He Said Right Good Luck Then Edgar

[15:32] <Sept> [A cloudy and gloomy afternoon in Paris-2. Sera de Pteres' school day had finished, and he was busy wasting away the rest of his day. The boy took his time on the way back to his place, stopping by coffee shops just to hang out and look at the lack of customers. In between, he lingered on the streets not bustling with traffic. On a smaller practically abandoned street, he eyed a rock by
[15:32] <Sept> the sidewalk ponderously as he passed by.]
[15:41] <@Isaiah> [… The rock did not peer back.-
[15:41] <@Isaiah> [… Nevertheless as he walked this route home, he'd hear something. A commotion. It sounded like voices- angry ones.]
[15:44] <Sept> But… he had no cookies! An exit… an alley, maybe? An apartment building's stairwell? Were they already approaching?
[15:46] <@Isaiah> [They didn't seem to be approaching. But they were growing louder- and some of the voices were in pain.]
[15:51] <Sept> Another attack? There had been no alarms. But what could he do to help? The people still hated NERV, didn't they? He'd been told to try to stay clear of crowds - not that he'd needed the encouragement. But… maybe they wouldn't notice him if he took just a quick look? He had to know what was going on in his city, after all. What kind of Protector would he be otherwise?
[15:54] <@Isaiah> [And so Sera would creep off to take a peek. And what would he see?-
[15:55] <@Isaiah> [… Why, a brawl! It seemed to be between a boy in a bright red jacket and a bunch of what could only be called thugs. Sept had no way of knowing, but considering how the latter were armed with bats and the like, it seemed as though they'd jumped the boy- and were paying the price dearly.-
[15:55] <@Isaiah> [… Wasn't that Edgar?]
[16:00] * Sept leaned back against the wall behind the corner for a few moments, processing the scene. Then, he flicked out a knife and approached. "HEY!"
[16:05] <@Isaiah> [One of the thugs looked over and was promptly kicked in the jaw. He let out a cry of pain and keeled over.-
[16:06] <@Isaiah> ["This is bullshit-" Cried another, and started to run.-
[16:06] <@Isaiah> ["Hey!" Edgar growled. "Get back here-" He turned to Sera as the last few fled. "I had 'em…!"]
[16:08] * Sept put away the knife. Trying to put on a smile, but failing under the weight of the circumstances. "Oh. I-I'm sure there'll be more..? What are you doing here, Edgar?"
[16:10] <@Isaiah> ["Beatin' the crap out of some punks." Edgar straightened his jacket. He had some cuts and bruises, but nothing serious. "Gonna go look for some more." He started to walk off.]
[16:13] * Sept started pathetically after him, hand outstretched. "H-hey, Edgar, wait… could we talk? I can help you with… that, afterward. If you want."
[16:22] <@Isaiah> ["…" Edgar pauses. He turns and looks back. "What is it?"]
[16:26] <Sept> "I haven't seen you in a while. No one has. I'm worried, Edgar. What happened?"
[16:33] <@Isaiah> ["What do you mean, what happened? I stopped comin' to school. No one seems to give a damn. World turns."]
[16:36] * Sept pondered. No, they were still watching him. There was no way he could pull off the same. "-I- give a damn, Edgar. It's not the same without you. I'm sure… the judo club feels the same?"
[16:42] <@Isaiah> ["Whatever. I don't give a shit about the club anymore." He muttered angrily.]
[16:47] <Sept> "But what about teaching everyone to defend themselves? -Edgar-." A deep breath. "What happened? This isn't like you."
[16:53] <@Isaiah> ["Yeah? Sorry to disappoint." He spat, turning away. Angrily, he kicked a prone thug in the ribs. "She- she's dead. My sister-" Another vicious kick. "MY SISTER! AMELIA! She- she shouldn't have died! She shouldn't have left me alone like this!"]
[16:59] * Sept paid no attention to the helpless figure on the ground, instead facing the assailant with a look of vague guilt. "…oh. W-well, you're right, but… she saved a lot of people, Edgar. It wasn't for nothing." A slight pause. "You're not alone," he muttered.
[17:02] <@Isaiah> ["Don't. Just- don't." He growled, jumping up onto garbage bin with a crash. He sat down. "Every goddamned miserable hope and dream I've had ever since I was a kid is worthless. I can't do it without Amelia, I-I just…" He grit his teeth. "I -can't-."]
[17:13] <Sept> "No," Sera insisted slowly, in a sympathetic tone. "S-she wouldn't have done that for, for some kids, if she wasn't sure you'd have someone. I know she was the only one back when you started, and it was scary and tough, but… you have every one of us now. Nothing's impossible."
[17:15] <@Isaiah> ["Yeah? And did she have you guys, too?"]
[17:20] * Sept looked Edgar in the eyes, trying to find the words. "She… w-we fought together, Edgar. We were all there."
[17:21] <@Isaiah> ["I shoulda been there. I shoulda died too."]
[17:26] * Sept hung his head. "I know… But, it's not worth it, and you can't do anything but t-try to be stronger…"
[17:35] <@Isaiah> ["Get stronger…" He muttered to himself. "Yeah, and how do I do that? A whole part of me's just been ripped out."]
[17:43] <Sept> "I… don't know. You try to make sure you'll be there the next time. That you'll make it up somehow. Th-that's what I do."
[17:47] <@Isaiah> ["And what am I supposed to protect?"]
[17:49] <Sept> "Your family," Sera said flatly.
[17:50] <@Isaiah> ["She died in the tunnels." He jumped off the bin. "I don't have any family left."
[17:50] <@Isaiah> ]
[17:52] <Sept> "You do! We're all in this together, you, Asuka, Alexandre… Viviane." Sera made a hopeful face.
[17:57] <@Isaiah> ["Heh. That kind of family? I don't really have a choice, huh?" He zipped up his jacket. "What I wouldn't give to have ran away all those years ago, to have left all this bullshit behind. I wouldn't have to live in this city. Amelia wouldn't be dead. I had my chance to run, and I was a coward and I didn't take it." He cracked his knuckles. "So yeah, I guess I might as well just suck it up and fight for whatever. For that 'family'. Ain't much good bein' done otherwise. They might as well get a return on their investment." He muttered furiously.]
[18:02] * Sept was still standing quite still, a pace or two from Edgar, looking at him intently. "Y-you can hit me if you want."
[18:05] <@Isaiah> ["Eh." Edgar jabbed Sept in the stomach, but it wasn't very hard. "You fuckin' killed it, man. I had my blood up and then you have to go and be like a puppy, with those pleas of yours." He sighed long and hard. "Look, I can't make any promises about anything, but I'll… Try to get my act together or something."]
[18:10] * Sept smiled despite the disappointment of the impact. "That's all I ask. And… sorry. Would you like me to help you, now?"
[18:10] <@Isaiah> ["What, beat up some bitch punks?"]
[18:12] * Sept looked nervous at the wording. "Y-yeah, that. I promised, didn't I."
[18:13] <@Isaiah> ["Right. Let's do it then. Person who gets the most down wins."]
[18:15] <Sept> "Okay. You're on. D-do I get a non-judo handicap?"
[18:15] <@Isaiah> ["Nope."]
[18:18] <Sept> "…right. Good luck, then, Edgar."
[18:22] <@Isaiah> ["Good luck to -you-, boy."]

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