Hammer Of The United States

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"Command, this is Asgard Base. All factories are operational, insertion of D-Titan foot up UN ass to begin shortly."
-Asgard Ops

With the recovery of Asgard Base, one of the most important military and industrial sites in the United States is back under Federation control. The factories have already begun operation, producing weapons, equipment, vehicles and most importantly of all, a series of new mass-production D-Titan forces. With superior armour and weapons over the E-Destroyers, and greater agility than a Dreadnought, it is hoped that these forces will help the Federation Military shore up its roles.

Because this is the home of the G-Defiant project, that unique Superheavy can now undergo more advanced modifications, benefiting from the specialised factories and schematics available for use.

Benefits of Asgard

These are the rewards for securing Asgard's factories intact.
Superior Supplies: All Evangelions and Superheavies receive 2 free SUP.
The Hammer of the United States: The Dorian Lachapelle Battlegroup receives two units of MP D-Titan Hordes. The Liberty Bell Battlegroup receives one.
Fullarms Frame: The G-Defiant Peacecraft now receives the Fullarms Frame, which increases its armour and offers a new unique weapon, but reduces its agility.
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