Adeptus Arbites

An Imperium-wide organisation dedicated to ensuring the enforcement of Imperial Law, regardless of the local customs or laws. They're represented by Judges and Arbitrators.

Adeptus Custodes

The genetically-enhanced super soldiers that are charged with protecting and obeying the Emperor directly, acting as his messengers and bodyguards.

Adeptus Astra Telepathica

An organisation based on Terra that oversees the recruitment and training of Psykers. Most Psykers are trained to become Astropaths, who are capable of dispatching psychic messages across long distances; others become Sanctioned Psykers who are used for specialised roles.

Adeptus Astronomica

An organisation based on Terra that oversees the maintenance of the Astronomican, the massive galaxy-wide psychic beacon used by Navigators to traverse the Warp.

Adeptus Mechanicus Mechanicussymbol.png

A secretive organisation based on Mars. The Adeptus Mechanicus are the primary store holders of mechanical and technological knowledge in the Imperium, and stand separate from the Imperium's laws and direct management. They are led by the Fabricator-General, and worship the Machine God- they see machines as a higher form of existence and thus are often cyborgs. Many within the Adeptus Mechanicus see the Emperor as the Omnissiah, the Machine God's representative in the material world.

Age of Technology

See Dark Age of Technology.

Age of Strife

The dark period after the Dark Age of Technology. The collapse of the Age of Technology was brought about by heavy warp storms and the appearance of Psykers amongst the human population, which collectively devastated human society. The Age of Strife was thus a period of chaos and war, where each human world was cut off from each other. On Terra, this degenerated into a rabid war between warlords, which ended with the unification of Terra by the Emperor, which began the Great Crusade.


A world dedicated to agriculture, usually as an export to other planets that aren't self-sufficient. They are often sparsely populated.


A quality amber alcohol refined from wine.

Assault Marine

An Astartes equipped for close combat fighting. Usually armed with a chainsword, bolt pistol and a jump pack.

Astartes Warhammer-40000-Space-Marine-1918.png

Extremely powerful genetically enhanced super-soldiers that form the elite troops of the Imperium of Man and the spearhead of the Great Crusade. They are organised into twenty legions (the Legiones Astartes), each made from the genetic material of one of the primarchs. See also: Legiones Astartes


A massive psychic beacon emanating from Terra that the warp-capable ships of the Imperium use as a navigational anchor to plot their courses safely through the Warp.


See Astropath.


Psykers trained in using their powers to transmit messages long-range through the Warp.


Cheap, ubiquitous solid-projectile firearms with high rates of fire, produced by many planets in the Imperium.


A powerful cannon that fires mass reactive shells at a high rate of fire. Often mounted on vehicles, or independently in fire teams.



The main mobile artillery vehicle of the Imperial Army, equipped with a long range Earthshaker Cannon.

Bolter Standard_Bolter.png

The standard firearm utilised by Astartes forces, bolters use self-propelled mass reactive .75 calibre shells ('bolts') which explode shortly after penetration, making them unsubtle and deadly weapons. The bolt is more akin to a small rocket which ignites shortly after leaving the barrel, making the Bolter a mostly recoil-less weapon. They come in sidearm Bolt Pistol and heavy support Heavy Bolter variants.

Bolt Pistol

A sidearm variant of the bolter, with a smaller clip, but an easy weapon to wield and suited for close-range combat.



A Power Fist with a chain-blade attachment. Extremely useful for cutting through bulkheads.


A blade with a cutting chain across the striking edge. Utilised greatly by the Astartes for their effectiveness against lightly armoured foes.

Chain Weaponry

Melee weapons equipped with a cutting chain across the striking edge of the blade, similar to a chainsaw. They're widely utilised by many races and are effective against lightly armoured foes. Includes the Chainsword and Chainfist.


The psychic energy that makes up Warp Space; it is formed of the emotional and spiritual energy generated by psychic races. It is a force of change and power, but is also capable of great devastation and corruption. The sheer coalescing energies of Chaos have given rise to all manner of creatures born from the nightmares of the psychic races, as well as the pure manifestations of the deepest, most concentrated pools of this energy, resulting in the four Chaos Gods: Tzeentch, Slaanesh, Khorne and Nurgle.

Chaos Gods

The four great manifestations of Chaos; Tzeentch, Slaanesh, Khorne and Nurgle.


A unit of Astartes equal to ten companies. Often referred to as a Great Company.

Chimera Transport

A dependable and solid APC utilised extensively by the Imperial Army.

Collegia Titanica

A division of the Adeptus Mechanicus that handles the Imperial Titan Legions.


A unit of Astartes, often numbering anywhere between 100 to 1,000 Battle Brothers. The main fighting element in a Legion. Three or four companies are enough to conquer a world.



A manifestation of the Warp. They come in many different varieties, with variable ranges of intelligence, ability and ferocity, but all are lethal and should be destroyed at all costs. Daemons can spill out into the material universe through breaches between the Immaterium and the Material universe, such as Warp Rifts or by using the mind of an unsuspecting psychic creature, such as a Psyker, to tear open a rift.

Digital Weapon

A small, one-shot weapon built in such a fashion so as to be fired by impulse or thought instead of physical manipulation. Most Digital Weapons are built into rings or the knuckle of a gauntlet; some are built into bionic eyes.


A formidable Astartes war machine that is simultaneously a support platform and a tomb, it is piloted by an Astartes veteran who has been mortally wounded in combat.






















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