Freya's Dinner

(13:56:19) Minaplo: ["Three, two, one!"-
(13:57:39) Minaplo: [The air around Sera de Pteres vanished into nothingness as he shifted into a dimension which did not exist. For a split second his entire vision was consumed entirely by the swirling pink-white-red maelstrom of an unshaped Dirac Sea, before the real world spilled out around them.-
(14:00:05) Minaplo: [Paris-2 sprawled out before him, the windows and lights glinting in the fierce orange sunset. The wind whipped about his face, his hair billowing back, and for a moment it is as if he is a bird, free from the petty weights that gravity hung upon him.-
(14:01:58) Minaplo: [The Dysangelion hand that grasped his stomach was invisible to the outside world; in fact the entire Dysangelion was. So was Agatha, who stood upon the Dys's shoulder.-
(14:02:43) Minaplo: [The Dys lost height, dropping slowly, before landing softly in a nearby forest, where it crouched down and placed Sera on the ground. Agatha leapt down from the 20 metre height, landing lightly on her feet.-
(14:04:09) Minaplo: [… But Sera would soon realise that a dirac jaunt whilst being held in the hand of a large entity was extremely unlike a dirac jaunt whilst piloting an Evangelion. The unprotected exposure to pure nothing within the Dirac Sea had, for a full minute, completely scrambled his senses, and as it was his entire body rebelled violently. Nausea struck him like the hammer strikes the unlawful
(14:04:09) Minaplo: dwarf.]
(14:08:16) * Sept groaned and wheezed, reeling, hands reflexively trying to pry open the beast's grip on him, to try to find ground, solid, familiar ground…
(14:10:40) Minaplo: [Agatha patted his back, as the Dys had already dropped him. "Sorry. The unshielded human body isn't that great at handling the non-geometries of Dirac space. I should've warned you, but I forgot about it."]
(14:18:58) Sept: "Fuckyou…" Sera finally found which way the ground was. Shakily, he tried to lift himself up, but reconsidered halfway through and rolled over onto his side. He was still looking like a fish out of water, eyes and mouth wide.
(14:20:41) Minaplo: ["No need to be rude." Said Agatha, frowning at him perplexedly. "Just give it a minute. Deep breaths. Try counting the clouds."]
(14:26:02) Sept: "Clouds? There's a sky…" He rolled onto his back, arms spread, looking up. He laughed, faintly. After a while longer, he sat up, looking steadier, but still quite pale.
(14:44:15) Minaplo: [Her hand vanished- or rather, she plunged it into a dirac portal.-
(14:44:56) Minaplo: [It emerged a second later with a paper bag, the smell of rich, freshly-baked-with-melted-cheese-and-butter croissants tantalising his nose. "Here, try this."]
(14:50:03) * Sept hesitated for a moment. The bakeries of Paris were right there… but his body wasn't exactly going to cooperate without some coercion. He accepted the treat. "How do we get in?"
(15:07:50) Minaplo: ["Into Paris?"]
(15:08:18) Sept: "Mm. Without being seen."
(15:14:21) Minaplo: ["Disguises might work."]
(15:18:20) Sept: "Just hiding our faces should be enough. If we move fast. Unless you can disguise us with magic."
(15:23:00) Minaplo: ["I would be cautious about using my AT Field within the city. The Dysangelion's jaunt was timed with a pre-planned glitch in the Interception Network, but I can't rely on that right now. I can give you a hood, though."]
(15:28:08) Sept: "That'll do." Sera got up, almost back to normal now. "I'll lead the way."
(15:28:54) Minaplo: [There was silence. Agatha had disappeared, a shimmering silver cross made of daggers hanging in the air where she had stood.-
(15:34:18) Minaplo: [A minute later, the cross vanished, replaced with Agatha, who was dressed now in a light green dress with an orange shawl and a floppy hat. She held out a dark green cloak and hood towards Sera.]
(15:39:54) Sept: "I don't think…" Then again, he didn't have any better disguises prepared. "Nevermind." Soon enough, he had the cloak on, hood covering his face.
(15:48:21) Minaplo: [She simply smiled and walked towards the city.-
(15:49:56) Minaplo: [Freya Solheim was on the way home, traversing paths that her feet knew well. It had been a day of study- books and lessons and videos mingled in with stress and, when she had the time for it- or rather, when it had a second of low vigilance to sneak into her mind- guilt and worry.-
(15:51:45) Minaplo: [She held in her arms a pizza box, on top of which was balanced a paper bag containing a curry bowl and a tray of spaghetti bolognaise. She knew Sera wouldn't be home today, yet…-
(15:51:57) Minaplo: ["You or me?" Murmured Agatha to Sera.]
(15:57:15) Sept: "Get her in that alley, I'll meet you there. They can't match your identity based on physique alone. Tell her… Just tell her I'm here."
(16:13:54) Minaplo: ["Creepy, but works."-
(16:14:18) Minaplo: [Sera would see Agatha cross over the road and begin talking to Freya- he couldn't quite hear what they were saying.-
(16:21:41) Minaplo: [It was obvious that Freya was incredibly suspicious- she knew better than to go into an alley with a stranger (without having her knife in her hand), but…-
(16:21:48) Minaplo: [The carrot was greater than the stick.-
(16:21:57) Minaplo: [And so Freya entered the alley, following after Agatha.]
(16:31:48) * Sept was standing there, in the shade of some industrial fans expelling used air from the office complex. He took down his hood and looked at Freya with a mixture of joy and shame.
(16:39:30) Minaplo: [Freya stared.-
(16:40:23) Minaplo: [She continued to stare at him as she slowly lowered herself to the ground, carefully placing her dinner down, before leaping up at him and catching him wordlessly around the neck in a back-breakingly tight, wordless hug.]
(16:44:07) * Sept stayed quiet and returned the hug, closing his eyes for a moment. "It's going to be alright, Freya," he eventually whispered.
(16:54:53) Minaplo: [She kicked him feebly in the leg.-
(16:55:00) Minaplo: ["Where you been?!"]
(16:58:03) * Sept mumbled a word inaudibly, looking at her indirectly.
(17:20:02) Minaplo: ["Gh… Are you ok? You hurt?"]
(17:22:35) Sept: "N…no. We've been in space," he muttered, still looking a bit uncomfortable.
(17:31:17) Minaplo: ["S…Space?"]
(17:34:14) Sept: "I mean, um. Just a station, but that's notwhyI'mhere have you been alright Freya?"
(17:41:33) Minaplo: ["Uh… O-Of course! Sera…"]
(17:42:31) Sept: "What?"
(17:42:38) Minaplo: ["Space?"]
(17:44:32) Sept: "Synfront wasn't safe…"
(17:46:10) Minaplo: ["-How-?"]
(17:50:07) Sept: Sera's eyes turned towards Agatha for a moment. "Magic," he said with an apologetic look.
(17:51:23) Minaplo: [Freya took a step back, now, staring up at him with confused, but ultimately, forgiving eyes.-
(17:51:33) Minaplo: [Which was really the best that Sera could hope for.-
(17:51:49) Minaplo: ["I… I'll take your word for it. Um." She turned towards Agatha, who was smiling. "W-Who's she?"]
(17:54:23) Sept: "I can't… tell you. But we're going to get Tsubaki back. And the Evangelions."
(17:55:57) Minaplo: ["What? Tsubaki? What's going on?"]
(18:02:26) Sept: "They were stolen, and we don't have much time, but that doesn't -matter-, Freya. I just need you to do something."
(18:02:38) Minaplo: ["W… What?"]
(18:04:06) Sept: "Leave Paris until it's over. You shouldn't be here."
(18:18:38) Minaplo: ["W-W-W-What?!"-
(18:18:47) Minaplo: [Freya -stared-.-
(18:19:07) Minaplo: ["Y-You! You, asking me to leave Paris! You can't be- that's- you- where would I go?"]
(18:23:37) Sept: "-Please-. I can't be here, and it's too dangerous. It could turn into a warzone. Again. There's a town further north. Y-you'd like it. You can- you can buy a place, and I'll come find you."
(18:29:14) Minaplo: ["But- I need money- this is all so sudden, Sera…"]
(18:33:54) * Sept thrust his hand into a pocket, his expression turning into one of sheer terror for a moment, before he thought to try the other one, producing a rolled-up piece of paper and thrusting it at her. "Please. You'd like it."
(18:38:25) Minaplo: [She took the paper and unrolled it, staring down at it.]
(18:47:52) * Sept was tapping a foot impatiently, and the rhythm of his speech was getting a bit anxious. "It gives you complete access to my trust fund and details why they legally have to open it after Mary changed my official age."
(18:51:50) Minaplo: ["-WHAT-? You can do that? Ho-"-
(18:52:12) Minaplo: ["Sweetheart, you're going to make a fantastic journalist one day if you so choose, but now isn't the time." Said Agatha gently.-
(18:52:30) Minaplo: ["W-?" Freya shot Agatha a confused look, then looked back at the paper. "W-What's this at the bottom?"]
(18:53:44) * Sept blushed. "Oh. Uh. I shouldn't have, that was a-"-
(18:53:49) Sept: "It's a fingerprint."-
(18:53:54) Sept: "In my blood."-
(18:53:57) Sept: "F-for verification."
(19:06:22) Minaplo: ["… Oh Sera, why are you so ridiculous?" She asked, but with obvious affection.-
(19:06:28) Minaplo: [Again, it was the best Sera could hope for.]
(19:09:12) Sept: "You'll do it, then?" He said, voice full of hope.
(19:21:41) Minaplo: ["I… Of course, but you'd better come back!" Said Freya darkly. "I can pilot 01, you know, so if you don't I'll make you pay real bad…"]
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(19:27:14) Sept: "Ah, mm, understood…" he nodded feebly, but with some relief in his tone. "I intend to come back, Freya. It's not a suicide mission."
(19:40:24) Minaplo: ["You'd better." Said Freya. "… D-Do you-? I bought you dinner- even though you're gone, I…"]
(19:41:50) Sept: "I…" Sera hesitated, looking at the boxes, then at Agatha.
(19:42:14) Minaplo: ["You might as well." Said Agatha.]
(19:43:13) Sept: A sincere smile. "Yes, please. Thank you," he told them both.
(19:47:40) Minaplo: [Freya grabbed the paper bag, pulling out a round bowl of sealed chicken curry, holding it out to Sera. "It's hot, so don't be an idiot."-
(19:51:20) Minaplo: [Another sight would catch Sera's eye at that point, however. The swish-swish of long, elegant, perfectly-kept blue hair; the rustle of immaculate, graceful skirts; alabaster skin beneath a blue umbrella, passing by quite harmlessly.]
(19:55:13) * Sept glanced toward the street at the motion, as he'd been doing throughout their encounter, turning toward Freya when the figure passed. Halfway to reaching for the bowl, though, the sight registered fully and he turned to look at the street corner again with a perfect deer-in-headlights expression, holding his breath, one hand on his hood.
(20:06:01) Minaplo: ["Sera? What is it?" Asked Freya, turning.-
(20:06:47) Minaplo: ["Time to go." Said Agatha, grabbing Sera's arm and tugging it firmly.]
(20:09:39) Sept: "Leepoes," he just said as he took a few steps back from her, grinning and pulling the hood up. The setting most likely stirred up some memories from their youth. "I'll see you on the other side, Freya." He turned around and dashed down the alley with Agatha.

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