He Said You Mean Azariah Might Be Controlling It

[15:32] <Yanmei> [A busy afternoon was coming to a close, and the foot traffic from technicians was trickling to an end on the walkways threading across and between the cages where NERV's most finest stars were encased in bakelite. -
[15:35] <Yanmei> Lingering there, in the EVA hangar, on one such out-of-the-way spot on a overhead walkway, was a figure who sat with her legs crossed. There was a notebook and textbook resting in front of her as well, but she was paying attention to neither. Her eyes were fixed hazily on the figure of EVA-04 as if she was half-lost in thought, and her mouth was twisted into a scowl.]
[15:42] <Sept> Sera had been spending marginally less time in the hangar recently. Somehow, he had been fine with two Elishas, but three… crossed some undefined threshold of comfort. He did spot his fellow pilot when he entered, though, and approached with a smile. "Hello, Yanmei." He found a place to sit a polite distance from her. "Do you think we'll ever understand them?"
[15:45] <Yanmei> "I'd rather not get into their heads any more than I have to? Or his head, I guess." She had relaxed, though, open Sept's approach, the frown fading into something more amicable. "How are you doing, de Pteres?"
[15:45] <Yanmei> ^upon
[15:48] <Sept> "I was right in that they were misunderstood, though, wasn't I?" A ponderous silence. "I'm fine, though. There are things to worry about, but… I'm fine." He nodded, satisfied.
[15:53] * Yanmei made a noise that sounded vaguely as if she was clearing her throat, glance returning briefly to the EVAs. "I'll admit that I've been saved by 04 before. But that's all." She shifted positions and started to stand, stretching a little. "Can I ask you a question?"
[15:55] * Sept almost-snickered at the admission. He looked up at the girl. "Of course, Yanmei. Anything."
[15:58] <Yanmei> The amusement did not pass unnoticed. Yanmei frowned and then looked away sharply, folding her arms. "…do you trust NERV when it comes to your personal safety?"
[16:01] <Sept> "Well. I'm not sure. I never stopped taking my own precautions, if that's what you mean. Maybe I wouldn't call it distrust, but I'd be fine without their help."
[16:05] <Yanmei> "Precautions. Hm. It's not something I've done a whole lot of before, I've been changing that lately?" She leaned against the rail. "Still, it wasn't enough. Not with those things that went on at the ball."
[16:05] <Yanmei> ^but I've
[16:07] <Sept> All traces of amusement cleared from his expression. "Mmh. You can't really plan for that kind of thing. I guess that might be the whole point."
[16:11] <Yanmei> "Yeah, I guess so." A wry, faint smile. "Section-2 didn't barge in until a little while after the fact, and in the meantime a sniper was taking shots at a friend who was just a few feet away from me."-
[16:13] <Yanmei> "Don't get me wrong, I appreciate Jeanne and Dorian. I'm just having trouble convincing myself to take it easy while they search for the culprit? Next time, it could be Isaiah, or Baby Elizabeth, or even one of us. Don't you think so?"
[16:18] <Sept> "…I know. But don't do anything rash, okay? We'll try our best with finding out how all of this happened."
[16:22] <Yanmei> "Unfortunately? Azariah and Silas Caine are laughably tough guys. If I did something rash, I don't think I'd survive. And anyway, I'm finding that I'm a little short on free time, and it's only going to get worse from here on out. I can only focus on doing defensive things."
[16:24] <Sept> "Like what, Yanmei? Can I help?"
[16:25] <Yanmei> "Actually," she turned to face him properly, "I was hoping that I could help you. You're trying to do your own investigation, right?"
[16:29] <Sept> "Oh. Y-yeah. I'm meeting Jeanne tomorrow so we can discuss everything. She has all of the information, on this and the other ones."
[16:31] <Yanmei> "Oh? Ask her about Dyse Heavy Industries while you're at it, okay?"
[16:31] <Sept> "Dyse..? Who are they?"
[16:36] <Yanmei> "Remember way back, when Atticus and his friends gave us that first demonstration of the Solace Thruster Unit? And how afterward, its creators at the French Heavy Industries Unity Initiative were ruined financially because everything went horribly awry on that day?"
[16:39] * Sept nodded. "Yeah. And for good reason. That could've gone really bad, but we got lucky."
[16:42] * Yanmei snorted a little, amused. "Sure we did. But the truth is that as the Initiative fell apart, NERV aggressively pursued the resources that they had used. Stocks, and I believe quite a few of their scientists too. There was another company that was doing one hell of a job competing with them for those resources, though? That would be Dyse Heavy Industries."
[16:45] <Sept> "Huh. I thought all the biggest companies were involved in the Initiative already?"
[16:49] <Yanmei> "According to the VC, who was in charge of those things at the time, it just popped up out of seemingly nowhere. He probably investigated them thoroughly with the help of some spies, if not then, then after Thruster Units started showing up with the Liberated Nations."
[16:51] <Sept> "Ohhh. You mean, Azariah might be controlling it? I'll keep that in mind. Did he find anything interesting on them?"
[16:53] <Yanmei> "Well," she looked a little sheepish now, "I never followed up on it. That's why I'm telling you about it? Even if it was a dead end for them, maybe something might have been uncovered that could be used as another lead."
[16:56] <Sept> "I'll look into it, don't worry. Anything new helps." A pause for a while as Sera worked up the courage to ask the question. He looked uncomfortable, looking away from Yanmei at some unused part of the hangar. "So… you have a baby now, huh."
[17:00] <Yanmei> "Oh. Uh…" an unusually awkward response. "…" … "Would you like to see pictures?"
[17:02] <Sept> "Oh, I'm fine. I've seen Elizabeth."
[17:04] <Yanmei> "Oh, all right." She looked a little relieved. "Isaiah sent me four pictures of her just today. He stays home with her most of the time. I think I'm supposed to show them off to people and coo and stuff?"
[17:05] <Sept> "Mmh. I think so. What's it like, then..?"
[17:09] <Yanmei> "There's no free time to do anything anymore." Yanmei heaved a sigh. "And no time to do regular things either? I had to get an organizer to stay on track. Also, I'm failing chemistry now, but don't let anyone know."
[17:11] <Sept> "I-it's alright." Sera got up and made a valiant effort at patting her on the shoulder, comfortingly. "Aline does really well at chemistry. We can ask her if something comes up."
[17:13] <Yanmei> "Hmph, I guess." She looked down at her books with a frown. "I should try to get back to work and memorize this stuff, though. Even if it sucks. And it -does- suck."
[17:15] <Sept> "Yeah, I guess so. Well. Good luck, Yanmei."
[17:17] <Yanmei> "Thanks. You too, de Pteres. Let me know if you learn anything new about Silas and Azariah. Or if you need any more help?" There was a flicker of dissatisfaction there, as if she would rather be doing the legwork too.
[17:19] <Sept> "Yeah. I'll keep you up to date. Tell Isaiah I said hi. See you." And he was off. But to where? Wherever Seras go.
[17:23] * Yanmei waved him off, and settled back down to study, seemingly with a bit more focus. She only lifted her eyes a few times, and among those times to scowl petulantly at her own violet-colored EVA. "Oh shut up," she grumbled.

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