God Save Queen Catherine

"God save our gracious Queen,
Long live our noble Queen,
God save the Queen!"
- God Save the Queen, British patriotic anthem

Princess Catherine is to be crowned on the 25th of October. Her ceremony will take place at Westminster Abbey; invitations have been sent to many world leaders. The event is to be highly televised; anyone from the UEF attending will likely be seen and identified. It might be beneficial to have some people along to build up a bit of support for us as we welcome a popular monarch.

Chosen Response

//Select up to six ICs. They will attend the coronation, and gain Peer (Britain, +1). This does not prevent them from taking other actions.
Chosen: Alphonse, Rei, Liu Lin, Alexnadrina, Matthias, Raphael

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Alphonse, Rei, Liu Lin, Alexnadrina, Matthias, Raphael gain the Peer (Britain, +1) trait.
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Actor Dialogue
Ginevre2.png?raw=1 "This is a good way to show the UK that we are putting aside our differences."
AriadnePage.png?raw=1 "I don't think other nations care too much. We could use it to talk to some foreign dignitaries, though!"
Jeanne%20Pog.png?raw=1 "It might be an idea to find out a confirmation list on who exactly is coming. It might advance our interests- if Caine were to come, for example, Rustami could use it to try to 'sense' her."

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