Hugues S Moustache

Name: The Mustache
Position: The True Power behind NERV
Sex: Evolved Beyond Gender
Age: 5,433,262,122
Nationality: First Mustache Race
Place of Residence: Hugues's Upper Lip

Physical Details
Hair colour: Grey
Height: 3" (7.5cm)
Build: Manly as Fuck

Personal Details

Many people seem to believe that Hugues Monette's mustache is, in fact, a mustache.

They are wrong. In fact, the Mustache is an incredibly ancient and potent being that uses Hugues mostly as a host in a symbiotic relationship; he allows it to live off of his Manergy and in return it protects him.

In fact, the Mustache is capable of producing an AT Field that rivals that even of the most powerful of Angels. Legend states that when the end days come, the mustache will, in fact, be the guiding force that will ensure goodness prevails against all the odds.

The Mustache's Theme Song

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