He Said No Mr Caine Simply Relying On What I Know

[18:41] <Ikari‘Gendo> [Sept would wake up in… It was a room that felt like a hospital room. White walls, a bed. His side wrapped with gauze tight enough that he had trouble breathing. There was a machine that made a ’ping!' sound. He was alone.]
[18:44] <Sept> He felt for something to hold on to with his hands. Maybe he could get up? He'd be a little less helpless.
[18:45] <Ikari‘Gendo> [His body shuddered at the sudden agony as he tried to move, and even then his arms… Weren’t responding. Nor were his legs.]
[18:50] <Sept> Panic started to set in. He tried to call out. "H… hello?"
[18:52] <Ikari‘Gendo> [The door opened.-
[18:53] <Ikari`Gendo> A man walked in, alone. Gendo. He seemed a little tired, but then again… It might’ve just been a trick of the light. His face was as tight and controlled as ever.]
[18:57] * Sept opened his mouth, but decided against saying anything. He looked dully to the side instead, breathing slowly. This was a whole new kind of pain to work with.
[18:59] * Ikari‘Gendo dragged a chair over. Sat down next to Sept, took off his glasses.-
[18:59] <Ikari`Gendo> He had… Very blue eyes. They seemed oddly familiar to Sept. "Good morning, Sera."
[19:01] * Sept looked at the eyes, not in them. "Hello…" The intonation suggested there was something else to that sentence.
[19:02] <Ikari`Gendo> "Gendo is fine."
[19:04] <Sept> "What are you… trying?" His speech paused regularly for another shallow gulp of air.
[19:05] <Ikari`Gendo> "I am trying to be somewhat less of an uncompromising old man because I can tell that it’ll get us both nowhere." Said Gendo quietly. "You have no patience for uncompromising old men."
[19:09] <Sept> "Hhhh…" It was laughter. It continued for almost a whole second before it launched Sera into a rather exquisitely painful coughing fit. Eventually, he got back to that shallow breathing rhythm again. "Pity for a cripple?"
[19:10] * Ikari‘Gendo let out a low, short laugh. "Perhaps. Do you -want- pity?"
[19:12] <Sept> "If I’ve ended up a cripple because of -that-… yes."
[19:12] <Ikari‘Gendo> "Don’t worry. The injuries are not permanent. Is this the first time you've broken a rib?"
[19:16] <Sept> A rib… That's all? That couldn't be all. "Can't say… I've broken -something- in there before… Still had my arms, though."
[19:18] <Ikari‘Gendo> "That would be the tranquiliser. We’re keeping you a little sedated because, while you have a single broken rib, you also have many other fractures and the like. Moving around would exacerbate those injuries."
[19:22] <Sept> That was more like it. A broken rib couldn't radiate that far. "I see… how long?"
[19:23] <Ikari‘Gendo> "The injuries should completely heal within three to four weeks. We should have you walking within a few days, however."
[19:26] <Sept> "Mmh." Sera seemed satisfied with the answers he’d received. He began gazing at the wall again.
[19:29] <Ikari‘Gendo> "I would like to know what happened."
[19:31] <Sept> "You’ll have to be… more specific. What part didn't you see?"
[19:32] <Ikari‘Gendo> "Everything, as I have not seen it from your point of view. I would like to start from the beginning, from when Dr. Ikari first took you inside that room."
[19:38] <Sept> "Yui…" He thought back to that time. "She…" Words were sought after. But none could quite describe it. "-fuck-. How could she -do- that?"
[19:39] <Ikari`Gendo> "Explain."
[19:41] * Sept was trying to blink his eyes dry. "You let her do that. Must have authorised the-hhh… whole project. You’re -sick-."
[19:42] <Ikari‘Gendo> "I get the feeling you’re not exactly a God-fearing Creationist harping on about the rape of the sanctity of human life, so why don't you try to elaborate on what, exactly, makes me sick."
[19:49] <Sept> "You… can't have a family where… everyone is the same. You're… throwing away everything the NeoSpartans… hurt for." A pause to stabilise his breathing. "And most of all… why would she want this?"
[19:50] <Ikari‘Gendo> "Mm." Gendo leaned back, putting his glasses on. "What makes you say they’re all the same?"
[19:51] * Sept glared. "Don't give me that. They're all… Rei."
[19:53] <Ikari‘Gendo> "For now. But they will inevitably be split up. They will all be exposed to different stimuli, different experiences that will shape them all into individuals. Am I mistaken?"
[19:58] <Sept> "You… changed their memories. Built them without respect… out of someone dead. Made them obey. You did not ask if it was alright. Do you remember… when we talked about having a god complex?"
[20:00] <Ikari`Gendo> "I do. You believe my actions to be of that nature?"
[20:02] <Sept> "A thoroughly selfish act… disguised as something for the greater good. If that’s not… then what?"
[20:05] * Ikari‘Gendo smirked a little. "You understand of course that the Mass Production Pilot project has existed as a concept since before you yourself were a pilot. For a long time we considered cloning Alexandre Fontaine, or Langley-Soryu."
[20:10] <Sept> "-Stop- avoiding the question." Sera hissed, baring his teeth. "Of course you don’t build… those things overnight. You could ask… Alexandre and Asuka. Do it with -respect-. But still you chose to bring… your own daughter back… there's nothing she's better at… than any NeoSpartan. Six of her couldn't… -even kill me-."
[20:12] <Ikari‘Gendo> "One of them was enough to defeat you." Said Gendo coolly. "You’re alive only because Dr. Ikari told them to stop."
[20:43] <Sept> "What does… korosu mean? In that time… could've slit my throat with the glass. Aline had already… softened me up. Could've even drowned me in… the tanks. It's what we did when the Covenant came… Used what we had. Efficiently. A real enemy wouldn't… give you time to wait for a command. She couldn't… kill with a chair… tear the head off a wolf… escape from the Liberated
[20:43] <Sept> Nations… She's -not- one of us."
[20:49] <Ikari‘Gendo> "’Korosu' means 'to kill'." Said Gendo. "The fact that you are alive now implies merely that the Pilots took mercy on you despite their orders, not that they were incapable. They're more than capable of killing." Said Gendo coldly. "Any one of them could ruin a Neospartan. Just as one of them ruined you. Curb your exceptional arrogance."
[20:55] <Sept> "Still don't understand..? What are those words you people like to use…" Sept grinned, very faintly, and looked away for a moment, feigning deep thought. "Ah. 'Singular data point'. And 'unsatisfactory experimental conditions'."
[20:56] <Ikari‘Gendo> "Would you like me to organise a demonstration? Perhaps have Tsubaki fight them one at a time, over and over, a hundred times?"
[21:05] <Sept> "Hhehhh…" Damn. He was doing it again. More furious coughing as Sera tried to keep his body still despite everything else. "I… don’t need that. Listen to yourself. You're saying you'd cause… that kind of pain to all of your daughter… and Tsubaki, who's practically your daughter too…" He suppressed an urge to laugh again. "No. You will not 'have them fight' anyone… they should
[21:05] <Sept> not be yours. And if they are, as it seems to be… they are not human. And should not be involved in the destiny of humans." A wider grin appeared, now. "The Ikari family is… late to the game. You try so hard to surpass… them, with your solutions to problems that are… no longer there. They'll always be a step ahead, Gendo. -Always-."
[21:11] <Ikari‘Gendo> "You seem to misunderstand." Said Gendo, with an almost bored tone in his voice. "This is a game I’ve long since won. He knew it. And you know it, too, although you wish you didn't."
[21:12] <Sept> "Explain."
[21:13] <Ikari‘Gendo> "Simple. I’ve revealed you as the hypocrite you've always been."
[21:15] <Sept> "Ahh. The final breakthrough… in your ultimate research. This accomplishes… what?"
[21:16] * Ikari‘Gendo laughed. "It tells me you’ve never changed one bit."
[21:18] <Sept> "I hear that… a lot. Browsing those goddamn… cheat sheets of yours again?"
[21:20] <Ikari‘Gendo> "No, Mr. Caine. Simply relying on what I know."
[21:21] <Sept> "…" The boy stared. "-Sera-. Try to get it right."
[21:22] <Ikari`Gendo> "A puppet name as appropriate for a puppet, I suppose." Said Gendo. "But you’ll always be Caine to me."
[21:26] <Sept> "True Caines seek only to inspire. Not what you've done here… All your girl wants… is the death you took from her."
[21:26] <Ikari‘Gendo> "She seems rather willing to live to me."
[21:31] <Sept> "Go ahead, put her in an Eva. She’ll be dead before the first battle is over. If the Angels… don't use that against her, she'll do it herself. Her sisters… won't last that long. You've created puppets that… kill themselves from the inside. The Caines… one step ahead."
[21:31] <Ikari‘Gendo> "You’re blathering. You should actually explain what you're trying to say."
[21:36] <Sept> "And rob you of… the joy of discovery? You'll have to see for yourself… See what will become of the great Gendo Ikari. I'll be watching, too."
[21:37] <Ikari‘Gendo> "Ah. So you don’t actually know what you mean." Said Gendo, standing up. "I wonder if Ginevre has a replacement for you somewhere."
[21:39] <Sept> "No one else… can pilot 01. We have a replacement for… your son, however…"
[21:40] <Ikari‘Gendo> "Oh?"
[21:41] <Sept> "Isaiah was just as close to Rei… Of course, if he were to go as well, your girl… would be obsolete. Wouldn’t she?"
[21:43] * Ikari‘Gendo was at this point actually rolling his eyes behind his glasses. "I believe this belongs to you." Gendo reached into his coat, tossing a newspaper clipping onto Sept’s chest.
[21:44] * Sept reached… wait, no. He. Uh. Tried to read it where it was. Wriggle around a bit to move it, maybe.
[21:45] <Ikari‘Gendo> The pathetic display brought a little cheer to Gendo, so he reached out and unfolded the newspaper clipping so that Sept could see and read it.-
[21:46] <Ikari`Gendo> [It was a German newspaper clipping. 1986…-
[21:46] <Ikari`Gendo> [A photograph of some high school children. In the front…-
[21:46] <Ikari`Gendo> [Was… Sera himself. No. His hair was a little longer, but it was uncannily the same person.-
[21:46] <Ikari`Gendo> [Next to him were teenagers a year or two older, strikingly similar to each other; both had blonde hair and thin builds. A boy and a girl; the boy had a very gentle face with long hair; the girl had a very impassive, critical face.-
[21:46] <Ikari`Gendo> [And finally, two adults; a black-haired woman and a blonde-haired man.]
[21:50] * Sept strained his neck to make it out clearly. After a few rereads and -inspections, his head fell back on the pillow. "What the fuck is this, Gendo."
[21:51] <Ikari`Gendo> "Oh, you can’t read German. A pity." Said Gendo. "It's a newspaper clipping of the Caine family outside of their children's private school in Hamburg. That's Azariah." He pointed at the blonde-haired boy. "Mary." The girl. "Elisha, of course." At the photographic Sera. "And finally, Jeremiah and Sharon Caine."
[22:00] <Sept> "…" Silence, a few more glances at the paper. "What. Are you after?"
[22:02] * Ikari‘Gendo took the paper. Carelessly tore it in half down the middle and tossed the halves onto Sept’s chest. "Everything. I think Ginevre owes you an explanation when you get home." Said Gendo. With that, he turned, and headed for the door.
[22:08] <Sept> "Gendo." A voice barely held together from god-knows-what emotions.
[22:09] * Ikari`Gendo ignored it. He opened the door and closed it behind him without stopping.
[22:14] * Sept hesitated. And braced himself. "AT LEAST GIVE THEM THIS CHRI-" His body convulsed with the coughs, sending one half of the paper to the floor. Damn. It might take him all day to get it up. Sera tasted blood in his mouth.

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