God S In His Heaven All S Not Right In The World

[20:23] <Marianne> [[Session 50: NEON GENESIS EVANGELION. Date: 22nd of May, 2017. Episode Title: God's In His Heaven, All's (not) Right With the World.-
[20:25] <Marianne> [The alarm sounded across Paris-2 a second before their phones started to beep. It was urgent. Klaxons screeched, and already buildings were starting to recess. They had been called to NERV- and time was of the essence.]
[20:30] * Yanmei was there, snapping a cell phone shut as she breezed into Command, looking more or less the same as she usually did under these conditions - pleasant, relaxed. She could pretend that she hadn't been on the way to the shops when the alarms sounded, and that her bright and cheery civilian clothes were completely appropriate for the occassion. "What do we have this time, Colonel?"
[20:32] <Aline> A notebook computer was left sitting, in a room. A blur had raced, panting, through the city. The poor girl actually /vaulted/ over a number of parts of the entry escalator, almost (Almost) hurting herself in the process. Aline had arrived, in much more casual clothing than even Yanmei was wearing. Though not nearly as bright.
[20:33] * Sept was far away in the peripheries of the city when the signal came. Luckily, Freya, and her transport, were quick to find him. Still, he was the last to arrive, looking somewhat apologetic for it. "Hello, Marianne. Yanmei. Aline."
[20:34] <Marianne> "No time. I'll brief you later! Get to your plugs!"-
[20:36] <Marianne> [Behind her, on the screen, falling from the sky within a plume of flame, was an Angel. It was tall, armoured; it's skin was of fire, its body was of fire, everything burning, like the wrath of a volcano given life. It held within its hand a long, sharp sword, the blade singing as it fell.-
[20:37] <Marianne> [Object: Twentieth Angel. Codename: AZRAEL.-
[20:37] <Marianne> "Superheavy Regiment, what's your status?!"
[20:39] * Raphael 's voice responds over the comms, and calm as it may be there's the hurried clatter a keyboard from inside his cockpit. "Deployed and ready to intercept, Colonel."
[20:39] * Aline paused for only a second, looking the slighest bit confused at what she saw… but that was only one second. She dashed towards the entry plugs just as she had to NERV HQ, moving like she was a marathon runner, or at least wanted to be one.
[20:40] <Sept> "Yes, let's go!" Sera's breathing was feeling uncomfortable already, knowing the LCL would be all around him again soon. Minutes later, the fabric of the plugsuit enveloped him, and he climbed into his plug.
[20:42] <Yanmei> "Hrm." Yanmei spent only a second or two staring before turning and going on her way to get prepped.
[20:44] <Marianne> [It wouldn't be long before they were in their plugs, inundated with LCL…-
[20:44] <Marianne> ["Beginning second stage contact!"-
[20:47] <Marianne> [The kaleidoscope flashed across their plugs.-
[20:47] <Marianne> ["00, all clear!" Came Sophie's voice.-
[20:48] <Marianne> ["01, all clear." Came Frederic's.-
[20:48] <Marianne> ["04, all clear, but synch ratio has dipped slightly." James.]
[20:50] <Yanmei> "It's fine. I can still fight like this?" Yanmei almost frowned to herself. What was the problem -this- time, anyway?
[20:53] <Sept> "Yeah, don't think about it too much, that doesn't change anything. ETA for us?"
[20:56] * Aline remained calm and silent, as if in deep thought…
[20:56] <Marianne> "One minu-"-
[20:56] <Marianne> [There was an almighty rumbling above, and the very ground shook violently.-
[20:57] <Marianne> ["Plates 1 through 5 destroyed!"]
[20:58] <Sept> "…please hurry," Sera said quietly, sinking into the pilot's seat.
[21:01] <Yanmei> "God, it's getting down to business already, isn't it?" Yanmei leaned forward in her seat, her hands tightening on her controls. "That means that we can't afford to hesitate either."
[21:03] * Aline finally piped up. "…This is what it's going to be like, now." Her tone was a bit muted, but the worry was still noticeable.
[21:04] <Sept> "Yes. We have to send them a message today."
[21:08] <Yanmei> "It's not like they'll back off either way?" Yanmei's eyes narrowed. "It has a weapon. Colonel, would you suggest keeping a distance from that thing after launching?"
[21:08] <Marianne> "Yes. We should try ranged combat first."
[21:12] <Yanmei> "In that case, surround, neutralize, and open fire with everything we have. If we can wound it enough before it charges, we should be okay."
[21:14] <Sept> "…but -make sure- to stay together. We can't risk any one of us being picked off for a chance to wound it from a distance."
[21:15] <Aline> "…Right. And be careful, it's… probably capable of overextending its AT Field without trouble, kind of like some of the other Angels we've fought. It's a 'big one', I can tell. And we might still have to resort mostly to positron weaons." A pause. "…Try to keep Raphael's unit active, if we can. He's got superior firepower to us, and will depend on our AT Fields to get a clean shot
[21:15] <Aline> in."
[21:19] <Sept> "Got it. Stay focused, then. And good luck."
[21:40] <Marianne> [Another catastrophic shaking. Somewhere, a girder was smashed by falling debris.-
[21:40] <Marianne> ["Layers 6 through 14, gone!"-
[21:40] <Marianne> "What? At this rate- is there anything…"-
[21:40] <Marianne> "… Prep the Evangelions for sub-plating combat! Lower the exterior wall!"
[21:43] <Sept> "Prep for… we're fighting it down here?!"
[21:44] * Aline mumbled something probably unsound, and then… "Great. GREAT."
[21:45] <Marianne> [-CRASH!-
[21:45] <Marianne> ["The Geofront's been breached!"-
[21:46] <Marianne> [Alarms sounded, harsh and, in their own mechanical way, panicky.-
[21:46] <Marianne> "Move the tracks! Go! Go!"-
[21:47] <Marianne> [The Evangelions were adjusted, now, moving on their rails- as a massive, 100-metre high blast door- in fact, basically a wall- slid open, revealing…-
[21:49] <Marianne> [The green fields of the Geofront's landscape, now lit- for the first time- with real sunlight.-
[21:49] <Marianne> [Sunlight and flame.]
[21:51] * Sept spoke urgently. "Do we have any time? Marianne, do you want me to engage in close combat?"
[21:52] <Marianne> "Sera, if you can keep it pinned down, it'll give the others time to wound it."
[21:54] <Sept> "Right! Stay close until I get to it!"
[22:00] <Yanmei> "As soon as it gets here?" Yanmei raised her Bolter, peering down the sights patiently. 04's AT Field flickered to life, and similarly, something only half-seen flickered around the gun's muzzle. "What's it doing?"
[22:05] <Marianne> "It's- Incoming!"-
[22:07] <Marianne> [Azrael landed, far too fast, far too close- just a few dozen metres away. Where it landed, grass caught aflame and curled up, dying, leaving nothing but blackened devastation in its wake.-
[22:07] <Marianne> [It turned to Aline, and it opened its mouth- and sang.-
[22:07] <Marianne> [At first, the sound carried a melody, an indecipherable sound- as though half the notes were ones that simply couldn't be heard, not with human ears.-
[22:08] <Marianne> [But it changed. It became focused, and the sound changed- the melody sharpened, the air began to shake- and it turned into a -scream-, a shriek that caused people throughout HQ to cover their ears, screaming in horror.-
[22:08] <Marianne> [Azrael was speaking, and his words were weapons.]
[22:13] * Sept had to struggle to not let his defenses fall altogether as he covered his ears in a futile attempt to block the sound, responding only with heavy breathing.
[22:15] * Yanmei had grit her teeth, breaths coming faster. Sharply, she readjusted her aim.
[22:16] * Aline on the other hand screamed like she never had before, shuddering and shaking in her seat. Her ears were bleeding, but she didn't bother to cover them - that'd get in the way of her curling up into the fetal position. She didn't know what the hell happened, on some level. It was just… abject pain.
[22:16] <Marianne> [Azrael moved, taking the advantage. A single blur of movement, a single slash-
[22:17] <Marianne> [EVA-00's left arm hung, for a second, then burst off in a jet of blood-
[22:17] <Marianne> [And the blade came around once more, hurling itself at 00, but…!]
[22:21] <Aline> As if by instinct, at the last second, 00's own lance moved to interdict it, batting the damnable blade away! Aline finally uncurled herself, weakly stammering. "N-n-not… today. I'm… not gonna die today." 00's AT Field flickered, seeming to mimic what Yanmei was doing with hers, just… more. Much more.
[22:21] <Marianne> [Azrael ground the sword against the lance, sparks flying from the joining. His face was barely metres from 00's, and he snarled, before pulling the blade away.]
[22:28] * Sept approached the Angel from behind 00, trying to cover the other unit in his advance. "Aline, that's enough! Leave the rest of it to me!"
[22:30] * Aline stared critically at Sera on her screen. "…Not just… yet. I have to help bring down its deflection… capabilities."
[22:32] <Sept> "I'll cover you. Do it quickly."
[22:34] <Yanmei> "Bunching up here, is not what we need to do," Yanmei remarked. A bolter shell screamed past Sera, exploding against the Angel's mighty body, but…
[22:52] <Marianne> [But the shot did nothing. Furthermore, its body started to glow, and-
[22:52] <Marianne> [A -wave- of flame and fire burst out, sending the HQ reservoir sizzling and steaming as it rapidly vaporised.-
[22:54] <Marianne> "…!"-
[22:54] <Marianne> "EVERYONE, DOWN!"-
[22:54] <Marianne> [The command crew threw themselves to the ground as the entire viewscreen -exploded- inwards.-
[22:56] <Marianne> [Waves of flame and molten rock vaporised computers and ripped through bulkheads.-
[22:56] <Marianne> [VC Thomas threw himself down. "GET DOWN, COMMANDER!"-
[22:57] <Marianne> [But Gendo Ikari merely stared impassively as the flame flickered to death metres from him.]
[23:00] * Sept refrained from taking cover, and instead pushed forward, slamming the tactical shield down in front of units 01 and 00.
[23:00] * Yanmei could -feel- the heat. She managed to avoid it, somehow, swiveling out of the path and letting it race past… straight into HQ. The communication channel to the Bridge was nothing but static. "Command? Colonel, are you there? Colonel?!"
[23:00] <Marianne> "…" Nothing.
[23:01] <Aline> …And Aline couldn't help but laugh. "Oh look. Death. Death death deathity-death. Let's enjoy death warmly. Don't you agree, Azrael! Don't~ you~ Agree~?" "…" "Everyone!" 00 actually raised its arms - make that arm and stump - wide, as if making gesticulations at a speech… then proceeded to mightily /flurry/ at the Angel. "Let's all kill and die together~ <3"
[23:02] <Marianne> [Azrael handily swiped the blade thrusts away with the edge of his sword- which was then hurled with shocking force against EVA-01, a relentless juggernaut.]
[23:03] <Yanmei> "…" Yanmei stared out at the Angel through a torrent of horrified feelings. Command was… and Blanc was… and -she- was… no no no! She clenched her eyes shut.
[23:24] <Yanmei> …and when she opened them again, they were bright. Still terrified, but -furious- as well. There was a sudden reaction in the creature's AT Field as 04 weakened it. "Like I said? We can't bunch up like this." She strafed suddenly to the side. "Blanc. Damn it, Blanc! Are you listening?"
[23:25] <Sept> "Aline! ALINE! We have no time for this! -Get back-!" His tone was sharp and decisive. But he couldn't do anything about her, having to keep his full attention on the Angel.
[23:31] * Aline took a breath. "D… di…" She then shook her head. "Sh-sh-shit!" And 00 bounded away, though not before battering down the Angel's AT Field something fierce! "Oh god, I… I feel so weird. S-s-sorry."
[23:33] * Yanmei exhaled slowly. "You're fine. That thing's probably to blame for it, not you. Try to focus."
[23:38] <Marianne> [Azrael seemed to breathe in- and unleashed a shout, a short, sharp sound that smashed into Sera's shield, a sheer shockwave of concussive force.]
[23:43] * Sept staggered back from the force, barely keeping his balance. "Focus. We'll-AAHG-!" Sera's sentence was cut short as the Angel followed up with an attack at 01's shielded arm, slicing clean through the layers of plating and… stopping just short of dealing any lasting damage. "Y…yes, j-just focus. We've been through worse." Sera cursed to himself, the stench of blood getting much
[23:43] * Sept stronger inside the plug.
[23:50] * Yanmei was doing her best to focus too, aiming with both guns… and unleashing her usual hail of fire! The maser shots plinked off the Angel's form harmlessly, but the bolter shells exploded, leaving deep gashes behind.
[00:05] <Marianne> [Azrael roared in fury, and he crouched, taking to the air, flipping backward- before landing, gouging deep into the ground, and charged at EVA-04. A heavy, opening swing- followed by two heavier, all-out slashes, one of them gouging straight into 04's face…]
[00:08] * Yanmei shrieked, reeling, covering her face with her hands. And then… her voice abruptly cut out.
[00:10] <Sept> "Yanmei! God, I fucked up, HOLD ON! Aline, k-keep up the pressure!"
[00:11] * Aline stared out in anger, firing a quick - but ineffectual - maser burst from her onboard weapon. The anger suddenly broke, though…! "Yanme…i?" But then she quickly put things back together as she glanced at Sera's image. "Right, I'll do what I can!"
[00:16] <Yanmei> 04's hands fell away, and it slumped backward slightly eyes dimming… and then brightening again, now that savage bright red color. Its jaws were unrestrained as it opened them, and howled its infinite rage to the hole in the earth above it.
[00:40] <Yanmei> 04… relatiated with claws and teeth alike, snarling with mad glee at the spurts of blood that resulted.
[00:40] <Sept> "…" Sera hesitated in his approach. He couldn't get between those two now.
[00:41] <Marianne> [Azrael roared- claws gouging armour and flesh equally. It staggered, seeming to almost fall…-
[00:43] <Marianne> [But then it was rallying. A strike against the AT Field cut it open, and then- smash! Impaling it through 04's throat. A pull. Another slash. And a pull. And a final, decapitating side-swing, sending the head flying.-
[00:44] <Marianne> [EVA-04, the legendary Berserker, staggered, and- crumpled. Azrael stared at Aline, sword dripping with blood.]
[01:23] <Aline> …But before any aggression could even be levelled against 00, Aline made it leap suddenly into the air, and away from Azrael. She murmured into the comms… "We're running out of options…"
[01:25] <Marianne> [Azrael charged…-
[01:27] <Marianne> [But it didn't stop. And as it ran, leaving a stream of blackened grass behind it, Aline and Sera would feel their AT Fields strengthen… Which meant…-
[01:28] <Marianne> [Azrael came to a stop. It turned. And, staring at 00, it began to -sing-.]
[01:28] * Aline shook her head suddenly. "Oh god… Sera… SERA!" It was filled with panic.
[01:30] <Sept> "Y-Yan… Focus. -Focus-." Sera opened fire on the Angel with his only long-range option, managing only glancing blows. And now, it was going to… "ALINE!" 01 stood in front of the blue Evangelion, shielding it as everything else seemed to fail.
[01:33] <Marianne> [The shriek filled 01, filled its armour, and its insides…]
[01:34] * Sept would've screamed, had he had the time to. But it was too much for him, and as the sound subsided… no communication came from EVA-01.
[01:37] * Aline shook. Her body felt battered. Her soul, she could /feel/ her /soul/ starting to fray, which was unnerving, but… with a darkling shimmer, she switched patterns again, and 00 /roared/ through the air towards Azrael. "THAT IS ENOUGH!"
[01:47] <Marianne> [The field clashed with his momentarily- then it won through, snuffing his Field like a flame.-
[01:50] <Marianne> [But he wasn't deterred, and he struck out, three, four times now- leaving bloody gashes in arm and leg.]
[01:54] * Aline flinched, but screamed bloody murder at the damage instead of her usual cry of pain. "Die! Die you misbegotten little shit! This is our world!" The first beam of ruddy light struck from 00's wings, and Aline charged up a second one…!
[02:01] <Marianne> "ALINE!"-
[02:01] <Marianne> Marianne's voice was tinny and it was obvious she was using a less-than-perfect connection.-
[02:01] <Marianne> But NERV were, at the end of the day, past their ethics and their leaders, -the- best collection of scientists in the world. The MAGI was unharmed.-
[02:01] <Marianne> "Targeting data being sent! Blast that thing out of the sky- and I -order- you to survive!"
[02:04] * Aline practically howled her answer back, as 00 dodged back in mid-shot, managing to clip Azrael's arm with her deadly projectile. "WILL DO!"
[02:36] <Marianne> [The bizarre, alien energy caused deep and sucking wounds into the arm…-
[02:37] <Marianne> [But that didn't even slow it down. It sang- it howled- and it charged, smashing sword into 00 with savage ferocity.]
[02:43] <Aline> 00 couldn't take that much more of a beating. With a savage /crunch/, Aline's howl of rage was cut off as 00's chest was nearly torn apart…! It missed the plug, but there was seemingly no recovery from the wounds, likewise.
[02:45] <Marianne> [Azrael slashed again, just to make sure. Then, it lifted its foot and smashed in 00's face.-
[02:45] <Marianne> [Then it was running, again, its prey forgotten, and with one clean strike it impaled 01 through the chest. An unstoppable deathblow.-
[02:45] <Marianne> [Azrael was victorious.]
[02:49] <Aline> Or was it? No, not yet. Not yet! A light filtered from the site of the fallen 00, as it grew more and more radiant, issuing out pure white light at increasing brightness. Something stood from where torn chunks of armor laid, but it didn't resemble an Evangelion. It almost resembled a human forged of that same light - a woman, with brilliant red eyes, long white hair… and wings forged from
[02:49] <Aline> pure AT Field energy. It pointed its… her. Her hand at the Angel, accusatorily.
[03:02] <Marianne> [And with a shattering sound, the Angel's AT Field broke to pieces.-
[03:02] <Marianne> [It roared in bloody defiance. This would not stop it. It was a being of true power, and this- this was a -pretender-.-
[03:02] <Marianne> [It charged, sword falling against the celestial being's head.]
[03:08] <Aline> But the head remained intact, and… she smiled, softly. Yet there was a slight edge to the smile nonetheless. A hand was raised, the Lance of Tears flew into it… then another pointed at Azrael's leg, firing a thermal bolt of immense power.
[03:11] <Marianne> [The leg was completely vaporised. Azrael staggered back, and fell, a keening screech of pain echoing off the walls of the Geofront.-
[03:12] <Marianne> [With pain in its eyes and fire licking its body, it hurled itself into the air, trying to escape.-
[03:13] <Marianne> "W-What's going on?" Asked Marianne, now outside with the command crew.-
[03:13] <Marianne> ["I-I don't know." Muttered Doctor Riel.-
[03:15] <Marianne> ["EVA-00 was built with Lilith's body." Said Commander Ikari. "So close to Lilith, when it feels -truly- threatened, it can channel its true form. A shadow, perhaps, that is all, and not for very long."]
[03:18] <Aline> But, while they were talking, she gave pursuit! Her lance charged angrily, and another blast seared the Angel's head…
[03:19] <Marianne> [The head vaporised, ashes scattering on wind. The body fell, bursting as it slammed into the ground.]
[03:20] <Aline> …And she finished it, twirling the lance once, spreading her wings wide… and then /plunged/ straight into its core with disturbing accuracy, the AT energy sheen on the Lance's tip burning and melting its way towards the center of Azrael's very core.
[03:21] <Marianne> [Azrael didn't scream- there was nothing left to scream with. But the core ruptured, clean in half- and a burst of energy ripples through the air, vaporising the body, the grass…-
[03:22] <Marianne> [The command crew dive for cover, all except Gendo, who stands there, shades gleaming in the reflection, his hands in his pockets.]
[03:26] <Aline> As it stood… 00? - the duplicate of Lilith? - Aline?… something in between all of those? Whatever it was, she stared at the corpse with a look of… not remorse, but vague pity, before lifting the Lance - with Angel still impaled on it - and giving it a flick as if to clear off blood. The corpse flew off into the distance, settling in another part of the Geofront.
[03:27] <Marianne> [It landed with a messy thud.-
[03:29] <Marianne> [EVA-00… if it could be called that- stood, glowing, shedding a light that outshone the sun. No one looked at her sans Ikari- there was the sound of retching behind him.-
[03:30] <Marianne> [Ikari smiled. His right hand twitched imperceptibly.]
[03:31] <Aline> …But it was only for a moment. Soon, the radiant being shuddered imperceptibly. Then wobbled. Light collapsed in on itself, a body inverted itself, and the whole assembled form… very suddenly and very sharply crumbled apart.
[03:34] <Marianne> ["Retrieve the pilots." Said Ikari.-
[03:34] <Marianne> ["Yessir."]
[03:42] * Sept groaned as he pushed the last bits of debris from his way and squinted as the sunlight streamed into his unprepared eyes. For a moment he was afraid he was staring right at the Angel. Still clutching the emergency radio equipment from the plug, Sera looked over the battlefield- no, the Geofront, horrified. "H… hello? This is Pilot de Pteres, what happened? Can you hear me..?"
[03:43] <Marianne> ["Sera…" It was Frederic. he coughed. "We… We won. We're sending a crew out to pick you up, ok?"]
[03:48] <Sept> "Oh… Good." Sera sat down clumsily on the rubble. "Good," he repeated, and let the radio clatter down from his hand.
[03:49] <Sept> He looked out onto the fields soaked in blood, and LCL, and parts of inhuman bodies, and he enjoyed Elisha's gift.

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