Henok Ashenafi
Name: Henok Ashenafi
Position: Commander of Infantry and Armor for Wizard Army
Sex: Male
Age: 46 (B. 1971)
Nationality: Ethiopian/Libre-Citizen
Place of Residence: W-Base

Physical Details
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Brown
Height: 6'2"
Build: Tall and lean

Personal Details
"My men cannot regenerate from lethal blows. Once they are gone, they are gone. We can't afford wasteful actions."

A veteran who served as a colonel in the LN War (or as it's called by LN soldiers, 'The War against Tyranny'), Commander Ashenafi leads the Wizard Army's conventional forces, which consist mainly of a large infantry core and a small mechanised component, mostly jeeps, APCs and a handful of lighter tanks. Loyal to the cause of the Wizard Army, he nevertheless is quick to criticize overly risky plans or actions that treat his men as cannon fodder. He favours cautious, defensive tactics and plans that account for all contingencies instead of the rather more risky evolve-as-we-go tactics that the Iron Guard excel at executing.

Married with several children, Ashenafi has nevertheless not seen his family since the start of the LN War. He would desperately like to see them again, although secretly he fears the worst.

Strategic Data: The Wizard Army
The core of W's forces is made up of ex-LN soldiers and guerrilla fighters, organised into a force of roughly 500 combatants. Although well-organised and well-trained they lack the full logistic support of a genuine army and are somewhat adhoc about some matters. Their standard equipment is either a masgun or railgun (masguns are preferred, as they're cheaper to replenish and more reliable) and LN Combat Armor.

Although it is tempting to use the Iron Guard as the main force and relegate the infantry to the role of auxilia, standard practice relies on using the infantry as a holding force, drawing the enemy's fire and giving time for the Guard to strike weak points and sensitive positions.

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