He Said Look Your Notes Make No Sense

[09:39] <Yanmei> There were certain times of the day when a cafe experienced a slowdown of hungry customers. For Une Tasse, it just so happened to be during the late afternoon, between lunch and dinnertime. There was someone sitting there now, however, a literature anthology open in front of them, still in the uniform from one of the wealthier high schools in the area.-
[09:42] <Yanmei> She'd ordered tea with sugar, which had basically gone ignored as she hastily scribbled notes down as she read. The library would have been a better place for this, perhaps, but the cafe had decent enough lighting, and was in a handy spot, and was comfortable.
[09:48] <W> The metallic tapping of the boy's entrance wouldn't have been lost in the ambience of the cafe at rush hour, and it certainly didn't do so here. Not that the headphoned and bespectacled figure would've been hard to lose sight of without the cane. W walked over to Yanmei's table and sat down. "You've squeezed me into your busy calendar like a boyfriend hopeful whose dreams you're going to
[09:48] <W> crush. I'm hurt already, Pilot Zhang." he said, neutrally.
[09:52] <Yanmei> Yanmei's pen stopped, and after a second-long pause she looked up with a congenial smile. "Should I make it up to you by buying you a dessert?"
[09:57] * W smiled back. "I can deal with it. We're all professionals here. Jokes aside, you do seem to have an awful lot on your plate, recently, don't you?"
[10:03] <Yanmei> "Nothing I can't handle? There are people counting on me after all. Don't tell me you're worried about that…"
[10:10] <W> "Worried, no. Concerned, affected, yes. One man's trivia is another's treason. Everything is worth knowing. Have you always been alright with that? A lot of people counting on you, that is."
[10:18] <Yanmei> "Naturally~" She was scrutinizing him as subtley as she could. The headphones were especially fascinating. And why did he have a cane? She'd missed him walking in, so maybe he had a limp? "What about you? If NERV is actually outsourcing an investigation to you, you must not be a stranger to pressure either. Who hired, you, exactly? Simon?"
[10:27] <W> "Haha! I'm betting Simon would've liked to head this show until the impending end of the world! It was Fontaine or someone higher up, but she was the one who briefed me, in any case." He leaned in ever so slightly. "You want to get back to your studying, so we'll go straight to business. First of all, Isaiah. We'll go chronologically. How would you say the incidents in Tokyo affected your
[10:27] <W> relationship?"
[10:33] * Yanmei didn't exactly sputter on her tea at that reply as she raised it to her mouth, but she did put it back down on the table, seemingly having forgotten about taking a sip. "Ah…" She frowned a little. Registered his question a little more thoroughly. "Our relationship? That's a bit personal?"
[10:36] <W> Steepled hands covered W's mouth. "The attacks were personal, Yanmei. Or were the two bullets completely platonic, as well?"
[10:41] <Yanmei> "That doesn't even make sense!" She was frowning now. "Back then, I was pretty worried. It was the closest Isaiah had come to dying, so… I don't remember getting much sleep."
[10:47] <W> "But don't you excel under pressure? Up to that point, it had just been him getting you out of danger. The seventh of May, he literally pulled you out of the smouldering wreck of your Evangelion. Shortly before Christmas in Tokyo, he probably saved you again from the Angel Voriel. Did it prove a fear to be true? That you were somehow… insufficient?"
[10:54] <Yanmei> "In what way?" It was vaguely reminiscent of the pilot selection hearing. She decided to keep her cool. "That wasn't what I was thinking of at the time. He was going to -die-."
[11:02] <W> "Naturally. But what about afterwards? What changed?"
[11:09] <Yanmei> "Afterwards." Yanmei stared down at her tea. "If I considered myself insufficient in any way, it was because I couldn't save him then. Or during the other time he was shot. I've tried to protect him. I've tried my very hardest." She closed her eyes a moment, and then opened them again. "…what do you know about the Voriel battle?"
[11:12] <W> "You've fought it quite a few times, haven't you? But the first one… vague psychological reports. Surprisingly amusing intermittent footage. It was quite a trip, I'd imagine." A note of admiration at the last part.
[11:16] * Yanmei groaned under her breath. That -footage-. "But you know about what happened to Blanc in Toyko as well, from the sound of it."
[11:20] <W> "Yes. Because of how close to the first incident it happened, they could very well be connected. I'm hardly interested in your opinion on the moral quandaries of human cloning, though, I'll warn you. But go on."
[11:25] <Yanmei> "I wasn't planning to go into that, you know? But Voriel was someone we fought together as equals. The same was true for the twelfth Angel too, Malchediel. He's proved that he's tough enough against those things."-
[11:28] <Yanmei> "But my concern lies with other -people- plotting to shoot him or take him away. It's happened before, and it can happen again."
[11:29] <W> "Other people, such as the Caines?"
[11:34] <Yanmei> "The Caines? Possibly. I know for a fact that Ikari Gendo has plans for him, but he needs him alive and well for them. And Fontaine…" she hesitated, frowning a bit, "is a wildcard, as far as I'm concerned. There may be other people in the organization who have an eye on him, but who they are have no idea. It's the uncertainty, you see, that's the most unsettling thing here."
[11:46] * W shrugged. "They're well within their rights. It's only to be expected that they'd have their own ways to try and keep you at optimal piloting efficiency. Regardless, I'll look into the Tokyo Director, as well. But I was hoping you could tell me more about the family that supposedly single-handedly made Paris the main branch of NERV. A sort of 'where are they now?', if you will." W
[11:46] * W began counting down from three with his fingers. "We know the Lady Caine was trying to impose the Horrors of Piloting-" A veeery slight mocking tone marking the words. "-on Gabriel-Wei. Azariah already tried his luck with Blanc's -and- de Pteres' romances. And Elisha… Ah, where is that charming face now? Surely nowhere around Isaiah, at least." He crossed his hands and leaned backwards.
[11:46] * W The rest of him might have seemed relaxed, but his eyes were fixed on Yanmei. "So how -are- you getting along with your respective toys-of-war?"
[12:01] * Yanmei stared back at him and folded her hands on the table. "If you're asking me to answer questions? You could at least be upfront about what you do know and what you want to know." Irritation now, though muted. She never liked being made fun of. "I can't speak for the others, but relationships with 04 are just dandy, thanks." The corner of her mouth quirked a bit. "He's concerned about my grades in school nowadays."
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[12:12] <W> "Not strained at all for refusing Isaiah? And when did this transition from 'grudging acceptance' to 'dandy' occur?"
[12:17] <Yanmei> "From months of being forced to work together regardless of how 04 feels about Isaiah? In any case, I was exaggerating just a bit. Do you honestly think a war machine like that one would care about my schoolwork?"
[12:25] <W> "Schoolwork is an important part of keeping young people in extraordinary circumstances anchored to reality. I wouldn't put it past Unit 01, why would 04 be different? Which brings me to the next part… how did he and Isaiah handle the psychological attack, that time you were copiloting?"
[12:27] <Yanmei> "Well, they didn't try to kill each other. That's progress, right?"
[12:28] <W> "You mean to say they did before?"
[12:31] <Yanmei> "Hm." Yanmei seemed to be recalling something unpleasant. "You mentioned 01 just now. Had a talk with de Pteres, did you?"
[12:36] <W> "Did not. Guy doesn't hide much, though. I couldn't probably have come up with half the questions he answered in one day's footage."
[12:40] <Yanmei> "Geez, what the heck, Sera," Yanmei muttered under her breath. "Well, it's not like anyone outside of NERV will stumble across that stuff. Present company excluded?" She tried another sip from her cup. "Okay. You've probably gathered that EVAs can communicate with their pilots then. For a while, 04 was… fond of communicating with imagery that included Isaiah being killed in amazingly disturbing ways. His rejection of Isaiah that one time? Was less of an outright rejection and more of a mental torture session that was cut mercifully short. In other words, the two don't get along all that well.-
[12:45] <Yanmei> "However, 04 doesn't seem to hate me all that much these days, and has made adjustments to his behavior. Sort of like how sometimes a married person puts up with his hated inlaws for the sake of a spouse or something." She paused. "…ick."
[12:49] <W> "I'm sure your fans have taken that train of thought much, much further. Can you say what changed his behavior, or when it happened?"
[12:53] <Yanmei> "… it happened after de Pteres tried synching with 04 once. Oh, wait, no… he tried to kill Isaiah after that, during my next synch test." She scrunched her brow a bit, trying to remember. "Like, 04 went berserk and tried to smash through the observation glass to the area where he was standing with the rest of the bridge crew."
[12:58] * W nodded, and adjusted his headphones to account for the slipping. "Very well. Anything else you'd want to share? Leads on Director Ikari, for example..?"
[13:00] <Yanmei> "Huh? Don't you want to know why he stopped attacking?"
[13:02] <W> "I thought it would've been more fun asking Isaiah, but if you insist…"
[13:06] <Yanmei> "…Isaiah wouldn't know. I think. -I- never told him, anyway…" She wondered for a brief second if maybe she should have. "04 didn't attack out of malice - not that he didn't enjoy it, I'm sure - but to provoke a desired response during a conversation. In short, I admitted how much Isaiah meant to me, and he backed off."
[13:11] * W was grinning now. "You say it's unreasonable for Evas to worry about schoolwork, yet they handle your marriage counseling? This is -brilliant-, I -have- to tell Worker about this!"
[13:12] <Yanmei> "Worker? Oi! Are you really going to spread this around?"
[13:16] <W> "Ahaha, don't worry, these guys are like a hundred feet underground, they're not getting your rumors anywhere. Just know you made some lives a little brighter with that." W scribbled something on a note quickly before turning back to face Yanmei. "Oh, and saved lives, of course, vital to the investigation. Totally. Anything else?"
[13:19] <Yanmei> "I think that will be it for today." She smiled politely. "Feel free to come bac and chat some more if something comes to mind, though?"
[13:24] <W> "Right. I will." W got up. "I mean, I obviously won't, but I won't disrespect your appearances. Trying to stay professional and all." He started to turn away, but instead, he just lingered there, supporting himself on the cane, staring at her books.
[13:26] <Yanmei> "Something wrong?" Why wasn't he leaving already? That last remark had left her with a slightly soured expression.
[13:33] * W breathed in deep, and re-established eye contact with the girl. "Look. Your notes make no sense. I could just leave you with it, but… I mean, christ, why would he kill her just for the inheritance? He obviously had some other motive, I mean, ugh." W sat down and snatched the materials away from Yanmei in one motion. Suddenly, there was a pen in his hand, and he struck out most of
[13:33] * W her remarks, replacing them with his own, in a strange, barely understandable shorthand, all the while muttering to himself. It didn't take long - he was a very fast writer - and soon he just pushed the books back over to her and departed wordlessly, his limp showing a bit more as he quickly exited the cafe.
[13:36] <Yanmei> "…" Yanmei sat staring at the mess he had left her notes in in mute silence for a while. By the time she looked up again, he was already gone. "Um… what?"
[13:39] * Disconnected

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