He Said Alright Winner Gets To Drink A Milkshake With The Lo

[22:30] <Tsubaki> [A few days after had passed since Sera had fought and defeated Asuka on the simulated field of battle. And now here he was, sparring with someone else on a -different- field: Jeanne Simon, the two of them padded up, armed with NERV training weapons.]
[22:35] <Sept> "You're sure about this? I think I get enough training with… you know the other pilots, Asuka and the rest." With people who actually know how to fight, was the implication.
[22:36] <Tsubaki> ["Yes, exactly. Sometimes I need to test my skills too, you know."]
[22:38] <Sept> "Okay. How do you want to do this? Until one of us gets tired?"
[22:43] <Tsubaki> ["Sure." She hefted her wooden axe up.-
[22:44] <Tsubaki> ["Er, excuse me? Pilot de Pteres?" Came a voice from a nearby doorway. A mousy-looking scientist was standing there, eyeing the weapons nervously.]
[22:46] * Sept didn't lower his mock sword, but backed up a few stops from Jeanne and carefully divided his attention between the two. He didn't put it past Jeanne to use a diversion like this. "That's me, yes. What is it?"
[22:48] <Tsubaki> ["There's a message for you from the Science Division. They say, er. They say that there's a pilot from Japan who wants to speak to you about your fight with Langley-Soryu."]
[22:50] * Sept almost lowered his guard, but caught himself and lifted his sword back up hastily. "Which one?"
[22:50] <Tsubaki> ["Er, Akagi."]
[22:53] <Sept> Still hesitant with his sword. "Jeanne, do you think..?"
[22:57] <Tsubaki> ["I see you've gotten yourself into the fighting ring and now everyone wants a piece." Said Jeanne dryly. "A piece of the sponge cake that is Sera de Pteres."]
[22:57] <Sept> "B-but I'm not absorbant…"
[22:59] <Tsubaki> ["You aren't. Not -yet-."]
[22:59] <Tsubaki> [Jeanne's eyes flashed dangerously.]
[23:00] <Sept> "…can I go now?" Sera gestured away with a worried frown. Worried, most likely, for himself.
[23:02] <Tsubaki> ["Sure." The wooden axe was utterly still in her hand. Unmoving. Full of potential energy.]
[23:07] * Sept starts backing up slowly toward the door. If he could just get behind the scientist…
[23:08] <Tsubaki> [Her eyes were tracking him.]
[23:18] <Sept> "HYA-!" Sera performed a backwards roll past the scientist, glancing at Jeanne once more. "Okay. Let's go."
[23:21] <Tsubaki> ["W-What-…?" The scientist stared and followed off, only to scream as a wooden axe hurled itself expertly into the wall, leaving a sizable dent.-
[23:22] <Tsubaki> [Once the scientist had calmed down, he led Sept along to the Science Division- specifically the Plug Testing box. Dr. Riel was there, waiting, of course, as were the usual crew. "Hello, Sera."]
[23:25] <Sept> "Hello, Luna. I hear you've prepared another simulation for us."
[23:25] <Tsubaki> ["On request. Akagi wanted to-"-
[23:26] <Tsubaki> "Nii-saaaaaaaaan." Came a familiar voice over the speakers.
[23:28] <Sept> A wide smile on the boy's face as he set aside his anti-Simon protection. "Tsubaki! If I'd known it was this simple, we could've done this earlier!"
[23:30] <Tsubaki> "Yeah!" The girl was bouncing up and down in her plug, he could hear it. "I really want to beat you up, Nii-san! I've been looking forward to it ever since Asuka-san told me she let herself lose to you!"-
[23:30] <Tsubaki> ["The architecture is new." Said Dr. Riel. "We're putting it together for the Thunderdome."]
[23:35] <Sept> "Now, she only did that for Paris, Tsubaki. But I'm expecting you to throw everything you have at me. If we're the first to try out those changes, we can't look bad doing so, can we?"
[23:38] <Tsubaki> "Uh-huh, Nii-san!" She said excitably.
[23:39] <Sept> "Alright. Winner gets to drink a milkshake with the loser?"
[23:41] <Tsubaki> "But Nii-san, what if we draw…?"
[23:45] <Sept> "We'll just have to think of something for the both of us, then, won't we?" A wink, even though she wouldn't see it. "Alright, suit up, and we'll get started."
[23:46] <Tsubaki> "I'm already ready~"
[23:49] <Sept> "Oh? I'll be with you in a moment, then." And the boy headed out to change as well.
[23:51] <Tsubaki> [It wouldn't be long before Sera would change, be placed into his test plug and inundated with LCL. And then…-
[23:51] <Tsubaki> [Another simulated Paris, with EVA-03 standing a kilometre away, holding a Positron Rifle.]
[23:56] <Tsubaki> ["Best out of three, same as last time. Go!"-
[23:56] * Tsubaki grinned, her white hair floating about her face. She spread her Field and raised her rifle.
[00:07] * Sept wasted no time with such trivial matters. Instead, he leapt onto the first building that came in his way and just kept running. The streets would only slow him down, but just that bit higher, he could -really- accelerate. The figure of 01 ran across the Paris skyline effortlessly, hopping sideways to avoid the occasional skyscraper or lower section. Sera's breathing changed drastically,
[00:07] * Sept even if the actual effort was mostly simulated. He was grinning now, too.
[00:09] * Tsubaki promptly dropped the rifle, reaching behind her into a launch port and pulling out the massive, two-handed daikatana. She started to focus her Field…
[00:26] <Sept> As Sera got closer to 03, it became apparent he wasn't actually heading towards Tsubaki, but somewhere past a couple dozen meters by her. Just as he was going to run past her, though, he made a sharp turn, kicking himself off into a leap towards the Evangelion, his field flickering into life mid-flight as the progressive blade neared Sangouki's head with a terrible noise!
[00:28] <Tsubaki> "Guh…!" EVA-03 reeled back, falling onto the back foot, the simulated head sparking. Tsubaki shook her head, and channelled her AT energy into her blade, the air around it visibly warping. She swung it furiously at EVA-01…!
[00:33] * Sept had just managed to regain his footing after the fly-by when the blade came down towards him! It was only barely, and with a frightened yelp, that he made it out of the way as the sword sliced effortlessly through one of the nicer hotels of the city centre. Realising her attacks were nothing to play with, he went back on the offensive, tackling her with his shield to buy just a
[00:33] * Sept little more time..!
[01:03] * Tsubaki grit her teeth, and the Evangelion, although the blow landed, didn't seem that affected as it pulled the katana back for a second swing!
[01:06] <Sept> Another dive to the side, this time better-anticipated, and moments later the knife (con extra AT) was being driven back towards 03!
[01:10] <Tsubaki> The knife embedded itself deep into the arm, causing it to spark and hang loose. Tsubaki glowered, thumping the side of her plug angrily, before she dropped the sword and picked up the rifle again. "Damnit…" She whimpered. A globe of AT energy started to expand around her, before it exploded forth, ripping through buildings and the turf… But not EVA-01.
[01:21] <Sept> "That shake is mine!!" A decisive blow toward the head, easily with enough force to drive it through. There was no way she'd be able to dodge.
[01:22] <Tsubaki> [EVA-03 leaned backwards at the last second, the blade sailing over.-
[01:22] * Tsubaki on the other hand, grasped her katana with her AT Field and flung it at EVA-01!
[01:37] * Sept dodged again. He was so close to winning..! 01 launched into a flurry of attacks with excessive force. She had nothing to defend herself with, how could he not finish it?
[01:40] <Tsubaki> [At the last second, the AT Field flickered to life, the knife bouncing off of its metaphysically hard surface!]
[01:42] <Tsubaki> "You left yourself wide open…!" EVA-01 would feel a point smash into its back!
01:52] <Sept> "Ahh-hahaha, I did take that risk..!" The blade smashed into the pavement… Had 01's armor held? There was a clear jerk of pain on impact, and a forward lurch as the Evangelion began to fall - but he turned it into a low swipe at 03's legs, briefly showing a glimpse of the series of cracks left by the impact.
[15:43] <Tsubaki> "Now…!" Just like Misato showed her… She led with a fierce uppercut, EVA-03's knuckles ramming into 01's jaw, before it brought its right leg up in a hammering kick to the chest, sending 01 down. EVA-03 held out its hands, and the air about it crackled for a moment before a widening hexagonal field of bright orange energy spread like a disk- a full barrier field, bisecting the false Louvre and keeping EVA-01 firmly away.
[15:47] <Sept> She was getting away, he was losing his momentum! He had to get rid of that field, -had to- defeat her here! Sera clambered up, focusing all of his field into weakening 03 and that barrier.
[15:51] <Tsubaki> The field shimmered, weakening, the disc contracting greatly…-
[15:51] <Tsubaki> "Hey, Nii-san? What spread are you using now~?"
[15:56] <Sept> "What spread? The one that lets me get the hell through… your… barrier..!" Sera hammered uselessly on the vertical field in front of him. He threw down his shield, took his rifle and fired off a quick shot at the barrier. AT fields were weak to positron, right?
[15:56] * Tsubaki was giggling. She swayed to the side as the beam ripped through the Field…-
[15:56] <Tsubaki> And EVA-03's hand thrust out of the hole left behind.-
[15:56] <Tsubaki> "Wrong answer, Nii-San!"-
[15:58] <Tsubaki> … A bolt of force struck EVA-01 square in the chest with enough power to make the entire field crackle. EVA-01 was lifted off of its feet and -propelled- backwards a full kilometre, smashing its way through endless buildings, complexes and the odd forest before it finally thudded into the ground.
[16:08] <Sept> "What a-" was all Sera had time to say, before his words turned into a scream, the impacts tossing 01's body this way and that, making it look like nothing more than a ragdoll. Finally, as it came to rest, Sera didn't. He slammed the controls without a moment's hesitation, and 01… began to move again, despite the immense amounts of LCL pouring out onto the streets. It stood for a moment,
[16:08] <Sept> and then fell on one knee, steadying the positron rifle at the faraway target.
[16:14] <Tsubaki> "Only five seconds left, Nii-San~"
[16:16] <Sept> "That's enough." A burst of light from the skyline where 01 had landed… only one of them straying in Tsubaki's direction.
[16:16] <Tsubaki> [… And it slammed into the Barrier Field harmlessly.-
[16:16] <Tsubaki> [03… 02… 01… Beep! "That's a draw!"]
[16:17] <Sept> Deep breathing and silence from Sera, for a time. "You got away from me, Tsubaki. How did you do that?"
[16:19] <Tsubaki> "What do you mean, nii-san? All I needed to do was break your momentum…"-
[16:19] <Tsubaki> ["So I have a proposal for you two."]
[16:20] <Sept> "-What.-"
[16:21] <Tsubaki> ["We have a Synchronisation flux simulation code that needs testing. It'll try to record your heart rate and mental state and use them with data recovered from the battlefield to try to simulate the fluctuating ratios we see in battle."]
[16:23] <Sept> "That's fine. But it still can't simulate me, right?"
[16:25] <Tsubaki> ["Right." Said Dr. Riel with a smile. "It's just pseudo-randomisation."]
[16:27] * Sept pouted sullenly, but gripped the controls again. "Go ahead, Luna."
[16:28] <Tsubaki> [She pressed a button, and the battlefield reset.]
[16:55] <Tsubaki> "Ready, Nii-san~" Said Tsubaki, EVA-03 now grasping the katana once again.
[16:59] <Sept> "Not bothering with the guns this time? Let me try, then!" 01 took its time peering down the sights of the rifle… completely uselessly, as the light show disappeared into the horizon.
[17:01] * Tsubaki forced energy into her katana and started to pace towards Sept slowly. "You're too fast for my guns, Nii-San~"
[17:02] <Sept> "Mmhm! Too bad you're not!"
[17:11] <Sept> Another burst, this time closer to the target. Some of the beams dissipated into obstacles as Sera found himself unable to properly track 03's movements as it dove nimbly through the wide streets.
[17:14] <Tsubaki> "Ahaha, Nii-san~" She ducked and wove around the burning actinic blasts, before coming to a stop. She held her Katana out, then let it go- it hovered in the air before rotating, point facing at EVA-01, and hurling itself toward it…!
[17:30] <Sept> Sera's dodge was slow this time, and the katana embedded itself- no, it went right through his leg, continuing its journey to who knows where, possibly orbit. Sera let out an unpleasant little groan as the woods around him were instantly fertilised with a generous helping of LCL. "That thing's… really dangerous, Tsubaki." A flicker of light, and 01 lifted off the ground, speeding toward
[17:30] <Sept> the aggressor with its knife drawn. His lunge missed, but she didn't have that sword of hers anymore!
[17:36] <Tsubaki> "Onee-chan said one day, we'll get to add progressive stuff to it-" She broke off from her chat to lift her hands once more. "AT FIELD- MAXIMUM!" The orange disk flickered once more.
[17:43] <Sept> "You won't get away this time!" He wouldn't be able to miss at this distance… and he didn't. The burst of light tore right through the centre of the barrier, easily reaching 03!
[17:45] <Tsubaki> "What-?!"-
[17:48] <Tsubaki> [The four bolts struck through the field, embedding themselves in EVA-03's limbs. Two of them fizzled harmlessly but the third and fourth struck EVA-03's left arm, burning through metal and shorting the limb out. It hung uselessly.-
[17:48] <Tsubaki> "Grr…" EVA-03 crouched, then hurled itself into the air with a frontflip, landing in the pile of hydraulic fluid that had spurted out of EVA-03's leg earlier.
[17:58] <Sept> "No nononono get back here..!" Stupid AT Field, why couldn't it be faster?!
[17:59] * Tsubaki slowly reduced her field until it was tight around EVA-03, then crouched down and picked something up from the muck of the fluid. His shield. "Ooh."
[18:09] <Sept> "NO, STOP IT!" Sera managed to keep up a decent speed with his floating… but he couldn't keep it up forever, and had to touch ground periodically to limp forward at an excruciatingly slow pace. He'd make it to the katana, and he'd have a chance again..!
[18:13] <Tsubaki> "Hya-" EVA-03 reached out and pulled, the katana sliding along the ground until it reached her feet. Then, she pushed it along once more and sprang forward towards EVA-01!

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