Freya Solheim

Name: Freya Solheim
Position: "Between Social Statuses"
Sex: Female
Age: 19 (Born 1998)
Nationality: Norwegian
Place of Residence: Paris-2, details not available

Physical Details
Hair colour: Blonde
Eye colour: Yellow-Green
Height: 5'7"
Build: Fit

Personal Details

"Come on, Sept! I need you for this deal, you're my lucky charm! We'd be there already if you didn't stop to see the sights at every corner! What do you mean, "how many people will be there", it'll be fine!"

If one were to run into Freya on the streets or alleyways of Paris-2, they would find a surprisingly kind and pleasant personality behind the rough appearance of the street-dweller. They might, as many do, even go so far as to engage in conversation with her, in which case she would gladly share her story, asking nothing but the company in return. And if one took the time to listen, they might just leave with lighter souls. Light enough, at least, to not notice the lightness in their pocket or purse. Perhaps even light enough not to care.

Freya Solheim, another one of the world's living reminders of the casualties of the Second Impact, was orphaned at an early age. Her parents, a Norwegian actor couple, were spared from the widespread devastation of their homeland, having moved to Paris only a few months prior to pursue more fruitful careers. Sadly, the post-Impact world had little demand for actors and those who couldn't pull their own weight were easily forgotten. And today, the orphaned Solheim continues her survival, having learned to pull her own weight, or, as the case may be, coax others into doing it for her.

For a long time, she worked alone. She developed a network of connections, in both the underground and the skyscrapers, but all the people she met were strictly business to her. Except for one. On her way through the city, she kept running into a young boy, often just zoning out, looking down from rooftops. After a few times, her curiosity got the better of her long-standing rules, and approached him. What ensued bloomed into a mutually fruitful relationship. For the first time, she felt comfortable in sharing some of her secrets with another person. In return, he showed her the hidden alleyways and shortcuts of the city. And although on most days the two wouldn't see each other, whenever they crossed paths it was clear that their friendship still ran deep.

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