He Said The At Field Is The Ultimate Form Of Protection

[16:58] * Aline moved through the Geofront with grit, with an unmoving expression… Aline was a girl on a mission. Skip everything else, head straight to Jeanne Simon's office. She had /matters/ to /discuss/ today. She hadn't even bothered to dress up or down, in only a simple red tee and khaki skirt.
[17:04] <Jeanne‘Simon> [There was a slightly tense atmosphere in the Geofront. Of course there had been. Aline had not been accosted, but she’d witnessed the painful demonstrations that had clogged some of the streets in Paris-2; the most overt markings of a psychologically scarred populace, crying for help by crying in anger.-
[17:05] <Jeanne‘Simon> [Aline moved through the barracks. Then into the corridor holding Jeanne’s office. It was right there.]
[17:09] * Aline hadn't liked all that anger, all that pain. She knew anger and pain… but they were blaming NERV - and thus herself, indeed especially herself for her position. If they knew the real reason why the Angels chose Paris-2… they'd probably either leave, stand in unbelieving shock… or flip out right there. It was hard to have to hold that burden, of the truth, at times. But still,
[17:09] * Aline she'd never overload herself from it, and right now she needed more of that weighty truth now. A knock on Jeanne's door. "Hey, it's Aline. I wanted to talk about something."
[17:12] <Jeanne‘Simon> "Come in."
[17:13] * Aline did just that, walking in gently, and closing the door. "…It’s about the blackout. I mostly just wanted to know what you've managed to uncover, if anything, about it."
[17:16] * Jeanne‘Simon was sitting at her desk primly, back straight, hands folded in front of her. "The blackout? That’s Dr. Riel's department. You'd need to speak to her for full details."
[17:16] * Aline looked back and forth… but then shook her head. "Not even if there was the potential for foul play?"
[17:17] <Jeanne‘Simon> "Oh, it was certainly foul play. It just isn’t my department."
[17:19] * Aline seemed utterly incredulous at that, actually. "…What are you playing at? Surely that is security, right?… Should I uh… prove my worth? My honesty?…" Despite the possibility of that being a line of argumentation that might sound sarcastic or bitchy, Aline's tone was actually pleading.
[17:20] * Jeanne‘Simon peered at Aline.-
[17:21] <Jeanne`Simon> "Security is my department, but not when the security breach is caused by an Angel attack."
[17:23] * Aline froze at that. "…So even before…" She scratched her chin, though she still sounded worried. "I’m sorry, I had thought it was some kind of opportunistic human enemy."
[17:27] <Jeanne‘Simon> "The security grid collapsed before the Angel appeared. Dr. Riel would agree that the interception systems here in Paris-2 are the best in the world when it comes to picking up Angels. Therefore, unless some serious shenanigans are afoot, it is unfeasible to think that a human enemy could predict the Angel attack before us then disable our security system just in time for the attack."
[17:28] * Aline nodded, her face still full of disbelief. "…Were there any, any traces of an assailant, or is it really /entirely/ remanded to Dr, Riel? I don’t want to waste your time…"
[17:30] <Jeanne‘Simon> "Entirely remanded to Dr. Riel. The methodology of the attack was such that no physical traces were possible outside of the damage it caused."-
[17:30] <Jeanne`Simon> She blinked slowly. "… Which makes it not my department."
[17:33] * Aline frowned intensely. "…Right. I’ll go ask her, then. I'm really sorry for wasting your time." …Aline began to leave the office.
[17:40] * Jeanne‘Simon watched Aline leave. Once the door was closed, and only when the door was absolutely closed did she hit the button on the bottom of her desk that locked the door. She immediately fell into a slouch, leaned back, legs up on the desk, drawer open, glossy manga in hand. "Oh Hanako-chan, you can’t lose hope yet…~!"-
[17:40] <Jeanne‘Simon> [… Where to now? Off to see Dr. Riel and her Department?]
[17:45] * Aline was definitely heading in that direction!
[17:45] <Jeanne`Simon> [A quick walk, a trip down a slow elevator…-
[17:47] <Jeanne`Simon> [The technical division was -busy- today. They were, in fact, busy all the time, but today they were extra-busy. Dr. Riel stood in the centre near a bank of MAGI consoles. At her shoulder was Adrian Bellamy, silently nodding along with what she was talking about. A fat tiger cub- somewhat larger than Aline’d remembered- sat curled up haphazardly on one of the consoles.]
[17:52] * Aline tried to be relatively calm, unobtrusive… as she advanced on the Doctor. "…Ah… Dr. Riel… if you're not too busy with other matters, I wanted to talk over the blackout incident…?"
[17:58] <Luna‘Riel> "And as you can see, the synchronisation is unstable amongst those without the Libido Effect, so-" She paused to look up from the data to peer at Aline. "Oh! Aline! There you are! Sure, sure, I have time~ I was just showing Adrian here the dual synch data we gained."
[18:01] * Aline nodded. "Oh! Were there any interesting results, before I get to what I came for? I imagine some of them might be amusing. 00’s was probably pretty boring…"
[18:04] <Luna‘Riel> "I wouldn’t say boring. I monitored the readings fairly closely. You and Ayanami shared a fairly strong, somewhat stable synchronisation, but considering what the girl is that's hardly surprising." Dr. Riel grabbed a chair and sat down.-
[18:05] <Luna‘Riel> ["Sera and Anselme’s was a bit over the place." Said Adrian. "Yanmei and Isaiah's was a little… Anomalous due to the weird mindrape beam thing though."]
[18:13] * Aline shook her head at that. "…That one was pretty troubling. It actually /extracted/ things from me. I guess it didn't feel it could torture me properly with other presences. Though at least it took the angriest, least-stable one first…" A shrug, at that. "And no, I suppose it isn't really a surprise, considering. Even though I'm probably a plain human, I'm probably a good fit for
[18:13] * Aline that because of my… experience, anyway." A gesture at Adrian. "I'm a bit unsure. You probably do, but you /do/ know my 'condition', right?"
[18:19] <Luna‘Riel> ["Bearer of an E-Gene and, I hear, the actual residue of an Angel’s AT Field within your own." Said Adrian with a grin. "Full marks?"]
[18:30] * Aline nodded. "…Right then! I just wanted to know if I could speak openly. It was actually trying to rip them out of me, first. I had gotten a second one - Sathariel, or 'the Wraith', but he's gone now, probably sent to wait in dormancy since the Mother of the Angels cannot re-create him or the other dead ones - because that one stole his essence, then died before it could do anything
[18:30] * Aline about it. The one I have is Voriel, or 'the Memory'. They have their own names, interestingly enough, though it's just a halting attempt to describe it in human language." A pause. "For trivia's sake, the Angel we just beat - I believe our codename for it is Malchediel - is referred to as the 'Angel of Death' by its own kind."
[18:39] <Luna‘Riel> ["Huh. The ’Angel of Death'? I guess that makes sense. Even Angels must have some kind of hierarchy if they have names like that." Adrian stretched. "Anyway, I wouldn't worry about whether you can speak openly or not. My wife's a bear of AT-Gene E." He said, his playful grin not yet fading.]
[18:39] <Luna‘Riel> [Bearer*]
[18:42] * Aline stared amazingly wide-eyed. "…I… Nobody ever told me there were other bearers of it. That… that’s…" She rubbed her hands together. "That's interesting news. And…" She actually wagged a finger. "It has that name, actually, because it's named after its purpose. While the others might have a specific soul or idea, his? His purpose was /entirely/ to exterminate our form of
[18:42] * Aline life. What they call the 'lilim'. That's probably why it was able to create an army…" A glance over at Dr. Riel. "…And damage our response systems."
[18:45] <Luna‘Riel> "That… Is actually an interesting thing that I wanted to mention." Said Dr. Riel. "You ok if we leave you, Adrian?"-
[18:45] <Luna`Riel> ["Sure. Just swing by later so I can tell the little lady here about the pseudo-Libido pattern."]
[18:46] * Aline nodded to both of them with a little smile. "Right~"
[18:47] * Luna`Riel headed over to another console- a far simpler one- and bid Aline sit down.
[18:47] * Aline followed along quite willingly, and sat, deciding to wait in patient silence for now.
[18:55] <Luna`Riel> "This is going to make you excited." Said Dr. Riel. "For various reasons. See this? 11:17 AM was when the attack began. Now, at 11:13 AM, do you see what happened here?" She pointed at the computer display, where a log of events of the entire event was displayed. 11:13 was listed as ’SUSPICIOUS DATA PACKAGE RECEIVED; DEEMED MOST LIKELY CAUSE OF INFILTRATION [Subject: 'P-tron testing data f. Gen, Switz.]'. 11:14 AM was listed as 'REMOTE FLUCTUATION TEST BEGIN'.
[19:01] * Aline tilted her head a little. "…So some kind of positron-tech-related data transfer from… Switzerland? Ostensibly." She pondered this further. "…Did the Angel of Death hack us with /social engineering/ techniques?"
[19:15] <Luna‘Riel> "No." Said Dr. Riel with a smile. She scrolled down to 12:27 PM, which read ’POWER GRID REACTIVATED WITHOUT INTERFERENCE'; 12:28 PM, which read 'BRAHMA, VISHNU, SHIVA REBOOT' and 12:29 PM, which read 'THIRTEENTH ANGEL 'IREUL' CONFIRMED EXISTING WITHIN TATA BOX; ATTEMPTED HACKING ON MAGI SYSTEMS'. "Another Angel intercepted the data package mid-transit, somehow merged with it, then shut down our power grid. From what we can tell, it then tried to hack the now-dead computers, so it reactivated our power systems and then tried to break into the absolute centres of the MAGI's core." 12:32 read, 'IREUL INFILTRATES AND REPROGRAMS BRAHMA; BRAHMA INITIATES GEOFRONT SELF-DESTRUCT SYSTEM; DEFEATED BY UNANIMOUS-DECISION SYSTEM'. 12:35 read, 'IREUL INFILTRATES AND REPROGRAMS VISHNU; VISHNU INITIATES GEOFRONT SELF-DESTRUCT SYSTEM; DEFEATED BY UNANIMOUS-DECISION SYSTEM'. 12:37 read, 'IREUL ENCOUNTERS RIEL'S FIREWALL AROUND SHIVA; ADAPTION RESULTS IN ASSIMILATION OF KILL PROGRAM; EVOLUTIONARY IMPETUS INTO DEAD END INITIATED'. Finally, at 12:38… 'IREUL ENACTS KILL PROGRAM; IREUL DEFEATED'.
[19:24] * Aline stared wide-eyed. "…They're appearing together again. They may have not even realized it, but they actually /cooperated/. That's more than The Student and The Memory can say about their mutual encounter." But Aline sighed. "…So while we were fighting one of them… you defeated another. With /itself/."
[19:24] * Luna‘Riel preened with pride.-
[19:25] <Luna`Riel> "No one messes with my computers. But. We actually do believe that the two co-operated. There was a curious surge in the AT detection grid before it collapsed that could’ve been interpreted as a signal."
[19:29] * Aline frowned intensely. "They wouldn't normally do that. All of the others before either ended up alone, or fought. Not that we have much precedent - there are literally too few Angels to create an effective sample size. But… this means nothing is 'sacred'. Nothing is immune. If they can work into the computers… they might work into humans themselves. Or appear human and directly
[19:29] * Aline infiltrate, depending. Not all of them need be giant monsters - this 'Ireul' is proof." …Aline seemed a bit less 'final' about saying that than she really should have been. Hmm. "So if the AT detection grid can be /backfired/ like that… that itself might reflect something unusual. Might even be something to remember, tactically."
[19:35] <Luna‘Riel> "Ireul was fairly unique though. Lacked a core, everything. In fact it was more like a collection of microscopic organisms than an actual ’Angel' Angel. It was capable of evolving extremely rapidly, and it was through this that it hacked our computer systems. It could literally turn itself into electrical signals."
[19:38] * Aline stared again. "Im… pressive. It must have learnt to exist without even vague Angelic matter, and simply be an AT Field with some distributed physical existence - whose nature, of course, could evolve." But… an odd grin. "There's the possibility that trick won't work again, if a more advanced Angel decides to do that. Thinking about this attack actually gave me a ludicrous idea
[19:38] * Aline - but it might help protect the Geofront." A wide grin. "Have you ever considered giving the MAGI System cores AT Fields?"
[19:43] <Luna‘Riel> "We did, but the idea was scrapped early on."
[19:48] * Aline nodded. "…Ah. Probably either due to dangers, or the… very serious problems with trying to gather multiple souls suitable for a computer system… when we’re limited only to salvage - not the true creation of new fields. And they wouldn't be guaranteed to be stable, like the three-part split you used in the actual finished product. That and the organic part, possibly increased
[19:48] * Aline power usage - I mean god, the EVAs need that much electricity for /some/ reason so it might as well be pseudo-Angelic metabolisms to blame."
[19:53] * Luna‘Riel nodded. "That said, you can rest assured I’m going to be doing extensive modifications to the MAGI systems. Trying to figure out a firewall that could resist an Angel. Unfortunately the closest I have to that sort of processing power is to simulate an attack by -other- MAGI Systems."
[19:57] * Aline nodded back, and though. "…I know it might not produce the exact results desired, but you may want to be very cautious during those tests. We know Azariah has the capability to hack MAGI systems, so a simulated attack might prove an /excellent/ time to mount a real one."
[19:58] * Luna‘Riel suddenly glowered, a giant frown on that face. "That Azariah…! Why, if I see him again I’m going to smack him with my own textbooks."
[20:01] * Aline sighed, and shrugged her shoulders… right before delivering a line that really didn't go with such a gentle shrug. "Assuming there's enough of him left to smack, once we're through with him."
[20:02] <Luna‘Riel> "Mmmm…!"
[20:11] * Aline nodded again, but then… "Right~ Anyway, that settles that I guess. I’m just happy that it wasn't a human that did it… that'd be insane, illogical… and terrifying."
[20:15] <Luna‘Riel> "Very much so. But yes, that’s that." Dr. Riel smiled, then glanced back over towards Adrian, who was tickling the tiger cub's nose and pulling his hand back before it bit it. "You going to go speak to him about his discoveries? He's very excited about them."
[20:19] * Aline nodded with a grin. "Certainly. And I can give him some insights too." …A pause. "Also, the Angel you defeated - its 'true name' is The Scribe. It's subservient to the Angel of Death. Its lackey, if you will. But yes~" …And just like that, she wandered off to go to Adrian.
[20:20] * Adrian‘Bellamy had at this point convinced the tiger cub to lay on his back, whilst he poked it in the ribs and rubbed its belly.
[20:24] * Aline giggled almost immediately as she arrived beside Adrian, and peered at the tiger. "It’s cute, isn't it? Less… 'refined' than Isaiah's pet."
[20:34] <Adrian‘Bellamy> "That’s the bloke with the wolf, right?"
[20:38] * Aline nodded. "Yeah, it is. But no, this cat's more adorable~"
[20:40] <Adrian‘Bellamy> "Until it grows up." He deftly managed to avoid a bite. "Then we’ll see whose more refined, eh? Anyway." He pulled out a chair and sat down. "You come to hear about the shiny science?"
[20:48] * Aline nodded, and sat down in her own chair. "Yes. I'm pretty surprised that you're so interested. Before you, I was literally the only pilot that really cared."
[20:51] <Adrian‘Bellamy> "Ah, it’s something that's always set me apart, I guess, so I worked on it as a kid. Anyway." He cracked his knuckles. "You probably don't know much about the Libido Effect, huh?"
[20:56] * Aline tapped her chin a little. "Not in Metabio terms. It's… named after a concept centered around the… will to live, I think?"
[21:21] <Adrian‘Bellamy> "Something like that. I mean, it’s literally something that's only come up in the last, what, five years? Anyway." He pointed at the computer display. In it, there were two basic human figures- one labelled A, the other E. "In Metabio terms, 'Libido' represents a psychic energy that is a part of the AT Field that embodies that person's desire for life. In essence, it's simplest, most passive effect is that of the drive to procreate- the sex drive, but there's more to it than that. When a new life is conceived, the combined libido energies of the two parents momentarily merge to create a small germ of an AT Field. As you know, our AT Fields aren't really exactly self-sufficient, but we assume that the germ is enough to eventually 'grow' into one of the AT Fields in the cycle of reincarnation." Adrian paused, as if tasting that sentence and finding it didn't taste very well. "Either way, the process is subtle, and honestly, the participants have other concerns at the time." He tapped the computer screen. "That changes when you add AT-Gene E to the mix. The bearers of Gene E are more sensitive to AT Fields, right? Like, the whole idea of 'permanent synchronisation' with your Evangelion? This is based on similar ideas. The merging of the Libido during conception not only creates the germ, but actually goes on to form a 'bridge' between the two fields." The computer diagram drew a horizontal line from the A-individual to the E-individual. "The psychic energies of the two Libidos merge permanently, and because Libido is such an important composition of our Fields, the two Fields are linked together in a -veeery- critical way. It's almost a sixth sense. That's the Libido Effect."
[21:26] * Aline stared, and seemed rather impressed at that, actually. And the implications… the /implications/. "So you're saying… that intimate bonds that involve someone with the E-gene… actually form a sort of mind-link of sorts, insofar as they bond together? No wonder you and your wife are suitable to pilot only one unit. It's because you have souls in unison." She thought, distantly.
[21:26] * Aline But she didn't recall something like that with Shinji… "…Wait. A… Are you an A-gene holder?"
[21:32] <Adrian‘Bellamy> "Yeah, ’course."
[21:34] * Aline nodded at that. "…No wonder I haven't formed such bonds in my uh… own…" Sudden blush. "…Experiences. Though there's certainly other anomalies. But then, that makes some sense. Gene for stronger projection of one's field. Gene for reception of other fields. Male and female, in metaphor of their sexual roles. Now… you said there was a pseudo-effect similar to that in the
[21:34] * Aline logs of the copilot situations?"
[21:43] <Adrian‘Bellamy> "Hold up." Said Adrian. "A Libido Effect only forms during conception. So if you and your boy have been sensible little lovers, then you can’t expect to have anything like that happen." He winked. "If you and Pilot Ikari are planning on having anklebiters of your own though, it's only a matter of time."
[21:44] * Aline blinks. "…Oh. I thought it… ohhhh, okay." But then she nodded again. "Sorry about that. But about that data reading…?"
[21:47] <Adrian‘Bellamy> "Well." He brought up a new screen. It displayed three pictures; the first was of EVA-00, with Rei on the left and Aline on the right, both connected to EVA-00 by two lines; the second was of EVA-01, displaying Anselme and Sera in a similar combination; and finally, EVA-04, showing Yanmei and Isaiah in the same way. "This is the reading you get mid-battle, with all the pilots and copilots synchronised."
[21:54] <Aline> "Right. So we have that. No interlink between, at that point… which makes sense. I don’t remember hearing Rei at all."
[22:04] * Adrian‘Bellamy nodded. "Right. Like so," He pushed a button. The EVA-00 icon flashed dark, and the two synch lines vanished. "Synch broken, no bond." He repeated the same for EVA-01 and its pilots. "EVA-01 destroyed, no bond." And then, finally… "This is what happened when EVA-04 was hit by the weird mindrape beam." EVA-04 flashed red. A third line was drawn from off-screen, hitting EVA-04. The line had the word ’Malchediel' written under it. However, once it hit, a -fourth- line was drawn; this time between Yanmei and Isaiah. The line persisted even as Malchediel's line vanished, and even after Synch with EVA-04 was broken. "There. As you can see, Yanmei and Isaiah are linked, even though they're not synchronised with an EVA, and they were both unconscious within seconds of the beam hitting. They're -still- linked. We don't know if it's a pure Libido Effect, but as they're not twins, and Yanmei hasn't mysteriously conceived in the Plug, the chance of that is unlikely. But whatever it is, it's functionally similar in most aspects to the Libido Effect, except… Well… It's been formed by who knows what. Yanmei has the A Gene, but Isaiah isn't a pilot- I don't have access to his records. He either has the A Gene or the E Gene, and the effect -does- imply that he has an E Gene. But… Who knows? Honestly, the explanations range from 'impromptu Libido Effect' to 'melted AT Fields', which is not really the truthful explanation of the idea, but it -is- a very useful lie."
[22:20] * Aline raised a brow. "…So they have those too. Very interesting… very interesting indeed. But. Let me fill in the gaps, since I think this actually moves into my field of speciality." Aline had a semi-smug look on her face. "Namely, study of Angels, their physiology, psychology… And the AT Field effects only they are capable of, less some kind of quantum leap in human capability.
[22:20] * Aline I think the explanation lies in there. Now… I /was/ hit by that attack, myself, but whatever it did, me and Rei resisted the worse of it. But… Let me put it in another way." Aline held her hands slightly out, and let them tilt to either side - a sort of 'presentation'-style gesture. "Human conception, as you explained, is a merging of AT Fields so as to create the germ of a new field.
[22:20] * Aline Now, unfortunately, seeing as we're pseudo-Lilim in terms of AT makeup… er. I should explain that. We're derived from the 'opposite number' of the Angels' mother, but yet, we were not her true creations. We arose spontaneously… from her spilt blood, possibly during what the news authorities may have fancifully dubbed 'First Impact'. Or at least, that's what /I'd/ call a First Impact
[22:20] * Aline that wasn't part of the general fabrication." A pause for breath. "Aaaanyhow. As pseudo-Lilim, we must logically exist in a world only partially oriented towards our field type - since our Mother - our Seed of Life - is not in command, only remnants of her own energy. So we have to scrabble and fight just to reproduce, on a metaphysical level. I have learnt that it is, with sufficient field
[22:20] * Aline strength, possible to simply /create/ a new AT Field whole-cloth, whether from unison - ala sex - or by dividing parts off of an existing soul. Now…" Aline grinned. "The trick is that, AT Field contact doesn't /have/ to be physically intimate. Before I continue, let me ask you this. Why do I have a shade of The Memory - Voriel, since you probably aren't so used to their true-names - bound
[22:20] * Aline within me?"
[22:23] <Adrian‘Bellamy> "If I had to wager a guess, he’d had some kind of contact with you before or during his death."
[22:34] * Aline snapped her fingers. "Exactly! He had extensive mental contact with me because of numerous psychic assaults, as well as in forming the archetype-copy of me - that is, the repressed nature that created what they call the Shadow Men. E-gene AT Fields are 'receiving' in such contact, so… mental contact is enough for an E-bearer to gain traces. The Knight - Samandiriel - appeared to
[22:34] * Aline me as well, but died while still present." A sort of… wistful smile crossed Aline's lips at that. "If he were human, The Knight would prefer his thickshakes with a bit of caramel. Interesting, huh? But, then The Memory - Voriel - for that reason… and he actually /intentionally/ extracted The Wraith - Sathariel - after that battle. Guy was really angry about that. And losing. And basically
[22:34] * Aline everything actually." Aline shrugged absently. "But I'm rambling, or maybe even bragging. The point is, for Angels… contact on the purely mental realm is one possible way of /spiritual/ intimacy, almost as if to match human physical intimacy. So given enough time with a sufficiently receptive mind… they'll form that bond. On death, the remaining 'pieces' become lost in the sea of that
[22:34] * Aline soul." But… she tapped at the part of the screen that displayed the line between Isaiah and Yanmei. "The difference here is that the Angel of Death pulled them /both/ in, while synchronized with 04. Even as the synch with their unit ended… they were still linked. Linked with /the Angel/. Unlike with EVA synchronization, which is mediated by hardware and the restraining systems put into
[22:34] * Aline a unit… Angelic contact is full-on, and likely as a side effect, the two of them were also fully intimately connected to each other." She shrugged her shoulders near-sympathetically. "I can't say what they /did/ while in whatever mindscape he conjured, but they must have reasserted their bond and worked together to destroy the invading entity. A bit of a mistake on his part, to attack
[22:34] * Aline two people with that kind of bond between them - they've described themselves as soulmates before, and I'm willing to believe them, even before I heard of this." Aaand a sort of finalizing gesture of folding her arms and nodding. "So, thoughts on that?"
[22:36] <Adrian‘Bellamy> "…" Adrian let out a small ’huh'. "You know, that's a far more dramatic way of forming a permanent soul bond than having a kid."
[22:36] * Adrian‘Bellamy did however grin. "It sounds fairly sound, though."
[22:37] <Aline> "Yup! But Yanmei’s been uncomfortable about having children anyway, so whenever they /do/ have one, that bond might actually make it easier~"
[22:44] <Adrian‘Bellamy> "Kids are great." Said Adrian cheerfully. "Hm. It’ll take them awhile to realise it though- by the time Belle and I realised we'd linked like that we… Sort of knew we'd always had been at the same time. It's weird." He rubbed his chin. "It's a shame they won't give me access to Ayanami's database. I'm curious to see if she's an E or an A, but she's probably an A like her brother." He humphed.
[22:47] * Aline taptapped. "Well, that cements that. I'll have to brief him on the possibility when I have a chance." Though… then she smirked wide. "Well, I forget. Do you know Rei's… strangeness? It sort of throws a big wrench into the whole equation."
[22:47] <Adrian‘Bellamy> "I know she’s a clone with Fancy Wacky NERV Science Gone Mad Powers, but they won't let me see the nuts and bolts."
[22:48] <Adrian‘Bellamy> [A passing scientist shot Adrian a withering glare that he cheerfully ignored.]
[22:49] * Aline grinned. "…Well. Since a bunch of random 1st-years know now - on some level - anyway… Those powers are from Angelic biology. I confirmed /that/ myself. See, she happened to be around the /one/ time I intentionally evoked The Memory… It’s very trippy to be able to actually sense AT Fields and the like /without/ an EVA, by the by."
[22:56] <Adrian‘Bellamy> "Oh. Huh." He frowned as he stared at his computer screen. "-Huh-. Wacky NERV Science indeed." Said Adrian drily. "Interesting you should say that about the AT Field. I dunno, since, well, it’s you and not me… But I wonder if your having an E Gene changes how your AT Field acts in battle. You'd think it would, since the A Gene is the only reason the other pilots can, well, pilot at all, it seems, but yours seems to function normally…"
[23:01] * Aline tilted her head back and forth. "Now you're pusing into /your/ speciality… A Gene… ability to focus and extend one's will into AT Field effects. The newer generation can't use it for 'psychic powers'… but it allows piloting, apparently." Aline tapped her chin. "Yet, E gene is the opposite. A weakness to external AT Field force… some people - who are probably egotistical and
[23:01] * Aline a bit overmasculine - believe that it's /directly/ a psychic liability to be like that. But…" Aline shook her head a little. "Maybe it's that, while A-Gene pilots focus their will into using the EVA… E-Gene pilots open themselves /to/ it? It's worth noting that mine doesn't just function normally, but /exceptionally/. I'm to the point now where I can do crazy things like conjure the
[23:01] * Aline 'Angel's Cross', or rip portals into spacetime - I've even copied some techniques that are otherwise unique to one Angel or another. The others… the others might only /dream/ of accomplishing those kinds of things, but to me they're casual parts of my tactical playbook."
[23:03] <Adrian‘Bellamy> "Well then." He leaned back in his chair and shot her the perfect killing smile- a superbly balanced mix of casual and smug. "I look forward to surpassing you."
[23:05] * Aline smirked. "Two against one, huh? It’s not about competition, way I see it." The smirk softened into a much gentler smile. "I will never handle a gun like Yanmei can. I'll never take hits and halt advances like Sera can. And I'll never be able to /tear things the hell apart/ like Shinji can. Specialities, no?"
[23:09] * Adrian‘Bellamy nodded. "Sure, I can see that." He stretched. "But, there is one little insight I hope you picked up on today." He winked. "You now know why Isabelle reacted so harshly to the idea that we couldn’t live apart."
[23:12] * Aline …nodded. "So that's… I see. I see! Very interesting. I keep saying that, but I do mean it. And…" She matched the stretch, arms casually folded behind her head. "I admit, before that, I just thought 'oh, it's a natural reaction to Sera going /far afield/.' But it makes sense that there was a deeper meaning to that."
[23:15] * Adrian‘Bellamy nodded. "Strictly speaking, it’s not something we tell to just -anyone-. But it's helpful. Isabelle is, er… Well, we're both passionate, she's just a little more intense than I am. To be fair to her, I got off better than she did in the Life Lottery."
[23:16] * Aline nodded at that. "Different from the other couples, my own included, that I know of… usually they have relatively equal amounts of 'screwed'."
[23:17] * Adrian‘Bellamy gave Aline a sly sidelook. "Seems like you’d know all about that, huh~?"
[23:26] * Aline peered back. "You /know/ I mean metaphorically."
[23:29] * Adrian‘Bellamy grinned. "Just sayin’."
[23:30] * Aline shook her head, with a bit of a shrug. "…I /suppose/. It's not like you don't!"
[23:31] <Adrian‘Bellamy> "Yeah, but I’m not the one who 'forms spiritual intimacy' with Angels, plural."
[23:37] * Aline twitched at that. "Y-you… Gah!" Both blushing /and/ angry. Score! But aline could hardly even come up with much more of a response.
[23:38] * Adrian‘Bellamy reached over and ruffled Aline’s hair. "Gotcha." The smirkiest of smirks.
[23:44] * Aline grabbed her head to try to smooth out some of the damage… and then started to backpedal. "Since you're going to do /that/, then I guess we've run out of real topics, huh?" She wasn't that /pissed/, but it wasn't quite cheery either. Guarded, maybe. "I'll… see you. Maybe."
[23:45] <Adrian`Bellamy> "Ahaha. Alright! And Aline? One last thing?"
[23:52] * Aline did stare back. "…Ah?"
[23:52] <Adrian`Bellamy> "Remember." He said in a solemn voice, with a facial expression that looked as though it was powered by a power source that ran entirely on smug,-
[23:52] <Adrian`Bellamy> "The AT Field is the ultimate form of protection."
[23:58] * Aline …audibly groaned. "…Always with the…" But she did not finish her sentence, and instead just walked on out~

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