I Shot An Arrow Into The Air It Fell To Earth I Knew Not Whe

[07:42] <Sept> [The corridors of the hospital area had few things left that Sera didn't know about. But behind that door… was a future, uncertain to the extreme. He knocked on it.]
[07:43] <Yanmei> "Come in!" Someone called from within.
[07:49] * Sept did. He was still wearing that tired, awkward expression, but at least he had changed to his usual clothes, and allowed to go around without (direct) surveillance, for now. "Hello."
[07:54] <Yanmei> "De Pteres?" Yanmei was folding and putting something away in a suitcase that rested on the floor. It was a small guest room, with an ajoined bathroom. Unlike most, however, it was lacking a desk, which had likely been removed for space reasons. There was a lightweight playpen standing where it might have been at one point, one likely doubling as a makeshift crib from the blankets, pillows, and plush animals lining the bottom of it.-
[07:57] <Yanmei> "What's up?" She dusted off her hands after closing the suitcase and pushing it under the bed. She had something of a haggard expression herself, clad in a surprisingly simple white t-shirt and gym shorts combination.
[07:59] * Isaiah waved from his position, lying on the bed, still in his medical labcoat. "Hey, Sera." On his chest sat Lizzie, who he was currently bouncing up and down. "Who's the sweetest little cherub~"-
[07:59] <Isaiah> ["Daaaa~?"]
[08:00] <Sept> "Hello, Isaiah. How are you recovering, Yanmei?"
[08:03] <Yanmei> "Me? Heh. I'm fine. Not much to recover from? That is, I'm not here for me, exactly…"
[08:05] <Sept> "Oh? I'm sorry, I assumed they were overreacting about something, again. What is it?"
[08:07] <Yanmei> "My mother. She survived the Angel attack in Beijing! Isn't that great?" She was pulling a chair out from a corner. It was thick, cushiony, and swiveled easily - most likely the chair that had gone with the now-removed desk.
[08:08] <Isaiah> "Yanmei likes to sit vigil over those she loves when they're hurt. She did the same for me in Tokyo after I was shot, you know." Added Isaiah.
[08:10] <Sept> "Yeah. She's responsible like that. That's really great, Yanmei." Something like a smile, with all the sympathy of "A loaf of bread, please."-
[08:11] * Sept shifted his balance a bit. "Do the three of you have any plans for the rest of the day?"
[08:14] <Yanmei> "Jogging. But I can put it off for a few hours?" A little distraction. "Speaking of recovery, how are you feeling?"
[08:19] <Sept> "I'm alright, Yanmei. Felix… wanted to talk to me a few times, he… wanted to diagnose me with some kind of depressive disorder but. I'm fine."
[08:24] <Yanmei> "He's worried. You don't sound your best, Sera," she said delicately, and gestured for him to sit down. "You don't have to talk about it? But I don't see how it could hurt to go along with this after whatever happened to you up there."
[08:29] * Sept hesitated for a moment, but took the seat, keeping his eyes firmly on Yanmei. "What happened… it's something you should know about. The things that Angel said…"
[08:31] * Isaiah watched, his brow furrowed in concern, trying to balance entertaining Elizabeth and watching Sera and Yanmei.
[08:39] <Sept> "It was different that time. Ramliel didn't make, or even want me to do anything. Instead, it showed me things, from my past. I'd forgotten a lot…"
[08:40] <Yanmei> "Things." Yanmei took her own seat on the edge of the bed. Bitterness ran free through her voice. "What things? More cruel lies…?"
[08:40] <Isaiah> Isaiah's brow creased in concern, and he reached out to gently take Yanmei's hand.-
[08:41] <Isaiah> ["Daaaa? Daa?" Lizzie soon followed suit, rolling off and putting her tiny hands on Yanmei's neck.]
[08:44] <Sept> "Not this time. Ramliel didn't lie to me. I did." Sera looked at Isaiah briefly, but then returned his gaze toward Yanmei. "That time, with 04… When I made him promise he wouldn't hurt you. Do you remember that?"
[08:48] <Yanmei> "Of course." She swept her free arm around Lizzie, drawing her in close for a playful little hug. "It has to do with 04?"
[08:48] <Isaiah> ["Daahaa~"]
[08:52] <Sept> "I wanted to keep you safe, Yanmei. So… we both made a promise. He was worried about your safety. I would protect you where he couldn't."
[08:55] <Yanmei> Her face was starting to become more puzzled now, and she kept quiet, waiting for him to go on.
[09:04] <Sept> "You have to understand I've always done my best to keep all of you safe. There's nothing I wouldn't give for that. The one who did that was another me, one who let himself be led like that. And then, he- -I-. Let those memories be kept from me. Because I was weak."
[09:10] <Yanmei> "Another you," she echoed, letting the baby gently back down so she could move and explore as she pleased. Now she looked -really- confused, though. "I'm trying to follow, but I think you might have to go more slowly?"
[09:15] <Sept> "Slowly..?" Sera took a moment to think. "I'm sorry. What Ramliel made me remember, and what I came here to say was… 04 thought Isaiah was a threat for you. That he would do something to hurt you." A deep breath.-
[09:15] <Sept> "I promised to stop him. I'm sorry. I shot you, Isaiah."
[09:16] <Isaiah> "…"-
[09:16] <Isaiah> The words hung in the air for a moment, making it heavy and full. Isaiah stared, his furrowed brow turning into a full frown. He sat up straight. "W-what did you say…?"
[09:17] <Yanmei> "…" Yanmei for her part, had gone perfectly still.
[09:23] * Sept sat there, hands on his lap. Not looking pleading, or ashamed, just… expecting. He was looking at Yanmei, still.
[09:25] <Isaiah> "I-It can't be true." Said Isaiah. "R-Ramliel just put those thoughts in your head, that's all."
[09:29] <Sept> "It is true. I remember it. And I remembered it until we defeated Malchediel." … "I'm sorry. I said it before, but. My life is yours, Yanmei."
[09:31] * Isaiah sat there, staring at Sera with an inscrutable expression as emotions flowed uncontrolled through him. Almost as if he were dazed, he reached out absently and picked up Elizabeth.
[09:32] * Yanmei stared back. Little by little, her eyes widened, as if what he had just said was gradually sinking in. "Just. Say it's not true, okay?" She moved finally, some weak hand gesture. "Remembering up until we faced off against that horde without saying anything? Eluding Section-2 for this long? And then coming in here and saying all that?"
[09:39] <Sept> "I promised I wouldn't keep secrets from you two. -That- is the truth, Yanmei. It must come first, despite any mistakes in the past. Anything you want, Yanmei," he repeated.
[09:43] <Yanmei> "You also allegedly said that you would protect me. Shooting Isaiah is the very opposite of doing that! And stop -saying- that!"
[09:45] <Isaiah> "S-Surely you must've -realised- that, Sera." Muttered Isaiah. "W-Why would -I- ever be a threat?!"
[09:49] <Sept> "…the tapes. Xiang Yu and his consort… and, what happened to your mother… I was certain."
[09:56] <Yanmei> "What tapes? What are you talking about? How do you know about his mother? Why in the hell are you sitting there, acting as if you're talking about the weather or something? Do you even care that he almost died?!"
[10:01] <Isaiah> "T-This has nothing to do with my mother…"
[10:05] <Sept> "I listened to your conversation before it… happened. 04 explained it all to me, and it… made sense. I'm sorry. He must have been wrong." Sera shifted uncomfortably at that last comment. "It hurt. It never stopped hurting. Even when I didn't remember, it was still there. Clawing at everything I believed in. Then, when I remembered… I had time, to think about it, with One. How I got
[10:05] <Sept> here, and how I want to go on. It… hurts less, now. All of it. I didn't mean to offend. I'm sorry."
[10:13] <Yanmei> "Well, I'm glad it hurts -you- less now," she said nastily. She was glaring, at Sept, almost through him, her eyes dark and furious. Her fingers were digging into the bedsheets. "I think you should leave. Right Now."
[10:15] <Isaiah> "Why…" Isaiah was staring numbly down at Lizzie, now. "W-why would you ever listen to that beast?"
[10:19] <Sept> "As you wish." Sera stood up. "Elisha was the only one willing to tell me who I was. Gendo… only did it to manipulate me, and ensure Ginevre would have to… I'm sorry. I will leave now." Sera nodded to the two of them briefly, and went for the door.
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[10:21] * Isaiah put Lizzie aside, his entire body shaking.-
[10:23] <Isaiah> "You- you- you -arrogant- son of a bitch." He got to his feet, his hands trembling. "T-To think -you- of all people have the right…!"-
[10:24] * Isaiah -sprang- across the room with quickness unusual for him- and he slammed his fist into Sera's ribs. "You- don't have the right to protect -anyone-, you miserable- waste-!" Hands spasming with anger, Isaiah -howled-, grabbing Sera's arms- and -bit- into his shoulder as deeply as he could. Enough to draw blood.
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[10:28] * Sept …took it, flinching in natural reaction, but nothing more. He spoke in a lower voice. "…Isaiah. It's alright. They can bring me back. You can do what you want… Go ahead."
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[10:37] * Yanmei reached out. The intensity on her face was worse than ever, her features contorting slightly. But instead of, striking at Sept, her hand landed on Isaiah's own shoulder.
[10:38] * Isaiah stiffened at that, his trembling, adrenaline-fueled body freezing at the touch. His clouded eyes seemed to clear, and he released Sera as though he were on fire. "I-I…"-
[10:38] <Isaiah> "…" Isaiah shook his head, his eyes filling with tears. "I-I don't -care- if they can bring you back. I-I'm not going to let you -or- him make me a murderer. Get out."
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[10:42] <Sept> "…I will." He glanced at the two of them one last time before heading out, a stain already forming on the shoulder of his coat.
[10:47] * Yanmei stared daggers at the door even after he was gone. Her hand had dropped away when Isaiah had moved, and now it and its partner formed tight fists, fingernails digging into their palms.
[10:48] <Isaiah> [Elizabeth was scared, staring at the pair of them with wide eyes. She was shaking, and eventually she started to cry.-
[10:49] * Isaiah wiped across his eyes with his hand, at the tears- and the blood on his teeth. Disgusted, horrified… But -so- furious… He turned with bleary eyes to stare at Elizabeth and Yanmei.
[10:52] * Yanmei jerked slightly at the sound. Now she turned too, in alarm. She caught Isaiah's gaze, and looked away again, and hurried over to the bed where Lizzie was. "Aw, it's okay. Don't cry, don't cry," she soothed.
[10:53] <Isaiah> [Lizzie clung to Yanmei tightly…-
[10:54] * Isaiah slowly, groggily walked over, collapsing onto the bed, drained. "… I… I feel sick." He muttered.
[10:56] * Yanmei reached out with one arm, keeping the other still around the baby. She wordlessly brushed his bangs away from his face - her hands were still shaking slightly, and there were crescent imprints on her palm, where her nails had dug in.
[11:00] * Isaiah stared up at her as her hand touched his face. His skin was hot to the touch, even moreso than usual.-
[11:00] <Isaiah> He slowly lifted his hand, covering hers with his own- and the tears started to roll down his face, slowly, then faster and faster.
[11:03] <Yanmei> "…" Yanmei moved closer and lay down alongside him. She didn't cry with him, but she could be there, shifting her grasp and squeezing his hand. "Isaiah," she murmured. "Oh Isaiah…"
[11:05] * Isaiah squeezed, tight, rolling over. "I-It's t-too much." He moaned. "I-It's always… Murder, or b-betrayal, someone always seems to w-want to ruin whatever it is we h-have…"
[11:09] <Yanmei> "We won't let him win." For a moment, it seemed as if her anger would bloom back up again, worse than ever, but she shoved it back down. It still left an effect on the tightness of her voice, however, and the determined set of her face. "Or any of them."
[11:11] <Isaiah> "…" He nodded, still crying, but his face was starting to match her own. "We'll never, ever let them win. We're going to protect each other u-until it all stops."
[11:18] <Yanmei> "It'll be okay," she said quietly, eyes on the ceiling. "Whatever happens, we'll make it through and have that future together." She held the baby a little closer too.
[11:19] <Isaiah> [Lizzie had quieted down now, although she was still a little troubled. "Uu…?"-
[11:19] <Isaiah> "…" He nodded. "Y-Yanmei?"
[11:20] <Yanmei> "Hm?"
[11:21] <Isaiah> "… I love you."
[11:22] <Yanmei> "I love you too." She closed her eyes. "And I -will- protect you."
[11:23] <Isaiah> "And I you."

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