Codename: Gazardiel
ID: Third Angel
First Detected: English Channel
Date of Attack: 2nd of February, 2015
Status: Defeated
Damage Bill: $1.3 Billion US Dollars
Casualties: 964 military casualties; 19 civilian casualties

Physical Details
Height/Length: 67.5 metres (221.4 feet)
Mass: 1,200+ metric tons
Maximum Speed: 432 kilometres per hour (268.4 miles per hour)

Personal Details
"The Angel is accelerating- it's ignoring the defense forces…" "Speed?" "F-five hundred kilometres an hour!" ("Nuke it. Dear God in heaven, nuke it!") ("We can't nuke it, it's moving too fast for an N2 strike…")

The first angel to attack Paris-2, and the first to be confronted by the Evangelions, Gazardiel was an intimidating sight as it plowed through every defensive line between the Channel and its destination. Conventional military weapons had no effect, and the angel moved simply too fast to be targeted by an N2 Strike. Oddly enough, the Angel seemed to be moving at a cruising speed most of the time, as it took roughly two hours to traverse the distance between itself and Paris-2.

Gazardiel was long, being over 220 feet in height. It possessed no legs, but instead a long, flexible prehensile tail that served as its main form of locomotion. Much of its body was made up of a highly elastic reddish flesh that allowed it to absorb blows with ease and react quickly, as well as help maintain its incredible speeds. The Angel also possessed a greyish-silver carapace in some areas, which was found to be a super-hardened ossified material.

Gazardiel possessed an intensely powerful AT Field, managing to completely null attacks with its deflection barrier, as well as laying down punishing AT cross blasts that wiped out two Tank squadrons and panicked Pilot Blanc.

The battle with Gazardiel shook the pilots greatly, with Pilot Zhang and Pilot Blanc freezing in terror, although they managed to pull themselves together before the Angel was able to fully capitalise on their inability to react. Gazardiel possessed fearsome melee abilities, gouging deep lines into 04's chest and managing to mangle and break 01's left arm with its jaw. However, by focusing on the Angel's core and punishing it with Prog Knives and Swords, assisted by Pilot Blanc's markerlight array, the Evas were eventually able to destroy the Angel, with Pilot de Pteres cutting open the core, allowing Pilot Zhang to completely destroy the core and most of the head. The core exploded on impact, levelling half of Paris-2's topside structures.

WS:   35 +3
BS:   35 +3
Str:  35 +3
Tou:  35 +3
Agi:  60 +6
Int:  30 +3
Per:  40 +4
Wil:  40 +4
Fel:  20 +2
SyR: 100 +10

-Body- (Insectile)
Location % to Hit AP Wounds
Head     01-10    3  3
Arms     11-30    0  5
Core     31-40    0  13
Body     41-70    3  11
Tail     71-00    0  5

-Standard Attacks-

Name     Damage  Penetration Properties
Maw      1d10+6I 5

Name     Damage  Penetration Properties
Scythes  2d10+3R 2           Unbalanced

1/1 Fate Points

-AT Powers-
Deflective Field
Rising Cross
Cross Blast
Neutralize AT

-Special Abilities-

-Traits and Talents-
Angel (TB 6)
Dark Sight
From Beyond
Unnatural Senses
Fear (1)

-Physical Description-
Chitinous Plates
Whip-like tongue
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