Frédéric Gosselin

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Name: Frédéric Gosselin
Position: Tactical Division XO for Paris-2
Sex: Male
Age: 33 (Born 1985)
Nationality: French
Place of Residence: Paris-2 Geofront

Physical Details
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Blue
Height: 5'7" (168.1)
Build: Thin

Personal Details
"Ha! You all owe me 50 Francs!"

Colonel Frédéric Gosselin is the XO of the Federation flagship Dorian Lachapelle and the right hand man of Adeptus Marshal Amatore.

Frederic was first recruited to NERV in 2013, his name having been shortlisted by NERV-00 (Geofront) from a list of potential recruits drawn from all over Europe. Frédéric himself was drawn from the Naval Commandos, an elite French special forces unit. Once he joined NERV, he was trained as an Operations Officer, and chosen to be the tactical operator for EVA 01. An exuberant, energetic man, Frédéric was and is a highly popular man in his organisation, and back during the early days of the Angelic War could be often heard cracking jokes, laughing loudly and making ridiculous bets with the rest of Ops.

Of course it was here that Frédéric met another Ops Officer, Sophie Gagnier. Finding the sincere young lady to be attractive and entertaining, he asked her out in 2014 and the two began dating. Their relationship deepened and flourished, and by 2016 the two were engaged.

Frédéric's parents perished during Impact, and care for his little brother, Patrice, became his responsibility. The two only had each other during the painful post-Impact years, and they became exceptionally close. Frédéric was extremely proud of his little brother, and a good deal of his income went to making sure Patrice had the best of everything.

Patrice, unfortunately, was killed in Malchediel's assault on Paris-2. Utterly devastated by the death, in the months afterwards Frédéric became quieter, more focused and determined. He threw himself into work with a fanatical, even obsessive edge that alarmed many around him. Some suspect that it was only his growing love of Sophie that kept him from a complete mental breakdown.

The death of Colonel Lachapelle crushed Frédéric, who had seen the man as an idol. Marianne was promoted to replace Lachapelle and, correspondingly, Frédéric became her XO.

In 2017, Frédéric announced that Sophie was pregnant with his baby. In May 2018, whilst the Dorian Lachapelle was stranded on Mars, she went into labour, delivering a healthy baby boy with the help of Ban-Ban. They named this little boy Patrice in honour of Frédéric's lost but loved little brother.


Weapon Skill Ballistic Skill Strength Toughness Agility Intelligence Perception Willpower Fellowship
50 50 40 50 50 40 30 30 30
Extra Characteristic (WS, BS, Toughness, Agility), Specialist (Agility), Survivor (4), Tactician
Horde Leader Bonus
Pathfinder; Admiral (Marine Corps), General (Commando)
Literacy, Logic Awareness+10, Charm+10, Deceive+10, Stealth+10, Survival+10 Acrobatics+20, Dodge+20
Specialist Skills
Linguist (English, French) Lore (Tactics+20)
Weapon Talents
Melee Proficiency, Pistol Proficiency, Basic Proficiency, Heavy Proficiency Basic Specialisation Basic Mastery
Combat Talents
Ambidextrous, Two Weapon Wielder (Melee, Ballistic)
Melee Talents
Furious Charge, Disarm, Street Fighting Assassin Strike, Battlemaster, Lightning Attack, Unarmed Master Crushing Blow
Physical Talents
True Grit, Step Aside
Wounds Loyalty Fate Equipment
23 85 1 Hyper Sword, Hyper Knife, Bolter, Positron Pistol, F. Shadowline Armour

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