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X. Fortune

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Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for; it is a thing to be achieved.


The Fortune Arcana is the #10 Major Arcana, and is a decisive card. It usually depicts a wheel- the 'wheel of fortune', with either six, eight or twelve spokes, said to be the wheel of Fortuna, the Roman goddess of luck and chance. Atop it sits an individual or a fantastic beast, often an Egyptian sphinx. Sometimes the wheel is unmarked, when it is it is often covered with alchemic symbols, the livery of the Four Evangelists, or the letters 'T A R O'. Although often assumed to be a 'spinning wheel' that spins the thread of fate, the wheel can also be interpreted by modern eyes as a clock.

Fortune is often associated with choices, skill, opportunity, decisive action, change, personal responsibility, calculated risks and understanding consequences. Like the Magician, it is associated with action and an intangible sense of movement and force, but like the Hermit it represents a refined version of the potential and ability so associated with Magician. Unlike these, Fortune is particularly sensitive to the interplay between time, action and consequence. The same action performed at different times can produce a different outcome, an incredibly powerful realisation that goes to the root of Fortune's entire philosophy. Mythopoetically, Fortune represents someone coming to understand how their choices were shaped by their influences, but also how their choices shaped the world around them, and the ripples of those effects.

Although fortune as a word is often tied to a sense of luck, coincidence or conversely fate, the Fortune Arcana is most strongly defined by the choices it makes. It acknowledges the influence of lived experience and the external world on the individual- a person's world is often shaped in ways they have no control over- but it also strongly acknowledges that individuals always possess a choice, even if it is simply the ultimate choice of choosing life over death. Thus Fortune's strength lies in understanding the interactions between one's actions and the consequences of those actions. Particularly, Fortune is aware of the external elements that can alter those outcomes- the most obvious and powerful being time. With the passing of time, circumstances change and so do people; thus an important lesson that Fortune strives to learn is how to guide that change toward the best possible outcomes. Thanks to time, change is a constant, which actually gives Fortune a sense of power simply because nothing is truly set in stone, not the environment, not people, not ideas. It can all be changed with the right choice at the right time. Thus Fortune bears a special awareness that might prove confusing and frustrating to others. Fortune can act in ways that other people do not understand, or ways that other people find truly offensive, because Fortune understands that sometimes, doing the right thing means waiting for the right moment. This can be frustrating and challenging, but it is part of Fortune's path to maturity to own their actions and the consequences, and especially to learn from their mistakes and to move on.

Needless to say, understanding these principles and mastering them are very different things. Fortune's potential is incredible, but to truly unlock it requires making the right choices over a long period of time, ensuring that they develop the skills and tools necessary to enact the change they want. To that end, Fortune understands that a choice, a circumstance, an event is the sum of many, many choices made over a long period of time; thus, Fortune often combines foresight with a sense of ability in order to foster the right skills. This makes Fortune often associated with the concept of skill and technique; after all, they must master many things if they wish to truly fulfill their desired potential. Fortune benefits then from that foresight, from understanding cause and effect, but also has enough self-awareness to realise that they are not omniscient, and there might always be variables that they cannot control. To that end, practicing the power of Fortune means, in the end, simply stacking the odds in such a way as to favour your outcome but not guarantee it. Such a thing is tremendously challenging and requires subtlety and finesse.

The treacherous path Fortune walks means that reversed Fortune is not particularly difficult to imagine. Often, reversed Fortune means to surrender one's ownership of actions, to surrender to an external locus of control- to believe that outside influences have more control over one's choices than they themselves do. This manifests often in a strong belief in pure luck, or an incontrovertible fate or destiny, an idea that denies one's own responsibility. On the other hand, it could also mean someone who completely fails to acknowledge at least some of the power of external influences, and tries to struggle in dangerous ways that do more harm than good, manifesting in reckless behaviour as they ignore context and circumstance in their rush to imprint themselves on the situation. Reversed Fortune then can mean slavery to fate, or an arrogant presumption that they alone know how to change things, and to hell with context or sensitivity. It can also simply mean a refusal to take responsibility for one's own actions or a sense of indecisiveness as one is paralysed by the sheer volume of options available.

Example inner conflicts for Fortune include been torn between two options, especially between living up to others' expectations or one's own goals; running away from responsibility; being overwhelmed by situations and being indecisive at critical moments; or relying too much on luck or destiny and not enough on one's own skill or power.

Mechanically, Fortune excels in offense and some support, particularly support that relies on movement or skill. They excel in wind magic.

Fortune's aptitudes offer two strong bases to work from. Agility is a very useful aptitude both in and out of combat, whilst Finesse and Ballistic Skill together make an excellent base for a sniper-type character.

Arcana Qualities

Characteristic Bonus Character Aptitudes Persona Aptitudes Magic Characteristic
+10 Agility Ballistic Skill, Agility, Finesse Technique, Wind Willpower

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Arcana Exemplaries

Exemplary Evoker Rank 1 Evoker Rank 4 Evoker Rank 7 Evoker Rank 10
Battle Premonition Once per combat, after you make an action, and all the immediate effects of that action have been determined (eg. Damage, reactions) you can choose to undo the action and perform a different action instead; this action may be the same attack action but target a different enemy. You gain full awareness of what would've happened if you had gone through with the action, but otherwise the effects are completely negated, including any spent reactions or Realisation Points. You can use Battle Premonition twice per combat. You can use Battle Premonition three times per combat. You can use Battle Premonition four times per combat.
Weight the Dice You gain two slots. At the start of each Monday, you roll 1 1d100 for each slot and record the result. At any time as a free action, you can swap your roll with one of the slotted rolls. You gain a third slot, and once per round, you can swap someone else's roll (including enemies) with one of the slotted rolls. You gain a fourth slot, and you can swap the rolls of anyone with whom you have an S-Link of 5 or higher freely. You gain a fifth slot.
Timely Flow Whenever you spend a Realisation Point as part of a Personal Turn or Investigation Action for which you possess a +30 modifier or higher, you roll a 1d10; if the result is under your Realisation Bonus, the Point goes unspent. You may now use this ability on tests with a modifier of +15 or higher instead. Furthermore, Realisation spent to modify the DoS or DoF of these tests adds or removes one extra degree per point. You may now use this ability on tests with a modifier of +0 or higher. You may now use this ability on tests with a modifier of -20 or higher. Furthermore, once per day after successfully rolling below your Realisation Bonus, instead of regenerating the point you may declare that the action in question did not take up an action, allowing you to immediately perform another action in the same time slot.

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