Henry Arkwright

Name: Henry Arkwright
Occupation: Student of St Evelyn's
Age: 17
Birthday: 20th of Balanarest
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 150lb

Physical Description:
Henry is tall, thin young man with kind brown eyes, and short, curly brown hair. He has a pale complexion, and wire framed reading glasses. Despite expectations for someone still adjusting to such an incredible growth spurt, Henry carries himself with a quiet refinement, sometimes even slipping up behind others completely unnoticed until he begins purposefully radiating his usual warm presence.

The grandson of the current Magister-Dean of St. Evelyn's, and the son of two former instructors, Henry has grown up with considerable pressure to perform well academically. This has turned him into something of a perfectionist in that respect over the years, and while he has many distant admirers, he could certainly do with some closer friends after years of isolation and forced studying. He's not particularly close to his relatives either; his grandfather, the closest one to him physically, is far too busy in his duties to the school and the government to pay him much mind. While both his parents have retired from teaching early to pursue their own interests, said interests frequently involve traveling to far away places for intensive research, and Henry is always left behind.

While he may have a dark side as a result of this treatment, Henry never shows it publicly. His demeanor is polite and pleasant without fail, and he acts serenely even under the worst of pressures. Even at his young age, it's natural for him to assume the roll of a leader in the eyes of his peers.

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