How Great Is God Almighty Who Has Made All Things Well

[05:30] <Marianne> [[Session 42: NEON GENESIS EVANGELION. Date: 28th of March, 2017. Episode Title: How Great is God Almighty, who has made all things well.-
[05:31] <Marianne> [Alarms sounded across Paris-2. Buildings began to recede into the ground, and in the Headquarters of the Superheavy Regiment, the call to arms was sounded. Another, different, quieter call was sounded as well- to the three pilots of the Evangelions, to assemble in the Geofront.]
[05:36] <Yanmei> Another day, another attack. er nap would have to wait until later - more smiles and hellos on the way to Command, although there was a certain grogginess to them now. Yanmei arrived in civilian clothes. Red jeans, white shirt, nice boots. "Hello, everyone. What's the situation today?"
[05:39] * Aline was a bit behind Yanmei, in similarly casual and civilian clothes, though these were khakis with a red shirt, and far more humble and unassuming sneakers. Hearing Yanmei begin the talking part, though, Aline decided to remain silent for now, though she did give a little half-concerned smile.
[05:41] <Sept> And with the recent events, Sera was nothing less than a master of assembling, himself or otherwise. His clothes were different - naturally, he'd had to get new ones, but the style was somewhat different, too. Normal, one could say. The jeans and the coat seemed almost out of place after all the track suits. "Hi."
[05:47] <Marianne> Marianne's eyes lingered on Sera for awhile, a purturbed frown developing, but it passed. She turned back to the bridge. "Angel."-
[05:48] <Marianne> [An image appeared. It was all claw and carapace, an insectoid thing that gave more than a few people on the bridge the creeps as it scuttled forward, pausing to seemingly sniff the air, before continuing.-
[05:48] <Marianne> [Object: 19th Angel. Codename: OMNIEL.-
[05:48] <Marianne> "We're able to intercept it with significant forces this time round, but they'll need you kids up there, so let's get to it."
[05:50] <Yanmei> Sera's entrance had thrown Yanmei for a minute, and when the screen flashed on, she diverted her eyes to it hastily. "Is there anything we should know? It looks like that carapace might be hard to penetrate?"
[05:53] * Aline tapped her fingers together, having been… unfazed by Sera. Though that's because she already had a chance to meet him. "…It almost looks 'mundane'."
[05:53] <Marianne> "It's claws are sharp. It's been slicing up forests and hills it passes by accident. But that's all. We aren't expecting too many surprises from this one."
[05:59] * Yanmei gazed up at the image for a moment longer, a mite dubiously. "…then, let's keep that in mind as we move out?"
[05:59] <Sept> "Hmm. If we have the luxury of taking on only this, we'll need to rely on speed and tactics more than armor. 01 is… fully restored, right?"
[06:00] <Marianne> "It's fully restored, and waiting for you." She turned and nodded. "Let's get suited up, boys and girls."
[06:02] <Sept> "…right. Good luck."
[06:03] <Aline> "Mm. I'll get ready, then!" …And Aline ran off to do just that.
[06:05] * Yanmei turned to go as well!
[06:05] * Marianne turned back to the screen. "How are we going, Guillory?"
[06:12] <Raphael> On the surface Raphael waits in the cockpit of NERV's newly-salvaged T-RIDEN-T, currently crushing a couple of trees to attain optimal firing position in Bois de Boulogne. "All Dreadnaughts deployed as ordered, ma'am. Sergeant Duval and Julien have reported all our systems are operating as expected. We're ready."
[06:14] <Marianne> "Right." She turned to James. "How are the pilots?"-
[06:15] <Marianne> ["Just about ready for synchronisation."-
[06:16] <Marianne> Marianne looked over at the Pilot Display, where the three pilots sat in their plugs. "Alright. Begin first stage contact."-
[06:16] <Marianne> [The LCL began to pour in…-
[06:16] <Marianne> ["First stage contact complete. Beginning second stage contact…"]
[06:20] <Marianne> ["Synchronisation complete."-
[06:21] <Marianne> "Hmm…" Marianne frowned a little as she eyed the results. "Aline? How're you feeling?"
[06:22] * Aline tilted her head back and forth. "Ah?… I feel okay. A bit dizzy, but it's starting to go away."
[06:24] <Marianne> "Good, good. And you, Yanmei?" Asked Marianne, flicking her gaze back to the map, where the Angel had, for a second- seemingly vanished, only to reappear behind Hugues, swiping at him. The tough old pilot blocked it but good.
[06:27] <Yanmei> "No problems here, Colonel." She was frowning a little.
[06:34] * Raphael watches Hugues and Blaise both charge into combat with the Angel, feeling a brief moment of disquiet as he adjusted the targeting computers to fire another withering blast from the positron cannon… only to watch it dodge again. "So this is what it's like…"
[06:38] <Marianne> "Alright. Launch Evangelions!"-
[06:38] <Marianne> [Soon, the skyline of Paris-2 would change for Raphael and his team- as three new giants joined it, gleaming violet, red and green.]
[06:45] <Raphael> All three would quickly hear a crisp, calm voice over the radio. "Pilots. 1st Superheavy Regiment ready to assist. Let us know what we can do."
[06:48] <Yanmei> "Thank you, group Captain. It seems like your men are doing a fine job keeping it busy. We'll let you know if you need to pull back or assist with a specific strategy."-
[06:50] <Yanmei> Yanmei glanced left, then right, to the other two EVAs, 04 mimicking the movement slightly. "Right, then. If this guy is as mundane as expected, 04 and 01 should just be able to waltz in and neutralize him? Blanc. Try to immobilize him further if you can."
[06:52] * Aline nodded. "Can do. Let's all be cautious of it doing something else, though. I remember the one that crawled out of its shell and had the both of them fighting, so there might still be some kind of stunt here."
[07:01] <Yanmei> "Yeah, that's true." Yanmei frowned some more. The air around 04 shimmered as its field came to life, and she stepped forward to put the plan into action.
[07:03] <Sept> "Neutralising… now. Be ready."
[07:03] <Marianne> [Hugues' Dreadnought lunged- Omniel parried, and swiped at him- and he knocked the blade aside…-
[07:04] <Marianne> [A second later, the Angel's AT Field shimmered, then vanished- and it looked over at EVA-01 with murder in its intent.]
[07:04] * Aline sent 00 into the sky as it shimmered with its own field, landing a bit to the side of 01. "…Understood. I'm moving into range now, though it's probably going to run around like nuts."
[07:11] <Marianne> [After a burst of Maser energy from Mana- that proved mostly ineffective- the Angel did indeed begin to run around- charging at 01…!-
[07:17] <Marianne> [A Parthian claw came far too close to ripping through Hugues' cockpit, only to be saved by Blaise's arm- the ablative coating cracking away.-
[07:17] <Marianne> [Omniel vanished, once again, reappearing a split second later behind 01.]
[07:22] <Sept> "…the bastard. Be careful, it's quick. Want me to try and keep it here..?"
[07:24] * Aline shook her head, as she fiddled with her targeting systems. "You can try, but it seems determined to move all over."
[07:26] <Raphael> Another blast fired from atop the hill, making the air between the two Evangelions sizzle for a moment. It had no more luck than the others against the scuttling Angel.
[07:46] * Yanmei drifted closer, snapping off a quick bolter shot. "This is weird," she muttered.
[07:50] * Aline was firing a small burst of positron fire, and looked over to Yanmei's vidwindow on her HUD. "Yeah, I know. It seems too easy. They've only been ramping up in power, yet…"
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[08:01] <Yanmei> "Can you check to see if there are any other AT Fields lurking around? Maybe there's something we've missed…"
[08:14] * Sept had the Angel right where he wanted it, and its defenses were down… 01 swiped at the monster's head, trying to just keep it still for now.
[08:15] <Marianne> [The blow went deeper than he'd thought- it cut in deep, causing it to screech and reel back before swiping at him furiously with those too-sharp claws.]
[08:19] <Sept> It was… upset? Very much so. Sera took advantage of it, grabbing one of the claws as it came at him - it dug deep past his armor, but he had a grip on its arm. EVA-01 tackled the Angel and tore at the arm, driving its whirring progressive blade into the carapace, splattering undescribable fluids onto the streets of Paris.
[08:20] <Marianne> [The Angel spasmed in pain, screeching horribly into the sky. The arm fell to the ground, flailing wildly, before coming to a stop.-
[08:20] <Marianne> "It's weak! Finish it off! Aline, I'm giving you targeting coordinates. Try to finish it off with your spear."
[08:21] <Raphael> More supporting fire rains down on the angel from the distant hill, this time in the form of mundane bullets instead of the usual positronic blasts. The angel dodges as quickly as always, but most of the fusillade finds its mark along the creature’s spiny exterior.-
[08:21] <Raphael> "Sergeant Blaise, Chief Sergeant Hugues, move in to support. Try and keep the thing pinned for Pilot Blanc."
[08:23] <Yanmei> Bolter shells join in with the bullets, one of them blasting and searing one of the creature's legs.
[08:27] <Marianne> ["Yessir!" Positron bolts fly, and before long the Angel is lying on its back, a burned out stump replacing one of its legs.]
[08:33] * Sept tried to pin the Angel down to get a finishing strike in, but its flailing made it more difficult than he'd expected.
[08:33] <Marianne> ["Heh. Don't you worry lad, Hugues Monette'll take care of that for you. Hyah!"-
[08:34] <Marianne> [And thus, Sera would be greeted to the sight of a Dreadnought- mad, pint-sized mechanical horror- charging the prone Angel. The Angel swiped at it- it sidestepped.-
[08:34] <Marianne> [Hugues smacked the arm aside- actually lodging his sword on one of its pincers. "Hey! Get off-"-
[08:34] <Marianne> [The Angel swung its arm around frantically, sending the Dreadnought tumbling- onto the Angel's chest.-
[08:34] <Marianne> ["…"-
[08:35] <Marianne> [The Dreadnought reared back and -stabbed-. And stabbed. And stabbed- the core cracked, splintered, and then broke, fissure lines glowing.-
[08:35] <Marianne> [… Then it died.-
[08:35] <Marianne> ["…" Hugues turned around, feeling a little heady. The Dreadnought walked off the Angel, stomping on its lifeless head as it went.]
[08:36] <Marianne> "… It's…? Is it dead?"
[08:37] <Raphael> "… Pilot Zhang?"
[08:37] * Aline looked cautious. "…It looks like it, but be careful…"
[08:39] <Raphael> "Superheavies, stay on your guard." Raphael says slowly. "… Good job, Hugues."
[08:39] <Yanmei> "Group Captain?" Yanmei was frowning. "Angels die when the core is destroyed, yes. But… this was a weirdly weak Angel."
[08:39] <Marianne> ["Well done, Hugues." Says Blaise, clearly in awe.-
[08:39] <Marianne> ["Yeah, good job. I didn't know you had it in you. But then I guess, dinosaurs -are- pretty scary." Said Marie.-
[08:40] <Marianne> ["You shut up, Rookie." But Hugues is grinning and is moustache is quivering.]
[08:41] <Sept> "Yeah. Well done, everyone," Sera said plainly.
[08:42] <Marianne> [The Angel twitched.-
[08:42] <Marianne> [And then, quite suddenly, its core -exploded-.-
[08:42] <Marianne> [It wasn't the typical sort of core explosion- this one was focused, like a massive lance of light shooting into the sky.-
[08:43] <Marianne> [There was a moment of silence. Absolute silence, where even if someone tried to speak, they'd hear nothing at all…-
[08:43] <Marianne> [… The light returned, slamming back into Omniel's Core and expanding in a massive ring of energy that enveloped everyone and everything. It didn't cause harm.-
[08:44] <Marianne> [But when it was over, Omniel's core clasped shut, it flexed its newly regrown leg and newly regrown arm, and stood up.-
[08:44] <Marianne> [And it wasn't alone.]
[08:50] <Marianne> [The original Omniel used its new longer arms to peel off its body, which fell to the ground, a new, gleaming new one beneath.-
[08:51] <Marianne> [Much like Sathariel before it, this discarded shell soon got to its feet, a smaller, but dangerous clone.-
[08:51] <Marianne> [To the north stood an Angel that was undoubtedly bipedal. Tall, with a morbid skull-like face and crushing arms.-
[08:52] <Marianne> [To the east stood a stocky, hulking beast-like creature, with a wolf almost headlike.-
[08:52] <Marianne> [To the south was a strange, artificial thing, with four legs and a helmeted head, with hands crackling with energy…-
[08:52] <Marianne> [And to the west was a shadow, a flitting, dark thing that absorbed light around it.]
[08:54] <Marianne> <*Head almost wolflike, you bastards>
[08:56] <Marianne> "?! James, readout, now!"-
[08:56] <Marianne> ["It… Ugh, they're all reading the same AT Field!"-
[08:57] <Marianne> "… So that isn't five Angels. It's all the same thing. Everyone, pull into a tight formation and cover one another!"
[08:58] <Raphael> "…" A moment where his heart skips a beat as that halo of energy rolls over him, and the view from the hilltop when it passes doesn't do much to help. "Yes ma'am. Superheavies, protect the Evangelions as best you can."
[08:58] <Marianne> ["Yessir!"-
[08:59] <Marianne> ["Urgh, how hard do I gotta kill you to keep you dead, boyo?!"]
[08:59] <Raphael> "Feel free to try again, Chief Sergeant."
[09:00] * Aline moved forward with a lunging spearstrike, crying out her response as if it were also a battlecry. "Very hard! Welcome to the big show, everyone!"
[09:00] <Yanmei> "You heard the lady." A shutter on one of 04's wings drew up, revealing a mounted gun. "EVA units. Let's tear through them, one at a time!"
[09:03] <Sept> "Will do, Yanmei! I'm right with you!"
[09:16] <Marianne> [Clank!-
[09:16] <Marianne> [A claw flew at 01's head!]
[09:19] * Sept raised his knife to block, sending the claw off course with a shower of sparks, and lunging in through the opening!
[09:19] <Marianne> [It brought the claw back, knocking his knife aside and smoothly striking towards 01's head once again.]
[09:26] <Sept> 01 tumbled under the claw and brought his blade toward the beast's core.
[09:27] <Marianne> [Another claw came out of nowhere, bending at an obscene angle and smacked the blade away- then the beast hurled itself into the air, landing a clear 100 metres away.]
[09:33] * Sept breathed heavily. "Yeah. Keep focusing on them one at a time."
[09:34] <Marianne> [Blaise ran off to pursue Beta, power fists up. "Come on, you big ugly bastard. There's still one natural born Parisian here who'll show you a fight!"-
[09:35] <Marianne> [Beta picked up his Dreadnought and drove it into the ground, narrowly missing with a followup piledrive.]
[09:36] <Raphael> "Sergeant Herriot, hold as long as you can. We'll move to support you." Raphael says quickly, his targeting computers a mess of confusing readouts as he finds a targeting solution that finally puts one of the positron cannon's antimatter beams straight through the original Alpha's core.
[09:37] <Marianne> [The positron beam slices deeply into the core- a satisfying hit-
[09:38] <Marianne> [But a second later his alarms start ringing as a beam of immensely hot energy hurls towards him. An array of small Positron turrets turn towards it, shooting it and cancelling it out before it can reach him.]
[09:47] * Yanmei scrambled in, launching her bayonet at the parent ANgel's face, determined to take it's head off again. Some landed, but it still stayed attached…
[09:47] * Sept moved in, made a few relaxed, light jabs at the claws before going in for a lightning fast stab, plunging the knife into the Angel's core…
[09:50] <Marianne> [The Angel collapsed under the blow, falling to its knees, then to the ground, the core splintering- flaring with light before fully dying.]
[09:50] <Yanmei> "Well done, de Pteres!"
[09:52] <Marianne> [Yanmei wouldn't have time to chitchat- a second later, a lumbering Angel- Ceta- was charging at her, massive clawed paw swiping towards her…]
[09:54] * Yanmei skipped aside, sucking in a deep breath as she felt the air move from the force of the blow. "Hey!"
[09:54] <Marianne> […-
[09:55] <Marianne> [There was a warping of light- Delta fired -something- at her, visible only by the shimmer it left as it changed space around it.]
[10:01] <Yanmei> And that invisible projectile was absorbed by a building behind her, as she used the momentum from her previous move to spin into a dancelike crouch.
[10:04] * Aline stared forth during the battle, as 00 observed now from a distance… With a brief gesture of just a small arm twitch, Aline sent a shimmer out to absorb some of Angel Ceta's AT Field. "…Committing some power to neutralizing that big one harassing you guys."
[10:17] <Marianne> "Keep up the fire support, Aline!"-
[10:17] <Marianne> ["Yes, this is Gosselin. I need an airstrike at these coordinates"-
[10:17] <Marianne> [Fred's target would soon distinguish itself, firing another burning beam at Aline.]
[10:19] * Aline nodded… and almost instantly, 00 did a quick wing-flip over the beam. "Right!"
[10:22] * Yanmei let her own AT Field shimmer, like Aline's had done… and then she thrust her bayonet at the eyes of the bulking beast in front of her with a snarl.
[10:23] <Marianne> [It brought its hand down to swat her weapon away- an energy field surrounding it.]
[10:24] <Yanmei> "Dammit…"
[10:27] <Marianne> [A bright streak of thin red energy passed Yanmei, smashing into Ceta a split second after it backed away. Smoke rolled off its body as its meat began to cook.]
[10:31] <Yanmei> "!" She almost turned around at that to see where it had come from. Didn't, because she didn't want to take her eyes off that thing, but…
[10:59] * Aline lifted her rifle, aiming carefully, during the criss-crossing melee battle. Wait… wait… she could feel a minor correction from the EVA's optics, and then… blam! Aline discharged a shot at Ceta's head!
[11:00] <Marianne> [… It was fortunate Yanmei did, as another Delta-fired distortion streaked towards her…-
[11:00] <Marianne> ["I'll keep it down." Hugues charged the Delta- and was promptly hurled away by an AT Force.-
[11:00] <Marianne> ["Hugues?! You alright?"-
[11:00] <Marianne> ["… Nngh. I'm fine, Mana, you watch your own back."-
[11:01] <Marianne> [The Ceta took the shot, shaking its head and shooting a dark look over at Aline.]
[11:05] * Yanmei was set to dodge… until she felt something sharp and painful slam into from behind! She staggered forward with a hiss of pain, just narrowly slipping out of the path of the projectile by dumb luck.
[11:22] <Raphael> "He's right, Sergeant." Raphael says, watching the long gash Hugues' Dreadnaught has drawn across nearly a block's worth of road. "Hugues, you need to pull back and find some support. These readouts are showing critical damage to your reactor. You won't be able to take another hit." One last minor adjustment to his aim and he pulls the flightstick's trigger, another tight beam of antimatter
[11:22] <Raphael> hurtling towards the angel menacing Blaise.
[11:28] <Marianne> [The beam hits home, igniting an arm and burning it away completely- the Angel doesn't make a sound, but it turns and hurls itself through the air, towards Raphael.-
[11:35] <Marianne> [An explosion shook the city as bombers flew over, devastating Epsilon…-
[11:35] <Marianne> [But before the smoke cleared, a beam of burning energy lashed out, streaking past Yanmei- curving- and striking 04 in the back, setting the Evangelion aflame.]
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[11:46] <Sept> "Yanmei!" Sera yelled at the inferno. "Marianne, can't you do anything? We could still stop this fire before..!"
[11:47] <Marianne> "There isn't- Yanmei, try to focus your AT Field and put the fire out!"
[11:49] * Yanmei is screaming. She tried… her AT field flickered, but the focus wasn't there. Instead, she raced for the cool comfort of the Seine, a panicky violet fireball. There is a tremendous splash. The roads nearby are flooded.-
[11:50] <Yanmei> And then there is a moment of mortified silence as relief gave way to the realization of how filthy the Seine is. "You…"-
[11:55] <Yanmei> The fire was not completely out yet. It actually seemed to have spread to some bits of debris in the water. Nevertheless, 04 could raise its arm despite the pain and added humilation, and fire off a shot at the hulking Ceta's core. "You… you bastards!! I'll kill you! I'll kill you all!!"
[11:55] * Aline …watched, mouth hanging open a bit. "W-well then." She could actually even feel the awkward dryness in her throat.
[11:56] <Marianne> [The bolt shell didn't seem to do much…]
[11:57] <Marianne> [Marie, however, tracked Beta with her assault cannon, unleashing a storm of bolts as it fell- Its head was vaporised, its remaining arm grabbing at its neck painfully.]
[11:59] <Raphael> "… Thank you, Sergeant Favager." Raphael says slowly, actually sounding very slightly unsettled by the display.
[11:59] <Marianne> ["You're welcome, sir."]
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[12:22] <Marianne> [There was a corona of prismatic light from Delta.-
[12:23] <Marianne> [A second later, a massive cross blast ripped through the heart of Paris-2, destroying building and road alike, levelling the Louvre.-
[12:23] <Marianne> [Hughes ran, his stompy robot managing to avoid it just in time-!]
[12:24] * Yanmei also managed to avoid it somehow, 04 scrabbling along the bank of the river in a most undignified fashion.
[12:27] * Aline just - again - got to stare at the very edge of it, firing a meager potshot at the giant headlike wolflike WHATEVER that was dubbed Angel Ceta, while otherwise seeming to not even react to the cross attack.
[12:34] <Marianne> [Alpha twitched.-
[12:35] <Marianne> [Again. It rose- quite surprisingly for something that was supposed to be dead-
[12:35] <Marianne> [Its core re-sealed, and it hurtled across the battlefield, landing next to Beta.-
[12:35] <Marianne> "… Oh come on…"
[12:47] * Raphael is biting his lip now, one hand hovering over the trigger that will ignite the T-RIDEN-T's jump jets, but the sight of 04 scrambling across the Seine with an Angel hot on her heels makes him reach for the railgun controls instead. "Marie, I need covering fire until I can bring the cannon back online. Disable them if you can."
[13:08] <Marianne> ["Yessir!"-
[13:08] <Marianne> [Marie's eyes, however, are on Epsilon, gliding towards them as well- unleashing black blasts at Sera as it goes.-
[13:31] <Marianne> [She unleashes her cannon's salvo at the two nearest Angels, the bolts doing heavy damage, utterly ripping apart Beta's body.-
[13:31] <Marianne> [… Then Delta flits by, all ghost and shadow- and unleashes its strange distortion beam. Marie sidesteps-
[13:31] <Marianne> [But it angles around and strikes the Dreadnought straight through the body.-
[13:32] <Marianne> ["Aaah-"-
[13:32] <Marianne> ["…. That… That shouldn't have happened."-
[13:32] <Marianne> [Marie stared down at her gloved hand, ripping it off.-
[13:33] <Marianne> [There was absolutely no reason as to why it should be covered in festering, oozing boils. "… What the hell is this thing?"]
[13:34] * Aline finally retracted the neutralization field, having been reminded… maybe by flashbacks, maybe just a hunch, that she might have a way to properly hurt Ceta. Briefly twirling the Lance of Tears, 00 charged energy into it, and began to march a bit closer to the beast…
[20:46] <Raphael> More Angels advancing now. Raphael frowns, working fast to try and get a firing solution on the rapidly advancing Alpha's core. "Chief Sergeant Hugues, I need you back here giving Sergeant Favager some cover. Sergeants Kirishima and Herriot, see if you can hold back the advance of the third target."
[21:01] <Marianne‘> ["Yes s-"-
[21:01] <Marianne`> [The stompy mech staggered to one side as Alpha’s ropelike claw struck out at it, left arm up…-
[21:02] <Marianne‘> [And a second later Epsilon’s antimatter beam ripped the arm clean off, the blade narrowly missing the cockpit. "Oi-!"]
[21:06] <Yanmei> To the south, 04 performed a miracle of longjumps, sailing over the beastly Ceta and crashing into the streets again feet-first. It's AT Field rippled…
[21:07] <Marianne‘> "Phase space neutralising… Not fully yet-"
[21:29] <Marianne`> [There was a burst of AT Energy- it filled Raphael’s screen and scrambled half of his sensors. When it was finished, Hugues' Dreadnought was a smoking pile of metal- he'd pushed Marie's out of the way before it hit. His cockpit now lay 30 metres away, dangerously exposed.]
[21:33] <Sept> "This one's down…" Sera noted. "Neutralising the larger one… now." As he said it, 01's AT field flickered faintly and the giant began to advance toward Ceta.
[21:34] <Marianne‘> "The phase space is nulled. Aline, hit it now!"
[21:34] * Aline finished her lance-twirl, and after waiting for Sera to lower the field the rest of the way… and for the perfect moment to strike… she sent 00 rushing in a high-speed charge, Lance lunging outwards into the hulking monstrosity’s head, even as it crackled with raw AT energy!
[21:35] <Marianne‘> [The lance embedded itself deeply into the Angel’s head, and it shook violently trying to rip it out. The attack was the first to do some real damage.]
[21:38] <Marianne‘> [Blaise chased after the Ceta- as it ran, he smashed a power fist into its tail, then proceeded to latch on.-
[21:38] <Marianne`> ["Huuurgh-" He pulled himself up its back, the Angel swatting at him as he climbed, before he slammed his fist into the back of its head- but he slipped and fell the rest of the way, his machine tottering as it landed on an apartment block.]
[21:39] * Aline more than did that favor for it, pulling the lance out during Blaise’s ascent, pulling it back at ready for another strike…
[21:45] <Raphael> "… Goddamn it." Raphael muttered, finally hitting the jump jets on the T-RIDEN-T and ascending above Paris-2 with remarkable grace for such a huge machine. "Marie, pull back with me. Sergeant Kirishima, I need you to pick up Hugues' pod and get it to safety at one of the embarkation points."
[21:45] <Marianne‘> [Marie was dazed and a little off-kilter with Hugues disabled. "Yes sir…!"-
[21:46] <Marianne`> ["Right!" Mana was quick, in and out, grabbing Hugues pod roughly and shoving it onto the embarkation elevator…-
[21:46] <Marianne`> [Just in time to evade an Antimatter beam that sliced straight through Marie’s Dreadnought like paper.-
[21:46] <Marianne‘> ["Ah-Agh- sir, my cockpit’s jammed-"]
[21:49] <Raphael> "Alright. Just sit tight for a moment, Sergeant. We're going to get you out. Sergeant Herriot, do you still have your ablatives?"
[21:49] <Marianne‘> ["Some, sir."]
[21:56] <Yanmei> With a shout, Yanmei tore forward, aiming her bayonet at Ceta’s face, but it only ended in a glancing blow. "What?!"
[21:56] <Sept> "Keep at it!" 01 tried its very best to stick its knife through the Angel's head, only barely chipping some of the head-like carapace off.
[21:59] <Raphael> "Good. When the Evangelions have eliminated their current target you're going to try and remove Dreadnought-02's cockpit by force."
[21:59] <Marianne‘> ["Yes, sir."]
[22:03] <Marianne`> ["Sir." Mana. "I can grab Marie."]
[22:09] <Raphael> "… Alright, Mana. Keep clear of the antimatter beam. I’ll provide what covering fire I can."
[22:13] <Marianne‘> ["Yes sir."-
[22:14] <Marianne`> [Ceta’s fist began to glow with a rending white light. It brought the fist back…]
[22:14] <Sept> The Angel was off balance… but it would be even more so in a moment. It was getting ready for something, leaving an opening in its defense. Sera picked up on it quickly enough and lunged in…
[22:17] <Marianne‘> [The twin forces- blade and fist- flashed in the air.-
[22:18] <Marianne`> [For a second, nothing happened…-
[22:18] <Marianne`> [… Then EVA-01’s right leg came clean off, hydraulic fluid spurting into the air and inundating the entire area with slippery lubricant.-
[22:18] <Marianne‘> [But Ceta was injured, too, a deep gauge cut into its own right leg- it roared in fury and anger. Vengeance!]
[22:21] <Marianne`> [Delta turned its attention towards its original prey…-
[22:21] <Marianne`> [And a burst of swirling distortion energy hurled itself at 04!]
[22:21] <Sept> It took all too long for it to occur to Sera that he should be feeling pain. But eventually, he did, and the others would know the extent of his pain clearly enough. "T-try to finish it quickly, alright..?" he finally managed to utter between ragged breaths.
[22:23] <Yanmei> "de-" Something moved in the edge of her vision, clipping a building on a straight path. Yanmei dove aside!
[22:23] <Marianne`> [The energy bent in the air as though it had hit a mirror and shot right back at 04’s arm!]
[22:25] <Yanmei> But the arm moved in a split last second, both it and the gun it was holding held protectively to 04's body. In the entry plug, Yanmei breathed a litle more heavily than usual.
[22:26] * Aline took a breath, and with a brief moment as a target-designator activated, she lunged with the lance again!
[22:26] <Marianne‘> [But Ceta was faster this time and turned the blade away at the last second with its fist.]
[22:27] * Aline recoiled back into a ready pose. "I see… Guys, I set a marker on it, you’re clear to go, though I'm not sure how much damage anyone'll cause."
[22:27] <Marianne‘> ["Leave it to me-!"-
[22:28] <Marianne`> [Blaise burst out of a building, clasping an object in his fists…-
[22:28] <Marianne`> [Alpha’s discarded claw.-
[22:28] <Marianne‘> [He jabbed it into the ground and vaulted himself into the air, delivering a righteous punch to Ceta’s eye before drag-falling down to the earth.]
[22:29] <Yanmei> "Innovative!" Yanmei managed a grin.
[22:30] <Marianne‘> ["Thanks!" Blaise grinned, hiding his shaking hands. Oh, how he wished those thrusters had been installed…]
[22:33] <Marianne`> [Mana was sprinting back towards Marie now- narrowly dodging past a jabbing claw and a swipe. "Agh-"]
[22:46] * Raphael ’s T-RIDEN-T fires another sizzling beam in the hopes of drawing attention away from Mana, this time aiming for the angel whose beam had torn apart Marie's dreadnaught so easily. "Come on, now. She can't hurt you, but I can…"
[22:47] <Marianne‘> [The Angel places a hand upon the ground, and the earth itself bends to its whims- a massive wall of concrete, steel and bitumen rise, absorbing far too much energy from the blow…-
[22:48] <Marianne`> [And it doesn’t stop Epsilon from firing a beam of antimatter energy at Mana, hitting squarely on the Dreadnought's cockpit module. Mana's channel goes silent.-
[22:48] <Marianne‘> [… A few seconds later, however, the cockpit itself ejects, carrying Mana to relative safety.]
[22:53] <Yanmei> A flurry of bayonet thrusts from 04! "Hurry up and drop! We’ve wasted enough time on you!"
[22:54] <Marianne‘> [Crack! Crack-
[22:55] <Marianne`> [The blade sank deep into the head, pulling away and leaving a large gash across its face. It roared, turned its full attention to Yanmei, and unleashed a truly intimidating wall of blows at 04.]
[23:02] * Raphael pales slightly as the beam destroys the Dreadnought’s core, finally letting out his breath when the cockpit clears the ruin and smoke. "Whatever distraction we can provide is running out fast, Colonel."
[23:03] * Yanmei swayed out of the way of them, readying her bayonet attachment again. "This is getting bad…"
[23:06] <Marianne‘> [Then again, from the northwest- Delta’s disturbing warp burst, streaking at 04…]
[23:07] <Yanmei> Again, Yanmei caught it, and swayed to the other side, avoiding it fast! But then…
[23:08] <Marianne‘> [It bounced back around and seared into 04’s leg, deeply…-
[23:09] <Marianne‘> [And suddenly, there was a sharp shooting agony through Yanmei’s left hand. Things were moving under her skin, biting into muscle and veins.]
[23:11] * Aline grunted in annoyance. "Keep on, I've almost got it…!" And she lunged in for another strike, this time taking full advantage of just how /angry/ the beast had become at Yanmei for wounding it!
[23:11] <Marianne‘> [The Lance of Tears crackled with energy as it ripped straight through the bottom of the beast’s head…-
[23:12] <Marianne‘> [The blade shone, and with a burst of light, split the head open- Ceta roared in abject pain, clutching at its ruined visage- flames spreading and crackling across its body.]
[23:16] <Yanmei> …no! No! What the hell was this?! Yanmei struggled to keep a grip on the controls and clenched her teeth hard. Compared to the flash of raw terror that went through her as her body got a brief reminded of the agony of the Qaphsiel battle, but she grit her way through that as well, staring out at the growing flames on Ceta’s body.
[23:17] <Marianne‘> [… At that second…-
[23:17] <Marianne`> [The skin on the back of her hand split open, ripping the plugsuit covering with it.-
[23:17] <Marianne`> [A white and blue flower bloomed from the bleeding wound, roots and vines throbbing beneath the skin.]
[23:22] * Yanmei …stared. She could bypass the question of why this was happening. She was long used to things that didn’t make sense in battle. But her concern lied with… how to… get it out. What it was doing to her… A wave of nausea hit her.
[23:26] <Marianne‘> [As Ceta sagged towards the ground, Blaise ran up, driving his fist -hard- into the core.]
[23:45] <Marianne`> [EVA-01 struck out now, Sera silently digging his blade into Ceta’s core. The Core glowed with energy, fissions cracking across the surface…-
[23:45] <Marianne‘> [Before it, too, fizzled out.]
[23:46] * Aline stared, still clutching her Lance tightly. "One down, /finally/…"
[23:46] <Marianne`> [… Delta’s light shone once more, striking through EVA-00's AT Field and burrowing into its leg.-
[23:47] <Marianne‘> [Aline’s hands would be -wrenched- from the controls, under a power that wasn't her's. They hung in midair, pain shooting through the bones. Cracking could be heard- but not from broken bones…]
[23:48] * Aline gasped, nearly hyperventilating right after. "Wh-wha…?!"
[23:53] * Yanmei had just finished breath a long sigh - but the attack on 00 drew her eyes sharply to the north once more. "Oh crap!"
[23:53] <Yanmei> ^breathing
[23:54] <Marianne‘> [Aline’s hands were suddenly thrown to the side, smacking into the walls of the Plug- blood started to pour from sudden open wounds in her wrists.-
[23:55] <Marianne‘> [A second later they were jerked violently upwards, taut strings of sinew and flesh ripping themselves from the back of her hand and attaching to the roof of the plug-
[23:55] <Marianne`> [Exactly like a puppet’s.]
[23:57] * Aline was breathing heavily, and staring wide-eyed at the scene that was now carrying out inside her plug. "Uh… you guys will… uh-er-uh… maybe need medical for a lot of us when this is… ah, over."
[23:58] <Marianne‘> [But, as this had occured…-
[23:58] <Marianne`> [Yanmei’s eyes had indeed been drawn to something else. Delta and Alpha, together, pulled Ceta's dying body to them with their AT Fields…-
[00:00] <Marianne‘> [And now that the five Angels were together, they started to change. Their bodies became inky, melting together, cores sliding along like buoys. When the cores met, they’d fuse, five becoming three, three becoming two, two becoming one.-
[00:00] <Marianne‘> [Once the final core was assembled, the ink began to take form.-
[00:00] <Marianne`> [The product was massive, easily over 100 metres tall; twice the height of an Evangelion. It didn’t have legs; it had metallic tendrils drifting from a torso like intestines.-
[00:01] <Marianne‘> [The entire body was bony like a human with an exoskeleton similar to Alpha’s- the actual material resembled the extremely tough ossified hide of Ceta.-
[00:01] <Marianne‘> [The arms were thick, shifting with untapped strength like Beta’s…-
[00:02] <Marianne‘> [The hands ended in two enormous claws, like Ceta’s, but the blades were akin to Alpha's.-
[00:02] <Marianne‘> [Finally, the head… The head was almost identical to Epsilon’s. A cross, and within this cross lay its core, glowing.-
[00:02] <Marianne‘> "W-… What j- it’s combined?!"
[00:04] <Raphael> "…" A long pause as Raphael struggles to believe what he's seeing, but eventually he lets out a long breath and set his jaw. "Can you still pilot, Aline? Sergeant Herriot and I will do our best to cover your retreat if you need it."
[00:05] * Aline shakily nodded her head. "Synchronization, Raffy. A quadruple amputee could pilot if needed. But we can't… can't just stop now, at the hardest part!"
[00:10] <Raphael> "Mmm." He murmurs. "Right. In the meantime, Blaise, your weapons aren't going to do a lot of good until this target's AT field is neutralised, but those shields might help keep some damage away from the Evangelions."
[00:10] <Marianne‘> ["Yeah, sure, I’ll fight that." Said Blaise, sounding either cocky or exasperated. It was hard to tell, because Blaise was panting.]
[00:11] <Yanmei> "Even with the ST Field neutralized…" Yanmei was frowing at that bulky, hard exterior. "We'll have to focus fire on the core. Anything else will take too long."
[00:11] <Yanmei> ^AT
[00:12] <Marianne‘> "Negative on that." Said Marianne. "Focus on one of the arms, first. If it’s anything like Ceta, it'll be too strong to defeat until you disable it."
[00:13] * Aline sent 00 flying out of the puddle of dripping lubricant, and seemed to agree, though she was now trying to keep dead-still, bodily. "She's right. We'll need to pick it apart and crack its shell. Ceta was resisting all that damage just because it was that damn hardy…"
[00:14] <Raphael> "You knew what you were in for, Sergeant." Raphael says, a little more sharply than he'd intended, but he nods when the Colonel speaks up. "Yes ma'am."
[00:14] <Marianne‘> ["R-Right you are, sir! Just- just expressing my enthusiasm!"-
[00:15] <Marianne`> [Although he could be heard mumbling under his breath, "Join the army, they said. Meet new and interesting people…"]
[00:21] <Marianne`> [However, Raphael wouldn’t have time for a response to that-
[00:21] <Marianne‘> [A jet of warped energy shot its way at the Grendel. The same which had just so damaged 00 and 04…]
[00:26] * Raphael has barely begun to adjust the Point Defence Field to adjust for the new target, and even if he hadn’t… he wasn't sure if he'd have trusted it to work against such a distortion. He releases the locks on the T-RIDEN-T's knees in a crude dodge maneuver, not having the time to do anything else, and it manages to keep the cockpit just clear of being struck.
[00:28] <Marianne‘> [However, once the energy reaches a certain point, it rebounds off of air and hurtles back at the Grendel, aiming straight for the cockpit.]
[00:36] * Raphael is cursing under his breath as he rapidly tries to adjust the vectors. The first set and the second have the positron turrets clip the wrong parts of the blast, but mere seconds before impact the targeting system manages to put together enough information to defuse the beam in a spray of clashing colours.
[00:44] * Raphael fires the side thrusters to get the T-RIDEN-T back in the air and locks the legs back into place, landing just in time for the positron cannon to vent its destructive power again. The aim is perfect, the cannon’s had enough time to charge to its maximum, and yet…
[00:44] <Marianne‘> [The AT Field flares to life and deflects it cleanly.-
[00:44] <Marianne`> ["C-Colonel…" James’s voice. Worried.-
[00:45] <Marianne‘> "That… That frequency. That was a Chaotic Pattern Field! -How- did it learn that?!"-
[00:45] <Marianne`> [Omniel did not wait for the Lilim to puzzle this out. Half a second later it hurled itself at the Grendel, glowing claw outstretched.]
[00:49] * Raphael only fires one thruster this time, sending the whole mech to one side and just clear of the swipe, but a gigantic dragging foot leaves a wide cut along the concrete beneath him as he goes. "Hmmm."
[00:50] * Yanmei braced herself and then launched into the air once more, landing closer the beast and to Raphael and reaching out with her AT Field. "Better to just get rid of it altogether."
[00:50] <Marianne`> [The moment Yanmei’s AT Field reached out, something -happened-.-
[00:50] <Marianne‘> [It felt like a spike of feedback, except different, affecting her nerves- she suddenly felt slightly dizzy.]
[00:52] <Yanmei> "Ugh…" She squinted and tried not to make any more sudden moves for a moment. Her eyed found the flower on her hand again, nervously. Was it compounded with something from that? Or was it doing something to her and the EVA directly?
[00:52] <Yanmei> ^eyes found
[00:53] <Marianne`> [A different sensation coursed through her as she looked at it- like the blood in her body was being sucked out.-
[00:53] <Marianne`> [The flower’s petals flittered a little, the veiny roots grew fat.-
[00:53] <Marianne‘> [And the petals began to turn a dark pink.]
[00:55] <Yanmei> "What… the hell?" She whispered it under her breath, barely audible, to disguise the shaking in her voice.
[00:57] <Marianne`> [Omniel wasn’t slowing down. A hail of attacks, one of them missing the cockpit by a hair's breadth…-
[00:57] <Marianne‘> [But one slammed into Grendel’s right leg and shore it off completely.]
[01:11] <Raphael> "Shit!" Raphael mutters, his ribs taking a blow as he has to fire his engines -hard- to avoid collapsing through the nearest building. Thankfully, the Thruster team have planned for this scenario, and the robot automatically deplys a tripod-like set of extra support pylons to help stabilize him shortly after. Still… "Evasive capabilities are gone, Colonel."
[01:14] <Yanmei> 04's AT Field flickered again, it's pilot growing a little more desperate at the continuous assult on the Grendel.
[01:15] <Marianne‘> [That same feedback, but far more violent. She felt whole parts of her suddenly go numb before returning.]
[01:18] <Yanmei> She gasped, and tried to raise her Bolter to take aim, but she could suddenly percieve her own limbs apart from the EVA, and had to concentrate hard just to make it move. "D-don’t even think I can…"
[01:19] * Aline shuddered veeeeery subtly, but 00 burst forth in a display of force, aiming for one of Omniel's arms!
[01:20] <Marianne‘> [And straight into the AT Field.]
[01:21] <Aline> "D… Damnit!" Was the only response Aline had.
[01:24] <Marianne`> [Ignoring Aline, it struck at Blaise-
[01:24] <Marianne`> ["No!" Blaise’s arm came up-
[01:24] <Marianne‘> [And it was soon ripped off. Another offensive at EVA-01 was tried, but the Evangelion parried both attacks and struck at Omniel’s body, a small wound inflicted.]
[01:36] * Raphael had very little to do but watch while he waited for the Positron Cannon to charge, knowing that his other weapons wouldn't have a hope of making it past that field. So when the computer alerted him of the weapon's readiness moments after Blaise's unit lost an arm he didn't waste any time trying to return the favour. Though this blast did punch through the shields, the damage was
[01:36] * Raphael minor at best…
[01:37] <Marianne‘> [The eye glows- and in retaliation, a burst of that same warped energy from earlier.-
[01:37] <Marianne`> [It impacts on Grendel’s body- but seemingly to no damage.-
[01:38] <Marianne‘> [Raphael himself would feel a light burning on his chest, but… Nothing major.]
[01:42] * Yanmei broke into a clumsy sprint, aiming her trusty bayonet at the Angel’s left shoulder. The sooner a limb was lopped off, the few blows they would have to dodge up close! But her weapon was batted aside with more ease than she would have liked… and more force, as shards of shattered steel rained onto the streets below.
[01:42] <Yanmei> ^fewer
[01:56] * Aline rushed in next, hazarding an attempt at a neutralization, but… also trying to strike true with her lance, this time following up on Yanmei's strike!
[01:58] <Marianne‘> [A burning red eye stared at her for that…-
[01:59] <Marianne`> [But rapidly shot around, firing another warped burst at the Grendel. This time it hit the left arm, but grazed the cockpit on the way…-
[01:59] <Marianne`> [The results were immediate.-
[01:59] <Marianne`> [Raphael’s entire body spasmed with absolute agony- those feelings in his chest became pain he simply couldn't ignore. It was as though someone had poured molten gold down his throat.-
[02:00] <Marianne‘> [His bones cracked and reformed, all at once- his body and limbs trembled and shivered and warped, like an incredibly painful growth spurt.-
[02:00] <Marianne`> [His jawline felt as though barbs were being forced through it.-
[02:00] <Marianne`> [When it finished, he… Felt different in ways he couldn’t describe, a sheen of sweet on his brow.]
[02:04] <Marianne‘> [Yanmei would feel her plugsuit compress for a second- and a second later felt her mind sharpen.-
[02:06] <Marianne`> [… Which was good, as she could still feel her -blood- being sucked away. That flower’s petals were now pure violet, the exact same colour as her hair.]
[02:16] <Raphael> There was screaming coming from Raphael over the comms, and would have been even louder if Raphael hadn't been biting into his own warping lip in an attempt to muffle it. And it seems to go on forever. When the pain eventually passes he's very careful not to look down or examine himself in any way, knowing even in his dazed state that whatever's there is the sort of distraction he can't
[02:16] <Raphael> afford…
[02:18] <Yanmei> Yanmei could breathe a little easier now, at least. And she used this new ability to suck in a deep breath and to launch herself at the abomination with a full-on war cry! She caught an arm and held onto it for dear life with both arms, bracing herself toward the ground and pulling it off balance. "Hah! Take this!"
[02:18] * Aline was making another stab, but she definitely /winced/ at hearing the man scream… only to feel slight pain from her own terrifying wound due to the movement. "Ah…"
[02:19] <Marianne‘> [For a second, Yanmei had the upper hand…-
[02:20] <Marianne`> [Then with its free fist, it pounded the ground at 04’s feet, sending her careening before it grasped the Evangelion with one of its mighty claws.]
[02:23] <Yanmei> "Ngh! Alright. The plan is still working! Everyone, hit him as hard as you can while he's distracted!"
[02:34] <Raphael> It didn't have time to hold on to her for long, though: The T-RIDEN-T had finally begun to move again, a burst from the positron cannon firing only a moment after to strike the arm which held Yanmei. There's a ear-splitting crack as whater blood or fluids are in the Angel's arm cook away to gas in an instant, practically detonating the limb from the inside in an attempt to vent them.
[02:35] * Raphael 's radio remains entirely quiet, however.
[02:36] <Marianne‘> [The Angel screams, a horrific metal sound as it collapses to the ground, arm vaporising itself.-
[02:36] <Marianne`> [Sera swoops in, stabbing deep into the core, which illicits even more screaming…]
[02:49] * Yanmei stepped back, and after a moment of unsteady aim correction, let out her usual hail of gunfire. A few shots plinked off the core, but a most went wide.
[02:55] <Marianne`> [But they left their mark, one bolt shell digging into a crack in the core made by Aline and splitting it open…-
[02:55] <Marianne`> [And Sera plunged his knife into it. It glowed, and glowed, the Angel -screaming-
[02:56] <Marianne`> [A massive explosion -ripped- through Paris-2, burning buildings and annihilating parks. The Eiffel Tower disintegrated, the ruins of the Louvre were wiped away.-
[02:56] <Marianne`> [But…-
[02:56] <Marianne`> [At the end of it all, all of them were left standing.-
[02:56] <Marianne`> "…"-
[02:56] <Marianne`> "… Thank God. Well done, everyone."
[02:58] <Yanmei> "Thanks, Colonel." Yanmei was blinking away the brightness, and trying to stare down at her arm, expecting the plant to have faded away now.
[02:59] <Marianne`> [It was still there, as grotesquely vibrant as ever.]
[02:59] <Yanmei> "…"
[03:01] * Aline looked at Yanmei staring down on her vidscreen… and for her part, stared up. "A…bout that request for medical assistance…"
[03:01] <Marianne`> "Right. We’ll get people on scene as soon as possible. You guys can bring yourselves back down to the hangars, right?"
[03:02] <Yanmei> "Sh-shouldn't be a problem?" She cast a glance at the silent Grendel. "Are you all right, Group Captain?"
[03:06] <Raphael> "Fine, ma'am." Though his voice wasn't anything like they would be used to - it was shaking slightly, and there was an ugly rasp to it that could probably be put down to the screaming.-
[03:06] <Raphael> In his cockpit though, he checked the lifesigns feed from the other Dreadnaught pods and set the T-RIDEN-T to guide itself back to the nearest elevator. Only then did he find something to pass for a mirror and begin peeling back his battle uniform to check the damage.
[03:07] <Marianne‘> [The first thing he’d notice, even before he touched the uniform, was his face.-
[03:07] <Marianne‘> [It wasn’t his face.-
[03:07] <Marianne‘> [Gendo Ikari stared back at him.]
[03:18] <Raphael> "…" He had to keep his breathing calm. He understood this in a dim, distant sort of way that didn’t much resemble thought so much as the instinct of self-preservation. If he didn't the screaming would start again, and he doubted that this time it would be so quick to stop. Still, even if he could manage that, there was no way to stop the shaking that was now gripping him from head to
[03:18] <Raphael> toe.-
[03:20] <Raphael> Time would pass. Eventually he began to lower his eyes, but he had to try half a dozen times before he could manage it with any success. Before that his attention was stolen back by those eyes - Not his. He wasn't accepting that yet - matching his movements.
[03:21] <Marianne‘> [Different hands, different arms. His chest is different, in two ways. It’s not -his-…-
[03:22] <Marianne‘> [But, seemingly emerging from his chest, scattered haphazardly across it, are thirteen little silver coins.-
[03:22] <Marianne`> [Each one engraved with the face of a girl- an Ayanami- each smiling gently. The thirteenth coin featured Rei Ikari herself.]
[03:30] <Raphael> In the interests of protecting his continued sanity, so much of his mind has shut down by this point that all he can really feel is a dull sense of interest. So he’s not really thinking when he finds the combat knife in his boot. He's not really thinking when he sets it against Rei Ikari's coin.-
[03:30] <Raphael> And he's certainly not thinking when he slides the knife beneath it, into the flesh of his chest, and tries to prise it out.
[03:31] <Marianne`> [He is almost certainly not thinking, then, when the knife snaps in half the moment even the smallest pressure is applied to the coin.]

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