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Armour Quality List

Name Effect
Requirement Qualities
Heavy (X) You may not wear this armour unless either your Strength or Toughness is equal or higher to this value.
Iron Giant You must have the Iron Giant trait to wear this armour; whilst in this armour, you count your size category as being one higher for all purposes except that enemies do not take a bonus to hit you. Furthermore, whilst wearing this armour, delicate tasks take a -10 penalty to tests unless using equipment specifically designed for a Guard.
Iron Guard You must have the Iron Guard trait to wear this armour.
Material Qualities
Angelic Silk You gain an extra reaction, which may be spent only to dodge.
Cerovite You are immune to fire damage, and Fusion attacks against you never double their Penetration against you.
Damaskite Attacks against you reduce their Penetration by -2. You gain the Shimmer (2) quality.
Fieldblinder You are invisible to AT Pings. Furthermore, Angelic Senses are treated as being half of what they are for the purposes of detecting you.
Morning's Light You gain a +10 modifier to agility and willpower tests against attacks or effects that stem from an Angel-based lifeform (Angels, Evas, Dysses, Solomons etc). Furthermore, whenever it would be appropriate, you count as having the Unnatural Strength and Toughness (+1) traits against these lifeforms.
Shadowline Unless they're at Point Blank Range, attacks against you always treat you as being at Extreme Range, unless they have the Marksman talent (in which case they treat you as being at Long Range, and take that penalty even with their talent). Called shots on you take an extra -10 penalty. You always incur Run penalties if you move, even if it's a half move.
Sigilite Armour Whenever you take damage, test Willpower-30. On a success, you reduce the amount of damage taken by your Willpower Bonus, to a minimum of zero. If the result of your roll is lower than your Willpower Bonus entirely, then you negate the attack completely.
Suzanium Attacks against you reroll damage and take the worse result (negates Tearing instead; removes 1 reroll from Hy-Prog). Awareness tests to locate you using indirect (out of LoS) electronic methods take a -20 penalty.
Positive Qualities
Ablative The first attack against that deals damage after Soak (TB, AP, others) is negated. If the attack would have a negative physical effect besides or in place of damage, such as a stun effect or a penalty to a physical (Strength/Toughness/Agility) characteristic, this is also negated.
Auto-Doc (X) Your armour possesses X loads of biogel which may be administered to you as a Free Action. Furthermore, so long as you are wearing it and the Auto-Doc function is operable, you heal 1 wound and 1 Fatigue per hour. Critical Damage is unaffected. Auto-doc comes with 6 slots to administer drugs which are loaded with morphine by default; you are also is granted a +10 bonus to toxic/gas attacks. Finally, Auto-Doc makes you a valid target for the Remote Care talent.
Chameleon You may as a Half Action activate Chameleon Mode. You gain a +30 bonus to Stealth tests, and attacks made against you take a -20 penalty. Energetic activity (Running or attacking) reduces the Stealth bonus to +10 and the attack penalty to -10.
Dreadnought You increase your size by 1 category and are immune to Concussion, Knockdown and Grapple by anything smaller than Hulking. Furthermore, you're also immune to Smoke and Flashbangs. You gain the Auto-Stabilised Trait and may wield Heavy Weapons with one hand.
Empowering (X) You gain the Unnatural Strength (X) trait, stacking with any pre-existing Unnatural Strength value.
Fortified You are immune to Righteous Furies.
Inspirational Any allies who can see you take +10 to WP tests.
Intimidating You gain a +10 bonus to Intimidation tests.
Invulnerable (X) When you are hit with an attack with a Penetration value lower than your AP, you automatically roll against X; on a success, the attack is completely negated.
Light You do not take penalties to the Stealth skill whilst wearing this armour.
Psy-Proof (X) You gain X as a bonus to tests to resist mental abilities.
Recoilless Wearer may fire Basic Weapons with one hand.
Rejuvenating (X) X times per mission, you may, as a Free Action, restore 1d10+TB wounds to yourself or remove TB Critical Damage; however, it cannot restore lost body parts. Furthermore, so long as you are wearing your armour, you heal 1 wound and 1 Fatigue per hour. Critical Damage is unaffected.
Sealed This armour is considered to be environmentally sealed. Environmental hazards (such as toxic air or radiation) do not affect you unless they breach the armour by doing so. Furthermore, when you take damage from being aflame (but not from flame-based attacks), you may add half your AP (rounding up) to the reduction from said damage instead of none. Finally, so long as the suit has power, it provides basic life support systems such as air filtration or nutrient recycling.
Sentinel You gain a +20 to Awareness tests and the Sonar Sense and Dark Sight traits.
Shimmer (X) This armour is protected by a distortive energy field, or holo-emitters, or the like. Attacks against you reduce their DoS by X, with the attack failing if DoS is reduced to below 0.
Slippery All Grapple tests against you intending to initiate a Grapple or use a Grapple Controller action take a -20 penalty.
Specialised (X, Y) AP is treated as +X against attacks of the matching damage type (Impact, Energy, Rending or eXplosive)
Spirit Armour (X) You treat your Deflection as though your ATS were X higher than it really is.
Stims Whenever you are stunned, the duration is limited to one turn maximum.
Swift (X) You gain the Unnatural Agility (X) trait, stacking with any pre-existing Unnatural Agility value.
Negative Qualities
Awkward (X) You reduce your agility by X; furthermore, you are unable to dodge or run.
Powered This armour has an electrical power source. So long as you are wearing it, you count as a Machine for the purposes of EMP or similar attacks.
Primitive This armour halves its AP against attacks, unless the attack is with a weapon of the Primitive quality as well.
Weak Spot (X) A called shot against a location covered by this armour which scores 3 or more DoS treats the AP as lower equal to X.

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