Name: Hermione
Position: Melbourne Arena Champion
Sex: Female
Age: 25 (Born 1992)
Nationality: Australian
Place of Residence: Nowhere

Physical Details
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Black
Height: 5'9"
Build: Gamine

Personal Details
"Fighting's good work, mate, if you have the stomach and arm for it."

A resident of devastated Melbourne who traded with Yanmei, Hermione is famous throughout the city as a grand champion of the Melbourne Arena. She is relatively well-off for the society she dwells within, as she is the go-to person for bounties and missions by the powers-that-be. She seems to be on good terms with everyone, and the Parliament guards treat her with curious respect. Little is known about her overall, however.

Personal Details

Name: Hermione
Background: Impact Survivor
Gender: Female
Career: Skirmisher Dervish/Pointman
Rank: Dervish Master/Exploiter
Experience: 27,800


Characteristic Rating Bonus Training/Bonuses
WS 60 6 Expert
BS 55 5 Expert
Strength 50 5 Intermediate
Toughness 40 4 -
Agility 60 6 Expert
Intelligence 30 3 -
Perception 50 5 Expert
Willpower 50 5 Expert
Fellowship 30 3 -

Wounds: 22


AG Bonus Half Full Charge Run
6 6 12 18 36

Fate Points: 3/3
Insanity Pts: 10/100

Ego Barrier: 100%


Fearless (+10 to fear tests, Insanity Points count as 20 higher for purposes of fear immunity)
Melbourne Life (Arms Master, Talented (Survival), Jaded)
Uncanny Luck (Trained in Gamble, can reduce one rolled skill test by 2d10 once per session)


Enemy (Ganger Competitors)
Fanatical (Protect Runners)


Prepared for the Worst (Can regain initiative reset fate on a 1d10 roll of 7, 8, 9 or 10)
Resourceful (+2 degrees of success when spending fate)
Trauma (10 insanity)
Uncomfortable Memories (Dolls)


Starting Talents: Melee Weapon Training, Pistol Weapon Training
Starting Skills: Acrobatics, Evaluate, Common Lore (2I), Tech Use


Basic Skills

Silent Move+20

Advanced Skills

Drive (Auto)+10
Drive (Heavy)
Drive (Motorcycle)+20(M)
Tech Use


Weapon Proficiency Talents

Name Proficient Specialized Mastery
Melee General Yes Yes Yes
Melee Prog - - -
Basic Bolt - - -
Basic Fusion - - -
Basic General Yes - -
Basic Maser - - -
Basic Positron - - -
Pistol Bolt - - -
Pistol General Yes - -
Pistol Maser - - -

Generic Combat Talents

Name Effect
Arms Master -10 penalty to untrained weapons, not -20
Critical Strike On Righteous Fury, can spend fate and sacrifice extra damage to roll a 1d5. Enemy must then take the result in Critical Damage effects, even if they're normally immune to them. Attack must have dealt damage. Furthermore, if you ever you roll a Righteous Fury against an enemy that does not use Critical Damage charts (such as low-level enemy troops), and your attack deals damage, the enemy instantly dies.
Quick Draw Can swap/draw/etc items as a free
Two Weapon Wielder (Melee) Reduce penalty w/dual wield melee
Two Weapon Wielder (Ballistic) Reduce penalty w/dual wield ballistic

Melee Talents

Name Effect
Assassin Strike Test Acrobatics to disengage after melee attack
Berserk Charge +10 bonus to charge, total +20
Blademaster May reroll blade (sword/axe/knife) attacks
Counterattack Counter on a parry once per round at -20 penalty
Crushing Blow Add WSB/2 to melee damage
Disarm Opposed WS test to disarm opponent
Double Team +20 for ganging up
Furious Assault Expend Reaction when making All-Out attack to deal a second attack
Killing Strike Make a single All Out Attack that cannot be parried or dodged
Irresistible Force Can perform Swift/Lightning Attacks as part of a charge.
Lightning Attack Attack three times
Precision: Cleaving +2 to Pen
Precision: Fast Standard attacks are -20 to dodge
Sure Strike Do not have to reverse to-hit rolls to determine location of damage
Swift Attack Attack twice
Unarmed Warrior Unarmed attacks do 1d10+SB-3 damage, and do not count as Unarmed
Unarmed Master Unarmed attacks do 1d10+SB, no longer Unarmed or Primitive

Pointman Talents

Name Effect
Halt Advance
Maneuver Mastery

Ranged Talents

Name Effect
Crack Shot +2 critical damage from ranged attacks
Dual Shot May shoot two pistols with one action and one BS test
Gunslinger Reduce two-wielding penalty by -10 when dual-wielding pistols
Hip Shooter May move full move and fire single shot with one pistol
This Gun is Mine Unjam as a half

Fortitude Talents

Name Effect
Avoidance Spend reaction to reduce damage from Horde by AB
Burst of Speed Gain AB+4 speed for 3 rounds once a day
Catfall Reduce Falling Damage
Feat of Strength Once per session, gain SB*3 and +10 to Strength tests for WP/2 rounds.
Hard Target -20 to enemy BS to hit when Charging (-20) or Running (-40)
Hardy Always count as lightly wounded for purposes of healing
Leap Up Free to rise from prone
Lightning Reflexes Double AB for initiative rolls
Rapid Reaction Can't be ambushed
Sprint +AB to movement when full moving, double movement when running
Step Aside Gain an extra dodge per round

Willpower Talents

Name Effect
Hotblooded +10 to willpower to resist feedback. Roll twice on shock table after fear
Indomitable -1 from Ego damage
Jaded No insanity from gore
Unshakeable Faith Reroll failed test to avoid Fear

Interpersonal Talents

Name Effect
Good Reputation (Runners) +10 to interactions with Runners.
Peer (Runners) +10 to interactions with Runners.


Melee Weapons

Name Class Base Damage Real Damage Base Pen Real Pen Total Specials
Unarmed Melee(1H) 1d10I 1d10+8I 0 0 -
Hermione's Sword Melee(1H) 1d10+3R 1d10+11R 3 3 Balanced, Compact
Hermione's Sword Melee(1H) 1d10+3R 1d10+11R 3 3 Balanced, Compact

Ranged Weapons

Name Class Range Base RoF Real RoF Base Damage Real Damage Base Pen Real Pen Total Specials
Best Quality Revolver Basic 30m S/-/- S/-/- 1d10+3I 1d10+3I 0 0 Never jam
Best Quality Revolver Basic 30m S/-/- S/-/- 1d10+3I 1d10+3I 0 0 Never jam

Ranged Ammo

Name Weapon Size per Clip Reload Time (Real) Qty
Frag Grenade Thrown 1 Half 3
Smoke Grenade Thrown 1 Half 2
Revolver Clip Revolver 6 Full 4


Name Body AP Arms AP Legs AP Head AP Special
Hermione's Coat 5 3 3 - -


Name Size Armor Traits Narrative Speed Combat Speed Handling Modifier Armaments Crew Passengers Access Points Fuel Effeciency RC
Motorcycle Average Hull 5 Open 50-150 kph 15/50/100/150/200 +0 None 1 (Driver) - Any 4,000 1l per 15km

Starting Characteristics

Characteristic Rating Bonus Training/Bonuses
WS 40 3 -
BS 35 3 -
Strength 40 3 -
Toughness 40 3 -
Agility 40 4 -
Intelligence 30 3 -
Perception 30 3 -
Willpower 30 3 -
Fellowship 30 3 -

Wounds: 12
Fate: 3/3

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