He Said What Did You Do

[20:28] <Ikari‘Yui> [[Season 22: NEON GENESIS EVANGELION. Date: 20th December, 2015. Episode Title: He said, "What did you do…?"-
[20:29] <Ikari`Yui> [It’s a quiet day in the Minifront. For one reason or another, Tokyo-2's NERV branch has a small staff, far smaller than Paris-2's; the Minifront HQ thus always seems strangely empty and sparse. Over-wide corridors and only the faintest trickle of people.-
[20:30] <Ikari‘Yui> [But seven people have been invited to something special, today, by the head of Tokyo-2’s Technical Division.-
[20:32] <Ikari‘Yui> [Five of them are pilots. Sera de Pteres; Aline Blanc; Zhang Yanmei; Shinji Ikari; and Akagi Tsubaki. The other two… Freya Solheim, the cheerful little ray of sunlight in de Pteres’ life; and Isaiah Gabriel-Wei, Yanmei's fluffy-haired bastion of comfort.-
[20:32] * Ikari‘Yui is waiting in NERV’s command centre, sitting at a chair with Ritsuko at her side.
[20:33] * Aline at least got to have her own little bastion of sunlight, by dint of him also being a pilot. She wouldn't really question that benefit. But otherwise… a special showing, from Yui herself? Now /that/ was going to be interesting. So she came in light-hearted~
[20:36] * Yanmei was smiling as she chatted with Isaiah, traces of wariness hidden from her face. Not that there was much to be wary about yet. This had a look and feel obnoxiously similar to that of some dumb school fieldtrip.
[20:36] * Sept was obviously somewhat on guard with any of the senior Ikaris around, now, but Yui still had some of the benefit of the doubt. He waltzed in with his little ray, still as comfortable with the location as always.
[20:41] <Ikari‘Yui> "Hello everyone!" Said Yui cheerfully. "Enjoying Tokyo-2 so far?"
[20:41] * Ikari`Yui also gave Sept a friendly wink.
[20:42] * Aline politely bowed, then nodded. "Yes, it’s been fun. I even checked out one of the conventions going! Everyone seemed to think I was a cosplayer so that helped."
[20:43] * Sept frowned at Yui, responding only with a vague sideways 'meh' nod and proceeding to pay more attention to his fellow pilots for the time being.
[20:44] * Yanmei was simply nodding too, all smiles. She herself hadn't been up to much that was too interesting, so…
[20:46] <Ikari‘Yui> ["Huaaa~ I can tell you all about what -some- of them have been up to, Yui-san~" Said a voice Yanmei would have at this point grown to dread. Captain Katsuragi headed over from her post, simultaneously slinging an arm around Sept’s shoulders whilst ruffling his hair.-
[20:46] <Ikari‘Yui> ["Oh, Misa-chan~" Said Tsubaki suddenly, turning to address the captain, breaking her reverie.]
[20:49] <Yanmei> "…" Yanmei turned abruptly to stare, but she wasn’t breaking out of her smile just yet. "Ah, Captain~ You're going to be joining us too?"
[20:51] * Sept turned his frown to the new arrival for a moment, before returning his attention to the one responsible for all of this. "Did something happen, Yui?"
[20:51] <Ikari‘Yui> ["Nah, but you’re all in my workspace, don't you know?" Said Misato teasingly.-
[20:51] <Ikari‘Yui> "No, Sera." Said Yui. "But there’s simply something you all should see, that's all."
[20:53] * Aline piped up. "When do we get to see it?"
[20:53] <Yanmei> "Oh? Then there's no reason why policies of acceptable workplace conduct should still be in place?" She was still staring, specificaly at the arm around Isaiah.
[20:55] * Sept continued to ignore the Captain. He was looking at Yui expectantly.
[20:57] <Ikari‘Yui> ["Ah~ You’re no fun." Said Misato sourly, letting go of Sept- who was busy being a grumpy little jerk anyway.-
[20:57] <Ikari‘Yui> [Freya was trying not to smile behind the two.-
[20:58] <Ikari`Yui> "Well, now that you’re all here, we can go right now." Said Yui, standing up and heading towards the large central elevator.
[21:00] * Yanmei - who felt a little more cheered now somehow - followed behind. "Where are heading, anyway, Doctor Ikari?"
[21:01] * Sept looked at Freya and Tsubaki in turn, then followed the group into the elevator.
[21:02] * Aline followed along, as well. "Wherever it is, it's somewhere big."
[21:02] <Ikari‘Yui> "We’re heading to the Technical Division's laboratories!" Said Yui cheerfully.-
[21:03] <Ikari‘Yui> [The others followed onto the elevator too, leaving behind Ritsuko and Misato.]
[21:09] <Sept> …why did -this- ride take so long. Fine. "What do you usually do at the Technical Division, Yui?" He addressed the scientist sans eye contact.
[21:10] * Aline resisted the very powerful temptation to interrupt, instead just sort of twitching her hand a bit.
[21:11] * Yanmei stretched discreetly. The labs, huh? She had missed this part on her tour…
[21:11] <Ikari`Yui> "The Technical Division is responsible for research, as well as construction of Evangelion parts and weapons. Here we mostly focus on the R&D side, but we have a fairly well-equipped manufacturing plant as well."
[21:13] <Ikari`Yui> [The elevator was now moving slowly, yes.]
[21:16] <Sept> "Do you focus on 03 and 05 or do you cooperate with the others more?"
[21:16] * Aline simply patiently waited, contenting herself with… staring at any possible scenery. Yes, even if that meant just ogling the wall for a while. She didn’t look overly uncomfortable, though.
[21:17] <Ikari‘Yui> "Mostly on 03 and 05, but we’ve also produced equipment for all the Paris-2 EVAs, especially new technologies, and we also built some of the components for EVA 04, 06 and 07."
[21:20] <Yanmei> "In that case, it's probably pretty busy there? Especially with repairs to 03 and 05 going on."
[21:21] * Ikari‘Yui lets out a petite little laugh. "Most of the repairs are actually finished! No, instead today we’re going to look at some of the research projects."
[21:21] <Ikari‘Yui> [Shinji was silent at that, staring at the floor sullenly.]
[21:22] <Sept> "I see."
[21:23] * Aline patted him on the shoulder. "You didn’t do that, relax, okay? It was 26 1-megaton bombs that did that, for the most part."
[21:24] <Ikari‘Yui> ["R-Right." Said Shinji quietly, nodding once.-
[21:25] <Ikari`Yui> ["You cut off my arm though, Shin-chan~" Said Tsubaki.-
[21:25] <Ikari`Yui> ["…"]
[21:25] <Aline> "Actually I think 05 itself did that. A berserk unit doesn’t have the pilot in command~"
[21:26] <Sept> "That's right. He quit the fight before that."
[21:27] <Yanmei> "Was he ever really in the fight?" Yanmei muttered.
[21:28] <Aline> "Yeah, really. Even if he was, it was pretty much a mental compulsion, that he's just as responsible for as I was for shooting 04 during the battle against the 9th and 10th - which is to say, not at all."
[21:28] <Ikari‘Yui> [Tsubaki had stopped listening at this point.-
[21:28] <Yanmei> "Eh? Oh, right."
[21:30] <Ikari`Yui> [The elevator slowly came to a halt, and… The doors opened.-
[21:31] <Ikari`Yui> The Technical Division was -huge-. The elevator was part of a large tower area dominating a hexagon room, which led off into six other rooms marked by giant blast doors.
[21:32] * Aline whistled. "Nice. With all these hexagons, I get this feeling the NERV architecture committee just wanted to make it easy to plan base defenses on a hex grid~"
[21:38] <Sept> "Hmmm." Sera looked around for clues as to what they were researching and developing at the moment. It was, probably, futile.
[21:38] * Yanmei tilted her head back to examine the room at large. Regardless of how lost she felt, she tried to stay focused. "Doctor? Do these projects have anything to do with the large number of EVAs scheduled to be manufactured and distributed this year?"
[21:42] <Ikari`Yui> "Mm, some." Said Yui, looking about. "Project M and A-2, specifically. Such a huge demand…" She shook her head. "20 combat-built Evangelions max by 2016- not counting 00, so it’s 21. We have to find new ways to produce new combat units faster than previous, and it's taking a lot of resources."
[21:44] * Aline peered over. "Do we get any explanation on those? M? A… /2/?" The especial emphasis on the 2 was quite intentional, knowing what she had been told before.
[21:49] <Sept> "21 Evangelions? Are we expecting something that big?"
[21:51] <Ikari‘Yui> "21 Evangelions, split into teams of 3, Sera." Said Yui patiently. "To cover seven different spots." She turned back to Aline. "You’ll see in a little bit. I'll show you M first." Said Yui, heading off towards one door. "EVA production has two distinct problems."
[21:52] * Aline nodded kindly. "Thanks~"
[21:53] * Yanmei was following, but she was also glancing at Isaiah, a slight touch of apprehension ebbing into view and then sliding away.
[21:55] <Ikari‘Yui> [Isaiah was glancing back at Yanmei, trying to give her a little smile.]
[21:55] <Sept> "I see. As long as we don’t leave anyone to fend for themselves like until now."
[21:58] * Ikari‘Yui chuckled. "Don’t worry. I'm sure before long, single-EVA branches will be a thing of the past."-
[21:59] <Ikari‘Yui> They emerged into the next room, which was built like a hexagon was well… But it was 80% a giant glass cylinder, half-filled with Eva-Bakelite. The rest was consoles, tubes, computers- and the viewing deck.-
[22:00] <Ikari`Yui> The glass cylinder itself contained… A massive slab of meat, or so it seemed at first; but on close viewing one would realise that it was the unsettling image of an Evangelion torso; the legs and arms and head gone, replaced with flashing cybernetic ports. It was an off-grey colour.
[22:02] <Sept> "..I don’t like it." The boy muttered to Freya.
[22:03] <Ikari‘Yui> ["… It’s pretty creepy." Agreed Freya.]
[22:03] * Aline stared out at it. "…Is this just an incomplete unit, or…?" she seemed completely unsure what to make of it
[22:03] <Yanmei> It took… effort to not react negatively. Yanmei, just fresh from returning a smile to Isaiah, stared upward at the thing silently.
[22:09] <Ikari‘Yui> ["Mother, this…?"-
[22:12] <Ikari`Yui> "This is the torso of the Master Project. That is…" Yui smiled happily, as if showing off a delicious new soup. She turned about to face them. "The problem with producing individual Evangelion units is that they each have to be built from scratch. Every time a new unit is built we need to design its body from the ground up, piece by piece. We simply can’t take, say, EVA-04's body and make a few modifications to make EVA-05. Every new EVA needs to have its design remade, then tested, and if there are any mistakes then we need to start from scratch. Simply put, every new unit usually goes through every body part about twenty times before it's finished." She turned around and did a strangely girlish 'yay' gesture toward the torso. "The Master Project is designed to create an Evangelion body that is good at everything. Or… At the very least, is easier to adapt post-production than the earlier models, which can take some mods, but not too many."
[22:14] * Aline nodded, actually seeming to take on some of Yui's cheer. "Ahhh, so a… template for Mass-Production Eva units, eh?"
[22:15] <Yanmei> "Is it… successful so far?" seemed to be the polite thing to ask and natural next question.
[22:15] <Ikari‘Yui> "You -could- put it like that! Of course, we’re still too far away to produce a -real- Mass Production Model. We need Super Solenoid technology for that…" Yui pouted, and turned to Yanmei. "Aheh… Well, it's getting there~!"
[22:16] <Sept> "How does it differ from the other Evas, apart from it being… 'unfinished'. It's not aware, is it?"
[22:16] <Ikari‘Yui> "Ahaha. Nope! We haven’t even designed the head yet, or a core."
[22:17] <Aline> "Right, it can't nearly be done. It's just… Well, it's still fresh meat, design-wise." She allowed herself a little giggle at that. Oh, Aline.
[22:17] * Ikari‘Yui giggled also.
[22:18] <Yanmei> Ugh. Yanmei discreetly turned away from the pair to eye the surrounding computers.
[22:18] <Ikari`Yui> [Isaiah seemed rather pale as well.-
[22:18] <Ikari`Yui> [The nearby computers were staffed, of course, with scientists, hard at work.]
[22:19] <Ikari`Yui> ["…A-Aheh." Shinji laughed without heart. He was still staring at the torso.]
[22:24] <Sept> "And that’s Project M..? Is this the same process you've used for the other units?"
[22:24] * Aline decided to… leave it as is. Sera would ask the /questions/.
[22:25] <Ikari‘Yui> "Similar facilities, at least." Said Yui. "The process is rather different but fundamentally the same, ultimately. This is how an Evangelion begins life~"
[22:26] <Yanmei> There was an urge to walk over and greet and chat with the scientists. Yanmei resisted it. They seemed pretty busy, and this tour group would probably be moving on in a minute anyway.
[22:28] <Aline> "Right, and alas, for now it is but a torso. The important parts come later. Or, I suppose for this kind of template, never~"
[22:29] <Ikari`Yui> "For now~" Said Yui cheerfully.-
[22:32] <Ikari`Yui> She led them around the hexagon lab, showing off the back and sides of the floating torso, pointing out important features such as the back, where the Entry Plug and the like would eventually be inserted; the sockets, along with a computer-generated demonstration of how they all fit together… And a few words from the science team, who overall seemed fairly quiet and less than fond of speaking for long.-
[22:32] <Ikari`Yui> After that, Yui took the group back out into the central hexagon. "Now then. Let me see…" She headed off for another door.-
[22:33] <Ikari`Yui> [They emerged into, of course, another hexagon room… But it was mostly empty. No glass cylinder, but the passageways around the edge were still there. The entire room seemed… Empty.]
[22:34] <Sept> "Hmm." Sept gave one more glance toward the room where the torso was doubtlessly still floating. "Yui, is any of what comes on top of the, um. Fleshy parts, just for show, to make the Evangelion look more like a machine and not a creature? Wouldn’t it be possible to make them much faster without some of the plates?"
[22:35] * Aline instead peered at the empty room, perhaps expecting some kind of… explanation. Waiting calmly~
[22:36] <Ikari‘Yui> "Hm, you’re still thinking about M…?" Said Yui in a way that suggested that some of her thunder had been stolen. "And actually, no. The Restraining Armor is there for a deliberate purpose. It keeps the Evangelion armoured, but it also plays a significant part in keeping the Evangelion under -control-, too. Without it, it'd be impossible to pilot." Said Yui. "Besides. The armor is -easy- to make. The body parts are not."
[22:39] <Yanmei> "The armor is made elsewhere, isn't it? And the weapons?" Yanmei had a vague idea of this, but she was not too sure. It was her first time in this plant, after all, so maybe they did have a division dedicated to that on-site.
[22:39] <Sept> "Mmh." Sera thought back to the suits he'd been forced to wear for the the various formal events. He looked uncomfortable.
[22:40] <Ikari‘Yui> ["Everything ok, Sept?" Asked Freya.-
[22:41] <Ikari`Yui> "Some of the armor is made here, as are some conceptual weapon designs." Said Yui. "of course we can fully manufacture weapons here too. But most Eva armor and weaponry are built in China and Germany, it’s true."
[22:42] <Aline> "Mm. Probably just the experimental equipment is, in practice, built here. I imagine that gun I used against Qaphsiel was probably at least partially manufactured at this base~"
[22:42] <Sept> "There should be a better way," he muttered to the girl.
[22:43] <Ikari‘Yui> ["…" Freya patted Sept on the shoulder. "I guess there isn’t, or else they'd do it, right?"-
[22:45] * Ikari‘Yui rubbed her hands together. "Ok~ Let’s go." She pushed a button on one of the handrails, and… The entire platform started to move down. It was an elevator!
[22:47] * Yanmei started slightly, and re-steadied herself. "I guess it would make sense to have such large elevators in a place like this…"
[22:49] <Ikari‘Yui> [A strange sound echoed throughout the room… A soft sound, but strange and hard to identify. Muffled.]
[22:50] * Sept yelped as the motion started. "Ah! H-how deep does this go? And what’s that? Yui?"
[22:50] * Aline …blinked. "Er. How long until we actually see the… source of that?"
[22:51] <Ikari‘Yui> [The platform came to a stop on the bottom level.-
[22:51] <Ikari`Yui> "Just a few seconds. Please, come into the middle of the room~"
[22:53] <Ikari`Yui> ["…" Isaiah stared around the room, looking… Pretty nervous.-
[22:53] <Ikari`Yui> [Shinji was looking as though he wished he’d had some excuse not to pay attention. "…"]
[22:54] * Aline did too, but even she was starting to have… some suspicions. "I hope this doesn't have metaphysical consequences."
[22:54] * Sept approached… carefully. He eyed the edges of the chamber. "…"
[22:55] * Yanmei patted Isaiah on the shoulder as she obeyed. And Shinji too, why not? She on the other hand was at least putting up a calm front.
[22:55] <Ikari‘Yui> [Tsubaki had to be gently shepharded forward by Freya, who was everyone’s big sister after all.-
[22:56] <Ikari‘Yui> "This has been my pride and joy for awhile now." Said Yui cheerfully. She seemed almost like a giddy schoolgirl. "It’s an answer to one of the most idiosyncratic problems with Evangelions." That sound echoed throughout the room again.-
[22:58] <Ikari‘Yui> "Might I present…?" Yui pressed a button. From the middle of the room rose a glass cylinder, about 6 feet high and 4 feet wide, filled with… Water? Or some liquid. Within the water floated… A girl. She was about 15 years old, with a long body, mid-length hair… That was blue. Her eyes were closed. Isaiah and Shinji… Gasped.-
[22:58] <Ikari`Yui> [The girl was clearly older than they remembered, but… The face was unmistakeably that of Ikari Rei.-
[22:59] <Ikari`Yui> "The A-2 "Ayanami" Project." Said Yui cheerfully. "The Mass-Production Pilot Project."
[23:00] * Aline twitched. This time… this time she couldn’t quite get behind the cheering and the science. "…I know the E-gene test clone was awkward bioethics-wise, but… uh…" She knitted her hands a little. "Well…" Drum, drum, drum. "…I don't actually know."
[23:00] <Ikari‘Yui> ["…" Shinji was… He stared, his eyes wide. He was… Frozen in shock.-
[23:00] <Ikari`Yui> ["Yan…" Whispered Isaiah. His hand suddenly clenched tight.]
[23:02] <Yanmei> Dead silence. Hearing Isaiah start on her name, though, stirred something in her eyes that wasn’t shock. She glanced hastily to him.
[23:02] * Sept stared, mouth open. "…"
[23:03] <Ikari‘Yui> "This is the prototype." Said Yui. "MP-Pilot 00. Or, in Japanese, MP-Pilot REI." She giggled.-
[23:05] <Ikari`Yui> [The girl’s mouth opened. The sound from earlier… But now perfectly clear. "… Zaizai."-
[23:05] <Ikari‘Yui> ["…" Isaiah turned to Yui. "What did you do…?"-
[23:06] <Ikari`Yui> "When I recovered Rei’s body, I was able to upload an imprint of her mind onto the MAGI." Said Yui. "The other 11 pilots will have different ones, but this one has the very same imprint… She keeps saying that. I guess she keeps replaying her last thoughts over and over."-
[23:06] <Ikari‘Yui> ["M-Mother." Shinji took a step forward. "Mother…?!"]
[23:08] <Sept> "You -bastard-." Sera simply glared. His fists were clenched.
[23:08] * Aline …shivered. "…I. I…" She backed away a little bit. "I can almost get the deal with 05. I can sort of get using her body for the template, but I don’t like it. But this… this… Forgive me for saything this but… This is not what you should do. And neither Isaiah nor your /own son/ should have to see this!"
[23:09] <Yanmei> Yanmei's heart had practically stopped when the girl made that sound. Now her gaze skipped from Isaiah to the tube and back again, faster, faster. She had no idea what to do!
[23:10] <Ikari‘Yui> "But…" Yui seemed pleasantly surprised. "Rei was the perfect candidate! She already had genetic enhancements given to her when she was in my womb. This is simply a natural evolution of that." She clapped her hands together. "Shinji. You can have your sister back. Healthy and happy again. In fact, MP-00 is going to use Rei’s bedroom for a little while after everything's finished, ok? You can get to know her."-
[23:11] <Ikari‘Yui> ["Zaizai…"-
[23:11] <Ikari`Yui> ["Mother, gen- from the… Beginning?"-
[23:11] <Ikari`Yui> ["Zaizai…"-
[23:12] <Ikari`Yui> [… Isaiah moved forward. "Miss Ikari…" He trembled. "Rei… She was special to me, and… I know it hurts, but… But this…?!"-
[23:12] <Ikari`Yui> ["Zaizai…"-
[23:12] <Ikari`Yui> ["S…" Isaiah -snapped.-
[23:12] <Ikari`Yui> [He crossed the distance between himself and Yui with surprising speed. With one action he grabbed her by the throat and slammed her into the ground. "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO?!"-
[23:12] <Ikari`Yui> "G-ghk-"
[23:16] <Yanmei> "Isaiah!" -That- snapped her out of it. She scrambled to him, hand on his shoulder, but not pulling. She… didn’t actually want to -stop- him. But if he killed her, what would happen to him later? "Please! Isaiah!"
[23:17] * Aline twitched suddenly, and… well did not know what the hell to do. In fact… in fact, she… looked at Yanmei, and tilted her head, then at Shinji, and tilted her head. But in her panic… all she could do was tap the mini-Reiquarium tube once, and mutter at it, in Japanese, "Please be quiet."
[23:17] * Sept ran in and practically tore Yanmei away. "Stay out of this! She doesn't get to do that!"
[23:19] <Yanmei> "You shut up!" She pulled against him, furious. "Do you know what they'll -do- to him?! Isaiah!!"
[23:20] <Ikari‘Yui> [Shinji started trembling, and… Instead of moving to save his mother, started shakily shuffling backwards. "R-Rei… I… M-Mother, you and father always… Tried to bring her back…"-
[23:21] <Ikari`Yui> [Isaiah’s grip tightened. Yanmei- the scuffle behind him- barely seemed to shift him.-
[23:22] <Ikari‘Yui> ["Zai…" … MP-00 froze at Aline’s words, her eyes slowly opening… Revealing red, glassy eyes. "… Hai." She fell silent, staring at Aline but not -seeing- her. It was immensely zombie-like.-
[23:22] <Ikari‘Yui> ["You… You shouldn’t… She… She wasn't a weapon, she… Rei…" Isaiah shook violently, and… His hand released, the boy slumping to the side, his eyes rolling up into his head.]
[23:25] <Sept> "Do you know what they'll do to -Rei-? What that'll do to -us-?! They'll replace us with the- NO!!" He gave Yanmei one last push to distance himself, and ran after the Ikari.
[23:27] * Ikari‘Yui was in fact lying on the floor, mindlessly scrabbling away, clutching at her neck. "Nnh…"
[23:27] * Aline stared back, blankly, a meek little polite "Thank you." delivered as she backed away. But she didn’t look away at all. And, in fact, she seemed to be muttering something subvocally, before cutting in. "It's to go with the new units, Sera. Stand down. Ours would reject them." She said it flatly, tonelessly. But soon… she turned towards Sera, bracing herself to follow.
[23:30] <Sept> "Not -us-, you idiot! Us, the pilots, they'll! They'll ruin everything! What kind of family would that be? They're not alive! They shouldn't exist, LOOK AT HER!!"
[23:30] <Ikari‘Yui> [Tsubaki was… Staring at the cylinder, at Rei. "…" She walked forward a little. "Your mother must love you very much." She murmured curiously.]
[23:31] * Yanmei staggered, tried to right herself, began in the direction of the frey in an explosion of fury when she saw Sept going for Isai- oh, wait, Yui? She stopped.
[23:31] <Ikari`Yui> ["Sept…" Said Freya worriedly, stepping forward. She tentatively tried to put a hand on Sept’s shoulder. "Sept, please… Calm down?"]
[23:32] * Aline shook her head, at first still speaking in monotone. "Wrong answer." …Damned if she had to protect the person responsible for this, but she's her future mother-in-law - /some/ honor had to be accorded that. But then, Aline let out a yell and charged to try to intervene!
[23:34] <Sept> "Calm do-?" Sera pushed Freya away as he noticed Aline. "Stop it! We need to get her out!"
[23:35] <Ikari‘Yui> ["-!" Freya seemed genuinely shocked that Sept would -dare- push her away.]
[23:35] <Yanmei> "Get her out…" Yanmei stared incredulously.
[23:37] * Sept glanced at Yanmei, but didn’t dare keep his eyes off Aline. "Rei is dead! Can't you hear her? She's dying right now, over and over! She has no right to do this!"
[23:39] <Ikari‘Yui> [Rei stared at… Tsubaki, but only because Tsubaki was in her line of sight.-
[23:39] <Ikari`Yui> ["… Being loved is good, isn’t it?" Murmured Tsubaki.-
[23:39] * Aline kept going. "Killing her mother isn't going to fix that! This was wrong but it is something /I/ should handle! I can understand what the hell is going on, and I'm going to have to, because Shinji needs to be protected from this. You don't give a shit about him, I know, but I /do/! And killing Yui will just hurt him even more!" …She lunged to grab at Sera's shoulder.
[23:39] <Ikari‘Yui> [Shinji fell to his knees, hugging himself as he stared at the ground.]
[23:43] * Sept grabbed Aline’s arm in retaliation. "Stop treating me like a psychopath! She knows how to stop this and we can make her do that -right now-! There'll be others here any minute and it'll be too late and we'll never be able to stop it!!"
[23:44] <Ikari‘Yui> "…" Yui had scrabbled up against a wall now, tears of fear and pain coursing down her cheeks. She tucked her knees up against her chin.
[23:45] * Aline grabbed back, and held on tight, trying to grab hold! In short, she did not care that he was opposing her. "Screw that! That’s what you solve with words, so either give up or I… Or I'll be forced to make you give up!"
[23:50] * Sept stared… he was clearly trying not to laugh out loud. "With -words-? They'll hide everything they have and deny they have it as soon as they find out what happened here! I -can't let you do that-, Aline. So go ahead! Show me what your words can make me do!"
[23:50] <Ikari‘Yui> [Isaiah shook a few times, as if… Was he coming to?]
[23:50] * Yanmei stared around at everything and everyone falling apart. Intervene? Any minute now, S2 would arrive anyway. She turned furious eyes on Ikari Yui while she could in the meantime, not daring to take over what Isaiah and Sept had started.-
[23:52] <Yanmei> And then the former stirred, and her attention locked on him completely. "H-hey!" She rushed over to him, hooked both hands under his arms, and tried to pull him… out of the danger zone? Over to where Shinji was having some sort of beakdown.
[23:52] * Aline shook her head. "No, Sera. Yui would listen to me." Then… she tensed her hand. "You, on the other hand, need something else." The hand raised, and she tried to slap him across the face!
[23:53] <Ikari`Yui> ["Nn- Nn- Rei- Rei!" Isaiah shook and suddenly spasmed to wakefulness, his face panicked and pale. "Y-yan… Yan-" He was almost hyperventilating.]
[23:54] * Yanmei blocked his view of the tube where the girl still floated with an embrace. "Come on. Deep breaths… deep breaths…"
[23:55] <Ikari`Yui> [Isaiah -clung- to Yanmei. The moment he tried breathing he simply burst into tears. "Yan……..!"]
[23:57] * Sept sidestepped the panicky slap easily, but was startled enough by Isaiah’s voice, or just hindered by fatigue, to completely fail at taking Aline into a lock.
[00:04] * Aline then redoubled her efforts, springing back… then remembering her battle with Tsubaki. A wry grin formed on her face, before the girl suddenly pivoted and unleashed a solid kick at Sera's kneecaps!
[00:13] <Sept> "Aaagh!" Sera yelled as the leg gave way, falling down… but not without grabbing Aline and dragging her down in a half-throw, finding the simple choke hold he was looking for earlier. Gathering his senses, he kept his grip on the girl and started dragging her towards the panicking Yui.
[00:15] * Aline gasped suddenly in pain, and strained her body! "Hgkyo-" …Yeah eloquence and chokeholds, they don't mix.
[00:16] <Ikari‘Yui> ["Sept-!" Freya… Wasn’t as strong as he was, she knew that.]
[00:19] * Sept approached, and pushed Aline off his hands in between himself and Yui. "We're running out of time. If it looks like you're not getting results, I'll take my turn." He had a knife in his hand.
[00:19] <Ikari‘Yui> "What… What are you…?!"
[00:25] * Aline stared up at Sera, and… slowly raised a hand towards her face. She closed her eyes, and said one thing, and one thing only, at that moment. "Yanmei. Remember what I told you to do? Get ready for it, but not /just yet/." Then, in the hand that she held there… something /moved/. A ghostly image of a white mask, with three simple holes in it, formed as though she was holding it in
[00:25] * Aline that hand. It vanished, but only… to match a sudden shimmering that happened about an inch off the surface of her skin. "You shouldn’t have drawn that knife, Sera."
[00:26] <Ikari‘Yui> [Rei’s head turned, suddenly. Staring at Aline.-
[00:26] <Ikari‘Yui> [… The air around Aline shimmered suddenly.]
[00:26] * Yanmei loosened her grip on the sobbing Isaiah, and jerked to her feet. "Damn! De Pteres, get away!!"
[00:27] * Sept took a very slight step back, but didn’t falter. "Get her out of that tank and we have a deal. And what. Did I say about that name."
[00:29] <Yanmei> "You'll get killed, you stupid jackass!" She shifted her gaze to Aline. "Blanc! You don't have to got this far! Can you still hear me?"
[00:31] * Aline stared forward at Sera, but managed to tilt an eye at Yanmei. Her voice was… actually full of worry. "Right now, yes!"
[00:33] * Yanmei swallowed. "Whatever you're doing, stop it. I'll help you. Just stop it!"
[00:40] <Sept> "Go ahead, Yanmei! I'll make myself useful while I wait!" Sera lunged at Aline, shifting his position slightly toward the end to push her away from Yui. He retreated a few steps from her again… thus finding himself by Yui.
[00:40] <Ikari‘Yui> "N-No… P-Please, you don’t… Understand…"
[00:41] * Aline gasped slightly as she was knocked away, but shook her head towards Yanmei. "This is… the only way. We're not armed other than this. Once I'm done… I'll stop. I promise."
[00:43] * Sept crouched down and wrapped his left arm around the scientist. "Now. Yui, where are the rest of them?" He twirled his knife a bit in his right hand, out of the woman's sight, but in plain view of Aline.
[00:47] <Ikari‘Yui> "Nnn- Nn-never…"
[00:50] * Aline focused, staring at Sera intently. It /seemed/ like nothing was happening… except for intermittent prismatic light glowing from around her eyes… and grunts of frustration. "C-c-come on! Stop being so fucking stubborn!" Sera, though, could certainly /feel/ that he was under some kind of assault.
[00:52] <Sept> "S-stop it! She’ll be like that, she'll be made to pilot for them over and over, w-worse than Silas, -she doesn't get to do that-! STOP THAT!"
[00:53] <Ikari‘Yui> ["…" Shinji got to his feet. He looked over at Sept. Stared him straight in the eye.-
[00:53] <Ikari`Yui> ["Silas… Was scum."-
[00:53] <Ikari`Yui> ["AND YOU’RE NO BETTER!" The boy -launched himself- across the room, fist flying straight at Sept's face.]
[00:55] <Sept> Dodging was a whole different matter when holding onto another person. It was more like he just positioned the woman in between the two. The fist… didn't reach Sept, that much was true.
[00:56] <Ikari‘Yui> "Nng-" Yui coughed in pain as a solid fist flew into her stomach- a fist that managed to pull at the last, admittedly.
[00:57] * Aline looked on in horror, but the metapho-… the /literal/ fire in her eyes intensified soon after.
[00:57] <Sept> "He’s my brother, you -idiot-! Does family mean nothing to you?! Would you take a dozen of those abominations into your home?"
[01:01] * Sept winced at the words, but… continued speaking to Yui in a notably softer tone, but still overlaid with that frustration and anger. "Yui. What if. I let you have her, and only her. On a condition."
[01:02] <Ikari‘Yui> "… What condition…"
[01:03] <Sept> "You keep her the hell. Away. From the Evas. You -do not- get to bring your daughter back just to put her through that. You -do not- get to have her back just to make backups of her like she’s a toy."
[01:05] <Ikari‘Yui> "She… She was -meant- to pilot…"
[01:08] <Sept> "That’s -not- the right reason! You're her mother, -you're- meant to give her happiness and aspirations and friends and a life of her own! Can't you see that?!"
[01:09] <Ikari‘Yui> "She would -have- those things…" Said Yui miserably.
[01:11] <Ikari`Yui> ["…" Isaiah was still sitting where he was, disorientated and blinded by his own emotions. "Rei…" His sobs filled the air. "Miss Ikari… S-she was an innocent girl…"]
[01:24] * Aline shook her head. "This is /not/ the way to talk this over. Sera… Sera! Enough of this!" The eyes shone like a flashbulb, and Sera could feel a powerful influence, using memories of aversions to people and knife throwing practice and a hundred other different scattered feelings… to demand that he throw his knife away and back off.
[01:30] <Sept> "She would’ve -wanted- to be innocent, Yui. D-don't spoil tha- A-Aline." Before he completely realised what was happening, Sera's knife clattered on the far side of the room. "No… please." He was scared, now. Truly and deeply scared. He shivered, grabbing hold of Yui's arms with his own. Hesitation for a few more moments, and a pleading look to Aline. "It's… not right for her. F-for
[01:30] <Sept> u… us-" He half-let go, half-threw the woman away from him, and immediately began to gasp for air and retreat.
[01:31] <Ikari‘Yui> [Shinji immediately ran for his mother, skidding to her side…-
[01:32] <Ikari`Yui> [Even as, suddenly, Rei’s cylinder opened, water suddenly cascading out. The elevator rose, the door opened- and closed again. Five other cylinders- all containing Reis- rose at the far end of the room.]
[01:32] * Aline suddenly shuddered, and even /convulsed/. She stared at Yanmei, tears running down her eyes. "D-d-do it now." She cried in earnest, looking up at nothing, as she craned her head back. "I'm… such a fool…"
[01:33] <Voriel> … Then suddenly her head snapped back down again. "… how fascinating." She said, tonelessly, tilting her head to the right. "How fascinating indeed."
[01:36] <Yanmei> "…" The cylinders, and now… Aline's plea had not escaped her attention, and she stared at what was left of her teammate with pained eyes. "I warned you. Didn't I warn you?!" Her eyes clenched shut a moment, squeezed out some drop of moisture at the corners, and then opened again, narrowed.
[01:37] <Voriel> "No. I am the one you call the Tenth Angel. You never warned me." Said Voriel. "You warned Aline, but I am not Aline. I am the Tenth Angel. You may call me The Memory."
[01:39] <Yanmei> "Pleasure to meet you," she said with a harsh strain to her voice. "But you know… what I have to do now, don't you?"
[01:40] <Voriel> "You will try to kill me to prevent my reunification with Mother." Said Voriel. "You made Aline a promise."
[01:44] <Yanmei> Yanmei was across the floor in moments, drawing back a solid fist, and throwing it forward. "Haaaaah!" But, while it should have hit Aline's cool, expresioness face, it merely bounced off the air around her, which shimmered briefly.
[01:46] <Voriel> "…" A prismatic light shone from those eyes, and Yanmei would feel the assault against her mind.
[01:49] * Yanmei made a noise through her teeth, felt the first hints of feel start to seep in as thoughts that were hers and not hers stirred and had to be pushed back. "You won't win like that!"
[01:50] <Yanmei> ^hints of fear
[01:55] <Sept> "Aline… What did you do…?" He had no idea what was happening anymore, but he had to do -something-. He closed the distance to his knife quickly, grabbing it and running straight for Isaiah. Holding the knife as non-threateningly as possible, mind. "Isaiah! Please, I need your help!"
[01:55] <Yanmei> A flurry of blurred punches. A nasty front assault - or it would have been had two of her punches not gone astray, and the third bounced off the field like before. Shit, this wasn't working!
[01:55] <Ikari‘Yui> ["M… my help…?!"]
[01:59] <Voriel> "…" Another mental assault. "You’re overwhelmingly tenacious for a lilim."
[02:01] * Yanmei grit her teeth… shook it off and growled faintly under her breath in frustration.
[02:06] * Sept grabbed Isaiah by the shoulders. "Yanmei needs you. They trained you for this. Only you can help her, Isaiah. Understood?"
[02:06] <Ikari‘Yui> ["I…" Isaiah stares, and then- blinks. "R-Right. I understand…!"]
[02:17] <Sept> "Right. You can do it." And with that, Sera was off in the other direction, knife swinging wildly at the first of the clone tanks in his way. After only a few hits, the glass shattered, the liquid gushing out.
[02:18] <Ikari`Yui> [The clone stood still, but as the water flowed out, her eyes slowly opened.]
[02:20] <Voriel> Voriel focused. And this time… His command… Could not be denied.
[02:23] * Yanmei …wrapped her own hands around her throat, and -squeezed-. Fingers dug into her flesh hard enough to bruise, again, to keep her from breathing, let alone screaming.
[02:23] <Sept> "Rei… Your mother loves you. But… I-I’m sorry."
[02:23] <Ikari‘Yui> ["NO!" Isaiah! A fist smashed into the AT Field but he was already grabbing Yanmei’s hands, pulling them away. "No, Yanmei! Stop it! I'm here!"]
[02:24] <Ikari‘Yui> ["…" The Rei- MP-ROKU- Stared flatly into the distance.]
[02:26] <Yanmei> "…!" Isaiah! His warm hands on hers. She could force them away now, and sputter, painfully. "Is-…. ah…"-
[02:28] <Yanmei> What was he doing here? But…now she balled her hands into a fist, and lunged again, blinking back tears of shame. "Damn, damn…" The blinking wasn’t working so much.
[02:30] <Ikari‘Yui> ["It’s alright. Yan. Yan! You- You can do it. You need to take her down. I'm here."]
[02:32] * Sept raised his knife, and aimed for the heart. But his hands were shaking by now, and his leg was still in a whole lot of pain. All he accomplished was a small cut on her side.
[02:32] <Ikari‘Yui> [Not even that. Because at the last second she reached out and grabbed his arm.-
[02:32] <Ikari`Yui> [Eight pairs of closed eyes opened.-
[02:32] <Ikari`Yui> [Another ten turned to stare at Sept.-
[02:33] <Ikari`Yui> ["… Korosu." Said MP-REI.-
[02:33] <Ikari`Yui> ["Hai." Said five voices.]
[02:35] <Yanmei> The punches flew down at Aline-Voriel once again. "…can" Wheeze "Do it!"
[02:36] <Sept> "N-no. You’re not -supposed to-. I'm doing this for you!" Sera wrested his arm free from the girl's grasp.
[02:37] <Voriel> The AT Field deflected one, but the other struck true- catching the girl in the nose. "Nng-gahhhhh-hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-." Hissed Voriel, her hands flying to the suddenly bloody nose.
[02:49] <Ikari‘Yui> [ROKU hurled a fist at Sept, followed by a high kick. meanwhile, the sound of shattering glass could be heard as two clones burst through their cells.-
[02:50] <Ikari`Yui> [But both of those would be nothing compared to Rei herself, who sprinted forward…-
[02:50] <Ikari`Yui> [And, three metres from Sept, lept into the air, straightened her right leg, and slammed square into his left side.]
[02:57] <Sept> "Hgk-" It would be a vast understatement to say the impact took away Sera’s breath. Over the general noise of the room, it might not be heard quite so clearly, but Sera certainly heard the 'crack'. He certainly felt it. Lying in a heap some ways from where he'd stood a moment before, he gasped for air. For anything. It took all of his remaining strength, but the boy managed to turn his head
[02:57] <Sept> to the two Ikaris holding their ground on the other side of the room. With no air in his lungs, and with his entire body aching and burning, he mouthed words at them. Maybe they'd be able to reach them, somehow. He said, "What did you do…?"
[02:57] <Yanmei> Fist! Another blow slipped through the barrier. "You can't… control her." FIST! A second blow went through as well, before it had a chance to reform, "Can't… control US!" Finally, a knee snapped up, aimed for the girl-turned Angel with brutal speed. "So just lie down and DIE!!"
[02:59] <Voriel> "Agh-" The first fist slammed into the face. "Gnn-" The second straight into the girl's stomach, and finally the knee, into the chest, sending Aline stumbling back… And collapsing onto the ground.
[02:59] <Ikari‘Yui> [… Meanwhile the other clones had broken out of their cells. All six of them now surrounded Sept, continually kicking him again and again in the ribs.-
[03:00] <Ikari`Yui> "…" Yui stared down at the floor, before finally looking up. She barked an order.-
[03:00] <Ikari`Yui> [… All six clones stopped, looked up… And returned to their cylinders. All except for Rei, who stood over Sept. "… Sera." She said quietly.-
[03:01] <Ikari`Yui> [… "Is it over?" Asked Isaiah. "Yanmei? Are you- Ok?"-
[03:02] <Ikari`Yui> ["Shinji, p-" "Fine…!" Shinji backed off, allowing Freya to reach Yui directly. "Miss Ikari, please, we need to call security…"]
[03:03] * Yanmei was gasping hard, and touching her throat with her fingers, wincing. "Ah… It just healed up, too." A few tiny tears splashed down to the sterile white floor. "I-it… it figures."
[03:04] <Ikari`Yui> [Isaiah took the hand she held to her throat in his own, gripping it tightly. He pulled Yanmei to himself, tightly. "Oh, Yanyan…" He mumbled.]
[03:07] * Yanmei nodded a few times, and hugged back. Hadn’t he just been sobbing in the corner a little while ago? It was… difficult to fgure out what had happened to him.
[03:09] <Ikari‘Yui> [… Well, there we go. Isaiah was starting to tremble now, violently, as the post-adrenaline shakes set in.]
[03:09] * Aline was, by the way, totally unconscious, but if she wasn’t, she would've smiled. For now, let's just say that she'll be happy for this later.
[03:09] * Sept was on the floor, doing his best fish-on-dry-land-impression. "R… e… E…"
[03:11] <Ikari‘Yui> [She crouched down beside him, on her knees, and leaned over him in what appeared to be a hug.]
[03:11] <Yanmei> "Uh oh…" Yanmei hugged tighter and eased him to the floor, where they could sit and wait for help. For the first time, she noticed the wall of broken tanks, and the missing Pilot de Pteres. "…" And then the Reis began their march back to their original stations. "… …"
[03:12] <Ikari`Yui> [Tsubaki blinked. For the first time since the fighting began she looked around. "… Was there a fight?"]
[03:13] <Ikari`Yui> [Isaiah shook in her arms, and the sobs started again. He clung to her protectively. "Yanyan… I… S-sorry…"-
[03:14] * Ikari`Yui was shakily getting to her feet, Shinji and Freya supporting her.
[03:20] <Sept> Sera’s lips moved again. Still no sound. A hand moved, and briefly touched on Rei's. He could do no more.
[03:22] <Ikari‘Yui> [Rei nodded once. Then stood up. She turned to look over at Yui.]
[03:27] * Yanmei …just held him. Her own tears were drying up, so she could be strong again. Again, she shifted around to block his view of the tanks. "It’s okay. Let it out."
[03:30] <Ikari‘Yui> ["I-I…" The boy continued to sob, but he was also wiping tears from his eyes and looking up at Yanmei. "Protect you… I…" He started showering her face with kisses. "Love you, I- I do, I…"-
[03:30] <Ikari`Yui> [The blast doors opened. A small band of S2 agents rushed in, headed by none other than Gendo Ikari.-
[03:30] <Ikari`Yui> ["Kirihara. Go secure the pilots. YUI." Gendo stared down at the group. "What the fuck was that."]
[03:32] * Yanmei held Isaiah a little tighter and tried to rise with him. "Come on. Can you stand?" Wonderful. Mr Sunshine was here.
[03:32] <Ikari`Yui> "I… I…" Yui seemed lost for words.-
[03:33] <Ikari`Yui> ["I…" Isaiah seemed to struggle to rise, and slipped… But Yanmei would find another hand supporting her companion: that of Rei’s.-
[03:34] <Ikari‘Yui> ["Father." Said Shinji, staring up at him. "That- that idiot, he went nuts, he tried to stab mother…"-
[03:34] <Ikari`Yui> ["…" Gendo eyes Sera with a look that could be described as ’intense dislike'. "Kirihara. Put a bullet through his head."-
[03:34] <Ikari‘Yui> ["Yes, sir."-
[03:35] <Ikari`Yui> ["Mr. Ikari." Said Freya, shakily. "You know you can’t do that. You -know- Commander Fontaine won't let you."-
[03:36] <Ikari‘Yui> ["…" Gendo glowered at Freya. "Her dog-on-a-leash as usual, Solheim?"-
[03:36] <Ikari`Yui> ["If you say so, sir."-
[03:36] <Ikari`Yui> ["… Kirihara. Take him to the brig. Put him there for 48 hours. If he needs medical treatment, hold back on the anaesthetic."]
[03:39] <Yanmei> -Crack!- The sound of skin-on-skin contact. Yanmei’s arm flew back as if she had just performed a backhand, and Rei's own hands - her target - fell away from Isaiah.
[03:40] <Ikari‘Yui> ["Nn-" Rei’s hand was knocked back, and she stared at it as if genuinely surprised that it -hurt-. "…" She frowned at Yanmei.]
[03:41] * Yanmei -glared- at her. More than that, she stepped forward, placing herself directly between Rei and Isaiah, still supporting the later as well as she could.
[03:42] <Ikari‘Yui> ["…" Rei tilted her head slightly. She reached out towards the pair again.]
[03:45] <Yanmei> "You can’t have him." She doubted the girl could understand her, so she said it the coldest possible tone that she could. Maybe it would get through. Her grip on Isaiah tightened protectively.
[03:45] <Ikari‘Yui> ["…" Rei turned and walked away. Her next stop was… Yui and Shinji.-
[03:47] <Ikari`Yui> "You did well." Said Yui, running her shaky hands through Rei’s hair.-
[03:49] <Ikari‘Yui> [Shinji was… Silent, looking down at his feet. The girl in front of him had his sister’s face, but she wasn't… He looked back up at her, but under those red eyes… He looked away. "I'm…" He broke off, heading over to Aline's comatose form, barking a "Get away" at a startled S2 agent. He gathered her up in his arms.]
[03:53] * Yanmei was backing away now, toward the door. Get the hell out of here, and get some rest, that was the plan. She found that she could no longer look at some of the people in this room. "Let's go."
[03:56] <Ikari`Yui> ["…" Isaiah let her half-drag him along. But just once out of the corner of his eye he glanced back at Rei, tears redoubling, before looking away.]

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