He Said That S Wrong

[20:17] <Nagisa‘Kaworu> [The monitors continued to burn, throwing images of the Evangelion hangar areas from every angle. On the images, a stream of uniformed technicians and employees streamed to and fro.-
[20:17] <Nagisa`Kaworu> "Double-chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan."
[20:25] <W> No reaction for several seconds. W had been trying to subtly train his partner in patience, like a parent might teach a child by gradually lengthening their response times. But Kaworu was a formidable foe in this regard, and had rarely, if ever, showed signs of frustration at being ignored. So the sleuth’s best bet was to quit while he was ahead. He paused the images before the parasite
[20:25] <W> could start again. "What is it, Nagisa?" He asked the monitors
[20:25] <W> .
[20:26] <Nagisa‘Kaworu> "We’ve been doing this for two days. I'm bored. Can't we swap over to something else?"
[20:30] <W> "We can't. This is the thing we need to get past before we move on to anything else. We're running several investigations at the same time. If we're behind on one of them, we'll miss things in the others. And I will not backtrack any of my investigations because you were bored. Anything else?"
[20:30] <Nagisa‘Kaworu> "I’m hungryyyy. We should go buy a pizza."
[20:32] <W> "You can order one in. I'm not hungry."
[20:32] <Nagisa‘Kaworu> "Can I use your credit?"
[20:34] <W> "Will your bodily cravings affect your concentration otherwise?"
[20:35] <Nagisa`Kaworu> "Of course they will!"
[20:43] <W> "Hmph. Go ahead. It’s a justifiable expense, then. Anything else?"
[20:43] <Nagisa‘Kaworu> "Can I borrow your phone?"
[20:44] <W> "No, you can not. There’s one just outside."
[20:45] <Nagisa‘Kaworu> "Fiiiiiine." Kaworu got to his feet and headed towards the door.
[20:48] * W made the little people on the wall resume their daily activities, occasionally pausing and zooming, rewinding and replaying. Work shift lists were cross-referenced, security clearances double-checked.
[20:49] <Nagisa`Kaworu> "Hello~? Yes? Is this the Roman Pizza on Kremlin Road?" Kaworu’s voice was insufferably loud. "Yes, could I get three large pizzas- one meat lover's, one a lasagna pizza, and one a butter chicken pizza? Yes, right, the name is "Double-Chan", the address is the Geofront. Hello? Hello?" A curse in Japanese. "Hello? Don't hang up on me this time, I'm serious!"-
[20:53] <Nagisa‘Kaworu> [On the screen, Jean le Metz (Technical, Eva maintenance) entered an Evangelion hangar; Wilhelm Reid (Technical, Weapons Maintenance) exited, carrying a toolbox; Benjamin Francis (Technical/Security, Weapons Maintenance/S2 Internal Agent) entered, pushing a trolley.]
[20:55] <W> There were more S2 Agents here than there were Jeans. What was this one up to?
[20:56] <Nagisa`Kaworu> "Yes, I really do mean the Geofront. I promise I’ll pay you when you get here, just tell them Nagisa Kaworu sent you. Good. Good? Ok. Tata~" Kaworu slipped back in. "They thought I was a prank, Double-chan! How rude."-
[20:56] <Nagisa‘Kaworu> [Francis was off towards the Weapons Locker for EVA-01. Apparently he was on legitimate business today.]
[21:00] <W> "They have good instincts, clearly. Maybe we should ask them to review some of these tapes." The tapes resumed as usual.
[21:00] <Nagisa`Kaworu> "T-that’s mean…"-
[21:05] <Nagisa‘Kaworu> [Benjamin Francis talked to Catherine Garde (Technical, Eva Maintenance) before continuing on. Meanwhile, Jean le Metz entered an Evangelion hangar; Michel Bonehomme (Technical, R&D Sector) entered a moment or two after; and Wilhelm Reid reentered, chatting with Henri Laforet (Technical, Entry Plug Maintenance) on the awy.]
[21:05] <Nagisa`Kaworu> <way*>
[21:12] <W> "That’s wrong." All of the monitors stopped, except one that was rewinded to some moments earlier, then resuming on both points in time.
[21:13] <Nagisa‘Kaworu> "It -is- wrong! Take it back right now, Double-chan!"-
[21:13] <Nagisa`Kaworu> [Jean le Metz entered an Evangelion hangar; Michel Bonehomme (Technical, R&D Sector) entered a moment or two after; and Wilhelm Reid reentered, chatting with Henri Laforet (Technical, Entry Plug Maintenance) on the way.]
[21:16] <W> "I did take it- wait, what the hell are you talking about? Kaworu, did NERV start using androids in their work force recently?"
[21:17] <Nagisa`Kaworu> "You were being mean- Androids?" A sudden weight on W’s shoulder as Kaworu deposited his head on said shoulder. "Only clones and child soldiers~"
[21:20] <W> A faint disco-esque beat reached Kaworu's ears from his vantage point. "Yeah." W nodded at the two live screens. "One of these scenes never happened. They got to the cameras."
[21:23] <Nagisa‘Kaworu> "That sounds tricky…" Murmured Kaworu. "The cameras should show which one is fake, right? If one of them is fake, then another camera should have that person appear in the hangar, whilst the fake shouldn’t."
[21:25] <W> "Yeah. But if they got to one…" He set to work on the interface, retrieving alternate angles, first from the hangar itself, then just outside, then the corridors leading to the entrance…
[21:29] <Nagisa‘Kaworu> [The cameras for the corridors and the exterior of the hangar, for Jean 1 and Jean 2, recorded almost identical images; Jean walking down a corridor, then the images they’d already seen; however, W would now notice, now that he had more footage, that Jean 2's gait was slightly different. He walked with a somewhat shorter stride… The -internal- cameras showed something rather different. They showed Jean 1 enter, and head off towards EVA-04's cage; then 5 minutes later, they showed Jean 2 enter… And walk off in an entirely different direction, towards EVA-00's.]
[21:34] <W> "Well. It's a good disguise, at least. Not as good as some people I know, but… it fooled them well enough. We can safely assume this is a valid lead. Let's see… do we have a face for our man?" Kaworu, too, knew what time it was. It was CSI-Zoom time.
[21:38] <Nagisa‘Kaworu> [Zoom!-
[21:38] <Nagisa`Kaworu> [… both faces were identical, both to each other and the dossier image.]
[21:40] <W> "Hmmh. What are they up to, then..?" The angles were set up to follow both of the Jeans to their destinations.
[21:43] <Nagisa`Kaworu> [Jean 1 headed off towards EVA-04’s cage, where he chatted to Angela Leclerc (Technical, Eva Maintenance), who left shortly after. Jean 1 mucked about with a nearby console before heading off to an elevator… And put on Bakelite scuba gear, entered into the bakelite lake that encased EVA-04, and vanished off the cameras as he entered the single blind spot in the entire cage.-
[21:44] <Nagisa‘Kaworu> [Jean 2 headed off to EVA-00’s cage, where he knelt down and rubbed his ankle tenderly, before continuing on towards Robert Bretagne (Technical; chief of EVA-00 Maintenance), who gave him his instructions, before he walked off and started assisting crews with painting EVA-00's upper pecs.]
[21:49] <W> "Well. We can swap over to something else now, Kaworu. How does an afternoon interrogation sound?"
[21:49] <Nagisa‘Kaworu> "Can I get my pizzas first?"
[21:50] <W> "No. They’ll be here when we get back." W picked up his cane, slipped out from under Nagisa's head, and walked over to the door, holding it open expectantly.
[21:51] * Nagisa‘Kaworu stared at him with big puppy eyes before laughing and heading through. "Alright~ Whee. Let’s go talk to the doppelganger clone shapeshifter guy~"

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