He Said Lilim

10[03:28:52] <09Aline> It was beautiful. Maybe the slightest bit surreal, but beautiful. Aline was… in a cavern. A massive, massive cavern, glimmering with crystals all around. It was, at least on one level, familiar to her. Samandiriel's cradle, but also just… something resonant with her. All this talk of destiny and godhood and creating things? Made the idea turn around in her head a lot. So at present, she was there amidst the crystals, playing with a shard of one in her hands. Light glinted off of it and through it - some red that reflected her being in her plugsuit, some orange or even prismatic, reflecting how she knew a lot of AT Fields looked… but she just stared into it all the same. It was pretty. It was like a little star in her hands.
07[03:33:22] <Voriel> "The cave of the Knight?" Came a voice. And at that moment, Aline's mind… Clicked over into sleeping wakefulness.
10[03:34:42] * Aline blinked. "…Ah. Yes, it is." She set the crystal down, and turned towards the direction the voice came from. "It's beautiful, so… why not?"
07[03:40:24] * Voriel sat down next to Aline. A human form… Well. An oily black substance in the physical shape of a human, with that white mask present. "The Knight was someone who appreciated aesthetics. He was a strange one."
10[03:41:52] <09Aline> "Eh. By your standards." And Aline gazed off into the distance of her mind's recreation of it. "By human standards, perfectly normal. That's probably why you don't understand him as well."
[03:43:47] <Voriel> "You have forgotten yourself if you think he was 'normal' by your Lilim standards. He was far more than 'normal'."
10[03:44:25] * Aline waved her hand. "…Okay, you have a point. I forget how poor 'normal' can get."
[03:48:28] <Voriel> "I have been busy."
10[03:49:07] <09Aline> "…With the new 'houseguest', I take it?"
[03:52:21] <Voriel> "That is correct." Voriel looked up and around. "He is rather displeased with you~"
10[03:53:12] * Aline shrugged her shoulders. "For fighting and helping to defeat him, or…?"
[03:57:27] <Voriel> "For many reasons. For fighting and helping to defeat him. For being a Lilim who stole the Earth from Mother. For capturing me. For piloting a slave beast, and for having a stupid face."
10[03:58:31] * Aline narrowed her eyes. "…Those are such simplistic reasons. And why the hell should my face matter, we're thoroughly different-looking species!"
[04:01:00] <Voriel> "Simplistic or not, they're also perfectly valid reasons. Except the last part." Said Voriel. "I plucked that from an old memory of yours. Lucille de Toulouse never liked you, did she?"
10[04:02:26] * Aline sighed openly. "…She probably just liked abusing me. It's a systemic… thing. I don't know how to describe it."
[04:05:21] <Voriel> "Indeed. But the Wraith is newly disembodied, and in pain, and you've hurt him." Voriel looked up at the roof. "Give him a chance instead of dismissing him in such a hubristic manner."
10[04:07:37] * Aline nodded at that. "…Sorry. I just… Those seemed so… I don't know. Uninformed. I guess what I should do is lay out the truth, and try to be nice…" A brief shudder, as she realized the anger would mean she wouldn't get 'nice' back for quite some time.
[04:22:50] <Voriel> "Then shall I call him?"
10[04:23:34] * Aline took a deep breath. A bit silly in a dreamscape, but… "Yes."
07[04:26:53] <Voriel> [Aline would find it hard to breathe, suddenly, as if the air was so hot that breathing would sear or burn her lungs.-
07[04:27:36] <Voriel> [The 'ground' beneath her seemed to suddenly become fluid, before vanishing entirely, sending her tumbling backward- before the roof turned to liquid, four giant spikes slamming into the ground just narrow of hitting Aline's limbs.-
[04:27:39] <Voriel> ["LILIM."]
10[04:28:59] * Aline stared up in rather intense shock. Talk about your entrances! "H-hi there, let's… take the grievances… one-by-one, shall… we?"
[04:31:08] <Voriel> [The spikes remained still, a confronting insectoid face forming out of the inky blackness that made up the roof.-
[04:31:12] <Voriel> "That means he's listening."
10[04:36:45] * Aline hastily nodded towards Voriel, but looked back up. "Alright. I suppose the issue that's the… most important, is the nature of my species and this Earth. I do know that we basically had no idea your kind even existed up until… whenever the people who awoke your Mother found out. And… while we're born of Lilith's blood, not even she would care, or so I've been told! We're an accidental creation. Orphan race - her creations are more similar to yourselves than my kind in appearance and styling." A pause, punctuated by a little gulp. "My people fight because they know you'll kill them all if you create your world. It's got to be the same from your side, right? I… I wish there was some compromise, but I don't even know if it's possible. And I have people with power over my in my own race that I can't countermand so easily. Human society is… complicated. And restrictive…"
[04:42:08] <Voriel> [A giant spike suddenly moved towards her throat, hovering above the jugular.-
[04:42:27] <Voriel> ["KILL YOU ALL? THEY ARE RIGHT."-
06[04:42:51] * Voriel stared up at him, his mask impassive.
10[04:45:40] * Aline breathed deeply, even haltingly. It was just a dream just a dream only mental assaults worked, right? "Even without the desire to, like you're… clearly showing. The world can only support one or the other. I don't like that. That must sound naive to you. Or stupid. But I'd rather win peace than be forced into exterminating everything. Being stuck with some of your spirits inside me… I suppose that's a burden that'll accomplish that. If you really want to kill the only one of my kind who thinks your world is worth even the tiniest bit… that's your decision." While that declaration was bold, her words were still shaky.
[04:51:46] <Voriel> [The spear-like leg retreated…-
07[04:52:24] <Voriel> [Only to slam into Aline's elbow, pinning it to the ground. It hurt. A -lot-. No matter the dreamscape, it was agonising. "LIES. LIES TO CHAIN ME LIKE YOU CHAINED THE MEMORY!"-
[04:52:31] <Voriel> "So loud." Muttered Voriel.
10[04:54:56] * Aline bit her teeth /hard/. "If I really had that kind of power, do you think I'd be here begging?! He eroded my soul when I fought him, and left a piece of himself inside of it! The Knight came before, having done the same thing! I can't do this willingly, it's… w-weakness is a human trait. My AT Field is a vast ocean that others get lost in - I have no power of chaining!" …Then a look at Voriel. "Give your own insight here - it sort of concerns you as well, you know!"
07[05:00:05] <Voriel> "I was the one who brought you here, Wraith." Said Voriel. There was the sense that he -could- communicate wordlessly, but was doing it for Aline's sake. "Because you're more useful here, alive, in this Lilim's Soul, than back in the Cycle of Reincarnation. Mother is still dormant, wherever she is." Said Voriel. "She can't recreate any more of us until she awakens. In this state we're more
[05:00:06] <Voriel> useful to the cause-"-
07[05:00:27] <Voriel> [Aline would feel the pain leave her elbow as the spear-leg was removed… Only for it to swing around and impale Voriel in the chest.-
07[05:01:25] <Voriel> [The Wraith seemed unwilling to speak just so Aline could hear.-
[05:02:04] <Voriel> "HesaysthatI'mlyingbecauseI'vebeendormantthiswholetimeandhaven'ttriedtodoanythingalinetellhimaboutthetimeItookyouover-" Said Voriel quickly, in between low wails.
10[05:03:47] * Aline sat up, staring in… not quite surprise. More of an almost dull sense of shock just at the graphicness of everything. "I'm… not surprised… and well, he did, but I'm in a sort of pathetically fragile body…" She shrugged her shoulders. This was a little too -strange- for her to really be amused, though.
[05:08:26] <Voriel> [Voriel was released, the little oily puppet-man falling to the ground.-
[05:08:46] <Voriel> ["WHY ARE LILIM SO WEAK?"]
10[05:12:19] * Aline frowned. "I have no idea! Probably because we're so numerous. And we rely on knowledge and cooperation. Our bonds with each other are one of the few things that reinforce our souls any more… Though by the standards of the other creatures born with us, we're not that weak. But against your kind…" She shook her head. "Nonetheless, it's those bonds and that knowledge that made us capable of building our weapons anyway." She desperately tried to remind herself of how it felt to be with Shinji. She wasn't sure if he'd even care to listen to a mere emotional broadcast, though. But then a weak smile followed. "That said… I do know some of the things your kind feels." …That memory of being called by, presumably, Adam. Hearing it in her mind, then recalled 'out loud'.
07[05:17:16] <Voriel> [The Wraith froze, his spear-legs withdrawing upwards into the roof. He stared down at Aline, perceiving the call of Mother. Whether he was furious at her action or merely contemplative seemed unfathomable.-
07[05:17:32] <Voriel> [Something touched Aline's shoulders…]
10[05:18:05] * Aline briefly looked back, to see what… "That was a… memory…?"
03[05:24:40] * Voriel is now known as Nagisa‘Kaworu
07[05:24:46] <Nagisa`Kaworu> "Interesting the sort of memories you have, Aline." Said an all-too-familiar red-eyed, grey-haired boy, lying on his stomach, feet dangling in the air in a carefree manner.-
[05:25:04] <Nagisa`Kaworu> ["WHY… THIS MEMORY?"]
10[05:27:14] * Aline shook her head in sudden confusion. "It… it happened. I was in her presence, and she… she called to me. But I’m human. Of Lilith's blood. Or at least I'm supposed to be. I don't even know why I'd have been called, but I /was/." She didn't quite speak to him, but her eyes locked on Kaworu with a definite 'wait why are /you/ here' look.
07[05:30:44] * Nagisa‘Kaworu smiled, reaching over to kiss Aline on the forehead. "Hi~"-
[05:31:59] <Nagisa`Kaworu> [The Wraith turned towards Voriel, who stared back.-
[05:32:14] <Nagisa`Kaworu> ["No, I don’t know either, but she has access to Mother." Said Voriel. "That's why I'm here."]
10[05:34:22] * Aline looked around rather confusedly, but then… nodded. "To a point. I can have access to the people who /do/. They do have security locks and the such, but… I will admit, I know where she's being kept. Of course, it'd take some kind of insanely dire emergency for them to willingly allow me to go there now." She sighed. "…That, and I get the distinct sense I'll be cast off anyway, should either of you succeed in reuniting with her. But… it'd be better than some ways to go, I guess."
[05:35:34] <Nagisa‘Kaworu> ["It’s true. The moment I get a chance to reunite I'm taking it." Said Voriel. "That said, there's no reason why I wouldn't be able to take you… Eventually…"]
10[05:38:55] <09Aline> "…Right. I, again, would prefer a world together or /something/, but that's… apparently just a silly dream."
[05:40:01] <Nagisa‘Kaworu> "Oh, it’s not silly." Said Kaworu cheerfully. "It's actually shockingly possible." He tapped her nose fondly.
10[05:40:30] * Aline turned and did a dramatic double-take. "What? How?!"
06[05:43:17] * Nagisa‘Kaworu rested his head on his hands. "Well. Let me ask you this: a world home to both Lilim and the Children of Adam is essentially impossible for what reason?"
10[05:44:50] * Aline scratched her chin. "Because the… conditions of it don’t support both forms of life, I think?"
[05:50:31] <Nagisa‘Kaworu> "That’s right. The reasons are myriad, but at its base its because both of the Seeds are hardcoded to produce a particular world that, whilst similar at simple levels, become completely different at more complex levels. There is a reason that the Lilim can produce offspring seemingly freely, but the Angels cannot- Lilith's world can't support an Angel's attempts at procreation. They simply
07[05:50:31] <Nagisa‘Kaworu> can’t bring forth the new AT Field." He looked up at Wraith, then back down at Aline. "The world we have now doesn't really give much to humanity beyond the bare necessities, either. Now." He beamed. "Lilith's World, Adam's world… Both two shockingly different things, but they do have one core similarity. Much like Lilim and Angels. What is it?"
10[05:53:52] * Aline pondered this even further, and seemed to actually have trouble coming up with it. "They'd… both… foster AT Fields? We all have souls. Or… er, is that not it? I'm sorry, I don't have access to the manual that explains all of this, nor experience."
[05:54:47] <Nagisa‘Kaworu> "No, that’s it." He ruffled her hair lovingly.
10[05:55:51] <09Aline> "…Ah." She felt a twinge uncomfortable, but… only a twinge. It wasn't that bad in here? Maybe? Hrm. "…So does that potentially mean a… different world could be made, that helps both?"
[06:01:49] <Nagisa‘Kaworu> "Well. Yes. In a sense. Let’s look at it like this. Angels and humans are very different but their AT Fields seem the same. Angel AT Fields can interact with a human's and vice versa, yes? Why would it be any different for a Seed?"
10[06:03:50] * Aline blinked. "Interacting…" But then she had a strange realization. "…Somehow… uniting their abilities? Or them, period?"
06[06:04:37] * Nagisa‘Kaworu nodded. "The resulting being would probably destroy the corporeal bodies of either the Angels, the Lilim, or -both-, but whatever world they created after would be host to both bodies of AT Field."
10[06:06:25] * Aline couldn’t decide whether to be upset or amazed. "I… see. As much as having to 'kill' everyone no matter what, like that… It'd create the peace needed. It'd be a world that wasn't stolen, nor was taken back through annihilation. It'd be…" A sigh, but this time, her sigh was wistful. "…The best possible result."
[06:08:23] <Nagisa‘Kaworu> "Humanity and Angel both would be unrecogniseable, but… Perhaps it’d be worth it." Said Kaworu. His eyes flittered up towards the roof.-
[06:08:27] <Nagisa‘Kaworu> ["LILIM."]
10[06:09:05] * Aline stared up, as well. "Yes?" This time without that same quivering fear, but instead… just a plain willingness to listen.
[06:10:06] <Nagisa`Kaworu> ["THOSE CREATURES YOU CHAIN! WHAT ARE THEY?"]
10[06:16:07] * Aline …understood. "My people call them ’Evangelion'… I believe it's a word that means 'to deliver good news', but that's just… empty symbolism. Someone, who originally I don't know, created them from the biology of your kind, armoring them with our technology. But they are useless chunks of flesh and synthetics wrapped around a core, without the other thing. They were given souls from other beings. I don't… know /what/ that of my own is, but all the others have human souls inside them. With that pairing, as well as… strange… uh…" Aline actually twisted her face in discomfort. "Alterations to suppress their ability to act on their own, they were made capable of 'synchronizing' with 'pilots'. People like me, humans born after your mother's awakenening who have some sort of bond with the soul given to the creature." But, Aline drummed her fingers together. "As I said before, human society is restrictive - I am to some extent beholden to do what I do, as are all others who 'pilot'. I'm just trying to bend their desires for me to my own ends."
[06:20:58] <Nagisa‘Kaworu> [She could feel his distastefulness in the air. "SO SUPPRESSED THAT THEY CANNOT DEVOUR YOU."]
10[06:24:23] * Aline nodded. "…Despite some attempts. Mine is… anomalous. Some have even suggested that none of their special measures have any effect. That it /chooses/ to accept my presence." …A pause, then a willingness to be a smidge amused. "Certainly didn’t like The Memory, though."
[06:26:40] <Nagisa‘Kaworu> ["It bears me some ill will after I commandeered it." Noted Voriel.-
[06:29:18] <Nagisa`Kaworu> ["WHY ACCEPT YOU?"]
10[06:32:20] * Aline shrugged openly. "I haven’t a clue! Nobody seems to know. Supposedly, matters pertaining to it aren't even known by some of the leaders of the organization that employs them - some… other, more hidden elements are the only ones with any idea as to what its soul is, or assumedly, why I'm so special to it." She tilted her head. "I think the whole 'things get lost in my AT Field' thing isn't enough to count, even if I /seem/ to be the only human in the world with that trait. Possibly only being, period."
[06:36:04] <Nagisa‘Kaworu> ["…" The discussion was -angering- the Wraith. "HOW COULD I DIE TO… THAT?"]
10[06:40:24] * Aline pushed two of her fingers together. "Human weaponry, having two others to back it up, and a little trick borrowed from the Knight. That weapon mine wields is more powerful than you might expect - and naturally penetrates strong AT Fields to a certain degree. More reliably when my commander uses his monitoring equipment to help pinpoint small fluctuations." A quick nod, though. "Humanity fights with its knowledge. That’s how."
07[06:43:29] <Nagisa‘Kaworu> ["…" The Wraith struck at Aline, a solid impact that sent her sprawling, before the arms withdrew into the cave roof. A moment passed…-
[06:43:45] <Nagisa`Kaworu> ["He’s gone. He still really hates you but he's understanding that he can't win here."]
10[06:45:41] * Aline slowly picked herself up from that, nigh-reflexively brushing dust off of herself. "There'll eventually be some kind of understanding. If only that, no, he can't really win here." But… another long sigh. "I take it anger is one of the purposes of his soul?… Or is he just /that/ upset at being defeated by something so seemingly pathetic?"
[06:54:34] <Nagisa‘Kaworu> ["It is many things. When Mother created us, she shaped our Soul in particular ways. As you have guessed, the Wraith’s Soul is deeply angry. It is infused with a modicum of the wrath and vengeful spirit Mother felt at her downfall, at Lilith's betrayal. He possesses a deep animosity towards the Lilim. His defeat has only infuriated him further, but there are other factors. The Wraith- much
[06:54:34] <Nagisa‘Kaworu> like myself- is used to being utterly in control, and this experience is very disorientating and sickening for him. He is trying to get out, but realises that the only way is his own death."]
10[06:58:11] <09Aline> "Mm… A very frustrating condition, I must imagine." But she did have a somewhat thoughtful look on her face. "…And here I am, coping with the disruption of control and privacy because… my kind is used to losing control of the situation, and having to improvise with it. I wouldn’t be surprised if living in a world not nearly suited to us… ended up strengthening us in that strange way of coping with being laid low."
[06:59:26] <Nagisa‘Kaworu> ["Perhaps." Said Voriel noncommittally.-
07[07:02:18] <Nagisa`Kaworu> "There is something to be said for the view that the Lilim, who have suffered so much, ’deserve' this world more." Said Kaworu, toying with Aline's hair.
10[07:06:45] * Aline nodded, now just… accepting this state of affairs vis a vis her hair. "Yet my strange honor… mm, still makes me believe there can be both. We can't have been meant to have two seeds, so… it feels right. And everyone ordering me around wants to try to change humanity anyway. If I just… 'steer' the process my way, what difference would it make to all these silly destinies that keep getting thrown at me? As long as the people I love, their parents and their children and their friends all the way down the line, can still live in the new world… and it too is a world that isn't stolen from the enemies I'm merely forced to fight to protect my kind /and/ my vision from. They have a parent and kin to think of, too, after all."
[07:13:41] <Nagisa‘Kaworu> "Mm, you’re right." Said Kaworu lightly. "Such a goal for you."
10[07:17:27] * Aline nodded. "One that'll no doubt hurt. And make halfway to everyone question me. Assuming they even care to listen." But a little smile. "But I'm the creator. It's my world to make, no matter what they say. Destiny? Pffft, a joke."
07[07:19:30] <Nagisa‘Kaworu> [Voriel looked over at Aline, but didn’t add anything.]
10[07:20:26] <09Aline> "Yeah, and I guess you and him and maybe the remainder are along for the ride. It'll sure be interesting no matter what happens."
07[07:23:59] <Nagisa‘Kaworu> ["Indeed. Aline, what’s that?" Voriel gestured towards Kaworu.]
10[07:25:32] * Aline looked between the two, and put on a goofy smile. Despite having been beat around and yelled at, she felt fine. "What do you mean? …Isn't that an imprint of him? Or are you reading something different?"
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[07:27:15] <Nagisa‘Kaworu> ["I’m unsure."]
10[07:27:59] * Aline waved a hand slightly, as if to confirm the uncertainty. "Well, considering that you're currently the foremost expert on reading AT Fields that I know of… why aren't you sure?"
[07:32:02] <Nagisa‘Kaworu> ["Because to me it feels like you’re talking to, essentially, -yourself-."]
10[07:33:56] * Aline paused at that. Paused further. Then… slooooooowly turned over to the subject of both of their attention. "Do you-me have some kind of interesting explanation for this? I could guess that, somehow, we share the same original soul - just by simple deduction - but that seems /too/ simple. And has implications that I can't quite just /leap/ to that easily."
[07:34:57] <Nagisa‘Kaworu> "Do you remember when we enjoyed that lovely night together in the hospital?" Asked Kaworu serenely.
10[07:36:32] * Aline nodded. "As much as the relationship strain it caused bothers me… yes. Were conditions different…" But she stopped herself. "Erm. Anyway, I do."
[07:39:23] <Nagisa`Kaworu> "I sensed that there was a level of… Weakness within your AT Field. The strain of these Angels, and other matters, has been wearing it down. I strengthened it. You can think of me as a sort of ’patch'."
10[07:41:43] * Aline sort of nodded. "…So that's what you had meant. Very interesting, actually. I know I…" Aline shook her head. "…have been trying to throw myself into older obsessions and pasttimes to give it time to heal, too. Monomaniacal focus seems to help it - as do multiple RPG marathons." …Indeed, Voriel probably had learnt more about comparative RPG mechanics than he ever really cared to over those weeks.
06[07:45:47] * Nagisa‘Kaworu merely smiled. "I help, too."
10[07:48:11] <09Aline> "Yeah. I was adding a bit, was all~ But yeah… I’m not sure if I'll ever normalize relationships with the real-you and Shinji, but I am grateful for what help you can provide." …She did pause, though, getting a half-joking eye-narrow in there for good measure. "The forwardness was a twinge much, but eh." A wide shrug. "Telling halfway-to-myself that, so not much point!"
06[07:50:23] * Nagisa‘Kaworu smiled.-
[07:51:41] <Nagisa`Kaworu> ["Destiny." Said Voriel. "Is our greatest opponent and ally."]
10[07:53:11] * Aline grinned a bit. "A better summary for the chaos of human life, I couldn’t find. It's universal, even!"
[07:55:30] <Nagisa`Kaworu> ["…" Voriel looked over at her.-
[07:55:37] <Nagisa`Kaworu> ["Hardly."-
[07:55:54] <Nagisa`Kaworu> [Without explanation… The scene changed. Or rather, melted away.-
07[07:55:57] <Nagisa`Kaworu> [Aline…-
[07:55:58] <Nagisa`Kaworu> [Woke.]

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