He Said My Little Anastasie

[11:23] <Aline> It had been a hell of a ride. Going down the road in a bunched-up dress and helmet at the highest (legal) speed she could go on a dippy little moped, all the way across town. At least she hadn't rushed so much that she risked a crash! That would've sucked. But… now. Now Aline was running, moped backpack and all, into the hospital. Almost /immediately/ on entering, she looked around
[11:23] <Aline> frantically for some family member, or failing that, a hapless passing medical official.
[11:33] <@Misato‘> [There weren’t any family members on standby, but there was always the reception desk, where a young man sat at his computer.]
[11:37] * Aline basically barged right on to the desk. "Where is Celine Blanc being kept? I need to see her, please!"
[11:41] <@Misato‘> ["Uh, er…" The man coughed and checked. "Oh, the maternity ward, room B-21…"]
[11:43] <Aline> "Right. Thanks!" …And just like that, Aline /dashed/ right off into the depths of the hospital, following signs basically as fast as she could see them, but always making sure to go the right way if possible.
[11:49] <@Misato`> [She’d soon realise that she'd come to the right place. Sitting outside of a certain room in his wheelchair, looking haggard, worried and tired, was her father, Lucien Blanc, who hadn't seen her yet.]
[11:50] * Aline moved to fix that, setting down her backpack a bit behind him, and veeeery quickly talking to him. "H-h-hi I got here as as fast as I could. How is she?"
[11:56] <@Misato‘> ["O-Oh, Aline…" Lucien looked up at her, blinking for a moment as if to process it. "I… I don’t know. The doctors don't want anyone in there until the baby comes out. They say it's too touch-and-go for a woman like her…"]
[11:57] * Aline shook her head. "So there's nothing we can do but wait?!…" Desperation melded into sadness… and a bit of anger. "Nothing at all?"
[12:01] <@Misato‘> ["I’m afraid not, sweetheart." He smiled ruefully. "We're not doctors. It's the same as it was for you, you know."]
[12:02] * Aline relented, and sat on a chair near to where Lucien's wheelchair had ended up. "What, really? Mine was a difficult birth too?"
[12:13] <@Misato‘> ["Oh, yes. Partially because it was your mother’s first delivery, so she was very scared and worried. She wasn't exactly in the best of health, either. You took us nineteen hours, and she had a complication- she started to haemorrhage after you came out."]
[12:15] * Aline frowned. "Oh dear… That isn't good. I… hope this one goes better. I really do."
[12:23] <@Misato‘> ["We took a lot of precautions this time. That’s why she's already been in hospital for a week, just in case." Said Lucien. He shook his head slowly. "I'm scared, hon."]
[12:26] * Aline nodded to match his shake. "I am too. That's why I came here so fast, that's why I sounded so frantic. It's… heh. It's a pity I can't just wave a hand and fix everything, like I can as a pilot. Well, not even then, but usually things get fixed a bit faster when I do the handwaving thing."
[12:36] <@Misato‘> ["Life would definitely be easier if one could just wave their hands and fix everything." Said Lucien with a quiet chuckle. He reached out and patted Aline on the head. "There is one thing I’ll note about your birth, though…"]
[12:36] * Aline tilted her head. "Ah? What?"
[12:39] <@Misato‘> ["It was one of the scariest experiences of my life. But it was all worth it. When I held you in my arms back then, so tiny and delicate, I was the happiest man on earth. I was just so proud… So looking forward to seeing what you’d make of your life…"]
[12:42] * Aline prodded him slightly in the shoulder. "And now it's something nobody'd ever have dreamt of~"
[12:47] <@Misato‘> [Lucien chuckled. "Very much so. Especially not her dear old dad!" He sighed happily.-
[12:48] <@Misato`> [A boy sat down next to Aline- tidy black hair, a neat, slightly antiquated outfit, and a pair of glasses. He looked awfully familiar. He sighed. "Why are we here?"]
[12:50] * Aline blinked, rather suddenly. "…I’m sorry, do I know you…?"
[12:55] <@Misato‘> [The boy didn’t respond. "Zarie, why can't our parents just go then?"-
[12:55] <@Misato‘> ["… Aline?" Asked her father curiously.]
[12:58] * Aline shook her head suddenly. "…Uh…" She looked at her dad, then back at the boy. "I… but I… there’s…" She waved a hand in front of the boy's face.
[13:01] <@Misato‘> [The boy didn’t respond. "Shardlake's grandson doesn't really matter to me."-
[13:02] <@Misato‘> ["Aline, are you alright?"]
[13:15] * Aline had been sitting for a while, but then twitched a bit more. "Uh. Dad… there’s a person who isn't there. I… I don't know what to make of that."
[13:19] <@Misato‘> ["…" Lucien gave Aline a deeply worried look. "Why… Maybe you’re tired or overstressed. Just close your eyes for ten seconds or so and take deep breaths."]
[13:21] * Aline did so, but not before… "I'll try. I'll try…." Breathe. Breeeeeeathe.
[13:21] <@Misato‘> [When Aline opened her eyes, it’d just be her and her dad again…]
[13:27] * Aline looked back at him. "…He's gone now. He looked so… familiar, though. Like someone I… kn… ew." Aline suddenly realized.
[13:33] <@Misato‘> ["Hm…" Lucien gazed at Aline with clear worry. "Maybe you should get a drink or something. Have a rest."]
[13:38] * Aline slowly nodded, a bit taken aback herself. "…Probably a good idea…" She got up, and wandered off a bit. Let’s pretend that this hospital has a little hot water and tea-bag station. Aline would come back with a reinforced paper cup containing a bit of mediocre tea.
[13:44] <@Misato‘> ["There. That should calm you down a little." Said Lucien with a smile. He patted her on the head. "So. What’re you hoping the little tot will be?"]
[13:55] * Aline stared dreamily. "A cute little sister… or maybe an excitable little brother. I'm not sure~"
[13:58] <@Misato‘> ["I think it might be nice to see you have a little brother. Some energetic rascal who is always climbing trees…"]
[13:58] * Aline giggled a bit. "But hopefully /climbing/ down instead of falling!"
[13:58] <@Misato`> [Lucien chuckled. "I used to like climbing trees as a little boy. I fell my fair share as well."]
[13:59] <Aline> "Ohhhhhh." She grinned, though. "You obviously lived this long after it, though. Mostly intact~"
[14:07] <@Misato`> ["I guess I’m just a very lucky man."-
[14:12] <@Misato‘> [Minutes trickled into hours. At some point, Aline fell asleep- Lucien took off her glasses and made sure that she was as comfortable as she could be.-
[14:14] <@Misato`> [And so before long, she’d find someone shaking her awake, the thin, watery wintry dawn shining through a nearby window. "Aline?"]
[14:17] * Aline shook her head wearily. "Uuuug, I must've fallen asleep… Can I have my glasses?"
[14:20] <@Misato‘> [A pair of glasses are shakily handed to her. "Aline. Aline…" It’s her dad. "It's… It's over."]
[14:28] * Aline /leapt/ to attention, suddenly. "Oh… oh! Is everything alright?!"
[14:32] <@Misato‘> [Lucien rubbed at his eyes for a moment…-
[14:33] <@Misato`> [Before nodding, looking utterly worn out but smiling nevertheless. "You have a little sister."]
[14:34] * Aline breathed in and out a few times, but then smiled right back. She had the luxury of sleep. "Ooh~"
[14:35] <@Misato`> ["Your mother was just at her end, so she’s asleep now, but… I think we have a baby to see. Come on!" He wheeled around and started heading off.]
[14:37] * Aline sauntered in after him, being quite polite in allowing her now-crippled father to move in first. Besides, it was his daughter. In that sense, he deserved it even more~
[14:39] <@Misato‘> [For this, Lucien struggled to his feet. It hurt, and he wasn’t perfectly steady, but it was enough.-
[14:39] <@Misato‘> [He hobbled over to a cradle in the nursery, gesturing Aline over hurriedly.]
[14:53] * Aline rushed in alongside him, and stared out into the cradle… keeping a bit closer to him to make sure he didn’t /fall/.
[14:56] <@Misato‘> [Within was a tiny baby girl, fast asleep, curled up with her hands balled into fists near her face. A tiny, hardly-visible crop of white hair could be seen on the top of her head. "My little sweetheart." Murmured Lucien, tears forming in his eyes. "My… My little Anastasie…"]
[15:00] * Aline stared more, and… a weird, exaggerated glow lit her face. Not a /literal/ glow, but just… she was astonishingly happy. "Aww… she’s so cute…!"
[15:05] <@Misato‘> [A hug. A big tight hug as Lucien grabbed his daughter, the tears flowing down his face.]
[15:06] * Aline was more than willing to hug him back, and… clung. She wasn’t crying, but she was sort of… shivering a little, out of pure emotion.
[15:09] <@Misato‘> ["We… We should go see your mum soon." He murmured, although he clearly wasn’t going anywhere soon.]
[15:10] <Aline> "Soon." That was all Aline said. "Soon…"

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