Goddamnit Mary

[23:52] <Minaplo> [In the first week of January, a curious signal was broadcast across the world.-
[23:53] <Minaplo> [Signal seems misleading, as it tends to denote electronics, radar- but signal it was, but the radar was souls. Not every soul. The rare individuals whose souls came from the land of the Ancestral Race- this is where the signal was felt.-
[23:54] <Minaplo> [But even then not strongly. They would feel at most a momentary sense of inertia, of perhaps minor discomfort, quickly forgotten.-
[23:55] <Minaplo> [There was only one place on Earth where enough of these souls congregated so that the signal would be received strongly- and combined with the technology to discern its meaning.-
[23:57] <Minaplo> [Mary Caine received the message, and was able to send back a reply: a date, and geographical coordinates.-
[00:00] <Minaplo> [And thus it was that Mary Caine stood within a long, wide room with no fixtures- a marshalling hall, a place for soldiers to receive dignitaries and visitors. Sixty troopers stood at attention, thirty on each side, leaving a wide gap in between.-
[00:02] <Minaplo> [The sound of a VTOL's engines filled the hall; the craft had entered the massive door at the far end, and had slowly flew across the space in between, landing sixty metres from the farthest trooper. It landed with its side facing Caine- the doors opened.-
[00:06] <Minaplo> [The entity that exited the craft looked only like the barest facsimile of a human shape. It was seven foot tall, thin and perfectly proportioned. Its body was smooth and more like a kind of glass than real flesh. There were no clothes, and so the troopers would note the absense of belly button, of ab lines, genitalia, veins, muscle tone- just perfectly smooth. Only the face had features. Perfect mouth. Perfect nose. Perfect eyes. Perfect ears. Perfectly smooth round head. No hair. It glowed with a gentle white radiance. It was beautiful.-
[00:06] <Minaplo> [It was utterly disturbing.-
[00:06] <Minaplo> [Every trooper was set on edge just from its appearance.-
[00:13] <Minaplo> [The entity glanced around at the troopers, pausing cautiously.-
[00:23] <Minaplo> ["They pose no threat." Said Mary Caine down the length of the hall. "They are here as a sign of respect, not war, Emissary of the Silver Empress."-
[00:35] <Minaplo> [The Emissary turned back towards Caine and began to walk quickly down the hall. "Weapons and warriors? A sign of respect?"-
[00:36] <Minaplo> ["It is custom."-
[00:36] <Minaplo> ["A custom? A people of war? Defined by war?"-
[00:36] <Minaplo> ["In part."-
[00:50] <Minaplo> [The Emissary crossed the hall, reaching Caine's side. "Short lives? Make shorter? Why?"-
[00:50] <Minaplo> ["You know of war, Emissary. Are you not a warrior yourself?" She turned and began to walk, the Emissary following.-
[00:51] <Minaplo> ["Speaking false similarities? Fight for cause? Lilim fight… Why?"-
[00:51] <Minaplo> ["We have causes of our own, no less nobler or than your own. Come. Allow me to grant you an inspection of the base."-
[00:54] <Minaplo> [The Emissary did not protest, but followed.-
[00:54] <Minaplo> ["Are you spawn, Emissary, or do you have your own soul?"-
[00:54] <Minaplo> ["Spawn?"-
[00:55] <Minaplo> ["Lesser creatures. The type your master is so fond of wielding."-
[00:55] <Minaplo> ["A Child of Adam." Replied the Emissary. "No 'spawn'."-
[00:55] <Minaplo> ["But do your souls not return to Adam?"-
[00:55] <Minaplo> [There was a pause.-
[00:58] <Minaplo> ["Emissary of the Empress returns to Empress." Said the Emissary.-
[00:58] <Minaplo> ["Then you are the one that broke into the Geofront. Azrael, we call you."-
[00:58] <Minaplo> ["…" The Emissary paused. "Yes, Lilim name?"-
[00:58] <Minaplo> ["Yes. A spirit of death."-
[00:59] <Minaplo> ["Not understanding? Lilim use many names? Adam, Lilim, not the names of the Children."-
[01:00] <Minaplo> ["What do you call Adam, then, Child?"-
[01:00] <Minaplo> ["… Why?"-
[01:00] <Minaplo> ["I am a gracious host."-
[01:04] <Minaplo> ["… Youthful King." Said the Emissary. "Language of Lilim… Conveys not the true meaning?"-
[01:05] <Minaplo> ["Youthful King. So either he reigns forever young, or his reign ceases before he becomes old." Said Caine quietly. "A double meaning."-
[01:05] <Minaplo> ["Life and death." Said the Emissary, agreeing.-
[01:14] <Minaplo> ["Your master wished to discuss something. Terms?"-
[01:15] <Minaplo> ["Peace is desired?"-
[01:15] <Minaplo> ["Peace is always desired."-
[01:15] <Minaplo> ["End of Lilim's war wanted?"-
[01:15] <Minaplo> ["Of course."-
[01:16] <Minaplo> ["Youthful King returned to Children? Children live, Lilim live?"-
[01:16] <Minaplo> ["On the same planet?" Asked Caine quietly.-
[01:17] <Minaplo> [Outside, entire wings of AC Units flew across a skyline of factories beneath artificial sunlight. Above them hovered several squadrons of Eva Destroyers. The Emissary watched them silently for a moment before continuing.-
[01:18] <Minaplo> ["Lilim turn to war-tools? War to continue?"-
[01:18] <Minaplo> ["It is foolish to lay down our weapons before peace is concluded, even if it is being discussed."-
[01:21] <Minaplo> ["…"-
[01:21] <Minaplo> [The Emissary continued. "Impossible to share planet? Silver Empress prepared to leave, given the Youthful King's egg. Have egg? Separate from Lilim, peace?"-
[01:23] <Minaplo> ["An intriguing proposition." Murmured Caine. "It would mean… No more death. Humans- Lilim- and- Children could fulfil their destinies, as intended."-
[01:23] <Minaplo> ["Yes. Peace?"-
[01:25] <Minaplo> [They passed into an elevator- and after a short journey they emerged onto the science level. Caine briskly walked towards one of the labs.-
[01:25] <Minaplo> ["Peace?" Pleaded the Emissary, following after.-
[01:25] <Minaplo> ["Why do you want peace?" Said Caine finally. "I thought you Children were godlike. That you could destroy us on a whim."-
[01:28] <Minaplo> ["Do not want to destroy Lilim?" Said the Emissary. "Want to preserve destiny of the Ancestors."-
[01:28] <Minaplo> [They walked into the laboratory.-
[01:35] <Minaplo> [Within the laboratory were large cylindrical vats, made of a transparent material. An orange liquid filled them- but in some, there was more. Hulking beasts.-
[01:35] <Minaplo> [If Raphael Guillory were here, he'd recognise the Annihilators that had helped destroy the city of London, with their thin legs and pulsating cores.-
[01:38] <Minaplo> [But these creatures had obviously been blended in some way with human DNA. Their skin was lighter, the muscle tone was different, more horrifically human. Their heads pulsated, inflating and deflating rhythmically, and each time they deflated the outline of a human skull could be seen.-
[01:38] <Minaplo> ["Joining?" Asked the Emissary. "Children essence, Lilim essence…"-
[01:38] <Minaplo> ["Yes." Caine walked on, leaving the abominations to sleep in agony. The Emissary continued on.-
[01:42] <Minaplo> [They were walking into a tunnel of sorts. The Emissary stared at the windows, which showed only dark, pinkish-red bakelite.-
[01:49] <Minaplo> [They walked through the door at the end of the tunnel, emerging into a dark room- only a walkway was lit, across bakelite.-
[01:49] <Minaplo> [Finally the Emissary asked one more time. "Peace?"-
[01:49] <Minaplo> ["Peace." Caine turned and looked at the Emissary.-
[01:49] <Minaplo> ["Peace? Return the Youthful King?"-
[01:49] <Minaplo> ["No."-
[01:50] <Minaplo> [The lights flared to life, illuminating the room entire. Within the bakelite, now towering over the two, was an Evangelion, its armour black, its eyes flaring to life.-
[01:50] <Minaplo> [The Emisssary let out a cry, turning to face Caine. "No peace?! Slave beast? Why? Why, Lilim? Peace?"-
[01:51] <Minaplo> ["You saw what was in that room." Said Caine. "There is no separate destiny for our people. A joining. Between Children and Lilim. I need your creator for that, as I need mine. No peace."-
[01:54] <Minaplo> ["Liar!" Cried the Emissary, and it turned to Caine with anger- it leapt at her, latching onto her arms- its hands burned with fire, trying to incinerate her.-
[01:55] <Minaplo> [There was a flash of steel, a keening scream of pain- and the Emissary fell backwards, both hands cleanly bisected, blood pouring from where its fingers had once been.-
[01:56] <Minaplo> [Caine grabbed the Emissary around its throat and lifted it into the air with a single hand. "You once had the power to destroy Evangelions. You thought I would be easy in comparison. You were wrong, Azrael."-
[01:57] <Minaplo> [There was another flash of steel, and the Emissary collapsed, arms going limp.-
[01:59] <Minaplo> ["You wanted either peace or my death. You know that if you die, your soul returns to your master."-
[01:59] <Minaplo> ["Again, you thought wrong."-
[01:59] <Minaplo> ["Wrong…?" Asked the Emissary, fear in its voice now.-
[01:59] <Minaplo> [Two soldiers entered at the far end of the tunnel.-
[02:03] <Minaplo> ["Take this." Said Caine, gesturing at Azrael. "Take it to Doctor Lorenz."-
[02:04] <Minaplo> ["Tell him that Azrael's soul is of… Use to us. He will know what to do."-
[02:05] <Minaplo> ["Once he is done, throw the body to the Samsons."-
[02:05] <Minaplo> ["Yes, ma'am." Said the soldiers, grabbing the Emissary and dragging it from the room.-
[02:06] <Minaplo> [It cried and yelped after her, and after a time its cries became indistinguishable from weeping. Only the word 'peace' could be discerned.]

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