Ginevre's Curry

(13:01:14) Sept: [Another knock on the Fontaine apartment door. Sera adjusted his glasses and exhaled, scratching the back of his palm a bit nervously.]
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(13:05:50) Minaplo: [The door opened.-
(13:10:01) Minaplo: [Ginevre Fontaine stood in the door way. She'd come a long way since Sera had first met her in the Geofront. Long gone were the razor-straight NERV uniforms and the gloves and the sharp power skirts. Ginevre's hair hung in a long ponytail that reached to the small of her back; she now wore a blue wool sweater over a white button-up shirt, and a pair of jeans. A pair of white socks were on
(13:10:01) Minaplo: her feet.-
(13:12:17) Minaplo: ["You did well."]
(13:14:51) * Sept had worn his conspicuous red overcoat. He just stood there for a few moments, looking at her. "..what?"
(13:19:29) Minaplo: ["I assumed that you'd want to hear words of unconditional support after the things you've been through."]
(13:26:46) * Sept nodded with an appreciative smile. "You'd know. I'm very glad you made it this far."
(13:29:05) Minaplo: [Ginevre smiled in return.-
(13:29:16) Minaplo: ["Why don't you come inside?"]
(13:32:01) Sept: "Happily. Thank you."
(13:37:19) Minaplo: [Ginevre stepped aside and allowed him in.-
(13:37:31) Minaplo: ["Anything I can give you?"]
(13:43:03) Sept: "Just wanted to talk." Sera walked in and took a look around the apartment.
(13:45:11) Minaplo: [It was a simple apartment, much like Hyuga's, although a little bigger. There was the kitchen area and the living room/dining area, separated only partially by the kitchen bench; a refrigerator, a sink, microwave, and other appliances were all in the kitchen as expected.-
(13:45:19) Minaplo: ["I understand."]
(13:49:18) Sept: "How did you get here?"
(13:51:47) Minaplo: ["Here, Asgard Base?"]
(13:53:47) Sept: "Yeah. You had people after you."
(13:55:52) Minaplo: ["Yes. As you know, after I resigned as Commander of the Geofront, I was installed the Commander of the Tokyo-2 Base. Eventually, Caine sent a squad of Stormtroopers after me- they intended to execute me for treason."-
(13:56:40) Minaplo: ["But one of the Troopers was Matthias Holmstrom, the Varangian Squad pilot. He's a double agent for Vercingetorix, and he disabled the Troopers and helped me escape. I rendezvoused with Vercingetorix, who took me here."]
(14:02:21) Sept: "Ah. He's been busy, hasn't he?"
(14:03:55) Minaplo: ["Extremely."]
(14:13:28) * Sept ran his hand across the kitchen counter, as if trying to figure out what her daily routine had been like, living here. "I feel I should've given myself more to do."
(14:14:22) Minaplo: ["Now, or before?"]
(14:20:29) Sept: "In Paris. With NERV, with… Evangelion, something. Little things. It would've been simple to have you arrange it. Maybe it would've been enough to quell some of that frustration." He picked up an apple from the counter, turned it around in his hands. "Don't you think?"
(14:33:46) Minaplo: ["Do you feel like that because you think you could've made a difference?"]
(14:43:50) Sept: "No. Not a difference. But something that I could've focused on, instead of obsessing over things like I've always done. That could've been different."
(14:44:59) Minaplo: [Ginevre smiled. "I think if you had done that, you might find yourself more at grips with things now, instead perhaps of trying to catch up."]
(14:55:15) Sept: "I agree." He put the apple back down, leaned back on the counter and looked at Ginevre. "Who knew I'd take loss of authority badly?"
(14:56:29) Minaplo: [Ginevre chuckled. "How would you have felt, I wonder, if the Colonel had made you Squad Leader in place of Zhang?"]
(15:03:21) * Sept thought about it for a moment. "…terrible. Taking responsibility for their actions and inevitably arguing about my decisions with them? Difficult, to say the least."-
(15:06:32) Sept: "But whether or not I could actually be relied on to make the best tactical decision, I know I would've learned everything, and prepared for everything."
(15:10:08) Minaplo: ["Then you're doing the same now?"]
(15:16:44) Sept: "Well…"
(15:17:26) Minaplo: ["No?"]
(15:19:07) Sept: "Even if I've accounted for every possible scenario of where we go from here, what use is it if I don't know what to do about them?"
(15:20:36) Minaplo: ["Meaning you don't know which scenario you want to realise."]
(15:27:37) Sept: "And I can't find a way to start building the bridges we'd need for some of them. Not without Aline and Yanmei with me."
(15:30:17) Minaplo: ["You'll be meeting them again very soon." Said Ginevre, walking over to him. She placed her hands on his shoulders gently, squeezing a little. "To draw you out of the world of conspiracies and plans for a moment- how do you feel about some chicken curry?"]
(15:41:46) * Sept took hold of one of those hands, rubbing it a little. "That would be fine, Ginnie."
(15:45:31) Minaplo: [She nodded, stepping over to the pantry, taking out what she needed in spices. "If you can fetch the chicken and start cutting it for me…"]
(15:56:29) Sept: "Of course. The knives are..?"
(15:59:27) Minaplo: ["Top drawer over there."]
(16:07:51) Sept: "Ah." Sera took out the chicken and one of the carving knives and got to it.
(16:09:04) Minaplo: ["You've changed." She said. "Physically. Your hair…"]
(16:13:04) Sept: The knife slipped just a little. He hoped she hadn't noticed the break in the rhythm. "What do you mean?"
(16:15:15) Minaplo: ["It's blonde."]
(16:18:56) Sept: "Yes, that happens." He continued focusing on the chicken.
(16:24:32) Minaplo: ["You dyed it?"]
(16:28:58) Sept: "Yeah. It's… to do with Mary."
(16:43:07) Minaplo: ["Ah." The sound of the gas stove igniting.]
(16:53:10) Sept: "The core of it is… mm." Cut, cut, cut. "I'm still not sure how it would be possible to convince or stop her. And, I know I could live with myself if I let her go through with it. If it was just me, giving up would be an option."
(16:59:23) Minaplo: ["You don't think she can be stopped?" There was almost a tone of surprise in her voice.]
(17:03:43) Sept: "I'm not a strategist. But it seems to me she still has the advantage in most areas, and NERV is already on its back foot with Michael."
(17:06:25) Minaplo: ["Most practical strategists would agree. She has more material power than we do, and she has greater growth capacity. Over time, the difference would only become more pronounced."]
(17:11:25) Sept: "But..?"
(17:20:20) Minaplo: ["But we are not fighting a practical war. If NERV fought practical wars, the LN would have won. Mary Caine has so many war machines, so many tools, so many weapons- but ultimately she thinks of them as being but a sideshow in this play, albeit an important one. But the primary theatre is not of soldiers or guns but of ideas and thoughts. A hundred E-Destroyers wouldn't be capable of
(17:20:21) Minaplo: destroying NERV and Vercingetorix, nor two or three hundred."-
(17:20:59) Minaplo: ["But two or three Evangelions like Unit 22? Perhaps."-
(17:22:32) Minaplo: ["The only force that could stand properly against such as that would be an extremely powerful Angel- Michael, perhaps, although I would have my doubts- or a Seed."-
(17:23:08) Minaplo: ["So as you can see, Mary Caine will be unstoppable in four to six months. By then NERV will be too weak, too worn down. The only chance NERV has before that is to achieve our planned apotheosis."]
(17:27:22) * Sept stayed quiet for a bit, the loud grating noise of him scraping the chicken pieces into a bowl ringing through the apartment. "I can agree."
(17:31:11) Minaplo: ["How do you feel about it, then?"]
(17:41:21) * Sept tapped on the cutting board with the knife. "I don't know, yet. I still have to find out more about Angels to have any confidence in my ability to realise that plan. Getting back to the battleship after the next operation, at least. Aline already knows more than we ever did. Has done for a long time."
(17:43:30) Minaplo: ["There is an… Emissary on board the battleship as well. Ezekiel is his name. He represents Michael- some type of construct. When you return to the battleship, speak to Aline, but consider speaking to the emissary as well."]
(17:48:29) Sept: "Yeah, I will."
(17:50:29) Minaplo: ["Would you fetch the basmati rice from the pantry, please?"]
(17:56:27) Sept: "Mmhm!" After rummaging through the pantry for a while, Sera set the box of rice down by her, giving her shoulder a bit of a rub. "How's Alex doing?"
(17:59:22) Minaplo: ["Well. He's busy, but he feels activated, actualised. He's growing into something greater."]
(18:04:34) Sept: "Mm. I thought he was dealing with everything quite well, but what do I know," he laughed.
(18:05:54) Minaplo: ["I would say you understand him fairly well, all told. Perhaps surprisingly well." She shot him a small smile. "Rice cooker."]
(18:09:14) * Sept grabbed it from the other end of the table and pushed it over, plugging it in himself.
(14:36:32) @Minaplo: ["You'll need four cups of rice and eight of water. Add the rice first."]
(14:40:47) Sept: "Of course." He did as told, measuring the volumes exactly.
(14:44:40) @Minaplo: ["How do you feel about this upcoming battle with the Archangel?"]
(14:52:12) Sept: "From where I stand, it's another life-or-death battle. Giving in to any of those demands would lose NERV any support it might still have. If there's another way through this, I trust Aline to find it."
(14:56:49) @Minaplo: [Ginevre chuckled.]
(14:58:00) Sept: "..what?"
(14:59:13) @Minaplo: ["Nothing. It just amuses me - in a dark way. From the very start of it all, the Caines, and others, were always plotting, laying out plans on how they'd remake the world once the Angels were defeated."-
(14:59:55) @Minaplo: ["I'm wondering how many of them would be sweating now, afraid at the possibility that those plans might be foiled because the Angels' defeat is not the certainty they thought it was."]
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(15:07:27) Sept: "Precious few. I know death broke a few of them on the way, but psychopathy often runs deeper than that. Many would've believed in their plans until the end. All who survived so far have staked everything already, so there's no reason to sweat."-
(15:07:55) Sept: "Except for Jeremiah." He paused for a moment, and chuckled to himself.
(15:08:27) @Minaplo: ["Jeremiah?"]
(15:08:55) Sept: "Aline beamed him into the sun."
(15:10:50) @Minaplo: ["… Ah, so… It was Jeremiah in that unit?"]
(15:11:46) Sept: "Mm. At least a part." Sera switched the cooker on.
(15:13:57) @Minaplo: ["Strange. Do you know why she'd do that?"]
(15:17:30) Sept: "It made me more than hesitate when he showed up. It might've been the simplest way to have more direct access to him than she could through the Drive. Or maybe it was a condition for her inheritance."
(15:22:14) @Minaplo: ["It made you hesitate?"]
(15:27:35) Sept: "Well, we were already in a really bad way, and he had Elena. Jeremiah could be reasoned with. But that wasn't the decision we made, in the end."
(15:29:47) @Minaplo: ["Oh?"]
(15:34:52) Sept: "Yeah, we tried to extract Elena, and when that failed, sent him into the sun. It wasn't the -worst- possible outcome, with Aline getting out."
(15:41:45) @Minaplo: ["I don't think he would've allowed you all to leave if he could've helped it, regardless."]
(15:45:16) Sept: "I agree. He was technically berserk, but… those were unusual piloting conditions. And he's an unusual man. He wouldn't have just murdered us, either."-
(15:46:02) Sept: "Temporarily giving ourselves over to Mary might've been worth saving her."
(15:49:01) @Minaplo: ["Reports from the battle suggest that at her ratio level, she would've collapsed into LCL within minutes."]
(15:51:35) Sept: "I know."
(15:51:56) @Minaplo: ["And you had no way of knowing at the time that Vercingetorix and Zeruel would be there to rescue you."]
(15:53:31) * Sept still had difficulties categorizing that as a "rescue".-
(15:53:33) Sept: "I know."
(15:54:31) @Minaplo: ["And with access to all three of you, and the Evangelions, she could've destroyed any hope for us in one fell swoop."]
(15:59:33) Sept: "I -know-!"
(16:00:25) @Minaplo: ["If you know that, then you would also know that it would not've been worth saving her." Said Ginevre. Her voice was calm.]
(16:15:40) Sept: "I don't. Establishing any sort of contact with Jeremiah would've permanently changed our view on things."
(16:16:36) @Minaplo: ["Then it wasn't about saving Clement's daughter, but rather communicating with that man?"]
(16:24:05) Sept: "Saving her would've been the most effective way of demonstrating that point."
(16:27:03) @Minaplo: ["And what were you hoping to find by speaking to him?"]
(16:43:22) Sept: The cooker was still hard at work. "Ignoring the fact that at the time, it was clearly the safest choice – not surrendering potentially leading to collateral pilot damage, while surrendering would've guaranteed our safety for the moment – it would've proved I was right. At least about my family, if nothing else. Looking ahead, I feel it's important to establish that. For someone who will, Angels permitting, reshape -everything-, I feel it's important to demonstrate their judgment can be trusted when it matters."-
(16:46:23) * Sept took a look at his watch, flipping the cooker's switch, the noise immediately starting to die down. "That even as an incomplete, unhinged mess, I can quiet the tumult for that moment."
(16:53:33) @Minaplo: [Ginevre was cooking the chicken, the sauce being mixed into the pan. "Separate the rice onto two plates."]
(16:59:06) Sept: "Mmhm!" Soon enough, the rice was portioned into two neat, but not -too- neat mounds on the plates.
(17:05:09) @Minaplo: [Ginevre partitioned chicken and curry onto the plates, split evenly, of course.-
(17:08:58) @Minaplo: ["And if you knew what you did now, and were sitting back in that plug, with the ability to change how events played out?"]
(17:11:49) Sept: "Having an exit plan ready would've been the best decision, of course."
(17:14:10) @Minaplo: ["Naturally. Presuming that if Aline could send Unit 22 into the sun, she could've sent you all back to Paris?"]
(17:15:50) Sept: "Mm." Sera looked at the two plates, breathed in deep, and exhaled.
(17:22:12) @Minaplo: ["Perhaps it would've been better not to have gone at all, and let Metatron and the Eva fight it out."]
(17:28:01) Sept: "Perhaps."
(17:29:23) @Minaplo: ["Come on, let's take these over to the table."]
(17:34:44) Sept: "I got it. You bring the glasses."
(17:39:42) @Minaplo: [And she did so, filling them with wine. They sat opposite each other, but not down the length of the table, but the narrower width.-
(17:40:00) @Minaplo: ["You'll have another chance to speak with him, if you want it."]
(17:41:53) Sept: "What are you talking about?"
(17:42:05) @Minaplo: ["Jeremiah."]
(17:42:19) Sept: "And what are you basing that on?"
(17:43:15) @Minaplo: ["The Eternity Drive." Said Ginevre, as though it were obvious.]
(17:46:19) Sept: Sera fiddled with his glass. "Assuming I'll have a chance to just walk in. If we have to destroy it, it might end up being a more violent affair."
(17:47:56) @Minaplo: ["True. But if we're in a position to destroy the Drive, then chances are you'll soon have access to every soul on Earth anyway."]
(17:50:34) Sept: "Mm. Maybe, if I still feel like it. When I remember more of him, I imagine I'll want to talk to him less."
(17:52:50) @Minaplo: ["I never knew him too well. Always distant, or sick. Elisha was never truly sold on him."]
(17:56:18) Sept: "Seems right, from what I remember. It's always just the three." Sera took a careful sip of the wine, letting it linger before swallowing.
(18:06:25) @Minaplo: ["Azariah, Elisha, Mary." She sat back in her chair. "Three people cajoled into shaping the world due to Destiny?"]
(18:10:14) * Sept frowned at her disapprovingly, trying the curry.
(18:11:03) @Minaplo: [The curry was pretty fantastic. It made him feel warm all throughout his body, not just the mouth. It was… Almost purifying.-
(18:11:06) @Minaplo: [Also incredibly hot.-
(18:11:11) @Minaplo: ["What's the matter?"]
(18:17:50) * Sept moved to take a gulp of wine, calmly as he could. Swallowing after a while, he breathed out in relief. "Hot. Still don't like thinking about Destiny like that. It seems counter-productive."
(18:20:43) @Minaplo: ["Oh?"]
(18:22:52) Sept: "Incredibly easy to start blaming it for obstacles, even if only subconsciously. Hope's in short supply as is, no?"
(18:24:14) @Minaplo: ["There is no hope at all outside of the Evangelions, so you're right about that."]
(18:30:52) Sept: "Yeah. So whatever gets you through the day, right? Whether that's denial or heroic fantasy." This time he blew gently on his forkful, first.
(18:33:12) @Minaplo: ["Would you prefer a glass of milk?"]
(18:38:23) Sept: "Metaphorically or literally? I mean, no, thank you."
(18:40:35) @Minaplo: ["I meant literally."-
(18:40:48) @Minaplo: ["Did Ikari ever fully explain the details of Destiny to you?"]
(18:41:52) Sept: "He may have. There's a much higher likelihood I'll listen if you can tell me about it, though."
(18:50:45) @Minaplo: [She chuckled. "He really did a number on you, didn't he?"]
(18:55:15) Sept: "Saying I don't blame him because I would've done the same in his situation would be a lie."-
(18:55:18) Sept: "But I would've."
(19:00:09) @Minaplo: ["That makes more sense than you think it might."]
(19:05:15) Sept: "Hm?" Sera was still determined to finish his curry, sweating with each bite.
(19:07:56) @Minaplo: [Ginevre was eating hers, by comparison, with great calm.-
(19:08:11) @Minaplo: ["Nevermind that for now. What do you know about Destiny?"]
(19:24:17) Sept: "Defined as two forms, low and high, where the former is everything that's… everything in the butterfly effect zone, I guess. And high being the more specific. Okay so far?"
(19:25:42) @Minaplo: [She nodded.]
(19:28:59) Sept: "An Evangelion and/or a powerful AT Field is needed to resist its effects. And any independent souls, or souls from a different Seed would obviously be out of its reach?"
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(19:31:30) @Minaplo: ["Souls can only be affected by their linked Seed, yes. Lilith cannot command Angels and Adam cannot command humans. A powerful AT Field can resist it, yes. Evangelions are free of Destiny because to Lilith, they read as Angels, and to Adam they read as Lilim."]
(19:33:39) Sept: "So even an Evangelion with a weak AT Field would be free? What about the Ayanami, for example? What level of AT Field are we talking about?"
(19:41:23) @Minaplo: ["Yes. Pardon- I am guilty of oversimplification. The Evangelions are born from the blood of gods. Adam's template forms the basis of every unit outside of 00, which is born from Lilith. As hollow shells, the Evangelions could be dominated by their appropriate donor- the Seeds can control their own flesh, even that of clones. But you add a soul to these shells, and they become demigods
(19:41:23) @Minaplo: themselves- proto-Seeds, perhaps. And even the weakest proto-Seed is above Destiny, because Seeds do not dominate Seeds."-
(19:45:22) @Minaplo: ["The AT Field protects the pilot from Destiny simply through making the Seeds mistake the Evangelion and Pilot both as something else ."-
(19:45:39) @Minaplo: ["So something like an Iron Guard Apostle would not be protected."-
(19:45:50) @Minaplo: ["The Ayanamis… Are a grey area."]
(19:50:36) * Sept nodded as he sipped on his wine. "Is that just because they were designed as hybrids from the beginning?"
(19:52:05) @Minaplo: ["No. The Ayanamis are more Lilim than Angel by far. The crux of the matter is that every Ayanami's soul is divided, just like your own, but not into quarters, but into halves. One half in the Ayanami body, the other half in their appointed Evangelion unit."]
(19:58:03) Sept: "Ah. Of course. So are you saying they can be partially controlled, or that we're not sure?"
(20:01:25) @Minaplo: ["I would say the latter, but putting money more on them being able to resist control. It is… Problematic. A soul displaced from its body can still call upon some of its body's powers, and that might be enough to resist Destiny… Or it might not. More data is required."]
(20:02:42) Sept: "Mm. And… Gabriel-Wei? Can we even speculate about that?"
(20:06:09) @Minaplo: ["Almost definitely immune, perhaps like Aline. Tying yourself permanently to an Evangelion like they have is to, essentially, be permanently synchronised. Gabriel-Wei goes further- he has a Libido bond. Libido bonds ensure a certain sharing of protections of that nature- it is a little like having two computers constantly be storing backups of each other's data. It is why conditioning
(20:06:09) @Minaplo: Libido bonders is so difficult. It is also why I am effectively immune to Destiny as well," She smiled darkly, "Being linked to three Evangelions at once."]
(20:10:09) Sept: "Mm." Another mouthful. This time he didn't even seem to notice the spiciness. In thought, his taste buds dead, or both.
(20:10:29) @Minaplo: ["Do you like the curry?"]
(20:13:48) * Sept nodded. "It'd take some getting used to, but I can see the attraction."
(20:14:15) @Minaplo: ["I'm using some new ingredients- my old staples are hard to find out here."]
(20:18:22) * Sept laughed and smiled. "What did you use, if I may ask?"
(20:26:30) @Minaplo: ["Some Mexican chili. I'm not sure on the details."]
(20:30:02) Sept: "'Not sure'? How did you get them?"
(20:32:15) @Minaplo: ["Alexandre on one of his supply trips."]
(20:34:24) Sept: "I'll… mm. You're used to the spiciest foods, of course."
(20:36:42) @Minaplo: ["I am, although I liked my chicken curry quite mild."-
(20:36:54) @Minaplo: [She sighed. "A lot of spices are much harder to find in a post-Impact world."]
(20:38:01) Sept: "Just the spices?" Sera grinned.
(20:38:30) @Minaplo: ["What do you mean?"]
(20:39:20) Sept: "Is that the thing you miss the most?"
(20:39:40) @Minaplo: ["No. Just one of many things, I think."]
(20:43:39) Sept: "-Do- you still miss that world? Not the innocence of it, just what changed with SI. Do you get used to it?"
(20:49:28) @Minaplo: ["You get used to it, you adapt, but you never get over the old world. It's a part of you. Paradigms and streams that you grew up with, things that surrounded you, suddenly changing so abruptly…"-
(20:50:32) @Minaplo: ["You might not understand, but someone who does is Zhang Yanmei. The change from pre-Impact to post-Impact was as much a culture shock as it was anything else. I would not be surprised if she saw her moving from China to France in the same light I see the shift from pre-Impact to post."]
(20:53:19) Sept: "Yeah, I see what you mean. And I… you're right, I probably can't completely understand, even after everything."
(20:59:08) @Minaplo: ["I wouldn't expect you to. It's hardly your fault- it's better that you don't, I think."]
(21:06:47) Sept: "Well, that's true. I'll worry about parallel worlds, you think about the past ones."
(21:19:53) @Minaplo: ["And the future?"]
(21:29:54) Sept: "That I don't have to do alone."

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