Gloria Vickers
Name: Gloria Amanda Vickers
Occupation: University Student- Agnesian National University, Paxia (Law)
Age: 20
Birthday: 12th of Firest
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 135lb
Physical Description:
Gloria has blue eyes and long blonde hair, usually worn in some kind of ponytail. She wears glasses.

The 2nd child and only daughter of the Vickers family, generally found herself possessed of somewhat more freedom than her brother; as the heir to the company, he had responsibilities even from a young age that Gloria blessedly did not have to follow.

Her mother's persuading convinced her father to allow Gloria to enter a career of her own devising. She enrolled in one of the country's most preeminent universities to follow a career in criminal law.

Although not fantastically close to her father, Gloria was nevertheless upset, shocked and deeply frightened by his death. With Michael returning to the front lines, Cattleya has turned to Gloria for support in her emotional grief.

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