Hammarus The Blighted Plaguebringer
Name: In life: Hammarus Machayon. Now known as Hammarus the Blighted Plaguebringer
Occupation: Demon; specialising in the spreading of plagues and diseases; notably, diseases not even dwarves can resist
Age: 600+
Birthday: ??
Height: ??
Weight: ??
Physical Description:
Usually depicted as a tall, rotting armoured corpse, writhing with maggots and flies

Over six hundred years ago, there lived a clever and cunning dwarf named Hammarus Machayon, of the clan Macha. Hammarus, like many of his people, excelled in the 'Arts of Knowledge'… The mystic arts, the mechanical arts and the natural arts. Hammarus himself was a wizard and an alchemist, and was quite happy to spend his day studying formulae, spells and mixtures. He cared for little else but for his sciences, and whilst he was a congenial and warm fellow, he rarely mingled with his brethren.

He would not be granted his wish. For many decades, tensions between Hammarus's people- the Clan of Macha- and the neighbouring Dwarven Clan of Elinda had been building. Eventually, it broke out into total war.

The Machites fought with all their strength, but they lacked the Elindites' strength of numbers and their superior craftsmanship. Eventually, the capital city of the Machite clan was besieged.

It was within this city that Hammarus resided. Knowing that he would not be able to continue his work if the city was taken, he began work on a very special mixture… A plague that would cleanse the world of the Elindites.

Hammarus had plenty of time- the Machites built their fortifications well- and he had plenty of 'subjects' to experiment upon. However, to his great annoyance, the plagues and mixtures he inflicted upon the Elindite just was not potent enough. Unleashing the plague in a group of one hundred prisoners only saw six die- the famous Dwarven constitution was proving to be an insurmountable barrier.

The libraries of the Dwarves are famous across the world for their knowledge. The Dwarves hoard knowledge from every corner of the world, no matter the content- and thus, when Hammarus entered the Library of the Macha Clan, he had little trouble finding and locating a very special book.

The book in question detailed how a person might go about making a pact with a demon. Hammarus cared little for the consequences, and taking the book back to his laboratory, studied the tome with the same critical scientific eye he applied to his potions.

He prepared the ritual carefully, chose the demon most likely to be able to assist him, and began his evocation.

The demon he summoned was known as Avanessael, The Scourge of Civilization. Once the greatest archangel of Isador, Avanessael fell from grace, becoming a Baleful Angel- one of the most powerful of the fallen angels. Avanessael gave Hammarus her dark blessing, and with her knowledge, he completed his plague- a combination of magic, alchemy and demonic power.

When Hammarus tried it on the 94 prisoners remaining, sixty of them died in under 24 hours. Twenty-nine others died in a week, and the last five became carriers. Hammarus was satisfied; the war would soon be over.

It did not take long for Hammarus to employ his plague against the Elindites. Releasing the plagued prisoners soon saw his plague spread across the entirety of the Elindite army. Fleeing back to their homeland, they inadvertently spread the plague amongst their own people. The Elindites panicked… Many fled, and thus the plague spread into Pasardon, and into the Lavender Orcs; from there it spread into Tarkan, Amency, and Fresland until nearly the entire continent was affected. Agnesia, southern Arcolia and Ringdor were the most lightly affected by the plague; the Elves of Ringdor quickly working to enact countermeasures which they shared with the Arcolians, whilst the Agnesians merely blockaded the mainland.

Not even the Machites were spared by the plague- the Plague of Hammarus- and they, too, died in droves. Eventually, Hammarus himself died of his own plague, chuckling at the irony of being smote by his own sword. His soul went to Avanessael when he died, who twisted his soul into that of a demon; Hammarus was only too happy to oblige.

Hammarus's plague claimed the lives of nearly 55 million people, depopulating most of the continent of Miridon and affecting the balance of power forever.

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