Yet What I Am None Cares Or Knows My Friends Forsake Me

[16:39] <Raphael> All in all it doesn’t take very long for Raphael and his unwilling driver to make it to their destination once they’ve escaped from the testing chamber and cleared the Geofront’s security checks - save for a brief pit stop at a local shopping centre for important supplies. But eventually they would pull into the car park of a rather pleasant apartment block, allowing Raphael to say
[16:39] <Raphael> a quick goodbye to Doctor Riel and let the poor man return to his own business.-
[16:39] <Raphael> … And after that it doesn’t take long to find his way up to the familiar apartment on the third floor, a plastic shopping bag in one hand as he fiddles irritably with the massive uniform he’s yet to change out of. A wasted effort, really. Eventually, with one last sigh, he knocks.
[17:04] <Lucas> "One second."-
[17:05] <Lucas> The door opens just a fraction. "Yes? Can I help you?" Lucas's voice, his eye peering at him. An eyebrow quirks quizzically as it identifies the uniform make.
[17:09] <Raphael> "Lucas. The experiment didn't work quite as we'd hoped." Raphael says with a tight smile. Even like this, in such a different shape, there’s something unmistakeably familiar about that calm expression.
[17:16] <Lucas> "…"-
[17:16] <Lucas> "-Raphael-?"
[17:20] <Raphael> "May I come in? I could use a drink."
[17:25] <Lucas> "Uh, sure." The door closes, and a second later is opened wide. "Wow. You… Uh. Huh."
[17:30] <Raphael> "Mmm." Raphael murmurs. He steps inside rather quickly, eager to be out of the hall. "It's Pilot Blanc's boyfriend. She was the one performing the operation."
[17:32] <Lucas> "…"-
[17:33] <Lucas> "Oh man, I'm sorry." Murmurs Lucas sympathetically. He claps Raphael on the shoulder.
[17:36] <Raphael> "There's nothing for it, really." Raphael says, shrugging slightly. "And strangely enough, it really -is- an improvement. This face… it's not my own, but it's also not one that holds any real meaning to me. I'm not afraid to see it in the mirror. Is that strange?"
[17:38] <Lucas> "Well…"-
[17:38] <Lucas> "No, not really." Says Lucas. "It's one thing to stare at a face you hate, but it's another thing to look at a face that's nothing to you, I guess."
[17:44] <Raphael> "That's right. Not that it doesn't have a million niggling problems of its own, but… my head is clearer like this." Raphael says, glancing slowly around the room. "… Suzie -is- at school today, isn't she? I'm hoping to break this all to her a little gently."
[17:48] <Lucas> "Yeah. She should be home in an hour or so- Dr. Paget's dropping her off." Lucas is wheeling off to the kitchen. "Beer ok?"
[17:51] <Raphael> "Perfect." Raphael gives him a grateful smile and rummages through the plastic bag for a moment before pulling out a plain looking pair of jeans and a clean t-shirt - both brand new, judging by the price tags. "Do you mind if I use your bathroom to change? I look ridiculous in this damned uniform."
[17:53] <Lucas> "Yeah, you really do. Go ahead."
[18:03] * Raphael gives his brother a dark look and disappears towards the bathroom.-
[18:04] <Raphael> … it’s almost ten minutes before he emerges again, looking a little more sombre than before. It takes seeing this new face staring back at him to make the whole mess finally sink in… As thought the high of losing that old hated form shielded him the pain of being forced into a new one. And then there’s the gnawing feeling that he’s invading Pilot Ikari’s privacy just by looking
[18:04] <Raphael> at himself in the mirror.-
[18:04] <Raphael> "Ugh." Raphael mutters as he emerges into the kitchen and takes a seat across from Lucas, hurriedly snatching up his beer.
[18:10] <Lucas> "Careful. Don't drink it all at once."
[18:11] * Raphael raises an eyebrow, the bottle already halfway to his lips. "… what?"
[18:15] <Lucas> "I'm just saying… I mean, you're not, you know, a grown man anymore. You uh… You know." Mumbles Lucas sheepishly.
[18:19] * Raphael shuts his eyes tightly for a moment. "Are you really…?" For a moment he seems ready to lose his temper, but he sucks in a deep breath and forces himself to stop. "Right. I suppose you're right."
[18:25] <Lucas> "Sorry." Lucas pops his own cap and takes a mouthful.-
[18:25] <Lucas> "So… Uh, what happened, exactly?"
[18:30] <Raphael> "Nobody is really sure. The first part of the experiment worked as expected - Pilot Blanc removed the coins as a test of the process - but when it came time to…" Raphael frowns for a moment and takes a quick gulp of beer. "To alter my form, as strange as that is to say, she seems to have just lost control."
[18:32] <Lucas> "That's… Well, that's unfortunate, big brother." Says Lucas quietly. He's staring at Raphael's hand.
[18:35] * Raphael lets out a harsh (And slightly high-pitched) laugh and shakes his head. "That's one word for it, I suppose."
[18:40] * Lucas takes another sip. "Still, y'know, at least it's -something-. Proof that you can be changed, you know?"
[18:45] <Raphael> "That's what I'm trying to focus on." Raphael nods. "What I said while I was in hospital is still true - About wanting my real form back and all of the history that went with it. But now I have proof that it can be done. That's something to go on for the moment."-
[18:46] <Raphael> "…" He falls silent for a few seconds, staring down at his beer. "I'm not sure if all of this will make my call to Misato more awkward or less."
[18:47] <Lucas> "…"-
[18:48] <Lucas> Lucas takes a big gulp of beer. "Remember, once upon a time, when we had to deal with normal problems? This is crazy, brother."
[18:51] <Raphael> "You -do- have normal problems. I'm the one who's been turned into a Japanese teenager."
[18:58] <Lucas> "Your problems are my problems, brother."
[19:03] <Raphael> "Oh, so you've suddenly developed acne too?"
[19:05] <Lucas> "No. But neither have you."-
[19:05] <Lucas> "… Actually, your skin's clear as hell, brother. Pilot Blanc has pretty good taste."
[19:09] * Raphael groans. "I know. She said something about me looking… 'different' to the real Shinji Ikari. I've seen the boy in person, and he looked far less…" He trails off hopelessly and makes a vague gesture towards that perfect, androgynous face.
[19:10] <Lucas> "… Pretty?"
[19:12] * Raphael makes an irritated noise that seems to indicate agreement.-
[19:12] <Raphael> "… She was -blushing-. This could be a problem."
[19:15] <Lucas> "Yeah, well…" Lucas lets out a cough.-
[19:15] <Lucas> "I mean, you know, if the two of them… Well."
[19:17] <Raphael> "Mmm." Raphael grumbles, another sigh escaping his lips.-
[19:18] <Raphael> "… I should probably give Major Katsuragi a call before Suzanne gets home. I've been putting it off ever since the battle."
[19:25] <Lucas> "You owe her that much. She's probably worried sick about you."
[19:27] <Raphael> "Mmm…"-
[19:29] <Raphael> "Do you mind if I use your phone? I believe mine's still at the hospital."
[19:32] <Lucas> "Yeah, go right ahead. You remember her number?"
[19:35] <Raphael> "I think so." Raphael nods, standing to pick up the cordless phone from its cradle on the benchtop. "I'll be back in a few minutes."-
[19:37] <Raphael> … and with that he retreats back to the lounge room, taking a moment to get Misato's number clear in his mind before dialling it in quickly. Only when he hears the dial tone does he feel the first flutter of nerves.
[19:38] <Lucas> [Ring. Ring. Click.-
[19:38] <Lucas> ["Moshimoshi?" Misato's voice.]
[19:43] <Raphael> The nerves only intensify at the sound of her voice, much to Raphael's dismay. He swallows hard, trying to force himself back into a state of calm… and finding his body refuses the order. "… Major Katsuragi? It's me."
[19:43] <Lucas> ["…"-
[19:43] <Lucas> ["…"-
[19:43] <Lucas> [What follows is a stream of Japanese. The words 'Shinji-kun' are the only ones he can pick out reliably.]
[19:47] <Raphael> "…"-
[19:48] <Raphael> "U-uh, Major?" He tries, interrupting after the first few seconds show no hint of her slowing down. "Misato? I can’t-… I can’t understand what you're saying, ma'am."
[19:49] <Lucas> ["Uuuuuurgh."-
[19:49] <Lucas> [She swaps to English. "Shinji-kun! I understand you want to learn French. That's fantastic. I hope you and Aline grow up and have lots of lovely French babies."-
[19:50] <Lucas> ["But I do -not speak French-."-
[19:50] <Lucas> ["Not a word."-
[19:50] <Lucas> ["I know Japanese, and I know English."-
[19:50] <Lucas> ["You -just- got out of the psych ward. Do you really want to put yourself back by refusing to speak Japanese to Japanese people in Japan?"]
[19:55] <Raphael> "-Misato-." Raphael says, perhaps a little more sharply than he'd intended.-
[19:55] <Raphael> "It's Raphael." He says, softer now - and, quite thankfully, in English. Another deep breath. Had he really been nervous enough to forget something that basic?
[19:56] <Lucas> ["…"-
[19:56] <Lucas> ["Shinji-kun, I will put you in a half-nelson. Do not mess with me, boy."]
[19:58] * Raphael sighs. "It's not a joke, Major, even if I would like it to be."
[19:59] <Lucas> ["You're right, it -isn't- a joke. You realise this isn't funny, right? You know how worried I've been about him…?"-
[20:00] <Lucas> ["All they've told me is that he was injured in the fighting. I don't know how, so- just stop it, Shinji-kun."]
[20:08] <Raphael> On the other end of the line, Raphael winces. To say that this was not going how he had planned would be an understatement. "Major. I… don't know what to tell you. I'm so sorry I've worried you, but they've had me in the psych ward-"
[20:12] <Raphael> "Misato, listen-!"
[20:15] <Raphael> "For God's sake Misato, will you just -stop- for a second?"
[20:22] <Raphael> "WHITE."-
[20:23] <Raphael> "SILK."-
[20:23] <Raphael> "PANTIES."-
[20:23] <Raphael> … oh. That had been too loud. That had been far too loud.
[20:25] <Lucas> ["…"-
[20:25] <Lucas> ["You perverted little boy."]
[20:35] <Raphael> … Well, even if it had been blurted out in a blind panic, at least she’d stopped talking long enough for him to get a word in. At least that was something?-
[20:36] <Raphael> "-Major-." He said, a pang of horror as he hears his voice break for a moment. "You must have read the reports. The Nineteenth’s attacks reshaped its victims physically. I’ve been in the /French/ Geofront’s psych ward all weak while in the shape of Commander Ikari. Pilot Blanc’s work this morning only served to reshape me into your Pilot Ikari."
[20:40] <Lucas> ["I-I haven't- hold on."-
[20:40] <Lucas> [There's a beep- the beep of being put on hold.-
[20:41] <Lucas> [Five minutes later, there's another beep.-
[20:41] <Lucas> ["Raphael?!"]
[20:42] * Raphael lets out a little sigh of relief, as short-lived as it may be. "… Yes, ma'am."
[20:48] <Lucas> ["but- you- but- I- that- what? Shinji? I…"]
[20:51] <Raphael> "It's a step forward from Commander Ikari, ma'am." He says gently, but the attempt at levity that falls quite flat. "I'm sorry I couldn't call you sooner. I wasn't very…" A cough. "I wasn't at my best, Misato."
[12:54] <Lucas> ["…"-
[12:55] <Lucas> ["I was worried." She said quietly. "I'd been told you'd been injured, and the report said you'd been hit by an 'unexplained AT effect'. I had no idea what it meant…"]
[13:01] <Raphael> "I'm sorry." He says again, unsure of what else he can offer. The nerves may be beginning to die down now, but fresh guilt is quickly beginning to occupy the empty space. "I was sure Marianne would call you, at the very least…"
[13:07] <Lucas> ["She told me not to worry, but…" Was that a sniffle?-
[13:07] <Lucas> ["S-So… Uh, I'm sorry, this is hard to swallow. The Angel turned you into Ikari?"]
[13:16] <Raphael> "Yes, ma’am. It was some sort of…" He falls silent, frowning as he sits on the edge of Lucas’ couch. "It doesn’t matter, really. But it managed to replicate everything, including most of the Commander’s DNA structure. I suspect that the security risk explains a good deal of why NERV were willing to put in so much effort to try and fix things."
[13:18] <Lucas> ["Y-Yeah, no… No joke. That sounds horrible." She says, genuinely and sincerely. She seemed to understand…-
[13:18] <Lucas> ["And-and now you're Shinji?"]
[13:20] <Raphael> "… That's right."
[13:23] <Lucas> ["I'm sorry." She mumbled. "I had no idea. I didn't mean to go off at you."]
[13:25] * Raphael actually laughs a little at that. "It's fine, Major. I… I probably should have found a better way to break this to you, to be fair."
[13:28] <Lucas> ["Y-You should have. But I'm glad you called." A little laugh.-
[13:28] <Lucas> ["How do you feel?"]
[13:38] <Raphael> "… I could be better, Major. I was worried enough about explaining all of this to you, but I'm still waiting to speak to Suzanne."
[13:39] <Lucas> ["Ah, well. I think she'll be happy so long as you're ok…"]
[13:40] <Raphael> "Mmm."-
[13:41] <Raphael> "… And what about you, Misato?"
[13:46] <Lucas> ["I'm just glad you're alive, Raphael."]
[13:56] <Raphael> "…" A big part of him had no wish to press her on that point. But then… perhaps it was best to get this out of the way early. "… Is that all? I have plenty of misgivings about all of this, ma'am. I wouldn't blame you for feeling the same."
[14:01] <Lucas> ["Well- I -do- have some- misgivings, yes." She admits reluctantly. "But listen. You said Blanc tried to fix it? Then I'm -sure- we'd be able to correct them anyway, at some point, sooner or later, so they aren't important."]
[14:06] <Raphael> "Yes. You're right, of course." Raphael says slowly, allowing himself to relax a little. "… I look ridiculous, Misato."
[14:10] <Lucas> ["Hey, now. Shinji isn't that bad…"]
[14:11] <Raphael> "It's… it's not -just- Pilot Ikari."
[14:16] <Lucas> ["W-what do you mean…?"]
[14:16] <Raphael> "… I'm fairly certain this appearance is based on how Pilot Blanc sees him."
[14:30] <Lucas> ["… Oh. I… How bad?"]
[14:43] * Raphael sighs. "One second." He mutters, putting Misato on hold for a moment while he returns to the kitchen to collect Lucas’ mobile - Enduring a few brotherly jabs about his earlier shouting in the process. It takes a few tries for him to manage a successful self-portrait, but eventually he’d succeed in forwarding Misato the picture.-
[14:43] <Raphael> He leaves the cell phone with Lucas and returns to the lounge room, waiting for a measure of privacy before taking Misato off of hold. "Did that work?"
[14:43] <Lucas> ["Yeah. I… oh -wow-…"]
[14:44] <Raphael> "I told you."
[14:58] <Lucas> ["… This is… That girl has a really active imagination. Is it like that… Everywhere?"]
[15:03] <Raphael> "… I haven't checked if that's what you mean, ma'am." Raphael says dourly.
[15:03] <Lucas> ["W-Well, I don't mean… That. Exactly. I meant… Well, ok. I kind of meant that, but, you know…"]
[15:04] * Raphael coughs, shifting uncomfrotably. "Yes, well… Yes."
[15:04] <Raphael> uncomfortably*
[15:05] <Lucas> ["…"-
[15:06] <Lucas> ["Ahem. A-Anyway… Uh. Raphael?"]
[15:06] <Raphael> "Major?"
[15:09] <Lucas> ["Uh… How to say this. This… I mean, this does change things a little, but… Uh, it won't… That is, it's alright."-
[15:09] <Lucas> ["I-I mean, goddamnit. I'm not sleeping with a teenage boy, even if you -are- Raphael, but it's still -you-, so…"]
[15:16] <Raphael> "…" To see Raphael’s face flash through so many emotions in the space of a few seconds is truly a rare occurrence. "Of… course, Major. Naturally."
[15:19] <Lucas> ["… Um."]
[15:20] * Raphael coughs.
[15:20] <Lucas> ["… A-Anyway, you're… You're probably a little worn out, huh?"]
[15:21] <Raphael> "Y-yes. And I should probably get ready to speak to Suzanne."
[15:28] <Lucas> ["R-Right. I'll see you, ok?"]
[15:33] <Raphael> "Yes, Major. I'll be deploying with the rest of the Superheavy Regiment in a couple of days to evac Rei and the rest of our people in Boston. I'll try and call you when we return."
[15:40] <Lucas> ["Alright. Good luck. And Raphael?"]
[15:40] <Raphael> "Mmm?"
[15:41] <Lucas> ["Don't call me Major."]
[15:43] * Raphael grins. "Yes, ma'am."
[15:43] <Lucas> ["Don't call me that, either!"]
[15:44] * Raphael lets out a gentle laugh. "… Thanks, Misato."
[15:50] <Lucas> ["Hm? For what?"]
[15:52] <Raphael> "For understanding." He says, still smiling as he looks up at the roof. "Keep safe, Major."-
[15:52] <Raphael> He ends the call before she has a chance to complain.
[15:58] <Lucas> [Silence. Of course, Lucas is still out in the kitchen…]
[16:03] <Raphael> He feels no need to rush, though. The whirl of emotions he’s left with after the phone call is an unsettling change of pace, and it takes a few minutes for him to reach a state he’s more comfortable with. Only then does he return to the kitchen.-
[16:03] <Raphael> "… This is going to take some time to get used to, Lucas."
[16:04] <Lucas> "I hear you, brother." Said Lucas sympathetically. "Is there anything they can do? Or is it gonna take time?"
[16:06] <Raphael> "Time, probably." Raphael mutters. "That was one of the more awkward phonecalls I've ever made."
[16:12] <Lucas> "Ah, well. Was she ok with it?"
[16:20] <Raphael> "… Mostly."
[16:24] <Lucas> "Mostly? Ah, that's no surprise, I guess."
[16:25] <Raphael> "Mmm. She refuses to be… uh, 'involved' with a teenage boy."
[16:25] <Raphael> "Which is for the best, of course." Raphael added quickly.
[16:25] <Lucas> "… Absolutely." Lucas coughed.
[16:25] <Raphael> "Indeed."
[16:29] <Lucas> "… How do you feel about that? Bro to bro."
[16:33] * Raphael raises an eyebrow, his expression slipping back into practiced impassivity. "That she's not interested in seducing teenagers? Comforted." Raphael says.
[16:34] <Lucas> "Well, yeah, that's a good thing, but… Well." He coughs.-
[16:34] <Lucas> "I mean, if the two of you have a 'thing' about white silk panties then…"
[16:35] <Raphael> "God damnit, Lucas."
[16:35] <Lucas> "Hey, look, I was just sitting here, drinking a beer, and then…"-
[16:35] <Lucas> He takes great pains to mimic Raphael's amazing new voice. "WHITE SILK PANTIESSSSSSS. How can I not ask questions?"
[16:37] * Raphael stares at him with the sort of temporary loathing specific to close sibling. "… There's absolutely nothing I can say that will stall your mockery, so I'm just going to leave it be."
[16:39] <Lucas> "Heh heh heh." Lucas takes another swig of beer.-
[16:39] <Lucas> [There's a knock at the door.]
[16:39] <Raphael> «Siblings*»
[16:41] * Raphael 's blank look falters, and he finds himself gripping the edge of the kitchen table a little tighter. "… That's probably her."
[16:44] <Lucas> "Yeah, she usually gets home around this time." Lucas heads for the door.-
[16:46] <Lucas> [The door opens- The vaguely familiar face of Dr. Paget is revealed, and by her side, in her school uniform, bag over her shoulders. "Hiya, Uncle Lucas!"-
[16:46] <Lucas> "Hey, kiddo." He looks up at Dr. Paget. "Thanks for dropping her off. Do you want some petrol money?"-
[16:47] <Lucas> ["Oh, I'm fine. NERV pays for my travelling costs. You have a good day now, alright, Suzie?"-
[16:47] <Lucas> ["Uh-huh! I will!" Suzie is already wheeling off towards the kitchen, but she stops dead when she sees Raphael. The door closes as Lucas sees Dr. Paget off.]
[17:05] * Raphael is standing by the kitchen door as Suzie rounds the corner, trying to hide his nerves at the sight of her. Had she grown? He'd only been gone for a few days…-
[17:05] <Raphael> "… Hello, Suzie."
[17:07] <Lucas> ["Um. Hello." She toyed with her hair nervously.-
[17:07] * Lucas returned, but kept out of it. This was for Raphael and Suzanne.
[17:12] <Raphael> "Suzanne, I—" He hesitated, shifting his weight from foot to foot and wishing he'd had more time to plan this. "It's me, Suzie. It's Raphael."
[17:17] <Lucas> ["Huh…?"-
[17:18] <Lucas> [She frowned. Pouted, even. "No way. Raffy is way taller than you. He's tall and big, and he has black hair, and his eyes are yellow like a cat's."]
[17:25] <Raphael> The hurt in Raphael’s expression comes and goes in a moment, but it’s real enough and raw enough to make his stomach turn. "I know, sweetheart. But I…" He swallows, and manages to give her a weak smile. "You need me to prove it, huh?"
[17:26] <Lucas> [She gives him a stern look, and, at the very least, he knows it's one she's learned from him.]
[17:28] <Raphael> "Do you need the Code Word?"
[17:29] <Lucas> ["Yup."]
[17:39] <Raphael> "Gottwald."
[17:42] <Lucas> ["…"-
[17:43] <Lucas> [She -stared-. "-Raffy-?! W-What happened to you? You're all super-pretty!"]
[17:45] * Raphael 's expression is somewhere between a smile and a grimace as he looks over at Lucas. It was a better reaction than he'd expected, all told. "Why don't we sit down and I'll explain it all to you? Do you want a drink?"
[17:49] <Lucas> ["Um-" She turns to Lucas.-
[17:49] <Lucas> "I'll get you something. One second." He rolls off to the fridge, and before long he has a cup of cola for her. She takes it gratefully.-
[17:50] <Lucas> [She sips it, staring at Raphael unblinkingly over the top of her cup.]
[18:00] <Raphael> … She really has grown into that stare since he had taken her in. He hadn't seen her blink in over a minute.-
[18:00] <Raphael> What follows is a rather carefully edited version of the events since the angel battle. He told her how he’d been changed by the last angel - Though not the meaning behind it, or many details - and kept in hospital ever since, and how Aline had tried to fix him without a great deal of success. All mention of snapping bones and psychological trauma is kept out of it.
[18:01] <Raphael> «mentions of snapping bones and psychological trauma are*»
[18:05] <Lucas> ["…" Suzanne listens seriously as the tale is told. At the end of it, she rolls over and pinches him gently on the arm.-
[18:05] <Lucas> ["…" She then hits him as hard as she can. "I was -so- worried, Raffy! I was so worried and no one would tell me what had happened-!"]
[18:10] * Raphael doesn't react to the punch, but the honest anger in her voice makes him wince. "… I know. I worried a lot of people, kiddo. I wish I'd done it differently."
[18:16] <Lucas> [The punch turns into a flurry. "I don't care if you're a super-pretty boy or an ugly fugly old man like Hugues! You're -my- Raffy, and I love you, so don't- do it- again-!"]
[18:20] <Raphael> "Ok! Alright, Suzie, I promise." He says grabbing one tiny fist of fury and pulling her into a hug. "Though hopefully we can avoid anything like this happening in the future."
[18:25] <Lucas> [She hugs him tightly- very tightly. She trembles a little, but she doesn't cry.-
[18:26] <Lucas> [Honestly, Raphael wouldn't be sure if it were sadness or anger that made her tremble…-
[18:26] <Lucas> ["A-Alright. S-Silly Raffy…"]
[18:29] * Raphael chuckles. "Yes, I suppose I am." He says quietly, just enjoying having her there for the moment. He hadn't realized quite how much he'd been missing her. "Have you been good for Lucas and Emma, little one?"
[18:36] <Lucas> ["Yeah, of course I have, haven't I, Uncle Lucas?"-
[18:36] <Lucas> "Ahahaha. Yeah, absolutely." He grins. "Even though you've singlehandedly re-added bacon to our diets…"-
[18:37] <Lucas> ["You shouldn't have removed it in the first place."-
[18:37] <Lucas> "We were trying to have a healthy diet!"-
[18:37] <Lucas> ["That's dumb."]
[18:40] <Raphael> "Dumb or not, we might be trying it sooner rather than later, kiddo. Samurai pilots have to keep fit, right Lucas?"
[18:42] <Lucas> "Right." Lucas winked.-
[18:42] <Lucas> "Besides, if Raffy here puts on too much weight, he'll ruin his modelling career."-
[18:42] <Lucas> ["-Modelling career-?!"]
[18:54] <Raphael> "There is no modelling career. There will -never be a modelling career-."
[19:09] <Lucas> [Suzanne giggled. "But you'd be good at it~ But, um… I should go change into something else." She poked at her school shirt with undisguised disdain.]
[19:17] <Raphael> "That might be best." He says with a fond smile. "… Uh, Suzie. I'm out of the hospital now, but I need to go away again in a couple of days - For work this time. Do you want to stay here until then, or should we take you home?"
[19:21] <Lucas> ["Hmm…" She considers this.-
[19:21] <Lucas> ["I think I should stay here until then. Less mess that way."]
[19:23] <Raphael> "Good idea. Now you go and get changed, hmm?"
[19:30] <Lucas> [She nodded resolutely, and before long she was out of sight.]

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