He Said He Really Remembered

Late afternoon was shifting into a warm and gentle evening by the time that Zhang Yanmei had found a little time for herself. The troubles of the day before still weighed down on her as she meandered through the Headquarters of NERV's Japanese branch, adding a slow, plodding quality to her footsteps. -
(14:19) <Yanmei> She didn't know where she was going, nor did she care. She passed checkpoints, and offices, swung smiles at passing technicians, and found herself on a catwalk suspended high above a cavernous room filled with busy people. Here, she took a break and peered down to assess the things she had gathered about the atmosphere of this branch.
(14:24) <Sept> Time passed. And eventually, Sera de Pteres would join her, looking somewhat relieved at her sight. Had he been looking for her? "Oh. Hello, Yanmei. I didn't think I'd see you here," he lied and sat down a little way away from her. "I thought you'd be busy exploring Tokyo-2."
(14:27) <Yanmei> "…" Yanmei managed a smile. "Let's just say that I did some of that earlier? Besides, it feels like giving myself a grand tour of this place is only proper. I see you have the same idea, de Pteres~"
(14:30) <Sept> "Hehe, I guess you're right. It's fun to see how so much of it is recognisable despite all the other differences."
(14:34) <Yanmei> "Oh yeah," she agreed with a grin. "Speaking of differences, have you been to the bridge yet? Their Operations crew is totally professional. I wonder how they'd get along with ours."
(14:39) <Sept> "Hmmh. Probably not well? Frédéric would probably try to coax them into silly bets and Sophie and Marianne…" Sera snickered. "Okay, definitely not well." The night's sleep had lightened him up some, it seemed. He still looked tired, but at least he seemed more like himself again.
(14:42) <Yanmei> "Well I think Marianne would fit right in," Yanmei said smugly, and then allowed herself a little frown. "She should have come with us. It's so lame that she had to work."
(14:47) <Sept> "Mmh. But I guess someone has to make sure the Geofront doesn't burn down while we're away. Do you miss her? I mean, you do live together, and you're pretty close, aren't you?"
(14:50) <Yanmei> "I guess so? I mean," she leaned against the handrail of the catwalk, resting both elbows on top of it. "I can take care of myself and all, but that lady needs another proper vacation. What about you? It already looks like it's done you some good."
(14:57) <Sept> "It does? Um. I guess I did sleep alright. But… um, it's not really my sort of place. You know, with the…" Sera gestured just vaguely 'away'. "You know." He concluded. "But it's not like everything else just ceases to exist when we're here. I'm still a bit worried…"
(14:59) <Yanmei> "About what?" Yanmei smirked. "Like they'd really let us go somewhere without having some sort of plan in case an Angel shows up?"
(15:05) <Sept> "…I don't know. It still seems odd to me. And… it's not just that. I still don't know what to think of… everything that happened last time. With Si-Shinji, and. You know. It still feels like everything's happening at once, and no vacation is enough to make sense of it or stop it."
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(22:11:53) Yanmei: "Maybe. But a vacation isn't meant to make sense or stop it. If you don't force yourself to take breaks sometimes, you'll wear yourself out and break down. Think of it as self-maintenance."
(22:14:44) Sept: "Yeah, but sometimes we can't help important things cropping up at those times, right? Like with Marianne."
(22:20:19) Yanmei: "Come on, de Pteres," Yanmei chuckled. "Worrying about those things defeats the purpose of leaving someone reliable in charge in the first place. And anyway, if you really are that concerned, why not call and see how she and everyone else is doing?"
(22:24:16) Sept: "I-it's not really that… I'm sure they'll do well by themselves, but. I'm worried more about when we do get into a battle again. Yanmei, I… I heard what happened. After the simulation."
(22:27:49) Yanmei: Yanmei's smile faded out, but resumed in a much more low-key fashion. "Of course you did. News about something like that would travel fast. You're worried that he'll berserk again in mid-fight?"
(22:28:50) Sept: "N-no, I mean, yes, but. Yanmei. Did he hurt you? I-it sounded bad. If he did anything at all…"
(22:30:06) Yanmei: "He was actually… surprisingly gentlemanly."
(22:33:35) * Sept continued to look at Yanmei, deeply worried. "Really? Y-you're sure."
(22:37:24) Yanmei: A reassuring smile. "The experience wasn't without pain. He's still a jerk that goes too far to make a point. But this time it felt like he had a point to what he was doing. He explained things to me too.-
(22:38:22) Yanmei: Babbled a while about AT fields, and his motivations, and my motivations. It was the first time he had done that."
(22:44:00) Sept: "He remembered." Sera smiled, though there was something else in there too, maybe just a slight bittersweet quality. "He promised me he'd be better with you. He really remembered." Sera let out something between a sigh and a laugh.
(22:45:41) Yanmei: "He, ah. Actually had a message for you?"
(22:47:46) Sept: "…" Sera was suddenly holding his breath, expression neutral. "Ah. Yes?"
(22:52:59) Yanmei: " 'Elisha Caine wanted to inspire people, not inspire slavish devotion.' " Yanmei shook her head. "I get the impression? That he wants you to tone it down a little. Given his personality, it doesn't seem like a huge surprise."
(22:59:07) Sept: "That… hm. I, I guess I didn't expect that from the Destroyer. Thanks, though." Sera looked down at the people streaming by again, face still blank.
(23:01:35) * Yanmei watched him a moment, and then let her eyes slide over the crowd too. "What did you say to him, anyway?"
(23:09:49) Sept: More silence for a few moments. "It wasn't like that. He led most of the conversation… I mostly just listened. It felt like he'd waited for a long time to just talk to someone. Or maybe I got him to remember 01, to help him get some of his field back."
(23:12:34) Yanmei: "He's… a lonely guy," Yanmei murmured, "for someone who seems to despise people so much. I told him that I'd visit more often."
(23:17:40) * Sept nodded. "That's good. You should. I'd feel much less worried about you, too." … "Was that all he talked about?"
(23:18:55) Yanmei: "There was a test." Yamei frowned, eyes still on the crowd.
(23:20:02) Sept: "A test?"
(23:21:06) Yanmei: "I think I passed. That's why the operations crew and Isaiah are still alive."
(23:23:10) Sept: "A-ah. What was it about..? "
(23:26:54) * Yanmei looked a little uncomfortable now. "Being honest."
(23:27:48) * Sept edged just a bit closer. "Please. I'd really like to hear about it."
(23:32:35) * Yanmei resisted the urge to edge a bit away, wishing she hadn't brought it up. "He asked me a personal question and said that he's stop the rampage depending on the answer. Like he couldn't just gauge my thoughts on his own." a little scoff. "I told you he goes too far."
(23:38:20) Sept: "…mmh. Thank you. I guess it might be a bit uncomfortable to some people, talking about things like these. But I'm glad you could share it with me. I appreciate it, Yanmei."
(23:43:19) Yanmei: "You shouldn't be thanking -me-." Yanmei shook her head. "You helped out before, after all? We'll probably still end up bickering a lot, 04 and I, but I think we can understand each other better too. Thank you, de Pteres."
(23:48:07) Sept: "Honestly, you shouldn't, please, it's not really…" The sentence trailed off into unintelligible self-depreciation. "Sera." He finally said, a bit quietly.
(23:51:01) * Yanmei snickered a bit at that. There were times, rare as they were, when she wanted to pinch the guy's cheeks. "So now what? Gonna to finish exploring this place?"
(23:54:01) * Sept continued looking serious with a slight blush. "Yeah, I think so. I'll try to see if I could get some supplies for exploring the city, too. I didn't bring much with me…"
(23:55:16) Yanmei: "Supplies?" She looked him over. "Like… good walking shoes?"
(23:56:39) * Sept pondered. "Liiiike that, yeah."
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(23:59:31) Yanmei: Nothing suspicious about that at all~ Yanmei smirked, and patted him on the shoulder, "Well, good luck with whatever you're actually planning. I've got a few people to introduce myself to, so~"
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(00:02:58) Sept: "Ahh. Have fun, Yanmei! I'll just stay here for a while longer. Your cellphone still works, right?"
(00:05:04) Yanmei: "Naturally~" She turned to go with an over-the-shoulder wave. "We'll bump into each other again soon, 'kay?"
(00:06:10) Sept: "Yeah. I'm sure. Until then, Yanmei."
(00:10:26) Sept: And, as promised, the boy would stay on the catwalk, but maybe for quite a while longer than had been implied. "'Inspire people'..?"

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