Henri S Room

[15:31] <Raphael> The long night hours always left the Geofront’s medical wards near-empty but for the rare nurse or doctor passing through the dimly-lit hallways like ghosts, careful not to wake what patients lay beyond the doors. Tonight was no ordinary night, though, and in the main waiting room of the Intensive Care ward the mood was tense.-
[15:31] <Raphael> Over the last hour most of the core team from the Superheavy Regiment had filed in to the ward to wait for whatever came next - either sitting alone or in small groups. There hadn’t been much conversation, apart from the odd mutter of commiseration.-
[15:32] <Raphael> Raphael sat to one side, deep in conversation with Euphrasie. His voice was low and controlled, but the team’s medic knew enough to recognize that whatever feeling of calm he was projecting was a mask at best, and a thin one at that.
[15:38] <AdEvaGM> [Blaise was sitting by himself, looking utterly morose. Meanwhile, Mana- still looking pale and white and near tears- was talking with Isador, who was trying to encourage her. "He'll be fine." Said Isador. "People survive falls like that all the time…"-
[15:38] <AdEvaGM> ["This doesn't feel right." Murmured Euphrasie.]
[15:47] * Raphael responds with a tiny shake of his head, one hand clutched tightly around the arm of his chair. "Not at all. That balcony's railing would make it damned difficult." He frowns deeply. "Alcohol, perhaps…? It doesn't sound right to me, but I suppose it's possible."
[15:57] <AdEvaGM> ["He -was- going on a date tonight." Said Hugues slowly. "If he had a little too much to drink…"]
[16:02] * Raphael blinks. His mind seems slower than normal, bogged down in concern and anger, but he nods a moment later. "… Right. That was tonight, wasn't it?" He says thoughtfully. "I should speak with Jeanne Simon to see if S2 can find a name. His date might know something more about all of this."
[16:05] <AdEvaGM> ["Y-You don't think she had something to do with this?" Asked Marie.]
[16:07] <Raphael> "Doubtful, but if he was drunk, or tired, or behaving strangely she may know."
[16:09] <AdEvaGM> [A nod.-
[16:10] <AdEvaGM> [Time crawled by, agonisingly slowly…-
[16:10] <AdEvaGM> [There was a knock on the door.]
[16:13] <Raphael> "Come in." Raphael says quickly, getting to his feet as he waits for their guest.
[16:16] <AdEvaGM> [The door opened, revealing Julien. A scent filled the room- that of freshly cooked hot pizza, of which he held roughly eight or nine stacks. "I came as soon as I heard." Said Julien. "I figured you all might be hungry, so I dropped by Roman Pizza on the way…"]
[17:16] * Raphael gives Julien an uncertain look, feeling a sudden surge of gratitude. True, he wasn’t hungry in the slightest, but as a gesture… well, they needed it right now.-
[17:16] <Raphael> "… Thank you, Julien." He says, giving the man a genuine - if weary - smile and picking a few of the boxes off the top of the stack to help. "We appreciate it."
[17:19] <Minaplo> ["We're all in this together."-
[17:19] <Minaplo> [The pizzas were distributed around, and it seemed as though the presentation of colourful hot food brought a little bit more life to the room, a little bit more animation.-
[17:19] <Minaplo> ["Actually, Raphael." Said Julien in a low voice. "I wouldn't mind speaking to you outside…"]
[17:30] * Raphael finishes chewing on the single slice of pizza he’d been working his way through out of politeness, eyeing Julien curiously as he responds with a very slight nod and stands up from where he’d been sitting with Mana.
[17:31] <Minaplo> [Julien waits outside for Raphael to come through, closing the door behind them. "I've been speaking with Henri's date."]
[17:33] * Raphael frowns deeply. "You know her?"
[17:34] <Minaplo> ["I do. She's my cousin, Anna."]
[17:38] * Raphael 's eyebrow shoots up, but it's hardly the time for questions about Henri's taste in women. "Did she have anything that could help?"
[17:40] <Minaplo> ["I asked her if he'd had too much to drink, and she said he'd had a few drinks but not enough to affect his walking, so I don't think he fell. I stopped by his apartment- the Roman Pizza is on the way- and with the railing there, I'd definitely say he was pushed."]
[17:48] * Raphael chews on his lip, one foot tapping gently as he works to collect his thoughts. "That's what we thought. I know Henri - Even drunk he's not so uncoordinated as to make a mistake like that."
[17:50] <Minaplo> ["Right." Julien folded his arms and leaned against the wall. "So the question is, who pushed him, and why? I spoke to one of the investigators on the scene- my Thruster ID is as good as a NERV one to S2- and I learned that the door wasn't forced."]
[17:51] <Raphael> "Has S2 pulled the security camera footage yet?"
[17:52] <Minaplo> ["I asked that, too." Julien frowned. "The cameras see Henri arrive, he locks his door- and he takes off his jacket. He heads out to the balcony, and then the feed is filled with static for fifteen minutes."]
[18:02] <Raphael> "… Perfect." Raphael mutters with a faint hint of disgust. "Any sign of intrusion on the security network? Anything at all that we can work with?"
[18:04] <Minaplo> ["Nothing internal. If I had to make an educated guess, I'd say the disruption was external- something in the apartment itself managed to send the cameras haywire. It's possible. There are a few grenades developed by the LN that use short, directed EMP to disable electronics in an area, but I'd have to inspect the appliances in his household, possibly the electricity readings in his building as well." Julien sighed. "Of course, there might be other reasons. If we assume EMP grenades, then we assume someone well-equipped and skilled. But why Henri?"]
[18:08] * Raphael is keeping his gaze on the floor now, that tapping from his foot coming faster and faster. "He's got the least combat training in the operations team, apart from Euphrasie." Raphael says quietly. "If I was looking to send a message with minimal fuss he'd be one of my first choices."
[18:10] <Minaplo> ["'Send a message'. That makes it sound like we're discussing a Brother, someone with a sense of drama."]
[18:17] * Raphael glances up, his eyes narrowed to slits with thinly-veiled anger, although it doesn't seem to be directed at Julien. He gives a very small shrug. "That's how it seems to me. There are vastly more efficient ways to kill a man, especially for anyone well-equipped enough to pull that stunt with the cameras. This is something else entirely."
[18:20] <Minaplo> ["Yes…" Julien shook his head. "I've nothing left. Do you mind if we go in and look in on Henri?"]
[18:23] <Raphael> "Not at all." He shakes his head, trying to push the anger away - it'd be time to deal with that later, when he was out of sight of the others. He nods towards one of the nearby halls and begins walking. "Are you alright?"
[18:25] <Minaplo> ["I'm alright, Raphael, I'm alright." Julien gives him a small smile. "I believe Henri will live through this, thankfully, and whilst dear Anna is quite horrified and distraught she's made of rather firm stuff."]
[18:29] * Raphael smiles in turn, although it doesn't quite make it to his eyes. "Has your cousin known him long?"
[18:30] <Minaplo> ["About six weeks, all told. I introduced them a little while back, you know. I mean, it's not like I was matchmaking." Said Julien. "But she said she liked his cute accent, and I was able to pry a few similar comments out of him as well, and I figured, why not? They seemed to be hitting it off well. I suspect she's mostly in shock that it happened directly after the date."]
[18:38] <Raphael> "I can't blame her, either." Raphael says quietly, sighing slightly. They're passing darkened door after darkened door, but up ahead there's a single door with a faint light coming from the glass viewing window. "This is it…"
[18:39] <Minaplo> [Henri lay in a bed, complicated machines hooked up to his body. He didn't stir for anything.-
[18:39] <Minaplo> [His clothes had been folded up neatly and placed on a table in the corner.-
[18:40] <Minaplo> ["Oh, Henri." Muttered Julien. "He was so enthusiastic today, too, strutting about like a peacock, with that stupid hat." His eyes slid over to the clothes.-
[18:40] <Minaplo> ["Where is the hat, anyway?"]
[13:13] <Raphael> "The hat?" He manages to tear his eyes away from Henri long enough to glance at the pile of clothes and give a faint shrug. "Lost in the fall, I suppose. Or at home. Why?"
[13:18] <@AdEvaGM> ["Eh, I dunno. Just curious…"]
[13:20] <Raphael> "He -was- pretty pleased with it, wasn't he?" Raphael mutters, a small smile forming at the corners of his lips.
[13:21] <@AdEvaGM> ["Yes indeed he was." Said Julien. "If it -was- lost he won't be happy."]
[13:46] <Raphael> "It can’t be helped. After all, it was just a hat." Raphael says with another small shrug. "It might have an interesting story behind it, but it can still be replaced."
[14:01] <@AdEvaGM> ["We can buy him one for when he wakes up." Said Julien with a smile.]
[14:05] * Raphael responds with a firm nod, still watching the bed. "Of course." He says, trying and failing to stifle a yawn as he brings one hand up to his face.#
[14:14] <@AdEvaGM> ["Want me to drive you home?" Asked Julien.]
[14:17] <Raphael> "… If you wouldn't mind. Tomorrow-" Or was it today? Time always seemed to move so strangely in hospitals. "-is going to be a long day."
[14:18] <@AdEvaGM> ["You've got that right. I'm lucky I start late tomorrow."]
[14:18] <Raphael> "
[14:19] <Raphael> "No need to rub it in. I'll need to speak to S2 as soon as I've had a few hours sleep."
[14:21] <@AdEvaGM> ["Chances are they'll call you before you call them." Said Julien. "C'mon."]
[14:22] * Raphael nods reluctantly, only pausing to look over the room one last time before heading for the door. One way or another, he'd find a way to fix all of this.

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