He Said The Only Right Reason To Pilot Is Because You Were M

[17:01] <Sept> Again with the elevators. The only thing different about this one was the inspection date and other fine print, which were naturally in Japanese. The trip was technically shorter than what Sera was used to, but it was easily compensated for by fear of the unknown. So he just stood in the middle of the elevator, fidgeting.
[17:03] <Ikari‘Gendo> [The elevator doors opened.-
[17:08] <Ikari`Gendo> [Gendo’s office was… Small. Or rather, far smaller than Ginevre's massive office. It was perhaps one quarter of the size, and far more -filled-, with bookcases, filing cabinets, a couch that could fold out into a bed, a mini-kitchen, and of course a desk. A desk that sat in the middle of a twelve-pointed star light ensemble. The floor was tile, just like at home. The man was sitting at his desk, his white-gloved hands working away on some paper, his glasses opaque.]
[17:12] * Sept thought of calling out, but. The least he could do was extend him the same courtesy he would to Ginevre. So, he waited.
[17:14] <Ikari‘Gendo> Time passed.-
[17:15] * Ikari`Gendo methodically went through about 10-15 sheets of paper before he finally looked up. "de Pteres. What is it?"
[17:18] <Sept> "Sera. I wanted to talk, Gendo. Do you have time?"
[17:19] * Ikari`Gendo looked down at his watch. "Mm."
[17:21] * Sept took a seat. Established protocol had functioned so far. "It’s about Elisha. You knew him well, didn't you?"
[17:22] <Ikari‘Gendo> "Elisha Caine? Yes."
[17:24] <Sept> "Could you tell me what you know and thought about him? If you could start from when you two met..?"
[17:34] <Ikari`Gendo> "Kyoto University. 1985." Said Gendo. "Intelligent. Rather self-important. Had big ambitions. Had a pretty girlfriend. Had a -smart- girlfriend, which was impressive. Something of a troublemaker. Lied a lot."
[17:38] * Sept hmph’d at the last part. "And Ginevre? You've known her over the years, too."
[17:45] * Ikari‘Gendo leaned forward a little. His white hands were clasped under his nose. Sept couldn’t see his glasses. "You could say that."
[17:45] <Ikari‘Gendo> «His eyes*»
[17:46] <Sept> "…what do you mean?" What a bizarre answer.
[17:48] <Ikari`Gendo> "Ginevre is my friend. Has been since University."
[17:53] <Sept> "And what did you think about her relationship with Elisha? It sounds like you thought he was a bad influence on her."
[17:58] <Ikari`Gendo> "Mm. No. She couldn’t have asked for a more intelligent man." Ikari's hands remained clasped. "He had a raging god complex, but this was not enough for me to feel as though the relationship was damaging in any way. Elisha provided for Ginevre, loved her, protected her, and was a good teacher to her."
[18:02] * Sept leaned in, frowning. "What about his decisions regarding the Evangelion Project?"
[18:03] <Ikari‘Gendo> "Which ones?"
[18:06] <Sept> "The ones that left Ginevre without a husband, of course."
[18:09] <Ikari`Gendo> "It was the most logical option." Said Gendo without pause. "A typically Elisha-esque stroke of genius."
[18:13] <Sept> "I see. Do you think she saw it the same way? How did she take it?"
[18:14] <Ikari`Gendo> "Hard. She knew it would hurt. But she did it anyway. She was devoted to him and his dream."
[18:22] * Sept nodded and leaned back. He assumed Shinji and Rei were both experiencing the consequences of the ’most logical option', too, but decided against saying so. "You said he had a god complex. If he was a god, do you think he'd do well? Could you trust a man like him with that power?"
[18:27] <Ikari‘Gendo> "Depends on the sort of god." Said Gendo. "I wouldn’t trust any -man- with godlike powers. But I would consider that a -true- 'god' would be aware enough to glimpse the greater truth of the universe. To that end, Elisha was always more than just a man. He had the ability to see the bigger picture."
[18:32] <Sept> "Hmmh." Sera stared off to the side at one of the bookshelves for a few moments. "Did you ever meet his brother?"
[19:09] <Ikari‘Gendo> "Mm."
[19:11] <Sept> "When was this?"
[19:13] <Ikari`Gendo> "1985 to 2005. Pick a date."
[19:15] <Sept> "I see. What was he like, compared to Elisha?"
[19:18] <Ikari`Gendo> "Brilliant in his own way, like his brother. Not as charismatic, but well-liked. Very kind man. Once. Became very depressed. Developed a God Complex. Started to lie a lot. How’s your pattern recognition, de Pteres?"
[19:20] <Sept> "Sera. Good enough, I'd like to think. Do you think he took your son because or despite of your relationship?"
[19:20] <Ikari‘Gendo> "No, de Pteres, he took my son because it was the logical thing to do."
[19:23] <Sept> "Two fathers fighting to resurrect their dead children doesn’t sound calculated and emotionless to me."
[19:24] <Ikari‘Gendo> If the comment annoyed Gendo he didn’t show it. "No, but stealing an Evangelion unit and its pilot, who is also the son of a NERV director as well as the woman who worked on Project E, as well as Projects A, S, M, A-2, and N -is-."
[19:33] <Sept> "…" Sera studied the unmoving face, mildly frustrated. "..alright. Are you aware of Elisha or Azariah having fathered any children beyond Silas and Alexandre?"
[19:37] <Ikari‘Gendo> "No."
[19:39] <Sept> "How about any reason why someone might suspect you to be my father?"
[19:40] <Ikari`Gendo> "People occasionally espouse opinions of me that are unfounded, such as my supposed philandering. However, in this case I suspect the reason is far simpler."
[19:41] <Sept> "And that would be?"
[19:41] <Ikari`Gendo> "You and I have the same look in our eyes."
[19:43] <Sept> "I’ve heard that before, yes. What does it mean? It wouldn't be 'the most logical thing' to suspect that just because of eye colour."
[19:48] <Ikari‘Gendo> "It would not. However, if there were some other, far more narrower trait, such as a particular pattern of colour. In reality, it is simply how we move our eyes, and other subtler facial expressions that trigger memories. Ultimately, for some, emotional or ’intuitive' responses are all the reason needed to launch an inquiry."
[19:54] * Sept tried to discern those qualities in Gendo's face, but found nothing new. "I guess so. Did you have anything you wanted to ask me?"
[19:56] <Ikari‘Gendo> "Why do you want to pilot?"
[20:00] <Sept> "Right now, I want to protect my fellow pilots. But the most important reason when I started was, I couldn’t leave Paris-2 to anyone else. If someone else failed to protect it properly, I couldn't forgive myself for not being there myself. And it's still just as important."
[20:00] <Ikari‘Gendo> "Mm. The wrong reasons, I see."
[20:01] * Sept froze. "Wrong?"
[20:02] <Ikari`Gendo> "Mm."
[20:03] <Sept> The boy was visibly agitated now. "What are you talking about? What the hell are the right reasons, then?"
[20:03] <Ikari`Gendo> The corners of Gendo’s mouth lifted.-
[20:05] <Ikari‘Gendo> "Eva is special. Everyone of them is -destined-. Everyone of them is beyond human morality. The only -right- reason to pilot is because you were -meant- to."
[20:12] <Sept> "Hmph. Who has the complex now? If that’s all you had, I'll be on my way."
[20:13] <Ikari‘Gendo> "De Pteres."
[20:16] * Sept opened his mouth to correct him… but screw it. The boy surrendered. "Yes, Gendo?"
[20:17] <Ikari`Gendo> The eyebrows creased into a frown. "You will address me as Commander Ikari. I am -not- Ginevre Fontaine, and this is -not- Paris-2. You cannot do whatever you want. I am still your superior officer. In more ways than one. Remember that before you open your impertinent mouth. Get out. Do not bother me with your trifles again."
[20:22] <Sept> A corner of Sera’s mouth lifted. "Haha. I'm sure." Sera waved dismissively with his hand on his way out. "Thanks for taking care of Tsubaki, though." He called out from the elevator before the doors closed.
[20:22] <Ikari‘Gendo> [… The elevator doors didn’t open.]
[20:23] * Ikari‘Gendo reached for his phone, his eyes boring into Sept’s back. "Security chief Takahara. Bring four of your men to my office."
[20:25] <Sept> "…what are you doing?" The tone was accusatory.
[20:25] <Ikari‘Gendo> "Throwing you into the brig for forty-eight hours for insubordination." Said Gendo coldly.
[20:33] <Sept> "…" Typical. He might be able to do some damage before anyone showed up… but Sera had learned the optimal strategy for these situations long ago, through a lengthy process of trial and error. He shut up and waited.
[20:34] <Ikari`Gendo> [The elevator door opened. Four S2 guards appeared. "Come quietly." Said one in poor English.]
[20:39] * Sept nodded. "Naturellement." He responded. Well. Who knew things could get so nostalgic so far away from home?
[20:39] <Ikari`Gendo> [The S2 Agents took Sept into the elevator. How cramped it was. The doors closed.-
[20:42] <Ikari`Gendo> "Takahara. Make sure to confiscate anything he has. Including his clothes. Give him prison standard." Gendo stared at the elevator door. "If he gives your men any trouble…" He paused.-
[20:45] <Ikari`Gendo> "Hm." Gendo nodded. "Yes. No. Don’t bother with the tasers. He won't care about those. Just give him over to Squad Two and have them take him out to Shibuya crossing for a few hours. Yes." He put the phone down. Then dialed a different number.-
[20:45] <Ikari`Gendo> "Tsubaki."

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