He Said I Didn T Mean To Cause You Any Harm I Was Being Self

[05:38:44] <AdEvaGM> [Shinji had opened his present- a man's kimono, one that matched Aline's. He'd also bought gifts too- one for Rei (which he really did have to buy), and for Aline (which he merely fetched). They sat on a kitchen table now.]
[05:43:53] * Aline was, obviously, quite a bit happier now that everything was ~at peace~ and gifts were given. She could have a chance to /relax/ now.
[05:47:38] <AdEvaGM> ["This is yours." Said Shinji, handing two gifts to Aline- one of medium size and length, and quite flexible; the other was smaller and more compact. A box, no doubt.]
[05:50:53] * Aline rubbed her hands together a little, and eyed them curiously. She decided to start with the flexible one. "Ah, thanks~" …And she went at it, carefully, unwrapping and opening it first!
[05:53:18] <AdEvaGM> [The flexible gift was unwrapped (a little awkwardly; Shinji didn't seem to be good at it, but his rigidly -neat- mind had tried over and over) to reveal a -very- attractive-looking one-piece swimsuit. Just from looking Aline would be able to tell that he'd guessed the size just about perfectly; it was dark red and white, with little yellow flowers blossoming across the red.]
[05:58:12] * Aline grinned, actually even clapping her hands slightly. "Oho, that'll be a nice addition, since I only have a little handful of them anyway." …A pause. "Actually, I only have two, including the competition-style one I use at school. And my second one's pretty plain in comparison~" …She did, though, wink at him, before she worked on the second gift!
[06:01:42] <AdEvaGM> [She -knew-. Shinji blushed a little. "I'm glad you like it."-
[06:04:01] <AdEvaGM> [The second gift was indeed a box… A jewelry box. A pendant on a gold chain; the pendant was gold and stylish, depicting a sun and twelve rays of light; the rays were connected by a wheel of flowers. On the back was inscribed 'Aline- my ray of sunshine' in Japanese.]
[06:09:51] * Aline blushed, holding it up and spinning it briefly in the light. But then, almost immediately after, she slipped it on!… And leaned over to kiss Shinji on the forehead. "Ehe, thanks, it's very pretty, and surprisingly meaningful~"
[06:10:35] <AdEvaGM> [Shinji looked very pleased with himself. Very pleased indeed! "I'm glad you like it.-
[06:10:42] <AdEvaGM> [At that moment, the phone rang.]
[06:14:02] * Aline tilted her head over, and then… went ahead and picked it up. "Ah, hello?"
[06:14:17] <AdEvaGM> ["Hello? Is this Aline Blanc?" A female voice in Japanese.]
[06:17:18] * Aline replied clearly, back in Japanese. "Yes, it is. What had you wanted?"
[06:17:50] <AdEvaGM> ["Some packages have arrived for you in the lobby. Please come down and sign for them."]
[06:21:48] * Aline paused for the briefest of moments. "I understand, thank you. I'll be down there as soon as I can." …And she hung up, before turning to Shinji. "…Apparently, I have packages to sign for, maybe more gifts? It'll just be a minute, alright?"
[06:22:14] <AdEvaGM> ["Alright. I'll put breakfast on." "See you soon, Leenie-chan."]
[06:26:17] <Aline> "Right~" …So she headed out! Aline made about as quick work as she could of the inter-hotel journey, before reaching the lobby.
[06:27:07] <AdEvaGM> [The front desk had been the ones to call Aline… And it quickly became obvious why.-
[06:27:43] <AdEvaGM> [Parcels! More than a mound. Trolleys usually reserved for transporting 10 or more suitcases at a time were filled with parcels, all of them bearing Aline's name.]
[06:31:58] * AdEvaGM (ua.ten.tcennoc.irb.49-812-86-16-C|pahniatpac#ua.ten.tcennoc.irb.49-812-86-16-C|pahniatpac) Quit (Ping timeout)
[06:32:11] * AdEvaGM2 (ua.ten.tcennoc.irb.49-812-86-16-C|pahniatpac#ua.ten.tcennoc.irb.49-812-86-16-C|pahniatpac) has joined #NERVFrance
[06:34:46] * Aline stared, almost in shock. "…G-gah… Wow. That's… I'd ask if you…" She almost instinctively went to get the signature pad stuff and signed for it in the middle of gawking. "…er, needed help but… I think that's… covered."
[06:35:16] <AdEvaGM2> ["Someone's popular!" Came a cheerful voice from behind Aline.]
[06:36:46] * Aline finished signing, politely bowed while sliding the pad back to the desk lady, then eyyyed the person who said that. "I can guess that!"
[06:37:00] * AdEvaGM2 is now known as Nagisa‘Kaworu
[06:37:37] <Nagisa`Kaworu> "Receiving all of these gifts in public is almost indecent, don’t you think?" Asked the speaker- who turned out to be none other than Kaworu.-
[06:37:57] <Nagisa‘Kaworu> He was wearing a white shirt and black trousers- his usual ensemble. He had a catlike smile on his face.
[06:39:32] * Aline …suddenly turned from surprised and happy, to almost instantly grim. "…It… was… just the situation… that…"
[06:41:07] <Nagisa`Kaworu> "I’m joking." Said Kaworu, his eyes glittering as he moved in to put an arm around Aline. "The kimono looks -very- good on you."
[06:42:53] * Aline shuddered, moving backwards as he approached. "It-it does, I… er. Please, don't. It's…" She couldn't finish her sentence - given the fact that they were still in the middle of the lobby, that made sense.
[06:44:10] * Nagisa‘Kaworu hesitated- and acquiesed gracefully, taking a step back. "Now that these have been signed off, the hotel workers will happily take them to your room. Meanwhile, perhaps you’d like to enjoy a private coffee with me this morning? A chance to talk alone."
[06:44:52] * Aline slowly nodded. "…To talk, yes." She left it at that, wringing her hands together nervously as she did so.
[06:49:27] * Nagisa‘Kaworu smiled and turned, heading off towards the restaurant- whistling bars from Beethoven’s 9th to himself as he went.
[06:52:01] * Aline followed, as well, somehow feeling self-conscious for being in such an amazingly /pretty/ outfit in this circumstance, enough for her to look around cautiously every now and then… until they finally got to the restaurant. Rather than coffee, she just had a little cup of tea.
[06:53:52] <Nagisa‘Kaworu> [Some people noted Aline’s outfit- she received favourable looks wherever she went. Others were wearing somewhat festive or pretty clothes as well, even the odd kimono.-
[06:54:19] * Nagisa‘Kaworu fetched himself a hot chocolate. Sat down. "I understand. I hope we can at least be friends." He said wryly.
[07:00:37] * Aline sighed a little, supping at her tea. "I hope so, as well. I feel highly uncomfortable about it. As I believe I mentioned to… my passenger, I suppose… I realized too late that my morality was actually one of the defining parts of my soul. I will say this, though." She closed her eyes, and it was clear that she had gained a regretful tone to her voice. "I’m going to tell Shinji that I told you off - which is true, at least for the more dire part of this - but I want you to try to stay away from him, unless some kind of event changes his mood greatly for the better. Because… He probably will try to kill you, or at least hurt you badly, on sight."
[07:02:43] <Nagisa‘Kaworu> "The idea of gentle Shinji hurting anyone is unsettling." Said Kaworu- although he didn’t seem to be talking about his own thoughts… "I promise I'll try to do the right thing there. Which means either staying away- I am -quite- evasive when I wish to be- or letting him try to hurt me, if he starts becoming too angry…"
[07:04:22] * Aline nodded. "Thank you. A lot has changed about him. Whether it's the trauma, or something more… I don't know. But he was nearly as much of a beast as the unit he pilots, when Sera threatened his mother."
[07:05:48] <Nagisa‘Kaworu> "No doubt he showed the same qualities when he set his hands on you, as well…"
[07:10:40] <Aline> "…Yeah. He… yet, he said things about what I did to hurt myself. I think… I think it’s some kind of intense emotional release, rather than ill will. Either way, it's… been painful a lot more than just that." Aline looked away for a second, just a second. "But given the depth of betrayal it was… I deserved at least some kind of anger. I'm glad, also, in a roundabout way, that my own emotions were stronger than Mr. 'Why are you doing this, I'm scared for our lives' up there. If I waited… To have kept it secret for a long while and then have it revealed… He may well have not stopped at just being a bit angry."
[07:12:11] <Nagisa‘Kaworu> "I’m glad he didn't kill you." His smile faded. "I didn't mean to cause you any harm. I was being selfish."
[07:14:58] * Aline sighed glumly. "And I, perhaps too easily swept away. I have reason to want you to feel happy too, but I was too hurt, too oblivious to my own situation, to actually choose correctly. And I know I'm one of the few people… ah… strange enough to accept that this is how everyone feels about this. I certainly was reminded of how little my perspective matches that of my peers by the whole Rei incident."
[07:15:56] <Nagisa‘Kaworu> "For you it’s easy to decide. Others…" Kaworu smiled a little. "Do you wish to know how I feel?"
[07:17:17] * Aline tilted her head curiously. "I suppose so."
[07:17:43] <Nagisa‘Kaworu> "I feel a little envious of the new Pilots."
[07:20:37] * Aline took that with quite a bit of surprise. "…Envious? I know from my point of view, I see lives of pain coming from likely severe difficulties leading a normal human life."
[07:23:19] * Nagisa`Kaworu smiled and took a sip of hot chocolate. "Pain and loneliness is inherent to all human existence. In that sense, these Pilots will be no different. What -is- different, however… Is that they can look upon a world that is brand new. They are fresh, inexperienced- for them everything is a mystery, a curiosity. They are free of the chains of destiny, no matter how much NERV would like
[07:23:19] * Nagisa`Kaworu to control them. Ultimately they have a choice on how to explore their lives… Getting to choose between living a normal life, or an extraordinary one. Most people don’t even get that."
[07:27:47] * Aline thought on that for a good long while. "…So much talk about destiny, lately…" But she took her sip, and changed gears. "I'm not incredibly surprised, now that I have your explanation. To be capable of a different role… I suppose that /is/ a gift given to them. If only more people comprehended it, though. Fear and revulsion… mm, those seem to be the usual response to that. And I've certainly thought on it a lot - being a NERV employee of such importance leads me to hear a lot more about transcending the human condition than anyone else would."
[07:29:37] <Nagisa‘Kaworu> "I can imagine." Said Kaworu. "NERV’s ultimate goal…"
[07:35:16] * Aline shuffled her hands around on her lap, which… well, looked maybe a bit odd. "I've gotten glimmers and impressions of it, anyway. Azariah Caine's goal, what Gendo Ikari mentioned about destiny and such… There /does/ seem to be an actual current of it going on. I just hope Yanmei doesn't just outright /shatter/ when she realizes it. If she felt so disquieted about the new pilots… some kind of larger-scale change… would be far too much to bear."
[07:36:10] <Nagisa‘Kaworu> "Oh, I don’t know." Said Kaworu brightly. "We'll see once I open sweet Yanmei's mind."
[07:38:32] * Aline raised a single brow. "…That'll be interesting. To see her actually accept the stranger things happening… that'd be a downright paradigm shift."
[07:40:01] <Nagisa‘Kaworu> "I think Yanmei will come to accept the Pilots in time." Said Kaworu. "As to the ’stranger' things… You know, I think she's supposed to oppose them."
[07:42:19] <Aline> "…Supposed to? Is this a reference to the whole defeating Angels to retain the Earth for humanity thing, or to more like the experiments and changes in humanity's nature and so on?"
[07:43:00] <Nagisa‘Kaworu> "Both."
[07:44:20] * Aline nodded. "Ah. I admit it sort of was confusing because ’supposed to' implied some kind of… almost expectation of that. Given, again, all the destiny talk, I wouldn't be terribly surprised."
[07:45:33] * Nagisa‘Kaworu smiled. "It’s her most attractive feature. … Ah, that was a gift from Dr. Ikari, wasn't it?" He was looking at the kimono.
[07:46:10] <Aline> "Oh." …Then Aline looked down at the kimono. "Yes, yes it was."
[07:47:45] <Nagisa‘Kaworu> "Would you like my gift?"
[07:48:39] * Aline frowned, and made a sudden kicking motion - more to try to deflect, than anything else. "…What is it?"
[07:49:46] * Nagisa`Kaworu smiled widely. "Insight."
[07:51:47] * Aline looked… guardedly confused. Like she had the slightest feeling of attention and uncertain caution, even though she didn’t fully know what he meant. "Into what?"
[07:52:41] <Nagisa‘Kaworu> "Because I love you, let’s say: anything you want. Ask anything you like, and I'll grant you insight into it. But you can only ask about two different topics."
[07:55:50] * Aline stared for a short while. "And this can be about nearly anything? That is to say, that unless I asked a question beyond all conceivable reason for anyone, regardless of resources, to know… you'd know the answer?"
[07:56:37] <Nagisa‘Kaworu> "Let’s say… If I can't offer you -any- insight at all, I'll say so and you'll be able to ask again." He winked. "Otherwise, -yes-."
[07:59:42] <Aline> "Alright. The first is probably… the nature of my involvement in all of this. I've heard a lot about supposed special genes to explain my unusually receptive AT Field, I've heard /from/ things that I'm not entirely sure I should be capable of hearing from… and there's something about me that keeps the most cryptic and dangerous of all the Evangelion souls relatively satisfied." Aline took a breath. "The questions that arise from that have certainly been troubling, and the conclusions, very scattered."
[08:01:25] <Nagisa‘Kaworu> "Ah." Kaworu rubbed his chin, as if momentarily disconcerted. "I admit, this -might- be a topic I don’t have any particular insight on beyond what you've already heard."
[08:02:57] * Aline actually picked up on that. "…Really? That's disappointing, though… understandable. For some reason, my personal mysteries are /deeper/ or at least more resistant to discovery, than that of the other two pilots I work with." A pause. "…Though you look a bit troubled yourself."
[08:03:38] <Nagisa‘Kaworu> "I am disappointed that I can’t offer you any insight into something that's very close to your heart." He said seriously.
[08:05:28] <Aline> "…Fair enough. Then I guess… I'll go wider. What has been planned for the three of us in general, since there are obviously more plans than just 'fighting as pilots'."
[08:09:53] <Nagisa‘Kaworu> "Let me think." He leaned back, sipped his chocolate. "Ultimately, the selection of you three as pilots, to me, seems to coincide with pre-ordained roles. In fact you all seem to fulfil them admirably. A creator who will form the world of the future… A preserver to oversee this one… And a transformer who decides when the old world gives way to the new."
[08:16:35] * Aline looked like she understood. "…No wonder Hindu myth factors into all of this so much. I can… by what you say, guess who is who, though. I only hope that, when the time comes, we don’t give ourselves to our roles so much that harmony no longer occurs. My consumption by my own ideas, Yanmei's anger and rebellion, Sera's obsession with seemingly transient things… Any one of those things could lead to disaster."
[08:18:26] * Nagisa‘Kaworu smiled, but added nothing.
[08:21:23] * Aline looked down a bit, and… tucked her legs in a little. "Fair enough, fair enough. I think… I think the other one, if it’s possible to answer, is… how to handle the certain problem of having a foreign soul that is still very resident. Despite having destroyed his physical body, I feel strange now about killing him outright now, but I… like the certainty that my body and my thoughts are completely my own."
[08:24:30] <Nagisa‘Kaworu> "You could let a stronger mind in to destroy it, but there’s no guarantee they'd stay out themselves…" Said Kaworu with a grin. "The other alternative is to simply strengthen yourself until the day comes that you can oust him of your own will."
[08:26:54] * Aline nodded… even as she nearly curled up atop her chair to avoid the constant assault! "I'm pretty… sure that any stronger force would probably be interested in staying. I don't really know how to strengthen myself too much, but I'm at least trying."
[08:27:57] <Nagisa‘Kaworu> "I could help. I already have, a little."
[08:30:25] * Aline shook her head. "As much as I’d like a long-term solution, that's not going to happen. Metaphysical strength is not going to matter much if my mind weakens in exchange. And…" She then frowned, again. "You may want to start thinking of the last thing you want to say. I'm getting quite uncomfortable as-is."
[08:31:19] <Nagisa‘Kaworu> "Ah." To his credit he looked a little ashamed. "I haven’t really been helping, have I."
[08:35:47] <Aline> "The first time… again, was a mistake. My guilt is… far, far too powerful to ignore. It's…" Aline bit her lip, then sighed audibly. "It's hard to explain what it means when you're grateful for someone's help, but when the nature of it is something you can't accept because of how painful it makes things. But that's what I feel, now." But, finally, she looked up at the ceiling, as she also began to stand up. "I can see some of the guilt at having caused pain, in your feelings, but… if you /do/ end up running into Shinji, could you apologize to him, provided there isn't a savage beating to handle at the exact moment? It'd mean a lot to me. We can still be friends, but we need to keep things very carefully-aligned, now."
[08:37:05] <Nagisa‘Kaworu> "Alright." Said Kaworu, standing up. "I -will- try. But this is difficult for me, for reasons you might find rather surprising." He opened his arms up.
[08:39:50] * Aline shook her head. "…I’m sorry. I don't want to… please, accept a more subtle gesture." Aline bowed her head a little.
[08:40:55] * Nagisa‘Kaworu seemed to take a deep breath in, and smiled. "Very well."
[08:44:03] <Aline> "Forgive this foolish, vulnerable girl for her fears. Goodbye… Nagisa." Aline turned to walk away, and… well, she had put at least some interesting emphasis on the name as she said it. Not enough for it to really have the impact of her louder emphases, but yet… Interesting, nonetheless. Either way, she headed towards the elevator back up to her room.
[08:44:32] <Nagisa`Kaworu> "One last thing." He called out as she walked.
[08:45:33] * Aline stopped, and turned her head. "Yes?"
[08:45:55] <Nagisa`Kaworu> "Did you know that 00 had a pilot before you? An early test pilot that was nearly absorbed?"
[08:46:29] * Aline …nodded, actually. "Yes, actually. Gendo told me as much." She had fortunately stopped close enough to not have to yell back.
[08:46:43] <Nagisa`Kaworu> "Do you know her name?"
[08:47:17] * Aline blinked, somehow getting a sudden… strange feeling. "No. I wasn’t comfortable enough in the man's presence to ask."
[08:49:01] <Nagisa‘Kaworu> "I understand." He smiled. "Her name was Gina- Euginia Ranvier."
[08:51:48] * Aline seemed almost justified in that strangeness. Even if her previous hunch was something amazingly stupid like expecting it to be a relative of hers, or somehow her own name. It showed, by the somewhat uncertain look on her face. "…That’s… certainly interesting. Thanks."
[08:53:15] <Nagisa‘Kaworu> "You’re welcome." Said Kaworu. "Enjoy Christmas Day. I'll be spending some time with myself." He glanced up at the roof, as if in thought. "I suppose I'll have to get used to lonely Christmasses again."
[08:55:08] * Aline nodded. "Perhaps you'll find someone who does not have prior committments, in the future." She said it calmly, even lightly, so despite the possible backhanded nature of what it might've come off as… It wasn't /delivered/ that way. And thus, she moved onwards.
[08:55:41] <Nagisa`Kaworu> "…" He smiled to himself and headed in the other direction, whistling a little to himself.

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