Group Captain Atticus

[21:27] <@Dorian> [Captain Atticus, formerly of the British Air Force- now Wing Captain of NERV's VTOL Wing- had a smooth, innate grasp over his Dragonfly- a Heavy Munitions VTOL. He was dressed in the uniform- body armour, helmet- and was grinning to himself as he stared at the Angel. "Combat~ Combaaat~ It's a shame this thing doesn't have any real weapons."]
[21:29] <@Dorian> ["Still." Said Co-pilot Nagisa, staring at the angel with a face that can only be described as a hot flush- "It's good training for the Poseidon."]
[21:32] <@Dorian> ["I suppose." Said Atticus… Before he suddenly leaned forward as the Angel began sprinting through the heart of Paris-2. "Bloody hell, it moves fast. All air units, form up on me and pursue!"-
[21:33] <@Dorian> ["Yes, sir!"]
[21:45] <@Dorian> [Atticus watched, keenly aware that he couldn't do any damage to the hulking beast as it rammed glowing spears of light into the ground, leaving giant gouge marks behind. "It's trying to break through, right?"]
[21:45] <@Dorian> ["That is correct." Said Nagisa placidly.]
[21:45] <@Dorian> ["Do you want it to win, Kaworu?"]
[21:45] <@Dorian> ["…" Kaworu was silent.]
[21:53] <@Dorian> ["Yes or no, Kaworu?"]
[21:54] <@Dorian> ["… I want whatever you want, Atti-chan." Mumbled Kaworu.]
[21:54] <@Dorian> ["Well, I think it'd be pretty boring if everyone were dead, don't you?" Said Atticus with a triumphant smirk.-
[21:55] <@Dorian> [… And a few moments later, three mechanical giants emerged- one orange and green, one violet and white, the last red.]
[21:55] <@Dorian> ["And there go the Evas." Said Atticus. "All VTOL units! Once the Evangelions bring down the AT Field, we move in and start providing fire support!"-
[21:55] <@Dorian> ["Yes sir!"}
[22:37] <@Dorian> ["It's hard not to feel a little obselete at times like this." Said Atticus impatiently, waiting for the all-clear: the signal that said the AT Field had dropped.]
[22:37] <@Dorian> ["Why would you feel obselete? Is it not the machine that is obselete?"]
[22:54] <@Dorian> ["In battles like this, I'm only as good as my machine!" There was a keening sound in the cockpit. "All units! AT Field down, open fire!"-
[22:54] <@Dorian> [The Dragonfly opened fire, volleys of heavy missiles bursting across the carapace of the Angel's body.]
[23:23] <@Dorian> ["No effect." Said Kaworu placidly. "It's healing factor remains your greatest obstacle…"]
[23:23] <@Dorian> ["Yes, well aware." Said Atticus… Then, the warning came. "Another Angel? Wh-"-
[23:23] <@Dorian> [… The world went purple. And oddly quiet.-
[23:24] <@Dorian> ["… Kaworu?" Said Atticus after a minute, staring stock still through the windshield.]
[23:30] <@Dorian> ["It's… A wide-area AT effect." Said Kaworu. "Don't be afraid."]
[23:30] <@Dorian> [As if ignoring Kaworu's words, Atticus started to sweat profusely. "K-Kaworu. I… I can see things in the fog."]
[23:30] <@Dorian> ["Shhh… Ignore it." Said Kaworu. "They can't hurt you. I'm here. I'm with you." He said soothingly, taking Atticus's hand.]
[00:47] <@Dorian> [Atticus, half in tears, continued to attend to his duty, firing missiles at an impervious foe… "I-It's killing her. Yanmei. I-I have…"-
[00:48] <@Dorian> ["Shhh." Kaworu stroked Atticus's hair. "Focus. Don't let my brother affect you."-
[00:48] <@Dorian> [… A roar split the air.-
[00:48] <@Dorian> ["…"-
[00:48] <@Dorian> ["…"-
[00:48] <@Dorian> ["Atticus, focus time is over. Time to go. Hurry, hurry, now." Said Kaworu, his confidence shattering.]

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