 through 6!") ("Damnit, already?!")
[06:29] <Dorian> [The carriers started to come in lower now… And each pilot would feel a sudden weightless feeling as they were released, quickly hurtling toward the ground!]
[06:36] * Yanmei felt vertigo tickle her stomach, and then… the ground came up beneath her, hard, stopping it brutally short. "Unit-04 here. No problems so far~" Gripping guns, she strode head, squinting at the crystaline figure in the distance. "Do we have a nice strategy in mind, or are we just winging it?"
[06:37] <Dorian> "It's capabilities so far are ranged. I want us to get in close and cut off its arms first."
[06:38] <Yanmei> "That shouldn't be a problem."
[06:39] * Sept dropped, calmly, reassured by 01's presence. Now that he was getting more used to bracing his field for the impact, the landing seemed a lot softer. Graceful, almost. Pre-battle preparations commenced as weapons and AT fields were readied.
[06:39] * Aline landed smoothly (and why not?), her spread AT Field already billowing against the ground… causing 00 to actually fail to 'land' per se, instead hovering mere meters off the ground… before breaking into a sort of skid-on-air charge forwards! "Ooookay, got it! I guess I'll provide some form of support? My ratio's a bit tanked so I don't quite thing I have enough to neutralize it
[06:39] * Aline out-of-hand…"
[06:45] <Dorian> [The Angel turned to look at Aline… And for a second, it folded its arms above the other, bowing its head almost… As if a sign of respect? Then, slowly… It unfolded its arms. The field around it shivered for a moment, the field of rainbow shimmering… Before suddenly expanding, swirling to claim everything within it for over 400 metres- including EVA-00.-
[06:45] <Dorian> "W-What the hell just happened?!" ("S-Sir, we can't contact EVA-00… I-It's… I-It's weird, all the readings, they're… They're slowing down.") "Slowing down?!"-
[06:46] <Dorian> ("Sir, EVA-00 is in a slowed time field!")
[06:49] <Sept> "…slowed time? You mean, it'll be faster than, damnit. We need to neutralise it as soon as possible!"
[06:56] <Yanmei> "What the… Fine." EVA-04 tensed, and then dashed forward, into the rainbow field. There was… resistance to her charge, but she could still manage somehow. "I just have to get close enough to get it to shut that thing off, right?"
[06:57] <Dorian> "That's riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-" The communication cut out.
[06:58] <Dorian> [The world inside the field was… Strange, distorted. Samandiriel seemed strange- almost abnormally fast, blurring even as it moved idly.]
[06:59] <Yanmei> "M-Major?" Should have known that would happen. Just her and the Angel and the EVA, and Blanc, wherever the heck she had vanished to.
[06:59] <Dorian> ("… Wait, that means it wasn't teleporting at all." Murmured Marie. "It was simply… Manipulating time all along.")
[07:00] <Sept> "Come on, come ooon…" 01's pilot muttered as he fiddled with his equipment. He almost -almost- thought of regretting having so much stuff with him.
[07:00] * Aline needless to say was positively /bewildered/ at what the hell was happening to her. The Angel moving quickly… even /04/ moving faster than her. But… but even in spite of it all… she couldn't be denied. Her soul shone bright, even if she wasn't as connected as she could be! The unit moved forwards… then soared forwards, all of Aline's energy devoted to moving at top speed!
[07:01] <Dorian> [The Angel's eyes were on Aline, and it held its right arm across its chest… A spike glowed with AT energy, before launching itself at her, ripping through the Field and smashing 00 straight in the chest!]
[07:10] <Dorian> [Then, bringing its other arm up… It sent a wave of vicious shards at Aline, ripping right through her right leg. The pain….!]
[07:11] * Aline yelped in sudden pain… but thankfully the chest armor could actually take some of that punishment. But her right leg… why that one! She's gotten shot in it in her real body, and now she's lost it /twice/!… but she didn't have much time to ponder that because Aline was a bit busy /howling in pain/.
[07:17] <Sept> "Right, right, sorry, have to hurry…" The muttering from 01's plug continued.
[07:21] * Yanmei heard her, at least, during the charge, her Eva's own field rippling against the distortion. Weird. Why wasn't she slowing too? But… at this rate, she could still pull off some of her usual attacks! She tried one, still moving, but it went wide! "Hold on, Blanc!"
[07:22] <Dorian> [The bullet seemed to just… Stop in mid air, and for a moment, time completely stopped… Then she'd -sense- something behind her, in that split second as the field collapsed and was remade!]
[07:24] <Yanmei> "What?!" She tried to spin, to face it, but the split second shifts in the time field were disorienting!
[07:25] <Dorian> [It tried to reach out to her, to grab her, but her AT Field…!]
[07:28] * Yanmei flinched as the Angel's limbs bounced off the field. Saved by that thing again! And now the Angel was close enough to strike at, too!
[07:30] * Sept lets out a yelp as the field suddenly closes in and engulfs him. The surprised pilot takes a few slow, wading steps backward, his self-cursing fading and reappearing intermittently on the communications.
[07:35] <Yanmei> And strike she did. But… something was wrong. It was getting faster and faster…. or was she getting slower?!
[07:35] <Dorian> [Sept would see the field start to contort and weaken now, shuddering and shrinking in on itself…]
[07:36] * Aline grit her teeth /hard/, the sound of her pain still in her voice… and for at least a moment, it echoed through the comms as the time distortion briefly shrank! "-stupid, stupid, stupid stupid Aline! Why did y-" While it cut out from movements that the Angel was making… she did at least have the chance to raise her positron rifle and make a very, very poorly-aimed shot.
[07:37] <Dorian> [The rifle shot ripped through the Time Field though, emerging out the other side to smack into a picturesque village, destroying it utterly.]
[07:37] <Dorian> "… Positron shots. Of course. Not even the Time Field can block them. If I could get a message to Aline…"
[07:39] <Dorian> [Samandiriel moved, somersaulting over Yanmei- even stepping on her shoulders- to hurl itself at Aline. She'd suddenly find those barbed arms digging into her side…]
[07:41] <Sept> "…I'll try to tell her, Dorian!" With that, Sera finally broke off into a run, penetrating the field and finding himself by Aline, ready for battle.
[07:42] <Dorian> [Sept could swear it turned… To look at him, to mock him- as it and Aline suddenly vanished- only to reappear, ball and all, 700 metres in the air.]
[07:42] <Sept> "Aline! Positron weaponry..! The field can't sto— oh, no."
[07:43] <Yanmei> Oh no was right. Yanmei stared up at the once-again distant Angel… and EVA-00. "De Pteres. Please tell me your rifle can fire that high."
[07:46] * Aline was alone up there, as far as voices, as radio contact was concerned… What she said or did in the plug was unknown, but 00 was violently flailing against the grasp of the Angel - possibly even pathetically, or uselessly…
[07:49] * Yanmei set her sights on the Angel, fingers on the trigger, tense and waiting… but not firing yet. "If it can, please, take the shot!"
[07:54] * Aline then… managed to get the upper hand, as 00 finally pushed back against the grip, and… for some unknown reason, rather than trying to break off, leaned in for a (poorly-aimed) bite!
[07:55] <Sept> "Aline, please…" Sept's voice was pleading as he fumbled for his rifle.
[08:00] <Dorian> [Samandiriel flinched, reappearing- only to appear behind Aline. Spiked hand drove into Aline's arm- before it ripped it out sideways and -tossed- her down.]
[08:05] <Sept> Sept's hands finally reach the positron rifle! He fires off a snap shot that easily goes wide.
[08:09] <Dorian> [The Angel dodges easily, spinning in the air a hundred times before narrowing its legs toward Sept like a dagger. It -hurls- itself at him.]
[08:10] * Sept digs his feet in, preparing for the blow… but his field redirects the assault of the personal territory invader at the last moment! "Yanmei!"
[08:14] * Yanmei has already pulled the trigger, scowling, but they mostly go wide, save for her final shot, which bounces of the Angel's transparent AT field. Frowning more, she focused, trying to bring that same field down a few notches. "I can't do it alone, but…!"
[08:15] <Dorian> "Focus your attacks! Neuttttttttttttttttttttttttttt-" The field enveloped them once more.
[08:16] <Yanmei> The world around her seemed to be speeding up once more. Another dizzying change to perception.
[08:16] * Aline …seemed to regain a sense of control. Despite the limp, hanging left arm, and the all-too-familiarly-missing right leg… 00 was now moving with grace, as a massive plummet turned into a slow glide to earth… as Aline extended her field to try to push out that damned time distortion!
[08:18] <Dorian> The Time Field shrank once more- Yanmei and Aline would find themselves back in the real world.-
[08:19] * Aline had also slipped back into comms as a result, and broadcast to Yanmei and Dorian. She sounded really pained, and… afraid? But… some kind of strange afraid. A different kind than before. It wasn't abject terror but something more… creeping. "N-neutralizing! Right! If… if we can, I wanna set it up for something big… We need that timefield down anyway! Don't worry, and if
[08:19] * Aline Sera gets back on the line tell him to keep going with whatever he's doing, okay?"
[08:19] <Dorian> [Samandiriel hurled a fist at Sept- the AT Field of EVA-01 flickering to life to stop the fist-… But the energy around the first suddenly expanding, ripping apart the deflective field like a naval torpedo smacking into a ship.]
[08:19] <Dorian> [*fist]
[08:25] * Sept grinned as the Angel rips through his field. In the solitude of the time field, heard perhaps only by the Angel, he laughed as he invaded its AT field, stripping it of its remaining strength. The last parts of the laugh would abruptly echo in the comms of the other units as 01 fished for its knife, lying on the ground where it had been left.
[08:26] <Dorian> [Sept would find Samandiriel swinging its claws at him as he rose-!]
[08:27] * Sept goes into a roll, picking up the knife as he deftly avoids the swipe!
[08:31] <Yanmei> "Stop it! Stop flitting around and using that field!" Why -couldn't- she sound frustrated? It wasn't as if the rest of the operations crew could hear her. Yanmei punctured its AT field further, and raised her gun, firing an odd, green blinking light from a special ejector to fasten to its torso.
[08:32] <Dorian> The field shrank just as Yanmei screamed. "Yanmei, calm down and focus!"
[08:33] <Yanmei> "…" Within the entry plug, Yanmei flushed scarlet. "…I"
[08:38] <Dorian> "Remember the plan, pilots. Close in and take it down in close range!"
[08:38] * Sept just gripped his knife tighter in response.
[08:40] * Aline stared intently, limp arm on one half of 00's body, no leg on the other. Yet, the 6-eyed /thing/ was not backing down. Nor was its severed leg, which rode ripples of AT currents to… whizz past… Samandiriel's head, flying off into the river. But yet, all the same, the wounded EVA got down on all… threes, and clutching its rifle awkwardly, just /crawled/ its way closer and
[08:40] * Aline closer, while Aline devoted that last bit of energy to kill the Angel's field. "F-f-field's… down. Attack!"
[08:40] <Dorian> [Samandiriel stared at the foot, just for a second- dodging out of the way and backflipping to strike at Sept with both claws.]
[09:08] * Sept moves for another roll, but this time fumbles because of his lost balance!
[09:09] <Dorian> [A hit cleaves -deep- into his chest, filling him with pain… Pain physical and mental.]
[09:09] <Dorian> ("Major! We're starting to get data back- Oh no!") "… Damnit! EVA-00, your battery is down to 40%!"
[09:10] * Yanmei charged in, face still faintly glowing with embarrassment. Stupid Angel, making her look Stupid! She held her favorite bayonet close to her, and drove it into the Angel's back while it was busy with de Pteres. "Take this!"
[09:11] * Aline heard that at /about/ the time that she started loosening her feelings, allowing 00 to go ahead and take a nice, sizzlingly-slobbery chunk out of the Angel's right leg! "…Ah? oh!… uh… the power must not have been working in that time field… is it okay now?"
[09:14] <Dorian> [The beast howled in anger as a bayonet cut into its back, staring back at Yanmei with anger over its shoulder- helped not at all by Aline, who burned acid and steel into its leg. It spun about, backflipped 40 metres away- and, body bristling with newly-formed spikes, hurled a wave of blades at Sera!]
[09:16] <Yanmei> "Getting close to the channel again," Yanmei noted under her breath, eyes flitting to the sea beyond it.
[09:28] * Sept reacts late to the wave, and takes the hit like a man! Or more like a man and machine, together!
[09:29] <Dorian> "Aline, the Umbilical came unplugged during your ascent. You're all working off battery power!"
[09:43] * Sept goes in for retaliation, slashing wildly at the crystalline being!
[09:43] <Dorian> [A shimmering field of rainbow- it was gone…!]
[09:44] <Sept> "Whe-" The sentence was cut short just as Sept realised it was the same maneuver it had used before! He started turning to meet its blow with his shield..!
[09:45] <Dorian> [Too late-! A flurry of claws into his back and arm, splitting and sending waves of pain through Eva and pilot…!]
[09:54] <Sept> The now-almost-eerily-familiar stereo scream of pain echoed through the shoreline and communications systems. But EVA-01 was still standing and at least outwardly fully capable.
[09:55] <Dorian> [The Angel grabbed onto Sept's shoulders- firing a point blank salvo of blades and shards into his body- before flipping into the air!]
[09:57] * Yanmei grit her teeth, at the yells. Pulling the trigger at the creature as it takes to the air again! Yes! "Harder to dodge when you're in the air and not paying -attention-, hm?"
[09:57] <Dorian> [Samandiriel turned, and… It dodged the first volley. And the second. And the third…!? It… Nothing seemed to hit it at all! And the ones that did barely did anything!]
[09:58] <Yanmei> "Wh-what?! None of them…?!"
[09:58] <Dorian> [Samandiriel roared at 04. It was a roar of… Gloating victory.]
[09:58] * Yanmei …seethed. It was going to PAY for that!
[10:00] <Sept> The flight of some of the shards was cut short by the Evangelion's AT field, but others found their victim at full speed! There was a moment of stillness, uncertainty of how 01 would react… until a torrent of blood shot out from where the shards had struck. A torrent with such force that it started to color the ocean a quite different shade. "This is… not good."
[10:03] * Aline shook her head, pretty frustrated… "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I… I need to get power back or I'm going to go silent. Sera, put everything you can into cutting its field back down!" 00 bounded into the air again, as first a little bit of the time distortion began to resurge… then a sizable amount, as Aline's focus diverted to her own self-preservation! "Just a little bit more…
[10:03] * Aline Then I'll crush it. I'll go full power on it!"
[10:03] <Dorian> [As 00 flew away… The field around Samandiriel crackled and expanded. That damned Time Field again- and a hurl of shards flew from its rainbow depths, straight at Sept…!]
[10:05] <Yanmei> "N-no-!!" The end of Yanmei's exclamation slices off as the time field slipped back into place around them!
[10:06] <Dorian> [It crackled in the air- Yanmei would find… Luckily, that it didn't quite reach her. Or Sept…]
[10:07] <Sept> Suddenly, the heavy breathing and intermittent grunts and yells from 01's plug ceased. It was deathly silent as he prepared for another salvo of pure pain.
[10:16] <Dorian> [Shards… Ripped through the AT Field. His left leg ripped clean away…]
[10:32] <Dorian> [… And without stopping the barrage, a wave of shards started flying at Yanmei!]
[10:39] <Sept> Another torrent of blood ran forth from the new wound (understatement). But 01 and Sept stayed silent. It seemed like they both had accepted that fate ahead of time. The giant fell forwards to the ground with a pathetic thump, soon setting the streets awash in blood and hydraulic fluids. Every now and then, there would be a twitch of a muscle, something betraying the fact that neither of
[10:39] <Sept> the two was quite dead yet.
[10:40] <Yanmei> A scream! Yanmei clenched her jaws shut almost as soon as she let it out, trying to hold it back in. Her chest… on fire! But her lungs didn't send her into another coughing fit yet, thankfully. It would have only added to the pain. She raised a rifle to return fire, but her aim was too shakey…
[10:40] <Dorian> "Damnit, 01 is ddddddddddddddddddd-" The Time Field… Yanmei would feel it seal her within another world…
[10:45] * Aline was… she had plugged 00 back in, but was staring out at the battle she had… had left behind. She… she was almost awestruck by how much her friends were being hurt. But… she couldn't just stand there doing nothing. What was it he said. She… …she musn't run away. She even told him that you'd quickly find nowhere to run to. So she turned back to the Angel, pushing against
[10:45] * Aline its field again. And… she belted out another positron shot, which, because of the thing's wrestling with 04… continued to go completely wild.
[10:46] <Dorian> [The time field… Vanished as quickly as it came, revealing Samandiriel to be behind Yanmei. It looked over at Aline like a criminal caught in the act- and then dashed towards her, firing at Yanmei as it ran.]
[10:58] * Yanmei was… breathing hard. Readying her rifles for another shot… but she never got the chance. There were crystaline glints in the sky, sailing back at her. Maybe if she hadn't been so rattled, she could have dodged one or two, but… So… incredibly… fast… Her view from the entry plug fizzled and darkened, and the EVA around her quaked on impact. The pain was incredible… being stabbed in the chest with with cold blades. She couldn't even scream -
[11:02] <Yanmei> Her head slammed back against the headrest of her seat, and forward again. There was something coming toward her in the darkness, sending sparks flying. Metal screeched as whatever it was drillled through the plug. And then it stopped. She could reach out and touch whatever it was. It was glinting just bright enough to see. She raised a hand to it shakily, puzzled. Hard, like stone…
[11:05] <Dorian> [… Samandiriel turned, staring at 04 even as the Time Field expanded. It shrieked. -Shrieked-. Screamed, and it wasn't one of victory.]
[11:06] * Aline then… then stared in uncomprehending horror. She raised the positron rifle, and the sudden collapse of 04's AT field came /right/ when she squeezed… suddenly, just as she got one final burst of telemetry data from command… just when she knew where to strike… time slowed again. But Aline didn't care! She fired! The shot… the shot had to go through. Tears might be mixing
[11:06] * Aline into the plug's LCL and her mind might be working overtime from pain and despair but she. Could. Not. /Fail!/
[11:08] <Dorian> [The blast knocked Samandiriel forward for a moment- and it turned. It stared at her. And it -roared-. It was a roar of anger and hate- and… Anguish. And it charged, insane eyes staring at Aline.]
[11:17] * Aline was wide-eyed and shaking, but… fear… fear into adrenaline… fight or flight… if she couldn't run… no flight… then she'll fight - stand her ground. Stand firm. Even with time itself against her, suddenly, her own /perception/ of time, aided by the sheer adrenal rush Aline now felt?… made even the Angel's lightning-quick strikes evadable. Even with her mind split between…
[11:17] * Aline between re-awakening her soul's might. The wall that would preserve the self - and now, preserve her life. The glorious barrier that Sefirah scoffed at… perhaps it wasn't so laughable now?
[11:17] <Dorian> [The… Time Field was split completely in half! The barrier ripped it apart, spreading across the land… 00's soul shone.-
[11:18] <Dorian> [Samandiriel pounded in fury… Then started to sprint.]
[11:22] * Aline turned her gaze like a watchful sentinel… and as if she were scanning across the earth to find her foe, the barrier veritably /whipped/ over to face Samandiriel. She raised the positron rifle… and actually smiled, the battered, mad-eyed smile of someone who was in the process of snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. "Are you getting this?"
[11:24] <Dorian> [The Positron blast seared into the thing's leg… And it sprinted, then jumped, high into the air, soaring above Aline directly…!
[11:25] <Dorian> [… Only to ram into yet more of the blasted barrier. It slammed in fury against it.]
[11:27] * Aline let off another shot, and… stood. Her. Ground!… Stupid Angel.
[11:27] <Dorian> [The Angel dodged it, swooping up over the top of the field now- and directly over Aline's head.]
[11:29] <Dorian> "-treat! Aline! Aline!" Dorian's voice. "The order has come down from Fontaine. I need you to do us a special favour."
[11:30] * Aline turned her head, even as she discharged another pulse at the thing - another miss, from below her AT curtain. "…Special favor? …Please explain, and I'll do it once I know what I'm doing, 'kay? Not about to disobey orders, but… busy, if you can't tell."
[11:31] <Dorian> "Listen. We need you to maintain that field. Fontaine's ordered a retreat. That means we hit it with an N2 Strike. It's too fast to take a direct hit, so we're going to use you as the targeting beacon."
[11:33] * Aline nodded from where she was. "…I understand. I'll keep it coming. This… this glorious barrier… I'll hold it up still! Go ahead, fire. We'll get it when it's weak." She then smiled. "I… I guess I'm shielding the city, too, huh? Imagine that, your N2 strike might actually be the tiniest bit cleaner then before." While still holding her concentration… Aline managed a salute.
[11:33] * Aline "Godspeed. We'll be prepared next round."
[11:37] <Dorian> [Bang-bang-bang. Samandiriel slammed against 00's field…-
[11:39] <Dorian> [… Fire. Like a glorious white light, the N2 Strike slammed into the exact same place, filling the entire area with… Fire. Light. -Fury-. An N2- Non-Nuclear- Strike is the most powerful weapon in the UN's arsenal. Half warhead, half antimatter bomb, its sheer force rips through AT Fields and can even damage an Angel or Evangelion.-
[11:39] <Dorian> [In places, Aline's barrier broke and shattered… But it held. It held for her.-
[11:40] <Dorian> [As the smoke and dust cleared… She saw something, suspended in the air above the barrier. A torso. A ruined, blooded torso, armless, headless… She could see the core of Samandiriel glowing.]
[11:46] * Aline stared up at it… wonder in her eyes… her faith in her own will, in the… the glorious light of her soul… it won out over the fear. This is what grit won you. This is what love gave you the strength to use. This is her world. Her absolute territory. Even with her tears, her pain, her agony… Aline rode out the storm. This, the second-most-powerful weapon humanity has ever
[11:46] * Aline created… It could not break her - indeed, it was hers to use. And when it all cleared, again that core glistened. With the most serene smile she could muster, Aline stared up. 00 pointed its weapon one last time. "Angel. You… sad child you may be. But you know not what you do, so I shall forgive you… but in the same breath, I pronounce judgement!" She lined up the shot… prepared to
[11:46] * Aline squeeze… "Even in my mercy, I know that one must fall. Today, and every day, that one shall NOT be humanity!" Then, finally, the pull. A small whisper came over her audio line at that exact instant, when brilliant blue met glittering red. "My apologies…"
[11:48] <Dorian> [The positron beam cut straight through the core… There was a shimmer. Then- an explosion, another one, but it seemed paltry and weak in comparison…-
[11:48] <Dorian> "… I… I don't believe it." Said Dorian hoarsely. "I-I don't…"

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